Other People’ s Kink v1.2

I had so much fun walking down memory lane a several weeks back that I decided to make this a Semi regular feature and let the world know what me and some of my partners in crime have been perving this week.  Note I didn’t claim they were all posted this week but it’s just what we’re reading.  If you’ve found something great, written something you want us to take a look at or are just a shameless attention whore feel free to share it with us.
Mal’s Picks
First on my list is the just fucking hot Dear Diary by the lovely Red Hot Georgia over at Fit to be Tied.   After a brief hiatus the site is back and as good as ever.  This time around it’s a bit more from her perspective which is super sexy.
Then a pair of musical interludes by Dan from Two Knotty Boys fame has a new musical venture called Titians that’s been fueling my personal sound track for the past week or so.  I dig the tunes so go check them out.  Remember it’s only music so you can even talk about it with your nilla friends unlike the picture of that CBT tie you did last weekend at the social. Also be sure to check out the very cool website of his http://spiritofthestaircase.com/
 Pure Erotica Debbie’s Dirty Little Diary has a recent post about a secretary her new boss and a good in the office get to know you romp.  The male is a bit toppy but in general it’s a fun little piece that is more good fucking with rules than kink.  A few hot pics also help spice things up.
This Week’s Very Dirty Girl (Female penned works only)
I can’t believe I just found the Between My Sheets Blog.   Your very dirty girl story “Lazy Sundays” that includes some great dirty talk between the characters in a very re-creatable scene for any couple.  A lot of erotica doesn’t translate easily to real life; Rori’s post is a great exception of wonderful simplicity and nice erotic heat that does and could.
Starting a business is hard (trust me been there, done that, got the fucking T shirt), transitioning from a performer to the person making it all happen has to be tough in any industry.  So with that take few minutes to check out Pandora Blake and her new site Dreams of Spanking.  After all there are very few people that I’m aware of who are putting such artistry and elaborate scenes when making spanking porn.   It’s a rather nice change of pace. Perv the previews she’s scattered around the web and sign up if so inclined. (BTW this is not a paid endorsement it’s just one Entrepreneur Spanko who likes another’s work)
High School Paddling – I found this one on Chross and the post itself is a bit older. Who knows if it’s real of if it’s fiction but in a way that is part of the charm this time around.
Swinging – The Swinger’s Attic put out a piece under their Newbies section called “Wanting to know more”  that touches on kissing, bi sexuality, and bad swing experiences in the past tied to lack of communication.
This weekend Mal will actually be venturing our locally (ok don’t fall out of your chair and hurt yourself) as part of a multi-stage deviant boys night out to see local sex blogger and burlesque performer extraordinaire Charlotte Sumtimes at her Burlesque and drag review at Attitudes located at 4100 Manchester in St Louis.  Doors open at 9 the show start at 10. Look for his commentary in next week’s the Wild Life column.
Next Weekend Frolicon in their words “is an adult science fiction convention held every Easter Weekend (April 5-8, 2012), in Atlanta, GA, with an average attendance of over 1500. For four days, Frolicon brings the best in adult education, adult alternative entertainment, and fun and science fiction frolic. Please consider sponsoring one of the country’s premier alternative conventions.”   We’ll tell you in Alice’s words what it’s like when it’s over.
Disclaimer: The folks we mention are writers, producers, artists, or friends we’ve happened upon, like, and every so often actually know.   You can’t pay to be included in other people’s kink but we’ve got a better deal for you.  You can ask and if we like your stuff it will be featured in a future edition. No promises but if we dig it your in.

Personal Sections and the Good Old Days for Kink and Swingers

Funny PErsonal AdTime flies, lovers and kinks come and go, next thing you know you’re working like a mother fucker and have gray hair if you’re me.  Last week while in Vegas I got to spend an afternoon with a friend just catching up and talking about everything and nothing in particular.  It was a rare treat, we talked about books, family, business and then got on to more carnal topics.  Swinging once upon a time, first kinks and fetish events.  It was fun since they run in different circles to compare notes about lifestyle differences, outings, and how neither of us can be bothered to go to munches in the evenings anymore but the ones on Sunday afternoon’s hold the most appeal.  Eventually we landed on the topic of finding people to play with in the old days when there wasn’t chat rooms, BBS, specialty web sites or any of the other things we now take for granted.
Somehow I had forgotten that not only were there the Seeking columns in news papers and local entertainment rags (The City Paper in Pittsburgh or the River Front Times in STL, etc) but that once or twice a month there were specialty publications  sold in adult books stores advertising couples, singles and their interests and desires.  Responses came to Post Office boxes or special voicemail boxes the papers provided to clients.  Did the offers pour in?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no but each reply signified a possibility that just maybe you could find what you thought you were looking for.  I think and perhaps this is an unfair assumption that the people and the responses were more genuine.  The intention was to meet or whatever.  The whole cyber Romeo  or master of all who submit types were fewer and further in between.   Not that there was complete truth in advertising even then.
With the ease of today’s world a few google searches and you can hit dozens of sites with varying levels of traffic and sub cultures that cater to you kinks.  I’ve been on some of them over the years, run the occasional bit, had a few offers, met a few folks etc but somehow even in retrospect an email, that leads to IM, to phone calls and texts while thrilling never held the same magical charm as a letter in a mail box.  Well either that or I’ve become old and jaded.  In fairness I may be getting old but I’ve always been cynical and jaded.
I think from now on I’ll become a man of letters.  If you’d like to write me and receive a reply send a self abused stomped antelope to 666 Satan’s way, Hell Missouri 63666.  Either that or you can just call me to talk dirty or send naughty pics to my cell.  Maybe the old way wasn’t really better

