Sex Toy Soup

We’ll It’s time for this months Sinful Sunday Theme Submission.  The prompt was essentially Sex Toys and seeing as my state of mind is still askew from even my version of normal  I opted to take the Andy Warhol Theme from last week one  (or four) steps furthers and create a Series of Sex Toy Soup Themed images playing on his interpretation of the Campbell’s Soup can.  After all what is more American then Pop Art Stolen from another Person’s idea, Campbell’s Soup, Dildos and Butt Plugs all put together?
Waves of Pleasure Warhol inspired Spup can with a Dildo Over it
A Tantus perfect pluf super imposed on a soup can in a Warhol Inspired Sexy toy Photo
Thick Dildo Soup Can A la Wathol and Sex Toy Photo Edit
Tanatus Large Perfect Pplug with Vibrator Color Edited and placed on a Campbells Soup Can
For anyone who is interested and truly in jest there is the  “The Essential Sex Toy Soup Reading Companion”.  Ok part 3 is  really just to remind myself how I did this as much anything. Also there’s some humorous insight into why the fuck I put Dildo’s and Butt Plugs into a Sex Toy Soup themed Post.   The short answer is “Plan A” Didn’t work.

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Sinful Sunday



“People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly” – Andy Warhol

Behind the bespoke suits, clean shaven face, the portriat of a respectable and civilized life, and fancy friends is the real me.  The one that is Rough. Who prefers his addiction to morally questionable women, rough sex, and loud angry music over all else.
Warhol type picture of Mal with a Mohawk
If you know me, yes this picture is both really of me and recent. I love if becuase it is not flattering. It is quite literally a portrait of a life that very easily could have been. A moment of the darkness often referenced but typically very far from sight.
Appearing nothing like the expected apparition, the image you are normally allowed see, the one you think you know. The vanity is gone. This is a person who overtly doesn’t even pretend to give a fuck. Who has decided to live for a few moments fully on his own terms.
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Sinful Sunday


Before you got to see Alice “Waiting for the Sting”  and now her bottom has been stung by the leather slapper.  An implement she is developing a love/hate relationship with when it’s in Raven’s hand.
I plan to change the love part when it’s my turn to use it.
Alice's bottom stung after having it spanked with the slapper

Sinful Sunday

Only the Tip

Only the Tip
This for me is a very uncharacteristic picture.   After all my idea of a good cock shot usually includes a rooster and is done in jest.   Yet as part of what I seem to have taken on as an unplanned challenge this year for Masturbation Month I decided to do something that was new. Take a picture early on during some self indulgent moments.  But for now it’s only the tip…maybe things will work their way into other things from there.
Male Penis Tip during Mastrubation
I’ll be the first to say that sometimes the best thing about art is that it makes you uncomfortable.  I’m not so sure that hold true when it’s you that are the subject, artist, and viewer but none the less.

Sinful Sunday

A Two Way Haunting

Is your presence haunting the streets?
Dark and brooding. Swimming in the past…
Evil intent now not far from the surface.
Could you feel me there? Lurking so close.
Does that tempt you? Just a little
Or are the ghosts of yet another city haunting me?
Casting my image back over a picture like the evil thing you are waiting to be conjured.

A picture of london Bridge made whole by a mirror

Perhaps both are haunted.
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Sinful Sunday

So this month’s prompt was mirrors. As fate would happen my hotel room this week just happened to feature a series mirrors
Malflics image reflected in a series of mirrors
and a picture used to make a complete image.
London Bridge picture
So of course I decided to haunt it.

Demon in the Mirror

Demon in the Mirror

Wicked things are everywhere,

You may not see them but they are there.

Lurking in the shadows inside the light, dancing devilishly in the dark

Looking for to tempt you from end to start

A Wall of mirros with teh reflection of a man's legs in only one of them

So Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Evil waits for you to fall

Look again and your secrets tell,

So they can take you straight to hell.

And if their reflection you do see,

then that demon gets set free.

And you can run so they’re no nearer

but there is no escape from the Demon in the Mirror

Sinful Sunday

El Diablo's Wingtips

El Diablo’s Wingtips

The Devil's Wing Tips Bloack with red trim and laces

After decades of hard work and selective curating there is a world class men’s shoe collection in my closet. Most are not overly expensive yet they fall into two main categories; classic and unique.
It’s a Monday; early afternoon and my friends decide I need another trip downtown for shoes.  Admittedly they have options you don’t see anywhere else in the world.  That’s when i found them. It was love at first sight.


They fit perfectly, like my own feet had been used as the form for their creation.  Turning to a friend but before I could ask his opinion he said “Mal! I don’t know man. They look like the Devil’s wing tips.”  The same thought was rolling around my head.


 So turning to the clerk and with limited vocabulary and a horrendous Spanish accent  “Yo te llevare El Diablo’s Wingtips por favor.”  And for the record El Diablo’s Wing Tips make great date night shoes.  Comfortable with just a little hint of mischief, perfect for every minor demon.


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Sinful Sunday

Rope Friends Old and New – Touching Generosity

It’s a Thursday night, I’m on Fet and see a friend is running a sale on some bondage things.

I need more and new bondage things?

We all do right?

Box of Lavender MFP Bondage Rope

Fast forward to Saturday morning and add a huge mug of coffee.

I have a few ideas for ties I want to do stuck in my head.

Along the way decide to (maybe) redo the Hemp vs. MFP post post from years ago with her. (Was that really 2009? How things have changed!)

Really what is better than tying someone up and then writing about it?

Oh Right tying them up again and again!

Beautiful MFP Bondage Rope and Rescue Hook

Being a complete color whore I start looking at shades she might be into.

And selfishly I do love using pretty bondage rope regardless of the type.

New bondage friends are wonderful!

So now a few words about familiar and very generous friends

and the community as a whole that the vanillas will never get.

Lily and Aja from Aja Rope have been friends of mine for quite some time (years).

I have written about them before.

Their touching generosity over the years continues to amaze me.

The time knowledge and even products they have provided in my local community is more than note worthy.

So yet again

My order shows up with far more than anticipated.

“Sale” Lily tells me when I send a thank you note.

Also a hint from the bondage gods maybe I need to begin doing suspensions.

as the “Sky” book mysteriously appears in the box.

Bondage Books Sex and Shibari

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Sinful SundayI have a lot of reading and some practicing to do!

Barely in Frame

Not at all what I intended on this one.  But some how it works with the midday sun and just a peek ofme and my beloved black boots that could tell some very sinful stories.
Edited note.  As it turns out i hurriedly edited my test pic and included our Dyson. Well it has dirty stories too and it sucks up everything so i’ll let it stand as a happy accident. – Mal
Malflic is barely in frame but between two windows
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Sinful Sunday