Making Her Dance

Welcome back dear readers.  Again we find our anti heros engaged in their wicked little games.  In fact they’re already naked and well underway when he decides it’s time to make good on his promise of a less erotic but no less erotically charged spanking.


He announces his intention that is time for him to “spank her a little” like it is old hat and coffee with cream and two sweetners.  It’s still very new to her but somehow was not at all unexpected.  Then leading her to the bedroom.  She found herself standing at the end of the king sized bed when he decides to bend her exquisite naked body over it rather than start with her over his knee.  She is quite the site,  the matress the perfect height her legs spread just wide enough to tease him with a delighful view of her sweet little pussy if he stepped back. Something he would be certian to do. The first few smacks of his hand echoed out against the silence demurely.
Of course that won’t last long and after not really all that much of a warm up…for her cute little bottom anyhow the spanks intensify. Covering an entire cheek with his large solid paw against her petite backside. Sharp upward crisp spanks move from side to side with enough force and frequency to set the tone of what was to come.
Then a break, some hot passionate kisses and stroking of her lips, both over the outside and light and teasingly in between them before the lovely woman found herself being bent back over for more swats.
If you could have seen his face there would have been his trademark evil grin as she started to feel the impact and drift into that space.  His hand came down on her already warm bare bottom when he decided she had enough of a warm up and went off to gather the implements.  In fact she had been far more soundly spanked than her entire last session with him. And he was only getting started.
It would have been sexy as hell to have her bring the assortment of paddles to  him. To make her present each one. One at a time before being spanked with it and sent back to fetch the next implement. That is fun for another day. This was about creating new sensations for her. Allowing her to experience each implement for its own merits.
So first the crop. And odd choice for a first one but just a few taps followed by six good whacks on the fullest part of her cheeks. Not too much but the small impact area seemed to only heighten her awareness.
An assortment of paddles waited for her. They were laid out unceremoniously on the bed quite coincidentally just about in line with her eyes. Was she looking and wondering what each would hold?
Next her lovely little ass would get a taste of the lexan and all the sting it had to offer. Instantly you could tell it was not a sensation she would come to enjoy.  Still a few more moderate to light swats just for good measure.  She held position.  So he observed her and admired her body reminding himself to stick to the task at hand and not to be lured into other carnal delights just yet. Fucking her from behind would be an easy vice to succumb to.
Her next set of swats would be with the padded otk paddle. The harmless thud made her purr. Had they been somewhere that noise was not a concern he would have increased the intensity. And of course sadists being what they are by nature flipped it to the heavywood side without warning and applied a sharp quick but light handed spank to her right upper cheek. She protested. Broke position and jumped up.
Not being his first rodeo took note. Grabbed her and gave her bottom three more smacks with the evil side of the board before allowing his hand to wonder between her legs. Standing her up, kissing her and playing with her nipples. And right when she began to purr, to press her warm bottom back against him it was his hand and body positioning that bent her so perfectly at the waist back over the bed.  There were still two more paddles left. She waited for them willingly.
“No one likes the textured rubber one.” He warned her. It bites and stings.  And true to plan it was four very mild swats for her with this one.  Barely a flick of the wrist, fingers on the back of the floppy evil surface to contol the force.  She hated it and he noted that for a day when he needed or wanted to mark her quickly and leave her sore.
Saving his favorite for last. The small otk paddle made its way into his hand.  It is always nice to have a familiar old friend in your hand.  Sure he could take her otk but having her bent over was too tempting. The first swat covered her sit spot across her entire bottom. Then next swat moved slightly higher. From there he settled into a steady but gentle to moderate rythym.
That is when she began to dance in place. It started with her feet. Then moved up to her knees. He could see it coming as her movements became more pronounced. Her lightly glowing ass now swaying as if contemplating how to escape.  He waited and a few more swats was all it took. She started to stand.
Size matters no matter what they say.  In this case it was the size of his body that dwarfed hers. “Hold on you’re not done yet” though her body language told him she either hadn’t heard or didn’t comprehend his words. So in a fluid motion his arm wrapped around her waist his leg stepped in front of hers and he pinned her…ever so delicately of course into positon while never missing swat or breaking his pace and making her dance. He felt her surrender in his arms and then he stopped. She shot up like a rocket the moment he loosened his grip. Those moments taught him more about her than she may ever realize.
His arms swallowed her and his hands danced across her body. From her nipples to her thighs, between them lingering at the edge of her wetness and back again. Without fore thought or planning in a relatively smooth motion he swept her quite literally off her feet and balanced her precariously over his knee on a leg that had  been placed with afoot planted solidly on the bed.
She melted into his thigh. Breasts dangling deliciously. Hair tossed with abandon and her curls swung with each motion both his and hers.   He swatted bottom with his hand and then realized how spontaneous she made him.
She would tense and relax. He would speed up and slowdown. It was pure and raw. The delicate balance of her in the air and over his knee. One foot dangling.
A few more spanks, a good firm grab on her warmed bottom and then gently returning her feet back to the ground. He returning to kissing and touching her.  Eventually breaking out a camera to capture her beautiful pink bottom for all eternity.
In following days he couldn’t help but wonder if when she sat down or moved this way or that if he had left her sore? And did that make her think longingly of him.
Postlude = You can learn a lot about a person during a scene. In this case i learned to read her body better. That is something I consider important in my connection with a partner.
Also how to push her and when to pull back with out stopping. And that is all well and good. Most importantly I learned that she was concerned about my preference and intesity of play. As for me it is amazing to play with her and even more so knowing it is done as much or more so with my kinks and not hers in mind.  That is a special gift far more precious than force and intensity.
I may have been the one making her dance but i learned a few new steps along the way too.

