Well Spanked Part 2 Throughly Thrashed

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series.   The first portion The Warm Up includes not only pictures but the story behind the scene.
So all good things must come to an end and the warm up spanking is also one of them.  Though as previously mentioned is was mostly spanking and very little warm up.   LR had an assortment of paddles laid out for use ranging from the new one he had made for Mal for just such an occasion along with some older ones that have been in Alice’s collection for a few years.   Several were applied at varying rates and intensities until “Someone” decided Alice should get 10 swats with the “The Big Girl Paddle”.  Raven thought she should get 30, he was right and she will next time she will get 30 or more I assure you.
School Paddle EditedSome bastard made her count each swat and then he let it sink in for about 30 seconds before beginning to take aim for the next one which of course would be harder than the last.  And in true spanko style he insisted she stay in position or they would have to start all over at the beginning.  As mean as it may seem don’t let her rosy red and marked bottom fool you.  Mal made the paddle specifically for her a few years back because she wanted something heavy with a deep thud.  OH and this was the part of the night where “I dare you”, “You can never” and the “I can take anything and love it” style brattiness not only faded but stopped completely until that wicked piece of wood was set aside.  Despite her silence his words though still flowed and tormented her between each bottom searing swat with what was yet to come.
Alice's brusied bottom from being paddled on her bare butt
After number 10 landed soundly and a few moments rest to gather herself (and to feel how trashed her bottom was plus a few peeks in a mirror to admire it).  The two tops teased her and then she was asked to remove the belt from his waist while he looked tauntingly in her eyes.   After getting back into a good bent over position good dose of an old fashioned belt whipping was applied to her already sore and just paddled butt.  The steady rhythm and intensity let her begin to drift into that delicious head space she enjoys so much for the first time that evening.
a belt whoop'in on her bared butt
Thus began her “Blissed Out” time which eventually led to more several more positions and hundreds more hand spanks, a few more paddles until  the night concluded with her bent over a piece of furniture with a Top on each hip spanking in tandem and covering each cheek completely with their thick hands. Until the Boys despite her protests and bratting hoping to earn “more” called game over.
Despite her protests that she not only could take more but she wanted and needed more the impact play portion of the night was over.  That they boys were soft and stopping too soon the sadists moved on to other kinds of torment.  Sometime later that evening she energetically bounced in front of them and proudly declared “There is still quite a bit of heat…my ass is still on fire” at which point some one did their best George W. Bush impression (which is not at all impressive) and declared “Mission Accomplished”.  The night began with that someone standing close behind Alice and whispering in her ear that he was going to “take her bottom to a number of colors way past red”.    and then she had to recall his words exactly to Lord Raven before things began.
Come back next week for the conclusion and to see whether or not he kept his word in the Part 3 Called “Aftermath”.
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Sinful Sunday

Spanking Kink of the Week

I was going to write something funny after all the topic of Spanking certainly strikes a nerve in me.  But of course that would have been too easy. Instead I decided to answer Jade’s food for thought questions in a very straight forward manner.  Originally my responses led to another post that I’ve decided let sit for a while called “The Elephant in the Room” that deals more with the complicated dynamics that the topic of spanking has caused in my relationship recently.
Do you love it? Do you hate it? Never tried it?
Spanking is where kink started for me before I knew it was kinky.  I just wanted to try spanking a girlfriend, it just seemed like the thing to do.  Harmless slap and tickle gave way to mock spanking play with all the verbal trappings and visual cues. Eventually this led to giving “real” spankings that were far less play and a lot more intense.  So yes I love it.  If you asked the Blonde she’d tell you she absolutely hates it.
Despite those protests the part she’ll never admit which I’m not certain to this day whether it’s pure play on her part or actual denial of what gets her off is that several good solid hard swats and I’m not talking a crisp smack or two but a solid successive line of them along with penetration or clit stimulation of any kind sends her sopping wet and over the edge into orgasm harder than anything else even when she’s trying to hold back.
What do you like/hate/love about it?

School Style Spanking Paddle made by Malflic
BDSM Toy time. A heavy school style paddle that Malflic made as a gift for select friends a few years back. Not for light players!

