The Penis Project

What is one thing that plagues guys more than anything else? It is the disinformation that runs rampant about one of our favorite body part? Does size mater? What is average? What kind of condom should I use, or should I use one at all? Ask 100 guys and you will get 10 different answers and 90 silent red faces. Why are we so ashamed about what we are packing for the ladies when in private its one of our greatest toys?
Most importantly how do we communicate our concerns about these issues to our partners and lovers in a sensitive and honest way, what are ways to bring up seeming uncomfortable topics, set expectations, express likes and dislikes?    
Our hope is to address these topics, help correct some of the errors of the past and common locker room misconceptions that have been passed from generation to generation. We encourage others; men and women to share their thoughts and ideas. Information is golden as much as ignorance can lead to expensive and painful learning experiences. It’s time to bring these topics out of the bedroom and talk openly.  Let’s get to the bottom of the issues, from health, to play, and everything in between.
Lord Raven grew up in a house where they didn’t talk about sex and heaven forbid there was talk about safe sex and things there could really be important to know. His goal is to break through the dark recesses and shed some light on the problem at large.
Pictures are acceptable for those of us who have that desire to strut their stuff. Also if there is a question and you want you have or a post you’d like to share anonymously please send it to Lord Raven midnightravenpoet at gmail and he’ll take it from there.  (Of course the name of the sender will be kept private) There will be humor as well as information so come and enjoy.
So let’s kick this off and be proud of the penis, show the love and enjoy.
Please Grab the graphic and link it back to this page so others can find join in the fun.
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