Orgasm Experience #2 Spanked and Self Gratification

Orgasm Experience #2 Katie’s Spanking and Self Gratification
 An old friend “Katie” ( previously referred to as My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette in posts of a bygone era) and I happened to find ourselves in the same place purely by coincidence.  Literally we ran into each other in a hotel lobby just like in the Prince song Darling Nikki. Well ok she was carrying shopping bags not mastubating with a magazine but we had the hotel lobby part down. So some background for newer readers. We were a regular feature for nearly 5 years and still (occasionally) keep in touch in the years since then.  Not a love story but we were very good friends with a unque pseudo Ds dynamic. I basically was a several day a month boyfriend/rent a Top type.
So back to the now.  Headspace wise I was in a pretty dark place. It was my first days back at work after a holiday, my first trip with out my secret companion tucked away and it hit me substantially harder than expected. Add to that that winter just fucking sucks balls. All of it was something that made me feel truly isolated and lonely.  Even friends and handler types were cutting me a wide berth as I was in a war like evil fucker mode with everyone for no good reason. Enter my old friend.
After some catching up and dancing around memory lane we settled on a command performance that night.  She wanted and got a very hard no nonsense belt spanking and agreed to participate in this year’s orgasm theme.
Along those lines post impact play she proceeded to pleasure herself to two orgasms with a medium sized bullet vibe and fingers dancing between her lips and over her clit while laying on a rough sawn wooden bench. She rubbed and purred. I watched like a stranger a few feet away.
She got what she wanted spanked and a voyeur/audience. I got to add a second person to my list of participating in six different people’s orgasm expeiences  and writing about it. No complaints.  It was some how familiar as seeimg her cum was nothing new and strange.  In that I was really removed from it a disinterested stranger was a new dynamic.
Tick the box. Put her toy away and panties back on. A hug good bye and until serendipity strikes again done is done. Two down and four to go. Assuming i’m not in the mood the mood to be an over achiever.
After thoughts- the tone of the post seems cold. I come off very dickish. It is true at the time I was not in the mood to be happy, supportive, and cheerfully sexual and my tone shouldn’t be a reflection on her. I checked and she thought the adventure was a lot of fun “even though grumpy Mal was present and not willing to participate in a good grudge fuck or any other fun.” I’ve chosen to leave the post as originally written to reflect my experience.

Darkness, Kink, and Orgasm Participant #2

Darkness, hidden deep in your tarnished  soul
So feed it a brunette you use to know
You missed the moans, the pleas, and screams.
As the night swallowed both her and me.
Not complicated and it never was
Just a loose one, her, and a little fun
Not much for words. She prefers to act
Pinned to the wall, cold stone against her back.
She told him that she knows something about him has changed.
Like anyone really stays the same.
He can not say he did not touch but outside of her getting the hand the belt and a old hair brush
Other than that he mostly watched.
Then then they talked and had coffee and cake.
She showed her marks and the wet spot she made.
So she was kissed and used and soundly spanked.
And blushed a little when she said good bye and told him thanks.
It’s just a game they use to play.
And rediscovered late yesterday.
A little harmless dirty fun.
The moments passed and once again done is done.

