Man holding a wooden spanking paddle and rolling up his sleeves
Implied …sometimes no words are needed. And sometimes there is a hidden message in the image. Then again sometimes there’s not.  It’s up to you to interpret and figure out.

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Sinful Sunday

a Brief Manifesto on Spanking and Paddles

Spanking Kink of the Week

What makes you cum? No really when masturbating, fucking and not quite peaking, or anything else? What is the consistent fantasy you retreat to when you need that little extra something to push you over the edge or when you want a little more than what physical sensation is providing in the moment? That special little something that is so hot you all but finally burst every single time? We all have something like that hidden somewhere and for me it is a hard spanking scene with a paddle across her bare and perfectly presented bottom, bent over a chair, desk, or table, a solid piece of wood in my hand and each swat marking her. So it’s not a polite gentle romantic sexy fantasy. It’s never a spoon, hairbrush, belt or strap. Without exception it is very hard and painful and the paddle is always what’s being used.
a selection of OTK spanking paddles with a foam side for lighter playersIt might literally be impossible to find a topic that is more essential to my kink than paddles. As a spanking Top they are central to so many scenes and featured in the most memorable ones both good and bad. So on this one it’s not what to write but literally how much to write so that it’s not too much.
Paddles in particular wooden ones are certainly a kink or fetish unto themselves for me. In the process of preparing this post I counted over 100 of them in my possession before I quit counting. A paddle whether a modest thin otk model or something very thick menacing implement they are the one thing you will always find in my bag, whether I’m planning on being in a spanking scene or not. If you’ve played with me odds are I’ve used some type of one on you unless it’s a hard limit.
I have written about paddles before ( a lot to be honest) Lord Raven of course makes them and when paddles are your thing that makes him an even more awesome friend to have! Perhaps I’m the Patron Saint of Wooden Paddles…in a way I like that idea since it ties both to my own fascination with them and the sadistic tendencies of my my youth and the experiences of catholic school.
After all I have had paddles made for a specific purpose. The foam sided otk one (Pictured above) by LR was made at my request as a way to try to play with a partner that had lost her taste for any play and still meet both of our needs. Sort of a (mostly) painless option if you will. Sure that didn’t work but it has been a wonderful implement when used with others who love good deep hard thud.
the missouri misery spanking paddle by lord ravenThe “Missouri Misery” was another bespoke project done at my request to replicate a paddle used in a particular school district during a partner of mine’s youth…well mainly because I’m a sadistic prick and wanted to offer an authentic reenactment. There aren’t many takers for this one as it looks as mean as it is.
Every year I play Kinky Claus and give select friends Christmas gifts (road side gift shop paddle ), in the past it had been rope, fetish wear, ball gags (don’t ask I don’t know why being an election year it seemed like a good idea at the time), soy candles for wax play, the occasional bit of sex positive coffee shop underwear, a random paddle, etc. This year I streamlined and the gift of choice was purple paddles going all across the states and for the first time ever Kinky Claus international. After all who doesn’t NEED another good wooden paddle or two?
Saturday night I packed a bag to go to party…six paddles made it into the bag, sadly they stayed there but no tears for me as I had a great time without them.
That said if this post seems a little more disjointed than usual it’s because it turned into a novel (or manifesto) more than a short story and I’ve tried to edit it down to a reasonable length, then preserve the rest for a potential series of supporting posts that may go out over the next few weeks and or months, read what you want, skip what you don’t, read or skip all of it it’s up to you as the exploration that is about to begin is one that has been top of mind of late and really is never too far from the surface.
And in case you’re wondering if I have so much as flirted with you even just once briefly there is no doubt that the thought spanking you has crossed my mind. And if I’ve played with you even lightly odds you are absolutely in my slightly harder fantasies, bent over, and waiting nervously for me to land that first solid swat with the paddle of your choice and then it begins to get really interesting and awfully damn hot.
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