Well Spanked Part 2 Throughly Thrashed

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series.   The first portion The Warm Up includes not only pictures but the story behind the scene.
So all good things must come to an end and the warm up spanking is also one of them.  Though as previously mentioned is was mostly spanking and very little warm up.   LR had an assortment of paddles laid out for use ranging from the new one he had made for Mal for just such an occasion along with some older ones that have been in Alice’s collection for a few years.   Several were applied at varying rates and intensities until “Someone” decided Alice should get 10 swats with the “The Big Girl Paddle”.  Raven thought she should get 30, he was right and she will next time she will get 30 or more I assure you.
School Paddle EditedSome bastard made her count each swat and then he let it sink in for about 30 seconds before beginning to take aim for the next one which of course would be harder than the last.  And in true spanko style he insisted she stay in position or they would have to start all over at the beginning.  As mean as it may seem don’t let her rosy red and marked bottom fool you.  Mal made the paddle specifically for her a few years back because she wanted something heavy with a deep thud.  OH and this was the part of the night where “I dare you”, “You can never” and the “I can take anything and love it” style brattiness not only faded but stopped completely until that wicked piece of wood was set aside.  Despite her silence his words though still flowed and tormented her between each bottom searing swat with what was yet to come.
Alice's brusied bottom from being paddled on her bare butt
After number 10 landed soundly and a few moments rest to gather herself (and to feel how trashed her bottom was plus a few peeks in a mirror to admire it).  The two tops teased her and then she was asked to remove the belt from his waist while he looked tauntingly in her eyes.   After getting back into a good bent over position good dose of an old fashioned belt whipping was applied to her already sore and just paddled butt.  The steady rhythm and intensity let her begin to drift into that delicious head space she enjoys so much for the first time that evening.
a belt whoop'in on her bared butt
Thus began her “Blissed Out” time which eventually led to more several more positions and hundreds more hand spanks, a few more paddles until  the night concluded with her bent over a piece of furniture with a Top on each hip spanking in tandem and covering each cheek completely with their thick hands. Until the Boys despite her protests and bratting hoping to earn “more” called game over.
Despite her protests that she not only could take more but she wanted and needed more the impact play portion of the night was over.  That they boys were soft and stopping too soon the sadists moved on to other kinds of torment.  Sometime later that evening she energetically bounced in front of them and proudly declared “There is still quite a bit of heat…my ass is still on fire” at which point some one did their best George W. Bush impression (which is not at all impressive) and declared “Mission Accomplished”.  The night began with that someone standing close behind Alice and whispering in her ear that he was going to “take her bottom to a number of colors way past red”.    and then she had to recall his words exactly to Lord Raven before things began.
Come back next week for the conclusion and to see whether or not he kept his word in the Part 3 Called “Aftermath”.
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Sinful Sunday

Well Spanked – Part 1 The Warm Up

There is that moment when you are waiting for the spanking to start, then there is the moment your dress is lifted up exposing an already glowing red bottom.   Then those delightful moments when you are taken OTK, and then at one point you’re not sure whether or not the “warm up” is over.
naughy alice getting her bottom beat red by an otk spanking
Then there is the the moment of impact when you realize its not and what’s about to come hasn’t even really started.
The last time they played Alice told “someone” that she wasn’t really sore the next day and that her sit spot was completely fine.  In fact she told him that no one had ever left her with a sore sit spot.   Of course it was said like in a bratty challenge kind of way.  As you can see just from the warm up she got that someone wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.
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Sinful Sunday

Anna’s late arrival part 2 the next night

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.