A view from a Top – pre, during, and post scene

Are you a Top? Are you a compulsive planner? Well if not this might be new ground for you. If so maybe you will enjoy my ocd control freak approach.
Recently I got to indulge in some long overdue play. It was also to be a punishment which is something I don’t do very often and typically don’t enjoy.  So the decision was made to take a different approach; one in which made the day long build up to the scene connective and thoughtful rather than just cold which is often what happens for me in a punishment dynamic. Which is often the past approach that didn’t work for me.
My goal was this
1) Create a build up that was exciting for her, a little frustrating,  and put a few questions in her mind how bad it might be.  She was to be aroused and on edge and nervous all at once. In general I think we got there.
2) She had all but laughed off some intense and hard play in the past; after all is was supposed to be fun but this time i wanted her marked and very tender for days. As of writing this 5 days later she still was bruised and sore.
3) Take her somewhere new..head space wise – Since this was a scene of a different flavor it was important to have a different feel to it. Normally our relationship is more Top/Bottom with a running diatribe about her being an alpha sub.    Time together not just the scene was long over due and worked in more of a Dom/Sub style than anticipated or imagined possible.   Sometimes i will go with the flow this time i staid in my Domly predisposition and kept bringing her back to why we were there…”this is a punishment”
4) Plan for contingencies -On the Alpha sub not was that part of her going to show up, was she going to challenge her fate, or dare me to escalate the scene.  SO options had been pre-thought about with unspoken changes for given reactions or behaviors.  She was a good girl and i didn’t have to use any of them but was fully prepared to do so.  And one guess would tell me she knew that this time.
5) Make it memorable – At the end of it all i wanted the day to be something special. it was for her after all…all of it.  I was doing my part by doing what I had promised i would.  Along the way i left her with mementos, memories actions and a few other things.   The marks and soreness would be a reminder for days but hopefully the rest of it and the remembrance of those marks and the discomfort will feed her fantasies fondly for a while to come.
The in scene process began with her completing the preparations I asked for through out the entire day. Some were mundane others were sexual in nature. You could feel the nervous excitement in the air. Then it was time to begin.
Part one the warm up that wasn’t a warm up. Sure I told her I would grant the request of a warm up and in a way did by letting her start bent over with pants and panties on. That was where my benevolence ended. She would have loved a slow gradual build up otk. She would have been drunk on the closeness and would have ground into my lap sensually and pleasurably.  Instead she got a very hard fast hand spanking that lit up her bottom up completely.  In some cases it would have been intense enough to have been the entire punishment or a complete scene.  As she commented about it after I paused. “Well you are being punished so this should feel like discipline. Pants down bend over and stay there it’s time to really start.” The tone had been set, the first chance to respectfully question the intent was rebuffed and set her head space firmly.  It my belief that most of the remaining scene and her own tolerances were affected by those few seconds as any of the build.
Thus began the implement parade a mic of wood, leather, lexan and rubber. Along the way i varied intensity and speed. I went more for sting than thud even with my delivery knowing she gets off on thuddy.  In part it was me being mean, along the way making her recount that this was punishment and why. Then i hit her in a spot that made her jump, cry out and it was clear was not normal. It wasn’t that hard, it wasn’t high or low but it was obvious something wasn’t right.   As she explained it had been sensitive beforehand but she deemed it out of range.
Now we had done pre scene talking, reviewing the particulars, re-establishing safe words all the right things. I chastised her lightly when she admitted to not telling me. After all no matter what I wanted this to be a good experience when it was done. During a pleading glance that seemed to say both “don’t be mad” and at the same time time” more …”please don’t stop” I gently stressed next time she needs to tell me in advance. Then after a brief recovery period we agreed to continue.
Now that’s. Not say I didn’t adjust because I certainly did.  For starters I opted to keep her in that position more than planned. We establish a mid way safe word to slow the scene if needed and worked one side of her bottom more than the other. The varied intensity showed up in how she marked and was evident for days.
Sassy Mouths Get More than their Spanking – Then we reached the intermission which was a mouth soaping. To say she got it good would be fair but it was really only a minute all in all.   30 seconds with the dry bar in her mouth. A brief rest and rinse then 30 more seconds with a very wet lathered up bar in her mouth rubbed inside her cheeks and on her tongue. This was new for us but “earned” for a long period of bratting me.  I gave her time to brush her teeth, recompose herself and even let her step out for a smoke before beginning the next part of her spanking.
Along the lines of the contingencies had she fought me, sassed and bratted, or disobeyed it would have gone much worse for her with stinging swats with the lexan paddle with the soap still in and little more than a minute to clean up before being taken back to task. I was even ready to fig her with a huge piece of ginger if she pressed it.     Instead she was a very good girl so i treated her as such before finishing her spanking.
board of education spanking paddle with a catA good dose of wooden paddles – Let’s face it I like using wooden paddles and  the reactions and after effects they have.  So it was hands on the knees for 25 with a the Christmas gift from a few years back.  10 each building in intensity from the previous, a pause then 10 more in the same way.   The last 5 all very well measured and very firm.  The last enough to be a punishment in and of itself.  It was the first time i got to use it and while the handle was far from perfect it had a great feel and I like wielding it.  She held position, gasped and tensed and it was delicious to watch and be part of.
Then with Oak School Paddle the “Big Girl” paddle – in the same challenging (or painful) position. The swats followed suit the same as before.  Her bottom before even break out the wood had taken hundreds of smacks or more.  This was the time to push closer to the edge and unlike the earlier part of the spanking she was very focused on bearing it and counting.  And well I was focused on her sit spot to ensure an adequately unconformable next day.
Shiny Red –
The paddle and her bottom were both very shiny and very read so with 25 more swats to go out came the meanest paddle of them all and her position went vrom bared and bent over with her hands on her knees to grabbing her ankles.
A Whoop’in with the Belt a birthday spanking with a belt. It was measured and rhythmic and allowed her to finally go into sub space and enjoy this piece of the ride even as she counted out each lick of the belt on her raw and already marked bottom..
She was blissed out and bruised by the end.  The last swats with the paddle were little more than flicks of the wrist and taps but she was some where else. The belt was where she finally got to float into the space she likes, and a bit of a playful hand spanking lounging across the bed had her purring before all was said and done.
We connected as she gazed at the vibes, plugs, and other things that didn’t get used.  Perhaps next time. It was time for me to take my leave, hand her back to her caring partner and to finally be allowed to cum.