In part it is the surrender. For years I’d playfully swat the blonde and when asked I’d simply say I was marking my territory.  Which to a point was true but there was also a lot of unspoken things about those actions as well.   As for the surrender I could say it’s not part of the pure spanking play appeal to me but that would be lying.  The fact that someone is willing to let me spank them is a big part of it.  Add to I’ve always been to use a Seinfeldism an “ass man” which I’m sure contributed to the interest.
Are you the spanker or the spankee or do you switch?
Pure Top
Do you have a favorite way to be spanked – or a least favorite?
Turning the question around do I have a favorite way to spank others.  Yes and it depends on who it is.   As a rule I don’t do a casual OTK.  I know weird for a spanking top right? I may goof around that way with someone at a party “oh you naughty girl come here” a swat or ten then on her way is one thing but if I’m actually spanking you odds are it wouldn’t be OTK unless we are in a different place relationship wise. By that I mean know each other well in a variety of ways, that there is in fact some form of relationship even if it is play only.  Beyond that I like the spankee bent over usually a table or desk but anything can work.
Favorite implement/least favorite? Are implements even allowed in your style of spanking?
While I own a variety of implements of every shape and size the school style wood paddle is the one I like to use the most. As for are they allowed it depends on who I’m playing with and where.   I’m sure the TSA could give list of who likes what based on my checked luggage over the past umpteen years.
Is it a sexy/sensual/sexual activity for you? A playful one? Or is it punishment? (Or all of the above?)
Usually its playful and or sensual depending on who I’m playing with.  That doesn’t mean they don’t get a bright red ass or marked because, well, sometimes (ok most of the time) they do.  I have done punishment spankings but really don’t care for them beyond a role play scenario.  As for why I don’t like them I think they lack the same energy.  It’s one thing to play with a naughty girl and it’s case of oh you’re gonna get it good.  There’s a tension, a dynamic , maybe even a willingness or excitement.  When it’s an actual punishment I don’t like the top I become.  It lacks that playfulness I become cold and efficient.  I can be scary as hell when playing if that’s the part but I’m not really cold. I guess its a detachment and knowing the other person really isn’t getting off on it in anyway that makes actual punishment not work for me.
Do you have a favorite scene or fantasy you’d like to share? Or perhaps some photos?
Actually I’d like to top in a spanking video.   It doesn’t have to be a major site or company it could even just be a well shot scene with friends that we put up on one site or another.
As a byline I’m working on figuring out a streaming video broadcast of a scene with Alice in the future.  Little miss iron bottom’s color fades quickly so we thought it would be fun to do a “Keeping Her Red” video.  This one would be high on the action and low on the other accompaniments but one way or other I’m going to make it hard for her to sit for a while. Her sit spot is nearly impossible to thoroughly torch but I’m up for the challenge.
A few other random things…
I’ve considered going to spanking cons but have never done it and can’t tell you why other than I didn’t really make the time.  It’s not money, it’s not the travel, it’s not that I’m shy. I just simply haven’t.   I miss having regular local spanking only play partners.  When I play regularly I’m a happier person, frankly I may be a better person and I put less pressure on the Blonde to play which makes her happier.  It was one of the hardest changes for me when I moved here and remains something I’ve never replaced.  It was close a few times but there always seemed to be more strings attached or the wrong strings attached.   I started doing rope as a substitute for spanking play, I enjoy it but there is an entirely different dynamic. It is a lousy substitute it’s like having cheese cake when you’re hungry for ice cream. Yes they are both an indulgent dessert but having one does not negate the need for the other.
Dealing with change in my play…
In the past year or so I’ve seen something happen in my play I never expected. If you ask me I don’t do age play.  I’m not a “daddy” type (The 1st notable exception). Nothing wrong with it, its just not my kink.  At age 43 my hair is now far more salt (OK white I know just say it) than pepper.  This has created an occasional dynamic I never expected, girls who like daddy types.  I’ve had offers from women in their mid 20’s that I would never have expected to scene with becuase I fit a type for them
Kink of the Week

They Said – The Test Bottom & the Mad Scientist

Sexually Speaking He Said She Said Graphic by Malflic.comNote: This is an edited transcript of the Malflic and the Pixie discussing a recent spanking play session.  You can read the Pixie’s perspective in Being a Test Bottom” and Malflic’s Perspective in the “Paddle Test”
In case you missed the earlier posts here’s a bit of background not only on this session but on the pair.  The Pixie is a mid 20’s occasional play partner of Mal’s.  He has age play hang ups but she seems to be the only woman in the world who is not his off spring that can get away with calling him Daddy.   Something she exploits every chance she gets.  While they are friends and do occasionally go out together the activities are more or less vanilla or as vanillas two perverts can be.  The pair do not have a sexual relationship.  Malflic recent received two new paddles from Lord Raven and she was the lady he got to try them out on.  
As always M is for Malflic and in this case P is for his Pixie
M:  So how’s your ass?
P: it’s sore how do you think it is.
M:  Are you bruised ?
P: Not really or at least not yet but I could still feel it without needing to try to most of last night.  Nothing terrible but it was a reminder of what happened.
M:  If I got what you said afterwards and again earlier today you liked the foam sided paddle the best.
P: I did because it was so different.  It’s not something I’d pick if we were doing a hard scene or of I really wanted you to torch me.  It was a nice change, kind of playful and sensual.
M: Hmmm I remember someone biting her lip and fighting to take her licks at one point so I didn’t do a thorough job?
P: that was the only time if felt normal.  What we did wasn’t a scene.  (she pauses and recalls a few other times they’d played using Mal as a strict Daddy type)  I missed that, it’s the part I get off on.  This was fun but random.   I like the role play and the dynamic of it. I felt like I could have ended it at anytime but just calling a time out.   Not because I needed to safe word but because it felt more like a rehearsal.   You didn’t help at all and I  just couldn’t get into that head space.  You kept asking me for feedback and input like I was test driving a Honda.
M: ok so it wasn’t as fun for you as it was for me.  Sorry about that.
P: That’s not what I meant. I had fun but like the old way better.  You changed everything.   Position, room, all of it so it’s not fair to compare.  Leaving the drapes open so I could see outside, or be seen if someone wondered past worried me at first but the more I thought about it got me kind of hot. If you’d have been in a stern role play telling me I was so naughty that anyone who walked by should see what I get for misbehaving.   (the Pixie utters a series of  guttural and barely audible sounds of what we assume was delight).  Actually that sounds like a lot of fun.
M:  Maybe I should set up our next play time with an audience. Did I really leave the drapes open?
The Pixie adds a few suggestions to go with that idea that center around a school room setting or something with a large “family” dynamic to it, then she wondered off topic for several minutes discussing an upcoming adventure of hers, and the finally takes a breath.
M: I liked having you kneeling on all fours. Plus you looked sexy as hell and I think I had a better feel for your tolerance.
P: You just liked the all access kitty shot.
M: of course I did.  So what about the paddles? We’ll call them Delicious and Evil.
P:  Delicious you know I liked because I asked for it at the end.   I could really feel the impact but it had no sting at all. You could find a way to be cruel with it but it would take quite a while to wear someone out with the padded side.
M: Maybe we should try that at some point.  A nice long leisurely butt whooping.
P: Maybe as long as you don’t switch to the wood side without telling me.
Malflic laughs
P: You sick fuck! (Spoken with playful contempt and disdain)
M: Watch your mouth young lady! (he snaps into top mode for a few seconds before emitting an evil laugh that would scare most people) Tell me about the evil one?
P: You weren’t playing then, I could tell what your intention was there.  No questions or curiosity just right down to business.  I’d get five quick swats and then a little rest except one time you gave me six before pausing and I wasn’t ready for it.
M: I think that one is literally made from a template of one that was given to Raven by a retired school teacher.  So it’s based on the genuine article that was used on naughty school girls.
P: Suddenly I like it A LOT more.  Really?  Are you kidding? Quit fucking with me.
M: Nope unless I’m mistaken the dimensions were literally taken from a board that had been used for decades in an “official capacity” in the great state of Georgia.   I’ve seen pictures of the original but haven’t been down to visit since he got it.
Shortly after this the pair descend into a series of random topics that include sun tan lotion, night clubs, random drunken hook ups, work issues, and other assorted insanity.  We quit listening after 10 minutes and this concludes  the “They Said” portion for the Test Bottom and the Mad Scientist.
Postlude by Mal: I Micheal Malflic suck at dates and learned two days after the fact that it was someone’s birthday.  With that said I still owe her a proper and very sound birthday spanking in the near future.  This time I’ll do a bit more homework, take a few of her previous suggestions into account and do my best to both surprise her and trip her triggers with a planned scene.  Also if you are having a birthday and would like me to remember please remind me  (or have the Chesty Blonde remind me) because as I said I suck at remembering dates if you are not one of the people who live in my house.  Also while I had fun and think the Pixie did too our conversation really is reflective of the need for communication even between friends and existing play partners.   I thought I had been clear on my intention, that literally yes I wanted to play but I had two new toys to try out. She thought that I was just being coy and expected a familiar scene and or a birthday themed spanking.
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Wicked Wednesday