Getting out of her car she dreaded even more what she knew was coming when she got home. The previous night’s session still had a lingering effect on her. So much so that the normally tardy lady arrived home not only on time but a few minutes early, which was a first. As she walked thought the laundry room she saw Mark sitting and waiting in the kitchen, seated calmly at the table looking over the day’s mail. That feeling was back again, that nervous pit in her stomach, the cool sweat on her skin and her heart racing. “good evening.” She offered trying to be pleasant, hoping he had forgotten but deep down knowing better. “well hello, on time I see.” Anna blushed at his response and the last bit of hope that he had forgotten faded all too quickly. She turned toward the kitchen knowing that she was about to receive instructions. She just wanted to get it over with and be done. She stood in front of him, silently, her legs weak and her hands shaking ever o slightly. He kept reading until he was done with the mail and then stacked in neatly looking up at her. “Anna are you ready for your punishment?” She fought back the urge to dispute the use of the word punishment, she had lied and he knew it. On second thought perhaps the word punishment fit. She blushed a deeper shade of red wishing he had chosen a different word, he could have said spanked or paddled and it would have been less embarrassing to her than “punishment”. Instead she simply answered yes.
Looking at her. “Good. then please move the mail to the counter.” She moved cautiously picking it up and walking to the counter. As she retuned she found him standing next to the table a chair set to the side. At last this was drawing near. She hated waiting, shifting all day long on a sore bottom knowing that it would be much sorer not long after she arrived home. She waited for him to take a seat but he kept his eyes focused on hers as she looked at the chair. “Oh you’re not getting off that easy tonight miss.” His hands began to guide hers to the table’s edge. He positioned her leaning forward with her arms straight and her legs planted firmly but spread. Her bottom felt like it was pushed out and just waiting for him. He raised her skirt, she tensed as he tucked its length into her waist band. Then Mark slowly began to lower her panties. “No. Please Mark leave them up.” She ask quietly as he observed her bottom sporting a few lingering bruises and sore spots from the night before. She stood waiting but instead he lectured her on how she shouldn’t have lied, how disappointed he was at her to not follow even the simplest request when she was not in trouble. “you didn’t even listen when you knew what was already coming.”
Finally she thought he was going to begin the lecture had lasted forever, why wouldn’t he just get it over with but he kept torturing her by making her wait. “We’ll start with the spoon.” He proclaimed. He put one on each cheek and then followed it by nine more on one side and then nine more on the other. The smacks landing near or on top of the previous ones. She tensed as hard as she could trying to take the sting out, trying to make it hurt less but her position made that mostly a wasted effort.
As Anna caught her breath she could hear him stepping back and opening a cabinet. Wondering what in the world he was looking for she learned all to soon that it was a half inch thick wooden cutting board. “this should do the job nicely.” Mark said aloud tapping it on her glowing bottom.
“Anna, you need to count them. Out loud. We’ll start with 5 and see from there”
He began the first one taking her breath away, her knees bent. “one” she said finding her way back into position. A long pause letting her feel the full effect of the swat then unannounced the 2nd landed catching he unprepared. “Two” she stated with less than dignified intent. Her resolve to just take her punishment without express was fading away, her stoic I can take this express left her face the third swat landed. This was not fun it had never been fun but the fourth caused her to scream and stand up clenching her bottom together. “fine then it will be ten” Mark said “and you forgot to say four so that one didn’t count.” Each of the next six swats was well spaced and firmly landed on her back side. It felt like the last six had taken an hour to receive. In fact it was a little over 4 minutes. Anna was left lightly sobbing and with a very sore bottom and a bruised sit spot that reminded her of her punishment for days, but at least it was over.

Anna’s Late Arrival part 1

BE ADVISED This story depicts  consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.