Discussing a lifestyle event with strangers

This the first of the 24 kink week posts that will run from May 23rd until May 30th. The audio that goes with this story can be found at http://malflic.libsyn.comDiscussing a lifestyle event with a strangers
Look by day I may have an edge but I don’t exactly take the tools of my wicked little trade in my carry on luggage as I head out to the airport every week. Which reminds me of a story about a weekend trip to Mexico and a suitcase filled with toys…I’ll save that one for another time but the moral of the story was the woman in Mexican custom’s was very embarrassed and it was my suit case.
Even if I did walk around with an assortment of sadistic little things there’s a chance I could be a sales manager and the numbers are down but no where near as low as you’re going to be when I’m finished. Sorry got distracted back on topic.
Recently on a flight I fell into a conversation with a nice average looking couple who asked where I was headed and why. My mother told me never talk to strangers but sitting there I ignored that advice and told them Business and blah, blah, blah so I asked them the same question. “We’re coming from a lifestyle event” she eagerly offered.
Well if you’re like me the minute you hear lifestyle event only one or two things come to mind. So immediately I’m interested, I start to file through my brain for events that I know of that are big enough to travel to that might be going on.
Shibaricon – no can’t be it not until May (ironically it starts the same day as my kink week posts start which is pure coincidence)
Beat me in St. Louis…nope not currently going on.
Perhaps an Austin Rope event…Nothing comes to mind. Maybe they’re swingers might be something who knows how many events they have.
Nice people but I start to notice in those few seconds that passed that they aren’t giving off the sexy we like to fuck swingers vibe at all. No I’m not stereo typing but the lady wasn’t eyeing the pretty brunette walking down the aisle and yes I know for a fact that all swingers aren’t Bi. But let’s face it any swinger straight or Bi that I know would have been eyeing her. Hell most of the people on the plane noticed her she was that pretty.
“Oh a lifestyle event” my voice somewhat dismayed as to where to go from here…after all we’re three sentences in to a conversation before a 4 hour flight I don’t want to freak the nice people out by coming right out and asking too many questions like “Oh what’s your Kink?”, “Straight, Bi?” “Top, Bottom, or Switch?” “Rope, Pain, or both?” “Full swap, Soft swap?” you get the picture.
The wife spoke (She was wearing a ring but it is at this point just an assumption) “It was the most amazing weekend, we had so much fun”
A generic enough answer so I inquire “what made it so much fun?”
“We’ve never been to anything like this before.” She pauses, blushes a little and fumbles for words. I think it’s about to get good. Now I know how I’d answer the question in the situation, generically.
“It was a couple’s only event.” She finally admits. Now unless I’m wrong couples Vanilla and Kinky do on occasion go away for the week end. A few nights in a hotel, new places, old and new friends, too much wine, a few clubs, perhaps a couple of games of chance, or other games. I’ve also been told there are museums, fairs, antique road shows or what ever it is that all the couples do who aren’t out getting liquored up and partying when they go away.
Needless to say there was nothing wrong with a couple’s weekend event. So I Pushed a little…”You said it was a lifestyle event.” I should have stopped “what kind of life style?”
What are the odds that I’ve met a kinky couple on the plane…low right? But I had to know. “Well” she said her husband by now staring mindlessly out the window, which is never a good sign.
“It was to reenergize our relationship and bring back the romance by including the lord in our marriage.” From there she just went on and on. I’m all for threesomes, foursomes, and all out orgies but that was one Ménage trios I wasn’t expecting. I was dying to ask if she now considered her relation ship to be Poly…but figured I’d have to explain it. And then spend the next three hours and forty five minutes with her saving my soul.
Isn’t there a law about people using the term lifestyle event? No? Well there damn well should be. So I sat and listened to her and how much fun it was, the spouse lacked the same enthusiasm…bet it also was a three way he never dreamed of. Odd are he’d have rather spiced things up with the little brunette I mentioned earlier who was still walking up and down the aisle.
Is there a secret hand shake or special way of lacing up ones shoes so I know other like minded people when I see them…you know like guys with rainbow stickers on the back of their cars. I know what that means what do they kinky people have other than lords of acid t shirts, the occasional otk bumper sticker that makes it look like you dig the beach? It might have been better if I listened to my mother and didn’t talk to strangers