She Said Being a Test Bottom

Sexually Speaking He Said She Said - The Female PerspectiveDisclaimer:  the Pixie’s part was recorded as a conversation with Mal immediately prior to the They Said Segment which is a deviation for how this column is typically done.  Mal claimed it was because of time constraints but we think he just wanted to torment her a little more and thought she might never get around to typing things out. Which is probably accurate. The He Said piece is called “The Paddle Test” will be linked from here when it’s available.  The They Said Potion “The Test Bottom and the Mad Scientist” will conclude this topic

Malflic’s Pixie Said…
So I guess this in my “punishment” because I wouldn’t let someone take any pictures of my ass when he was done spanking it. So I was “convinced” to talk about the experience instead.   I’m Malflic’s Pixie and I’m the only one who gets away with calling him Daddy.   The Daddy thing started it as a joke and when I saw it freaked him out so I kept doing it everywhere.    Recently I was sassing him and he told me I needed a good spanking.  Which if you know me is pretty much always the case and not something I’d pass on all that often.   So I played along and asked “Daddy” if he was really going to do it.   I already knew the answer and had played this game with him a few times before and that is when I was told not only was he going treat me like a bad girl but he had a few new things to try out on me which is what led to yesterday.
I found out that had had two new paddles he “needed to try out”  that were gifts that had been given to him.  So I showed up, bratted him a little just to set the mood, and then waited for him to tell me to go to the dining room so things could begin.  Of course he sent me to his office instead which was new and said he’s join me in a few minutes.   I’d been in his office before but just for a visit this time there was an large ottoman with pillows on top of it right in the center and two black paddles laid out.
Typically we set a scene, I get paddled more or less in character and then we go back to normal.  This time though I was treated more or less as a science experiment.   New toys, new position, and no role play but that didn’t mean there was any less spanking involved.   The round paddle had a deep thud on the foam side  I could feel each swat deep in my bottom.  I liked it a lot and the sound was wonderful.  The wooden side of it was thuddy and heavy but still different; it had a bit of sting but nothing major.   Then there was the Evil One – It fucking hurt and of course someone didn’t show me much mercy.   I didn’t get to get into a play head space because he kept soliciting feedback and was in mad scientist mode and not at all into playing Daddy.  Guess I was just the lucky girl who got picked to  be his lab rat.

She Wants to Submit

Written as a script this fun little role play features a true brat as the female lead and me playing her foil in the audio portion (available above on the pickle player).   Have a fun night and sse you in the moring with the next episode.

M = the male part
V= equals the female part (Victoria more accurately)

V– My mind is racing and before he’s even said a word I know just by my posture standing there boldly, not giving and inch, looking him squarely in they eye that I am tempting fate.

Tempting him, daring him to try to take me to that place that he wants so desperately to take me to and that maybe, some where that I’m not entirely willing to admit I might really like to go.