Remind Me to Spank You Later

Funishment…or play punishment is the Kink of the Week topic this time around and it would be harder to pick a topic that was more in my wheelhouse and better defined my kink than this one.  My play, even my hard and mean play is just that play and often ends with a lot of laughter.   And since I hate rules as a rule real punishment has never been my thing but I’ll admit I learned a lot on that topic a few weeks back that I’m reconsidering.
But since the topic is FUNishment let’s start with…
Bad Funishment Pick UP Lines
Funishment is a whole different game and one that I enjoy greatly.  For me it’s a chance to do something that I enjoy; typically spanking someone in a light hearted and playful way. It’s not that I don’t like heavier scenes with harder play and brooding overtones because I certainly do. However playing in an almost silly set up allows me to connect with my partner of a variety of different levels.   It’s a chance to tease and taunt and nudge and needle in a good hearted way.  If you’re around me and someone I play with long enough even in a “normal” setting you will without a doubt hear corn ball phrases outside of a scene, sometimes whispered, sometimes stated as plainly as asking for a cup of coffee from a barista like …
Me – “Remind me to spank you later (when we get home, before bed, etc)”
TCB “I’ll be sure to do that right after you’ve (left the room, gotten to another city, fallen asleep)” or the ever popular “Yeah You know how good my memory is”   She never seems to remind me.  I really need to do something about that.
Me – “oh I guess YOU need another trip across my lap”
Alice King – no response before instantaneously throwing herself from across the room bare assed over my knee and telling me “Yes I do, And why don’t you see how long you can keep it red this time.  Oh look here’s a paddle so you don’t hurt your hand.”
Me –  Mockingly “Are you really going to make me (insert Funishment of choice) you again? You know how I hate that.”
Pick a Play Partner –  “Yes”  Insert role of the eyes before asking where and how I want them positioned
Me–  “Remember the rule is you come to bed with a cold bottom I get to warm it up anyway I want to”
TCB – “Be NICE!”  For the record typically I am
Me – “Go get me something to beat you with…whenever you’re ready of course”
My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette Circa 2011 – She showed up 5 minutes later with half the torture devices needed for a well equipped dungeon.    “… Here (drops an armload of impact toys on the couch) since you can never seem to make up your mind.” For the record I used them all and don’t think she was even a little bit surprised by that.
There are a million variations.  Sometimes it’s done for pure banter, on occasion it’s to put the other person in a head space for what I plan to do or not do later (* more on this below) and I’m known to announce my intention days or hours before we get to play.  It is a subtle mind fuck element I like to add to the funishment.  Sometimes out of necessity because of time and access. Sometimes even though it’s going to be play I want you thinking about what I might do to you with either a sense of excitement, fear, or a healthy dose of both. Odds are since I’m such a softly I’ll just swat you on the bottom over your jeans half heartedly and call it done (and if you believe that I’ve got a few bridges to sell you) but now to follow up on the *
*In a way it’s me asking a person I know well if they want to play; playfully.  It gives them an out if they’re simply not into it at that moment without having to say no.  They just don’t take the bait so to speak.  If the topic gets brought up later or they jump in to “that” role then we play.  If not it was just an overture to be picked up on when the time is right.   Passive aggressive topping?  Maybe but it works in several places for me i is also a great example me being a smart ass.
Role Play
While I’ve done some role play scenes and can play a part when asked to mostly though I likescenes that are somewhat dynamic and  playful banter that isn’t scripted and is authentic.  Outside of kink witty jabs, and verbal jousting is fun for me so it only fits that a certain amount of that would work for me in play as well.
“Where’s my paddle if you hid it again I’m going to spank that smart little ass of yours a lot harder with something far worse…” oh right back to the post
Tell Me What You want: I am a top, I am a dominant but what I am not is a god, a mind reader, or an effectively intuitive human being at guessing what you want. I pay attention, I’ll ask you to play but really it’s ok to ask me as well and tell me (nicely) how or what you want.  Even a funishment can be done creatively and be of the bottom’s own doing.  Very little is as hot for me as a naughty woman confessing to her misdeeds relatively unannounced.  Let’s face it there is something in even the most contrived type of admission such as taking too deep of a breath that works for me.   So start off with “I’ve been a (bad girl, dirty little…, complete…,  fucked three nuns in a confessional, or what ever) and need to be…(your game you pick it and odds are I’ll listen and improvise).
Sure I will arbitrarily decide to do something, I will take the lead most of the time but If I’m missing the boat or you want something specific I’m good with direct requests.  In fact I  like it and get off on it in a big way when you come to me and nervously “ask for it” you very naughty girl.  Odds are I will readily agree you need to be punished.
Going Dark
Fun and games aside usually I’m not planning to truly manhandle someone during a funishment scene.  A little fighting back or protests during light hearted play is fine but push to far, really start fighting or resisting and what was light and playful can go dark and heavy quickly.   Everyone has triggers and I want to deliver a scene that the bottom wants within their boundaries but if pushed or truly challenged instinct and aggression can kick in.
For me usually it’s tied to physical resistance as a way to try to take over the play and it will go one of two ways.    Most often I’ll stop cold and have a conversation trying to understand.  The other option is I will no longer be playing nice. I will pin your ass and the rest of you to whatever and light you up until I’ve decided I’m done unless there is a safe word uttered.
Want a takedown where I fight you to the ground and really work you over?  No problem set it up that way but don’t go from ouch, ouch, stop it type play to a maniac with no warning if actual resistance wasn’t part of what was discussed.  Trust me I’d love to play rough with you and toss you around like a rag doll if I’ve agreed to play with you in anyway.
Kink of the Week

Thank you for Flying Sadist Airlines – An Epic Poem


Thank you for Flying Sadist Airlines

After a bit of reflection and mainly becuase I’m halfway through an unabridged version of Canterbury Tales for my current pleasure reading I’ve decided to try to write a post in a classic epic poem style meets Dr Seuss.  Which is really nothing more than a way to potentially justify my poorly constructed and overly complicated sentences and bizarre rhyming scheme.  Thank you for being masochists and indulging me by reading even just a little.