Anna was no stranger to being in trouble she seemed to be in trouble with some where all of the time but when she came home 3 hours late her husband was not amused. He could have cared less that she was late, he trusted her completely but the fact that she was so late with out a word caused him great concern. As he sat there wondering if something terrible had happened on her drive home, had the car broken down, was there an accident and after all she had gone into the city for dinner and the city in general had its own host of potential problems. Fifteen minutes late would have been early, thirty minutes late would have in his world knowing her as well as he did be considered on time. But after 90 minutes from when Anna said she would be home Mark decided to call her. The phone rang and went unanswered. He did what anyone concerned would do and left a message, the call went unreturned.   Anna had heard the phone ring, she had glanced down and knew that it was Mark but she simply didn’t take the few seconds it would have taken to answer. No real reason why other than she didn’t want to miss a word of the fun conversation she was having with her friends.
Time continued to fly by for Anna but Mark sat still distracted by his concerns, each moment passed slower than the last 45 minutes after his first call he tried again. She didn’t answer thinking he would just go to bed. By the time she was pulling into the driveway he was standing at the front window looking out. Just the sight of him told her already in trouble but his glare at her as she pulled into the garage had made it perfectly clear but the events to come were a surprise even to Anna.
“every thing OK?” He asked as she sheepishly entered the house.
She thought about lying but figured that it was best that she didn’t and answered “just fine but I’m really tired and ready for bed”
Looking at her not believing her cavalier attitude. “Why didn’t you call?” He asked. She bust out with “I was having too much fun. I figured you’d just go to bed”
Mark not angry but still concerned “I was worried about you, all you had to do was call.”
That was it she was not in the mood to have her fun evening ruined by his worrying she yelled “ Quit treating me like I’m 10.”
He stood silently for a moment “You’ve been acting like your 10. and that proves it.” She heard a subtle change in his voice, something in his tone now worried her. “I’m sorry.” She offered genuinely.
You think I’m treating you like you’re 10 then I might as well actually do that. Go stand in the corner.” She smiled playfully, Ana loved a trip across his lap from time to time as part of their play. “ You really shouldn’t be smiling” his tone still not playful “ You’re getting spanked but this time it’s not for fun.” She still wasn’t sure if he was just playing until “now go to the bedroom and stand in the corner and think about why you’re going to get spanked.

Ana’s stomach sunk just a little, but how bad could it be. He wasn’t really going to spank her hard she wondered to herself. She went up stairs and puttered around the room eventually finding her way to the corner as she heard Mark coming up the stairs. He had heard her footsteps as she paced the room, any mercy he was about to have left when she didn’t follow his instructions.
The door opened slowly and she was by that time tucked into the corner at the far side of the room. “did you go straight to the corner?” Mark asked.
“Yes” she said confidently.
“I know you’re lying now come over here.” As Anna turned she saw he was holding a ping pong paddle, but her heart sank completely as he reached for his belt buckle and began removing that thick and wide piece of leather from his belt loops.
Anan move slowly towards him her eyes cast downward for fear of seeing his. She stood in front of him. “Now turn around, and pull down your pants” It was really happening he was going to spank her there was no doubt about it. It was not a playful trip across his lap but she was going to be disciplined. Her hands fumbled to unbutton her pants, shaking she undid her zipper and began to lower her pants to her knees. “panties too.” He instructed.


She pleaded  “no Mark please let me keep my panties”


Not amused replying “really do you think that you deserve to keep your panties on? I sat here for three hours worrying. Not a call. You should just be glad I haven’t gotten out your sorority paddle from college” he paused and after a few seconds added “yet.”
Her panties were soon around her knees, she bent forward without instruction just hoping he would start and then it would all be over with. “are you ready he asked?”
Ana replied with a quiet “yes” resolving herself to the now inevitable.
“and tell me miss why are you in trouble?”
She paused to answer but right as she began the first stinging smack of the belt shot across her backside. She gasped.
“because I was late.” She answered
Two more smacks each harder than the last landed.
“No do you want to try again?”
She paused to think but after a few seconds another one landed.
“because I didn’t answer the phone”
three more swats sent it from stinging and uncomfortable to painful. Mark’s tone grew annoyed, was she just goading him. “No, do not move. Keep thinking.” Five more with the belt had landed before Anna called out “Because I didn’t call.” The spanking had stopped, allowing her to continue “ you are spanking me be cause I was very late and I didn’t call. I’m so sorry I made you worry.” Anna started to stand up. “You’re not done yet.” She couldn’t believe it, he was going to punish her more. “now that you know why you’re bent over in front of me, the warm up is over and the real spanking can begin.” Warm up she thought to her self no one gets a warm up with a belt but she thought better of pointing it out to him at that moment.