My heels level the stature playing field…slightly! My outfit is tempting enough to turn any man to putty, make them dance to my whims and not theirs, to give me absolutely anything I ever wanted…and so much more.

M– So I walked into the room and there she is waiting, One look tells me Oh so here we go again, she is in one of those moods, thinking I’ll back down thinking she holds all the cards, thinking that she’ll wear me down and be the one who really is in control. Not to night not unless she yells out the only thing that will make me stop, A safe word. Other wise all the begging and pleading and struggling in the world won’t help her until I decide it’s finished. Who cares if she’s had enough limits were meant to be tested, boundaries just like strong willed little sluts were meant to be broken.

V– “Ahh about time you got here I was afraid you wouldn’t show. That the possibility that it was entirely too much for your stiff stoic little mind to handle. I’m not you’re average girl you know.”

My words are bold and not until after the last one escaped my lips did I notice there was something different about him tonight. He seemed more like a statue cut from the most magnificent granite…hard and cold. But I still continued on as he crossed the long open room toward me. His foot steps are slow and hauntingly heavy, echoing loudly. His standard casual attire was missing, replaced with leather pants, a black T shirt and big black ominous boots. Still I taunted him.

“I’m not sure what you has in mind but playing war really isn’t doing much for me so an you lose the fifth infantry battalion shoes. I had other thing in mind.”

M– “That’s ok what I’m going to do to you tonight is a direct violation of the Geneva Convention.”

V– My mouthed opened before I thought. “Oh so you planned on playing war. Because on second thought I realized that you might be doing a gay biker impersonation of Johnny Cash.” Realizing his words were cold and his steps toward me slowed as I glared at him, daring him to try to come closer. I had backed him down so easily men really can be such simple little play things. And right when I was about to speak. To make sure he knew that no matter how the scene played out I was the one calling each and every shot.

He stopped. I stepped forward. He didn’t move. I moved closer again just one step. Maybe he really was just a beautiful statue since he was completely still and silent. So I batted my eyes and worked my way towards him again ever so slowly. Now we stood not more than 10 feet apart. I mocked him noticing the small black bag he was carrying “NICE PURSE! It even matches your outfit I’m so proud of you”.

Not a word, perhaps I wondered if I hurt his feelings men can be so soft and sensitive theses days. As I approached closing the last of the distance he smiled the most wicked little grin.

Finally his voice broke the silence

M – “That’s a good start. A very good start.”

V -What is? You standing still and silent. True some times I do like the strong silent type but not the still and silent type. It might be an indication of a lack of other skills, if you know what I mean.

M– “No the good start was that you already learned to come.”

V- and just then I realized that he had been in control all along, that I had played right into what he wanted but the game was far from over. “I plan on coming a lot”

M – “I bet you do. Hand!”

V– So I started to Clap (insert clapping) and then he snatched my hand right at the wrist. I pulled and put the other one behind my back quickly in an act of futile defiance. I’ll give him one thing he is a very strong man because as I pulled and all but hung my body weight from the limb he has seized and he didn’t so much as flinch holding me there like I was nothing more that a feather.

M– Now we are going to do this my way, every single second of it my way, and it will be a night you you’ll never forget.

V – “Unlikely” I bratted back at him. But as his grip tightened like a vice I could feel his warm flesh was indeed not stone now however his eyes were wicked in a way I had never seen before and he wore a sneer bordering on a grin. “I dare you to even try”. Bratting him once again

He let go of my wrist and it joined my other hand behind my back with such force that I stumbled backward, lost my balance, and crumbled in to a sexy heap on the floor.


V– Really had he become monosyllabic, “Hand! Strip!” Not much in the way of conversation to seduce a girl but hey I’ll play along in the name of a good time. So I found my way to my feet. Took another step or two back to make sure he had a really good view and started to move ever so slowly. Running my hand over my curves, a touch here, a little pat there, a shimmy a shake and a wiggle before reaching for the first buttons and then the second I drug our my little number for a good ten minutes before I got down to noting more than heels and panties.

M “So you only get one choice tonight. Which would you like first what’s in my bag or pocket first”

V “well a girl like me has to keep her options open. Is what’s in the bag bigger than what’s in your pocket?”

M “Of course it is. But you’re going to get both so pick”

V– Well I certainly hope so. So would I rather go from big to small or small to big?”

M– as I said your choice. Pick.

V– “let’s go with big first” and as I started toward him he tossed the bag at my feet. Completely unnecessary but I made the most of it, walked past the bag. Turned my back side towards him and bent over slowly and playfully making sure he was watching. The boy’s blood had to be boiling just watching me but to his credit he wasn’t letting it show. We’ll see how strong his will is when I get a little closer. And the second I looked toward the bag. CRACK right across my ass, and some where between the unexpected smack and the gasp I let out he swatted me again. So I snatched the bag stood up and was about to set things straight.

M– Put them on NOW!

V– What the fuck was that!

M – not even the start now open the bag and put them on or I will.

V– Opening the bag I saw four thick red leather cuffs with glistening d rings that could keep an aircraft carrier docked. These weren’t sex shop novelty items they were the real thing. Pushing him a little bit more “I won’t and you can’t make me” And with that he swallowed me in his arms and wrestled me to the ground before I knew what was going on I was face down with a hand behind my back and one cuff almost on.

I struggled and he spanked me again to get my attention. For one reason or another I kept struggling and when I reached back with my other arm to cover my now stinging and searing hot ass he grabbed that hand and put the cuff on.