Part 1 Into The Darkness

All of this is true and none of it is true.  Perhaps the events had happened a millennia ago and perhaps they happened in the residence next to where you are right now in the moments that only recently passed.  This is the tale of the times, of today, and of tomorrow. They are the words also of legends of old, and of moments as modern as the moment you are in and as old as the universe.  It is all completely true and an utter lie.
The wind whipped through the cool autumn air. That much I can assure did really occur.  And as the temperature fell and the moon glowed soft and golden in the sky. The night was alive with far too many voices.  Still despite it all somehow the possibility of magic lingered on the breeze and with it evil and wickedness simply waiting their turn.  In the distance as our fair damsel made her way hastily across the black hard darkness that blanked the earth.  She was in tow, and captured, and without even the slightest resolved to escape the fate that awaited her.  Willingly unwilling and all too caught up in the surroundings to think better of things but as the story goes sometimes the things we crave are not the things we should admit to wanting most.
But admit is exactly what she had done, time and again; with reckless abandon. Truer words have never been spoken and great lies lied within them.  But rather than run like so many before and what would have been of soundest intellect and purest mind to do she followed dutifully chattering harmlessly with the one who escorted her from the deep darkness into the unyielding of the light.
There are of course times when things like this occur. Where what is obvious seems less so and what is hidden seems so painfully obvious.  Mythic tales of hardship and triumphs, of fool hardiness and destruction; which was ahead?  Knowing what was behind remained yet unresolved.    So the tormentor began his game with subtle suggestions and playful banter.  She had no idea what laid before her.  What wickedness awaited but only that there would be pain and a slight hint of ecstasy, torment and relief, surrender and in it escape that words never quite seemed to do justice, simple things first, necessities and treats, provisions for the journey that somewhere in the future she could enjoy. Things that he would undoubtedly share with another, so is the plight of a wanton woman when the Demon has another on his mind. Her mind, body and twisted little soul by her own design very much shared with so many.
So the journey continued as our damsel was given the option to choose some devices of her own torture, as adornments for the future, and reminders of the sweet and delicious torment that was yet about to come but would long after concluding be dwelled upon as marks, on the body, mind, and soul.
Remembering things long forgotten as he taunted her with what was yet to be endured, reminding her not so gently that she had earned ever uncomfortable moment that lay in her future and that if nothing else he was going to leave his mark on her in a way that even previous evils had not.   All true as anything and all of which were just words to her as her mind weighed the possibilities of what he had meant.   His intentions were quite specific but the details of which were with held leaving her to wildly contemplate her own fate.
Back out of the light and into the darkness she was sent, trailing behind him. His lust and wickedness was about to be spent.  Dodging shadows and light, as the start of her night was beckoning and within the hour the moment of her duress would soon be at hand.

Part 2 The Road into Hell

His boots on the stairs, the door closed and the world left behind.  They ask was she ready because it was her time?   The hour was calling and yes her time was here. She nodded with a lot of excitement mixed with just a small batch of fear.
So over she went like a good woman should and he laid into her soundly with a stern piece of wood.  It burned and bit with every impact the beginning was ending, really just two from the last. Then one of the wicked who  was watching the sights.  He called out an idea with sadistic delight. “Why she’s not counting and you know that’s not good. You should start over and give a few extra just because you know that you could.”
And with this the one laughed with paddle in hand. He said “let’s start all over, count out loud do you understand?”  She gritted her teeth and dared him a smile.   As so they began once again in the very same style.   The room filled with smacking, and swooshing, with sensations and sighs.  A few muffled mumbles for what he did to her hide.
And once they got there after beginning again, went from zero, to heaven, to hell in those ten.  Which totaled out 18 because they because of the new start . He hated falling just short of 20 with all of his heart.   So two more “extra” were harshly applied, and she gritted her teeth and lost herself deep inside.  A few of those swats had left her well marked with an ass so it red it probably glowed  in the dark. One would think she was bitter. But she was not bitter but hot. She loved every moment even the two extra, extra, extra, hard swats.  And one would expect this was the end of our tale but it is just the beginning of her road into hell.
So off with the jeans, on to her panties, and then and on the bare.  He whipped her with leather it seemed only fair.  She squealed and she loved it with each solid stroke.  So he hit some more while the men laughed, and they joked.   Then onto the hand because it only seemed right, and if all went as planned it was the start of her night.

Part 3 Descent and  Elevation

With night in the fore ground and not in the past, they gagged her, and pushed her and once again started to laugh.   Thrown down on the bed so nice and so soft they brought out the blind fold and she nearly scoffed.  The games men play are wicked at night, but she was all theirs and tucked well out of sight. She drooled into her gag with small bit of shame.  She laughed at her plight and recounted how much she loved their sick game.  Her bottom was glowing, still slightly ablaze as the ropes then appeared to bind to her frame.  Hands tied to knees, and flat on her back they spanked her bottom, her pussy and legs but just on the back. And then he said something while she was catching her breath but on went the blind fold there would be no time to rest.
Her mind raced a little, faster, and more.  She wondered what wickedness they had in store. Whips and leather, more wood and sins of the flesh.  They would push the limits they wanted to test.  Then there was just silence.  Oh what could that mean?  Then she heard a loud buzzing and wanted to scream. Not tender, not gentle, no pleasure, just pain. Not soft and not slow, they held her legs wide all as part of their game.
They took her to heaven through the bottom of hell and wouldn’t relent until they had emptied her well.   She squealed, and she shook and they held her down.  Making her shake from the tips of her toes to the top of her crown.  And when that wave had passed there would be no respite.  They simply continued the hellish and orgasmic delight. While pinching and pushing, while keeping her there, until she crested again and again and was fully aware.
She shook and she shattered and continued to shake. She wondered and thought about what else they would take.  And when she was wasted, a soaked drooling mess. They’re loosened the ropes and before she could rest.  They uncovered her eyes, and mouth just in time. As her gaze met his met the Demon’s he offered “Thank you for flying Sadist Airlines”