Anna Bent back over and Mark spanked her with the ping pong paddle from the basement. She danced and whimpered but each smack was timed and consistent, building the heat and the pain in her bottom with each blow. None were too hard the belt had bitten much more but the frequency and rhythm seemed endless. And finally when he stopped she had managed to mostly hold herself in position and take her punishment, only once did he have to readjust her bottom which was red and glowing.
“That was for being late. Is there anything else I should know about?” Mark asked.
“I didn’t go straight to the corner. I waited to hear you coming then I went to the corner.”
“ah so you disobeyed me and you lied.” Anna admitted “yes”
“So what happens when you don’t listen and you lie.” He asked
“I get spanked?” she responded, more of a question than a statement.
“Yes, would you prefer that spanking before or after work tomorrow?”
“now I’ll take my spanking for that now please.” Her eyes pleading with him to just get it over with.
“That wasn’t an option. So it will be after work. Now go back to the corner.”
The next day was a long and uncomfortable one as she sat gingerly on a sore bottom worrying about what she had coming when she got home. Amazingly she arrived home on time.

Clues Hints and Requests (Part 2)

BE ADVISED This story depicts  consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.

After a long week of work Jeff received a call on his way home Friday night.  “There’s a note waiting for you by the front door when you get home.”  Gina told him as he drove up the highway.

Jeff continued to listen as she continued. “Just do what it says and you can make my wildest fantasies come true. OK?”

She asked thinking about it, could she really follow through with her plan?  There was still time to change what it said.

“NO” She thought to herself, this is the only way.

“OK”  Jeff responded enthusiastically, not knowing exactly what was waiting for him at home but he couldn’t wait to find out.

Gina added “it’s a little bit kinky. But it’s something I want to try.”  A lie a bold faced lie, she wasn’t trying anything new, she knew she loved and craved a sore bottom, it was just that she was trying it with Jeff.   Who agreed without hesitation to enter the house and read the letter “before going anywhere.”  She made him promise and he did.

Forty minutes and a frustrating congested ride home Jeff entered the house parking in the drive rather than the garage, and went in through the front door.  Jeff was after all quite a literal fellow and promised not to go anywhere until he read the note by the front door.  Opening the soft pink paper the letter read.

“You are the school principal and there is a naughty girl waiting in your office.  Put on something academic and meet me in the office upstairs”  The house was quiet except for the fountain gurgling in the foyer as Jeff made his way to the master bed room looking in his closet chose a brown suit that was a touch too big, a long out of style blue tie and a white shirt.

Gina sat in the office on a small wooden chair beside his desk on the far side of the room nervously wondering what had taken him so long.  The room was dimly lit the books shelves and dark wood work absorbed what light there was causing the room to be filled with a soft yellow glow.  Jeff made his way back through the house up the stair case across the landing and down the hallway towards his office which sat directly above the garage.  Another piece of pink paper had been laid in the hallway three steps before the glass doors.  It read

“Gina has been sent to your office for the third time.  Previous visits have failed to make much of an impression, A few things you need to correct her behavior have been set out for you.”  She signed it with a smiley face inside of the letter G.  His mind raced with the possibilities and was just now starting to get what this was about.

Opening the door Gina all but jumped out of her chair, her heart began to race and she could feel herself starting to turn bright red with embarrassment.  His entrance had startled her, she expected to hear the garage door.  Gina thought she would have a few minutes while he changed to work up the last bit of nerve, it had taken all of her courage to get to this point.  She felt exposed, like he was seeing something so deep inside of her, a piece of who she truly was.  As Jeff spotted her sitting there before he walked through the glass door sitting there anxiously in a school girl’s uniform with her hair pulled back.  He saw her jump and glimpse at him meekly.   He stood there just watching her, as she looked toward him but not in his eyes.

“I’d be embarrassed too.”  He said, firmly but not in an overly stern tone.  Gina wanted to jump up tell him to forget the whole thing, make a joke of it. She was mortified, what could he possible be thinking.  She began to mutter and sweat.  Jeff saw his fraternity paddle sitting on the corner of the desk, and doubts about her desires since the second note had been erased.  She stood sheepishly fumbling for what to say.

He repeated himself “I’d be embarrassed too if I had been sent to this office for the third time.”  His tone fluctuating between stern and playful, Gina looked into his eyes, she knew his expression told her that he understood, she began to smile.  “There is nothing to smile about young lady and you won’t be smiling when we are done here today.”