.. –>[if !supportLists]–>V- .. –>[endif]–>Bastard


V- Well I’m not sure if you’ve ever been tackled, pinned to the ground naked, smacked and cuffed. It can be quite the experience but I wasn’t going to give in that easy he was going to have to work for my respect. So always being the consummate brat I protested and told him “I dared you to make me put on the ankle cuffs”.

M – Fine have it your way.

V – The next sound was of a karabiner working its wicked little magic and then he picked me up like a rag doll. I just love it when that happens and set me back up on my feet. About the time that same time he managed to take a hold of my arms and lock the two cuffs together in front of me.

Guess I still haven’t learned since I decided to tell him “that was stupid now I couldn’t put the other cuffs on if I wanted to”

M – “Oh you can and you will. You just need a little proper motivation”

V – about that time he reached for the bag and unzipped a few sections I had over looked. He began pulling out an assortment of wicked little things that left nothing to the imagination. It was quite certain what they were for and more importantly that he intended to use each and every one of them on me.

So I decided to rethink my approach and took a seat, trying not to come crashing down. He just stood there and watched as I fumbled with my bound hands to collect the cuffs, contort my body and put them around my ankles.

He towered in the distance watching with wicked delight as I struggled. Looking at me and the picking up some biting little implement or another seemingly at about the exact second I was going to give up or say something.

Finally with both of them in place I rolled from my bottom to my knees and before I could reach forward to balance my self to stand he stepped right in front of me.

.. –>[if !supportLists]–>M- .. –>[endif]–>See a little motivation always helps, but don’t think you’re getting off that easy. Besides I like the position you’re in. Kneeling at my feet seems to suit you.

V- “Don’t get used to it won’t last for long.”

M– That’s right it won’t I have other uses for you. It seems we have forgotten something oh yes the thing in my pocket,

V- So with that he pulled out a long black silk scarf. I felt its soft coolness as he covered my eyes. In the darkness I could feel my skin tingling, the stimulation fading ever so slightly from our earlier encounter, the hard leather of the cuffs against wrists and the weight of it against my ankles. He helped me to my feet and led me across the room, down what I imagined to be the hall and into who knows where. He clasped my legs wide to something very solid.

Leaned me forward slightly and uncuffed my hands placing each of my fingers around a cold metal bar. As I griped it tightly the sound of chains ensuring my hands stayed in place echoed through my mind.

I waited and heard foot steps come and go. No doubt how he had left me he was collecting all those cruel devices I say him handling so eagerly in the other room.

M- Is there anything you’d like to say before we really begin

Victoria– Considering my options and for once choosing my words very carefully I stood silently.

M- Well?

Victoria-You’re going to have to make me” and before I could finish the sentence he tore the last stitch of clothing off my body in one violent unapologetic pull. I screamed out “I’m yours, do what ever you want to me, I want and need you to. I want to submit”

Finally we were getting somewhere good and things hadn’t even really started yet.

Through the Walls

It’s been a while since I’ve penned a pure spanko story so here it goes.  I got the idea while out on a run yesterday through a new neighborhood a few down from mine. Tradesman talked and hammered inside a newly constructed home I was passing.  The homes were so close, perhaps 12 feet apart it made me wonder what else could be heard through the walls. Is it still called voyeurism if you can only hear it and not see it or is it simply eavesdropping?   




It was an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon and John decided to spend a little time outside, just puttering mostly with this and with that but nothing in particular.  After all there weren’t many warm sunny days in the middle of winter and even though the holiday decorations had been long since put away still the tepid breeze gave the illusion that spring time might be just around the corner if not already upon him.

Winter was an odd time and the normally bustling neighborhood became dormant, no one out chatting on the side walk.  No kids in the streets, BBQ’s, over the fence conversations, or hours spent in the sun tending to lawns and gardens in a endless battle against nature and man to have the best coiffed patch of suburbia.

Every one pretty much knew everyone else but winter was reduced to waving from cars and even the dogs ran back in when let out as quickly as possible to avoid the cold.  There was one exception, John’s new neighbors who moved in late last fall just as the weather turned.  Sure he had done the neighborly thing and introduced himself but shortly after that the first cold snap started.  Standing at the back corned of the house puttering with the down spout he heard a faint crack come from his new neighbors’ house.

Thinking nothing of it he continued to while away his time.  Dressed in her little school girl out fit complete with scuffed shoes and a wrinkled un-tucked blouse and an indecently short plaid skirt that didn’t even completely cover her panties Lisa made her way to the living room and the closed shades tightly.  Passing past the table that loomed ominously in the center of the dining room she peeked out into the yard and saw John by the back corner of the house.  Fortunately he didn’t see her as she drew the thick drapes and sheers so tightly that the light of day had vanished leaving the room in an odd dark state for a moment.

John still unaware in his quiet suburban Hamlet tending to the things he perhaps loved but certainly occupied his time with.  Other things were a foot and had yet to start in earnest when he heard Dave’s voice stern and slightly elevated through the wall “You had better get your nose in that corner young lady”  the chandelier now ablaze  compensating more than adequately for the eclipsed sun.

John knew what he thought he heard.  When the thought dawned on him that he knew for a fact that Dave and Lisa didn’t have any children. Perhaps his old ears were not what they once were.  Still he lingered near the back corner his house, not really knowing why, then again he was out side puttering just to putter so why not stay where he was and fix the edging, think about the upcoming planting.