Part 4 –

So women seem wicked and often men  also do  .  But even in evil there is often good too.  They hugged her and kissed and they brought her back down but not before she’d come once more like a flood destroying cities and towns. And the dark one he drifted off into the night while two stayed behind to enjoy other delights.
And this brings to the end of our little tale, how you can find heaven from dark depths of hell.  If you ever should wonder what evil is like, it the thing that laughs with you in the still of the night.  It’s the words that still linger long after their said, and the moments so fleeting that dance in your head.
When pleasure comes calling there always is pain, whether wicked and wanton or modest with shame.   And the words have been spoken and the deeds have been done. Life is too short to not have some fun.
So love all your lovers so pure and so true.  And if you’re like us find something wicked to do.  For nothing is new, only new once more.  And pain can be pleasure for ladies and whores.   So maybe this happened and maybe it’s true. And maybe it’s lie and a lesson for you. Would you dance with a Demon to find your delight, and how often you’ve screamed in the dead of the night?  So I’ll say it once more, just one last time.  Thanks you for flying Sadist Airlines.
Come See Who Else is Being WICKED this Week with Pleasure and Pain
Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

What Makes a Great spanking Scene

Let’s assume you like spanking. Giving and or receiving it doesn’t matter and neither does the orientation (M/F, F/F, M/M, Three Transgendered Aliens and a Cross Dressed Pharaoh etc).  Last week after asking LR & Alice to each send me three spanking scenes they’d like to do and with who either specifically or hypothetically I went off to write up my three ideas. All of which I’ll share with you in a future post (or video).

There are so many things to consider from the setting, office, kitchen, school room, bedroom, hallway, dungeon,  and of course the literal and proverbial wood shed. Someone’s pervy little wheels were spinning and in the name of research they went off to watch a bunch of spanking videos both professionally produced and home made, from strict punishment to playful with a good mix of everything in between.

Mahogany Spanking PaddleThen the comes the scenario from the naughty school girl, to the errant worker, the misbehaving spouse to the ones with no set up other than pure spanking action just because or as fore play.   So with just those two things into consideration the possibilities were suddenly endless and something that has been done literally millions of times by countless consenting adults that still seemed to have infinite possibilities.

Add in implements, intensity, positions, banter/dialogue, state of dress or undress and well it can send a pervert into a delicious little frenzy.

Consider this one a mix of fan and friend appreciation for the Spanking crowd and a way for me to knock something off my sexual bucket list (Number 5 under activities or number 10 under acts) so I’m looking to make one.  If it’s fun and well received I’ll probably make several so that’s where you come in.   We’re have out ideas but we’re really looking for feedback on what you’d like to see.  

 So with that in mind what makes a great spanking scene or video? 

Well Spanked Part 3 The Aftermath

In case the title  didn’t give it away this is the third (and final) installment in our “Well Spanked” series; Part 1 The Warm up and Part 2 Throughly Thrashed in case you missed them.It’s funny how the stars align on rare occasion so when the Kink of the Week Topic was “Marks” I had to fight the temptation to post this immediately rather than wait for it to be a Sinful Sunday Post. 
– Mal
I went in intending to leave her marked.  It seems a bit odd to see the words written out since that not usually the case.   It  came from the desire to not have a repeat of the last time I spanked her bottom.   Usually the scene is what it is and even if its a straight up spanking I’m looking of other things, dynamics, fantasies, roles, whatever to be part of it. Marks may or may not be a by product of that. But  not this time the challenge has been issued that I couldn’t leave her with a sore sit spot, not later that night let alone the next day or several days after that.
It was not my first rodeo, I’d spanked a person or two in my life (a small understatement) and I knew that to get her to that point it would take a long drawn out scene (last time we played her rosy red bottom was back to white before the ropes came off despite multiple OTK sessions earlier in the day). The reality was that I would have to go at her a little hard at times.  That varying the intensity from slow paced thuds and to fast crisp spanks this time it would be more than just to effect her head space but also to get her to the point she dared me to take her, to leave her sore and marked.
AK's Well SPanked and Glowing Bottom
Above is the results 10 hours after we stopped playing her bottom was still showing signs of the previous nights fun.   She admitted it was sore “but I can still sit”.   Raven would later confirm that while she could sit and was savoring the lasting effect she was feeling it more and more as the day wore on.
The Brusies from her spanking are starting to showOne day later the bruises from her spanking are starting to really show.  Raven had taken to giving her a nice swat or two when she passed by and sneaking up on her to poke and grab her still sore butt.  She’d brag to me that she still can take more, so next time we play this hard I may have to offer a reminder session a day later.  Nothing like starting over when she can still feel the last one.
Two Days after her spanking
So the above is after more than two full days.  Still marked, the bruises now in a variety of shades.  The lighting BTW is the result of a power outage and not out attempt to be cool and artsy with this shot.
4 days later
The new red spot is from sitting,   Too bad isn’t it I was hoping LR was going to send me a video of her getting her bottom rewarmed while it was still sore (Remember folks I’m a bit of a sadist).   The only marks left are mid cheek and ironically not from the paddle or belt but from my hand.  Admittedly it was fun for me to get the pictures since i had to leave and couldn’t be there to see the results in person.   Perhaps Alice will comment on how often she stole a glimpse of the marks.  I got daily updates and quickly created a new folder on my phone keep them stored in.
As for me I’ve been on the S&M impact toy shopping spree of a lifetime.   Looking for new paddles and toys, leather and wood and maybe a few things even more vicious than that to add to my collection.
A few finals thoughts on Marks.
Shifting away from the scene above with Alice and looking at my own comments over the years.  Often I’ll swat the Blonde on her cute ass just hard enough to leave a faint hand print (ok sometimes that one smack will be bright red and show each finger in a clearly outlined way. For god’s sake I’m a spanking top what do you expect?).  She’ll grumble sometimes mockingly, some times genuinely and my response has always been “I’m just marking my territory”.   Looking back at it there was more truth in that than there appeared to be on the surface of that cavalier retort.
Whether my hand print had faded or not my habit is often to swat her playfully as we pass each other. Sure its usually playful, never mean spirited, and is often lighter than a pat on the back during a hug with an acquaintance but in some primitive way somewhere in my fucked up brain I’m marking her as mine to anyone watching.  Despite what I do there are times when I don’t share well.   So marks aren’t just for bottoms and subs, they can serve a purpose far beyond the physical.  And while the ones you can take pictures of or steal looks at in the mirror certainly serve a purpose even the ones that fade quickly can be a reminder or symbol of an attachment.
Kink of the Week
Sinful Sunday