Corporate Outings Sex Rooms Finding Out How Vanilla Your Boss Is

The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and me)
So I work and make my living as a fairly visible part of a large corporate machine with traditionally conservative leadership. Hard to believe but writing smut is just a hobby and doesn’t pay the bills. It’s something only a few close friends at work know about. Then again you won’t catch me parading around in fetish attire and I don’t publicize my other adult oriented activities. I had a boss who was quite the swinger once at another company but that is a different story.
A few weeks back we had an annual all hands on deck type meeting over the weekend. Of course we moved what city it would be in about 6 weeks before the actual event for around 500 people which might as well have been the last minute. The new location was fine, back on some of my old home turf which is always nice. The accommodations were less than luxurious and the hotel was over booked with Doctors at some convention when we started to arrive. I walk into lunch on that first day and a friend whispers in ear.
“This place has sex rooms.” I of course ignore him.
He continues on “ no really they have 16 different themed sex rooms” ok now I’m curious I was thinking it was just rooms with a big hot tub but theme rooms well that was a different story.
I assured him it was a pretty wild city so no big surprise. As they say write what you know and out of a dozen or so people from that city I had kept the company of in the past most of them were very, very, very, kinky.
He went on “Paul has one called the Cave, it has fur and hieroglyphics on the walls, and a giant round orgy bed!” My friend’s voice turned from a whisper to nearly inaudible when he said orgy. The only thing missing was a hushed gasp coming from his mouth. I laughed like a lunatic since Paul was the head of HR. There was a certain irony that he had a “sex room”.
The group of well heeled and devoted professionals had been turned into a bunch of high school kids sneaking a peek at an older brother’s nudie mag. So and so had a room with mirrors on all the walls and ceilings, blah, blah, blah had a room with a Gilligan’s island theme. The list went on there were about seven of us who had theme rooms.
The room holders gave tours after a few pints at the hotel pub each evening, groups flocked to the “guides” as if they were going to get a look at the secret of the entire universe. Are people really that sexually repressed? It scares the hell out of me that most people have as unimaginative sex life as they do a day job.
One room in particular was the called leather and lace. It was the one people talked about most since it had as people described it “Prison bars with those hand cuff things and chains all over it.” People are really interesting to watch as they talk about what they think is wild and taboo. Isn’t bondage, even causal bondage a fairly main stream fantasy? This coming from a guy who can tie more knots than an eagle scout and owns enough rope to dock the pacific fleet.
One Tall leggy blonde VP on a tour cuffed a finance executive to the bars and took a few pictures and then left him there helpless for a few minutes. I have a new found respect for her and the only thing that would have been better was if she would have added “how does that feel? you like don’t you? You little whiny bitch!” Nothing like a guy in a Brooks Brothers suit chained to a wall, even if it was only for a few minutes. Then again that might not be so unusual either.
The next morning I’m having breakfast with Marci who is a peer. She’s s a tiny little thing, a Southern Belle and has a daytime wardrobe that is so stylish and it could go right to a club after long day. I know her a little, she likes to go out, have a good time dance and party. Our boss comes up. He’s a great guy and was a friend long before I ended up working for him. We’re talking about the room tours of the previous night and telling how popular the leather and lace room was.
“ I don’t get it” he states Marci tries again to explain in a non offensive way what the leather and lace room was. He stares blankly, this is a man who gets everything I’ve ever told him on the first pass and at that moment he really has no fucking clue what we’re talking about. She looks at me and shrugs and at the same time we both blurt out “it’s a bondage room” she adds “you know S&M”.
The boss’ face turns red, I mean really bright fire engine red. “Oh” he stares at his eggs uncomfortably for the next five minutes as we continue to talk. Marci shoots me a glance and as he walks away adds “he’s so vanilla”. I think it was a test since she looked even more shocked when I got what she meant. Later she confided that I’m one of the last guys in the world she would have thought had a dark side. She had pegged me as even more uptight than the rest of the crowd. “Good my disguise is working” I said with a devilish little smirk.
The rest of the event was spent with her telling me racy jokes and making suggestively laden dirty comments. It is quite possible that her mind is far dirtier than mine.