She began to answer but he politely interrupted her “were you asked a question?”  She looked down “no”  “since you want to get right to the facts.”  He walked up toward her, her knees were weak, she felt as though she was really in trouble with him.  Jeff continued “  what did I tell you would happen if you were sent back here for anything?”  Gina looked at her feet, she could believe that he was going to make her say it, he knew what she wanted.  It couldn’t have been made any more clear.  He waited for her answer, not daring to speak himself, what if he had been guessing wrong.  Gina in a barely audible voice, with a lump in her throat finally replied.  “ You said you would spank me.”  Jeff moved in closer his voice still resonate and clear “ what was it you said, I couldn’t hear you clearly.  Really you should make sure you speak up so you don’t have to repeat yourself.”    She flushed, he way toying with her discomfort.  She began to get angry but then she heard her own voice “Sir, you said if I was sent back to you I would be spanked with the paddle.”

The room was swirling and Jeff lectured her on her behavior, she drank in every word knowing that it was past the point of no return.  Finishing his lecture he asked.  “do you have anything to say?”  “no sir.”  She replied, not sure of what to say.  He stepped in close and looked her in the eye, his voice softened breaking character for a second he ask gently “Is this what you want?”  Even now he wanted to make sure one last time that he had not in fact misread the situation.  Gina smile “yes” and kissed his cheek gently.

“Stand in front of the desk”  He instructed her

“Bend over placing your elbows on the top”  he continued.  Adjusting her legs pulling her bottom away from the desk then lifted her skirt that barely covered her when standing exposing a thin pair of cotton panties.  Picked up the paddle and tapped her bottom lightly.  She couldn’t believe what it had taken for her to finally get here.

Jeff’s voice broke the tense silence  “You are going to get 12 swats. 3 for each trip to this office and three for that skirt being too short.”  12 Gina thought to herself 12 was a lot.  But before she could protest he added “ and you’ll get 2 more each time you move out of position. Are you ready to begin?”

She answered “yes” The first fell it was not full force but she felt the rush across her backside from the impact.  The second fell in the same place a little harder, the sting was starting to build.  The third was far harder than the first two, Jeff was taking to this a little too well she thought to herself.  The fourth fifth and sixth were spaced far apart and hard swats the pain was building to a burn, she started to move.  Jeff stopped “do you really want me to add two more since you are halfway?”

“No sir” she answered.   Between each of the next six he paused to lecture herand let the full effect of the swat settle in.  On the 12th swat she barely stopped herself from jumping, it felt like it had been delivered full force although it wasn’t anything more than just a little harder than the last six.   But still it was the kind that she would remember anytime during a paddling but especially at the end with an already bright red bottom.  “Have you learned your lesson young lady?”  “Yes sir”  Gina replied.  “good then take this note with you”  Jeff wrote quickly on a piece of paper.  Gina read it after he told her she could leave the office.

“You had better take your time getting ready and heading down to dinner.  When you get spanked at school you might also be spanked at home.”  30 minutes later she came out of the bedroom with a sore bottom, and extremely aroused dressed in jeans and a t-shirt to find a bite.

As she walked by Jeff in the media room his voice rang out “ Come here we need to talk about something.”  She wondered in and he asked “Anything interesting happen today?”  “Not really” she replied. He looked at her “Funny the school called”  She froze.

“I told you if you ever got sent to the principal’s office what would happen.”   He spared her sit spot until her entire bottom was blazing more than before then finishing her trip across his lap by spanking her where she had already been paddled..  She kicked and squirmed but he held her firmly in place.  Afterwards as she was gathering her jeans and putting them back on.

Gina looked at him “this house is a mess.”  The house was immaculate Jeff was puzzled.  “Maybe next time you see her you should you should spank the maid?”  He smiled at her and laughed.  “All you had to do was ask?”  Gina blushed again.  On Sunday morning Jeff came downstairs to find the kitchen in a controlled state of disarray and Gina in a French Maid’s costume with a still slightly tender bottom sticking out from under the skirt.  She still couldn’t ask for what she wanted with her own voice but at least he was now picking up on her hints.