There is no Smiling in S&M…usually

“Are you crying?   Are you crying? There’s no Crying in baseball!” is perhaps the most memorable line in the old Tom Hanks movie “A League of their Own”  Of course there is crying in S&M.  For some people its part of the release, the dynamic, a specific moment, scene, or what have you. 

Let’s face it those of us that partake in rough sex, rough play, bdsm, lmnop (just seeing if you’re paying attention)  and some other less socially acceptable darker things don’t go around bragging about how happy we all look.  Most people inside and outside the kinky world probably have an image in their heads of what a scene looks like based on experience, their imagination, and of course TV, Movies and Internet porn.  Typically its dark, rough, maybe a little scary, there are all sorts of wicked things and more than a little sense of dreaded anticipation, fear, and who knows what else.  That’s right we’re fucking mean and evil social outcasts filled with lurid intentions; unless of course that’s not the case.

There’s nothing like being in the middle of playing hard and random laughter breaks out.  Not an evil cackle for the sadistic top but everyone involved just carrying on.   You see that’s not the side of BDSM most people talk about.  It probably doesn’t sell website subscriptions, pictures or products but when after about a 20 minute warm up spanking (that was far more a spanking than just a warm up) the bottom who just had her dress lifted up and whose butt cheeks are already very red during a brief pause in the action jumps up, logs into her I tunes account to find her playlist, while the two moron top types who were just playing with her stand idly by since neither of them can find the fucking play list either.   They’re patient because despite what we were just doing, well, we’re people too. As much we like doing mean things to her we also like music.  The mean things, we know we’ll get back to them shortly. 

Then after quite a bit more rough stuff you do a check in to make sure the person you’re playing with is fine and find them they smiling ear to ear and are met with “ummmm I’m good go back to what you’re doing” which is also code for “shut up and quit taking me out of sub space since I just got there you fucking idiot.”  

A little while later while on a short break from the action let’s say you look at her and ask “ok what would you like to do now?”   Then the answer comes back “you figure it out you’re the top.”  That kind of thing shows another fatal flaw of the Top (or me) because despite my role what I really wanted to do is deliver on her hopes, expectations, and fantasy.   Which is all fine and well except well other than a cursory review of safe words (which I was told she was not going to need) before getting too far into thing (yes I was already “warming” her up for 5 minutes before asking about safe words…bad Top I know) the only other thing I knew was that I was going to try out a great new paddle Lord Raven made for me as a special request (it will get its own post shortly) So with that in mind I hadn’t gone ahead and planned a detailed scene.

Sometime later and at a point that they had been getting their cute little ass spanked, paddled, and whipped all kinds of colors past bright red you look at the other top in the room.  You know just doing the responsible thing because you have been whacking her bare backside not always lightly with an assortment of things for well over an hour.  He just looks as you and says “She’s fine she’s smiling from ear to ear.  Hit her some more.”   Trust me it takes a few minutes for that one to sink in even if you are at times a heavy player and have spanked more than a person or two in your life.  So does that behavior mean I’m ineffective as a Top?  That I have once again failed at being a true kinkster.  In some people books most likely.   “There is no Smiling in S&M!”

And when later when she protests vehemently that you are refusing to spank her now very well marked and soon to be very deeply bruised ass any more while she’s bouncing up and down insisting she’s fine and needs and wants a harder and longer beating it kind of dispels the myth of what we do.  Though we did gang up to on her a little bit to torch the back and insides of her thighs pretty damn good after the protests just because we’re good guys like that.  

After a while longer “is that it?” she asked.   I looked at Lord Raven, the target of my impact play scene was still bent over wiggling her glowing bottom at us as we watched her do the last steps of her spank dance.  We both nodded and told her in unison “Nope you’re done.”   You see as tops we’re suppose to leave the sub begging for mercy with a bunch of staged or not so staged “oh please stop I promise I’ll never do X again” bull shit.  Instead we left her laughing, still with a red hot bottom that I’m told is very tender ever two days later.  Most importantly though we had her safety and well being in mind.

Malflic's Brusied ThumbOh and all of us talked, and chatted and laughed like hell all along the way in what turned out to be almost 3 hours of play time filled with delightful little squeals, gasps and murmurs.  She woke up with a still throbbing ass, just like she wanted, Raven had tight hamstrings which weren’t on the intended menu and I have a bruise where my palm and thumb meet which is a fist for me after 25 years of doing this sort of thing.