Lisa at that very moment was just inside her home’s walls was pressing her nose and perky little chest into the corner that 5 feet or so on the other side of the same corner her unsuspecting neighbor studied his landscaping. Dave was opening the Armoire and the squeak of the hinges made Lisa’s heart jump as she began to worry about exactly what her was moving from it. She could hear him placing an assortment of things on the buffet.

“Stick that little ass out”  Dave instructed walking towards her.  Crack, his hand landed on one cheek and then the other.  Then a few more, John’s ears perked up.  And Dave’s voice rang through clear as a bell.  “I’m going to beat that little ass of yours bright red.  Do you understand?”

Lisa answered even more clearly, “Yes sir”.  He smacked each of her cheeks soundly with his hand a few more times just to let a little sting start to build.  John was certain of what he was hearing. He inched away from his garden and toward their walls, he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Now say it”  Dave asked.

Lisa, still with her nose and tits pressed in the cornered and her cheeks the slightest shade of pink under her panties pleaded playfully.  “Don’t make me ask.”

Dave’s eyes narrowed “I asked you to say it. Don’t make me ask again” Pausing, picking up a leather paddle and cracking it just hard enough on his own leg to get her attention.

Lisa still playing “Can’t you just do it.  I don’t want to say it.”

Dave grabbed her by the waist pulling her bottom out ward immediately after she finished and landed the long leather paddle across her in quick succession five times.

“So you want to be defiant today young lady!” He added as he paused.

John listening intently still couldn’t believe his ears, he forgot that it was a warm winter day with the sun on his face.  He forgot that he was holding a flat spade to fix his edging and in drinking the sounds of his new neighbors forgot that a few seconds earlier he was worried about one of their welfare when he heard Lisa giggle.

“of course, That’s half the fun.” She added in a tone that he at first wasn’t certain of. And then after hearing five more cracks of the paddle.

“Well?” Dave asked

Lisa off balance, still more or less tucked into the corner, hands out against the wall with her stinging butt pulled out toward the room giggled.  Dave waited and then swatted her again, she laughed and then once more the paddle cried out “CRACK” as it landed over the shirt tails, skirt and panties.

“Fine” she put on her playful pouty little voice “I’ll say it, you know that I hate when you make me say it”.  John focusing waiting with great anticipation to hear what she said as Lisa looked back at Dave and with a grin “I’m ready for you to spank me!”

Dave replied “why?”

No sooner than the words sank into John’s head, making certain that he was hearing what her thought he was hearing wondering what he should do, notify the authorities, ring the door bell to see if she’s alright but just then she added quite loudly, dropping the pout “Because I love it, I want you to bend me over, pull down my panties, and spank my naughty bare ass bright red.”  Her arousal growing as the words escaped her lips.

“Oh so you want to be spanked?”  Dave inquired?

“Yes, do you know how I want it?” she toyed back now pressed into the corner.  John drifting ever closed to his neighbor’s walls to make certain he didn’t miss a word.  Had he moved that way much more his ear might have been pressed against their wall barely inches from her nose.

“Bend over the table” Dave said leading her to the table and positioning her bottom in plain view her crest pressed into the surface arms reaching out to grab the edges.  John imagined the scene in his own way, slightly different but with the same end result.

Dave lifted her skirt, and patted her playfully.

“Not over them”  She said “Pull them down and spank my bare bottom” Wiggling her slightly pink cheeks at him and he lowered them and applied a wooden spoon covering every inch of her bottom.  John listened to each and every rapid fire sound and delighted murmur still imagining what was going on and not knowing exactly was killing him.

“How’s that young lady?” Dave asked.

“A nice warm up,  I’m sure I’m getting red.” She said loudly so Dave just played along answering in a tone that was crescendo as well. “So have you learned your lesson?”

“Not hardly spank me more, and harder, make it sting and throb” Lisa had never been shy with words but this was more talk than either was use to.  Was she topping from the bottom Dave wondered picking up the infamous CB paddle.

The first swat got her attention, and each subsequent one landed in a well spaced and firm handed approach that left her dancing in place and very much feeling the sting she had been longing for.

The pleas to stop began at first playfully “No more, I’ll be good” and “I’ve been spanked enough” but he figured she’d asked for it and not wanting to be one to disappoint was going to make absolutely certain that she had her fill.  Each smack felt like a swarm of bees, each pause the possible end both a longed for and hated part of play simultaneously.

Finally pausing to rest more from his own fatigue admiring her crimson and glowing cheeks.  “How red is it?”  she asked.  Acknowledging the shade her bottom had become with a pause and Lisa took the opportunity to jump in.  “Well I guess you’ll have to wait until this time next Saturday to give me the belt.” She offered he tone still elevated.

Dave just played along wondering if a few hard strokes of the belt right now might be a good idea but the thought faded quickly “but right now you can take me upstairs and finish off my bottom while you fuck me”  She stood up a daring move but Dave let it go since he was about to get his reward for playing with her.

Later as they left the house John was in the front yard still working. Lisa couldn’t resist the temptation of going over to simply say hi.  He wondered how her punished bottom looked under the jeans.  Dave joined her shortly there after and after a few niceties,  swatted her butt playfully and insisted they go.

John blushed, and Lisa flashed a devilish little smile offering “yeah we do pretty much the same thing every Saturday but I can’t wait until summer, when it’s really hot.”

John stood there with his tool covering his growing tool and as Lisa and Dave drove up the street she finally informed him about the neighbor listening in.

He got it now and understood the entire scene so much better  “Well you’ve always loved that.  Next time whether he’s there or not we’ll really give him something to listen to you little brat.”

“Oh he’ll be there” she offered already looking forward to the following week, this time she wouldn’t be the one calling the shots, it would be his turn and the play was always so much better that way.

Clues Hints and Requests (Part 2)

BE ADVISED This story depicts  consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.

After a long week of work Jeff received a call on his way home Friday night.  “There’s a note waiting for you by the front door when you get home.”  Gina told him as he drove up the highway.

Jeff continued to listen as she continued. “Just do what it says and you can make my wildest fantasies come true. OK?”

She asked thinking about it, could she really follow through with her plan?  There was still time to change what it said.

“NO” She thought to herself, this is the only way.

“OK”  Jeff responded enthusiastically, not knowing exactly what was waiting for him at home but he couldn’t wait to find out.

Gina added “it’s a little bit kinky. But it’s something I want to try.”  A lie a bold faced lie, she wasn’t trying anything new, she knew she loved and craved a sore bottom, it was just that she was trying it with Jeff.   Who agreed without hesitation to enter the house and read the letter “before going anywhere.”  She made him promise and he did.

Forty minutes and a frustrating congested ride home Jeff entered the house parking in the drive rather than the garage, and went in through the front door.  Jeff was after all quite a literal fellow and promised not to go anywhere until he read the note by the front door.  Opening the soft pink paper the letter read.

“You are the school principal and there is a naughty girl waiting in your office.  Put on something academic and meet me in the office upstairs”  The house was quiet except for the fountain gurgling in the foyer as Jeff made his way to the master bed room looking in his closet chose a brown suit that was a touch too big, a long out of style blue tie and a white shirt.

Gina sat in the office on a small wooden chair beside his desk on the far side of the room nervously wondering what had taken him so long.  The room was dimly lit the books shelves and dark wood work absorbed what light there was causing the room to be filled with a soft yellow glow.  Jeff made his way back through the house up the stair case across the landing and down the hallway towards his office which sat directly above the garage.  Another piece of pink paper had been laid in the hallway three steps before the glass doors.  It read

“Gina has been sent to your office for the third time.  Previous visits have failed to make much of an impression, A few things you need to correct her behavior have been set out for you.”  She signed it with a smiley face inside of the letter G.  His mind raced with the possibilities and was just now starting to get what this was about.

Opening the door Gina all but jumped out of her chair, her heart began to race and she could feel herself starting to turn bright red with embarrassment.  His entrance had startled her, she expected to hear the garage door.  Gina thought she would have a few minutes while he changed to work up the last bit of nerve, it had taken all of her courage to get to this point.  She felt exposed, like he was seeing something so deep inside of her, a piece of who she truly was.  As Jeff spotted her sitting there before he walked through the glass door sitting there anxiously in a school girl’s uniform with her hair pulled back.  He saw her jump and glimpse at him meekly.   He stood there just watching her, as she looked toward him but not in his eyes.

“I’d be embarrassed too.”  He said, firmly but not in an overly stern tone.  Gina wanted to jump up tell him to forget the whole thing, make a joke of it. She was mortified, what could he possible be thinking.  She began to mutter and sweat.  Jeff saw his fraternity paddle sitting on the corner of the desk, and doubts about her desires since the second note had been erased.  She stood sheepishly fumbling for what to say.

He repeated himself “I’d be embarrassed too if I had been sent to this office for the third time.”  His tone fluctuating between stern and playful, Gina looked into his eyes, she knew his expression told her that he understood, she began to smile.  “There is nothing to smile about young lady and you won’t be smiling when we are done here today.”

She began to answer but he politely interrupted her “were you asked a question?”  She looked down “no”  “since you want to get right to the facts.”  He walked up toward her, her knees were weak, she felt as though she was really in trouble with him.  Jeff continued “  what did I tell you would happen if you were sent back here for anything?”  Gina looked at her feet, she could believe that he was going to make her say it, he knew what she wanted.  It couldn’t have been made any more clear.  He waited for her answer, not daring to speak himself, what if he had been guessing wrong.  Gina in a barely audible voice, with a lump in her throat finally replied.  “ You said you would spank me.”  Jeff moved in closer his voice still resonate and clear “ what was it you said, I couldn’t hear you clearly.  Really you should make sure you speak up so you don’t have to repeat yourself.”    She flushed, he way toying with her discomfort.  She began to get angry but then she heard her own voice “Sir, you said if I was sent back to you I would be spanked with the paddle.”

The room was swirling and Jeff lectured her on her behavior, she drank in every word knowing that it was past the point of no return.  Finishing his lecture he asked.  “do you have anything to say?”  “no sir.”  She replied, not sure of what to say.  He stepped in close and looked her in the eye, his voice softened breaking character for a second he ask gently “Is this what you want?”  Even now he wanted to make sure one last time that he had not in fact misread the situation.  Gina smile “yes” and kissed his cheek gently.

“Stand in front of the desk”  He instructed her

“Bend over placing your elbows on the top”  he continued.  Adjusting her legs pulling her bottom away from the desk then lifted her skirt that barely covered her when standing exposing a thin pair of cotton panties.  Picked up the paddle and tapped her bottom lightly.  She couldn’t believe what it had taken for her to finally get here.