So there might not be any smiling in S&M…unless you’re playing with us then there is often also laughter, giggling, a bit of snarkiness and a damn good time in general.  How often can you say I spanked someone’s ass for 3 hours and a great time was had by all? If you’re like me not nearly often enough.


Spanking Kink of the Week

I was going to write something funny after all the topic of Spanking certainly strikes a nerve in me.  But of course that would have been too easy. Instead I decided to answer Jade’s food for thought questions in a very straight forward manner.  Originally my responses led to another post that I’ve decided let sit for a while called “The Elephant in the Room” that deals more with the complicated dynamics that the topic of spanking has caused in my relationship recently.
Do you love it? Do you hate it? Never tried it?
Spanking is where kink started for me before I knew it was kinky.  I just wanted to try spanking a girlfriend, it just seemed like the thing to do.  Harmless slap and tickle gave way to mock spanking play with all the verbal trappings and visual cues. Eventually this led to giving “real” spankings that were far less play and a lot more intense.  So yes I love it.  If you asked the Blonde she’d tell you she absolutely hates it.
Despite those protests the part she’ll never admit which I’m not certain to this day whether it’s pure play on her part or actual denial of what gets her off is that several good solid hard swats and I’m not talking a crisp smack or two but a solid successive line of them along with penetration or clit stimulation of any kind sends her sopping wet and over the edge into orgasm harder than anything else even when she’s trying to hold back.
What do you like/hate/love about it?

School Style Spanking Paddle made by Malflic
BDSM Toy time. A heavy school style paddle that Malflic made as a gift for select friends a few years back. Not for light players!

In part it is the surrender. For years I’d playfully swat the blonde and when asked I’d simply say I was marking my territory.  Which to a point was true but there was also a lot of unspoken things about those actions as well.   As for the surrender I could say it’s not part of the pure spanking play appeal to me but that would be lying.  The fact that someone is willing to let me spank them is a big part of it.  Add to I’ve always been to use a Seinfeldism an “ass man” which I’m sure contributed to the interest.
Are you the spanker or the spankee or do you switch?
Pure Top
Do you have a favorite way to be spanked – or a least favorite?
Turning the question around do I have a favorite way to spank others.  Yes and it depends on who it is.   As a rule I don’t do a casual OTK.  I know weird for a spanking top right? I may goof around that way with someone at a party “oh you naughty girl come here” a swat or ten then on her way is one thing but if I’m actually spanking you odds are it wouldn’t be OTK unless we are in a different place relationship wise. By that I mean know each other well in a variety of ways, that there is in fact some form of relationship even if it is play only.  Beyond that I like the spankee bent over usually a table or desk but anything can work.
Favorite implement/least favorite? Are implements even allowed in your style of spanking?
While I own a variety of implements of every shape and size the school style wood paddle is the one I like to use the most. As for are they allowed it depends on who I’m playing with and where.   I’m sure the TSA could give list of who likes what based on my checked luggage over the past umpteen years.
Is it a sexy/sensual/sexual activity for you? A playful one? Or is it punishment? (Or all of the above?)
Usually its playful and or sensual depending on who I’m playing with.  That doesn’t mean they don’t get a bright red ass or marked because, well, sometimes (ok most of the time) they do.  I have done punishment spankings but really don’t care for them beyond a role play scenario.  As for why I don’t like them I think they lack the same energy.  It’s one thing to play with a naughty girl and it’s case of oh you’re gonna get it good.  There’s a tension, a dynamic , maybe even a willingness or excitement.  When it’s an actual punishment I don’t like the top I become.  It lacks that playfulness I become cold and efficient.  I can be scary as hell when playing if that’s the part but I’m not really cold. I guess its a detachment and knowing the other person really isn’t getting off on it in anyway that makes actual punishment not work for me.
Do you have a favorite scene or fantasy you’d like to share? Or perhaps some photos?
Actually I’d like to top in a spanking video.   It doesn’t have to be a major site or company it could even just be a well shot scene with friends that we put up on one site or another.
As a byline I’m working on figuring out a streaming video broadcast of a scene with Alice in the future.  Little miss iron bottom’s color fades quickly so we thought it would be fun to do a “Keeping Her Red” video.  This one would be high on the action and low on the other accompaniments but one way or other I’m going to make it hard for her to sit for a while. Her sit spot is nearly impossible to thoroughly torch but I’m up for the challenge.
A few other random things…
I’ve considered going to spanking cons but have never done it and can’t tell you why other than I didn’t really make the time.  It’s not money, it’s not the travel, it’s not that I’m shy. I just simply haven’t.   I miss having regular local spanking only play partners.  When I play regularly I’m a happier person, frankly I may be a better person and I put less pressure on the Blonde to play which makes her happier.  It was one of the hardest changes for me when I moved here and remains something I’ve never replaced.  It was close a few times but there always seemed to be more strings attached or the wrong strings attached.   I started doing rope as a substitute for spanking play, I enjoy it but there is an entirely different dynamic. It is a lousy substitute it’s like having cheese cake when you’re hungry for ice cream. Yes they are both an indulgent dessert but having one does not negate the need for the other.
Dealing with change in my play…
In the past year or so I’ve seen something happen in my play I never expected. If you ask me I don’t do age play.  I’m not a “daddy” type (The 1st notable exception). Nothing wrong with it, its just not my kink.  At age 43 my hair is now far more salt (OK white I know just say it) than pepper.  This has created an occasional dynamic I never expected, girls who like daddy types.  I’ve had offers from women in their mid 20’s that I would never have expected to scene with becuase I fit a type for them
Kink of the Week