Jeff’s voice broke the tense silence  “You are going to get 12 swats. 3 for each trip to this office and three for that skirt being too short.”  12 Gina thought to herself 12 was a lot.  But before she could protest he added “ and you’ll get 2 more each time you move out of position. Are you ready to begin?”

She answered “yes” The first fell it was not full force but she felt the rush across her backside from the impact.  The second fell in the same place a little harder, the sting was starting to build.  The third was far harder than the first two, Jeff was taking to this a little too well she thought to herself.  The fourth fifth and sixth were spaced far apart and hard swats the pain was building to a burn, she started to move.  Jeff stopped “do you really want me to add two more since you are halfway?”

“No sir” she answered.   Between each of the next six he paused to lecture herand let the full effect of the swat settle in.  On the 12th swat she barely stopped herself from jumping, it felt like it had been delivered full force although it wasn’t anything more than just a little harder than the last six.   But still it was the kind that she would remember anytime during a paddling but especially at the end with an already bright red bottom.  “Have you learned your lesson young lady?”  “Yes sir”  Gina replied.  “good then take this note with you”  Jeff wrote quickly on a piece of paper.  Gina read it after he told her she could leave the office.

“You had better take your time getting ready and heading down to dinner.  When you get spanked at school you might also be spanked at home.”  30 minutes later she came out of the bedroom with a sore bottom, and extremely aroused dressed in jeans and a t-shirt to find a bite.

As she walked by Jeff in the media room his voice rang out “ Come here we need to talk about something.”  She wondered in and he asked “Anything interesting happen today?”  “Not really” she replied. He looked at her “Funny the school called”  She froze.

“I told you if you ever got sent to the principal’s office what would happen.”   He spared her sit spot until her entire bottom was blazing more than before then finishing her trip across his lap by spanking her where she had already been paddled..  She kicked and squirmed but he held her firmly in place.  Afterwards as she was gathering her jeans and putting them back on.

Gina looked at him “this house is a mess.”  The house was immaculate Jeff was puzzled.  “Maybe next time you see her you should you should spank the maid?”  He smiled at her and laughed.  “All you had to do was ask?”  Gina blushed again.  On Sunday morning Jeff came downstairs to find the kitchen in a controlled state of disarray and Gina in a French Maid’s costume with a still slightly tender bottom sticking out from under the skirt.  She still couldn’t ask for what she wanted with her own voice but at least he was now picking up on her hints.

Clues Hints and Requests (Part 1)

BE ADVISED This story depicts  consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.



Gina had known Jeff for quite a while even before they began dating.  He was everything she had ever hoped for in the person she loved…well almost everything.   He was successful and athletic.  He might have been the only man who actually listened when she talked and made it a point of following the conversation.  Gina knew that she talked; a lot.  Breathing at times seemed optional for her.  Even though they had been together for a few years she would still melted just looking at how handsome he was.

Gina was the kind of girl that most men dreamed of also.  Her lean and long frame was accentuated with sensuous curves and a sexually playful curious nature.  Gina knew she wanted something from him that she just couldn’t muster up the courage to ask for so began her quest into tempting him into fulfilling her well know but yet unspeakable desire.

At first she tried a sexy strip tease, gyrating in a room bathed in candle light. There was not doubt by Jeff’s reaction that he was enjoying her performance, standing there in just heels and a thong, barely and arms length in front of him, her hips moving slowly with the music. Gina asked after smacking her own bottom gently if he would like to help.  Jeff helped her alright and while she admitted that his attention on her pleasure was delicious except that he didn’t figure out the one thing she was hoping for.  Not one smack or a pat hard enough to make a sound, just gentle caresses from his firm hands.  She felt more frustrated than before she began, Jeff remained clueless as to her real desires.

A few weeks passed and Gina had come to the conclusion that perhaps it was her fault that he misunderstood her desires.  After all most guys don’t go to a strip club hoping to smack a dancers butt, they went to ogle them, perhaps a lap dance.  Convinced she had sent the wrong message it was time for a different approach.  Perhaps cooking together might give him a chance to tempt him into the spanking she wanted.

It was going to be an all day affair, making sauce should be done the old fashion way leaving ample time for other things.  So as Jeff assembled the pasta machine Gina bent over to get towels out of a bottom drawer looked up through her long hair and suggested that “why don’t you get the wooden spoon that by me and find something to do with it?”  Jeff walked over and she wiggled her still turned upward bottom at him.  Smiling he picked up the spoon, first holding it in his left hand and then his right.  Stepping back from her slightly, she tensed with excitement thinking he was finally picking up on the clues and was about to give her a good swat with the spoon.  As she readied herself floating in what she was sure was coming but before she knew it glancing back Jeff was stirring a pot of red bubbling tomato sauce.  He proclaimed proudly to her “I think we caught it before it started to burn.”

The only thing burning was Gina in frustration at having two wooden spoons cover with tomato sauce and her bottom without the slightest hint of red.  The pair spent and entire afternoon cooking together. In truth it was great fun, talking and listening all the while Gina did her best to tempt him into what she desired.  Despite all the bending and potential things to be spanked with the day ended with her sitting comfortably during a nice long dinner.  Sipping her wine she was already calculating how to tempt Jeff next.

A few nights later showed she showed up in the media room while he was watching TV.  She was dressed in a tight baby doll T, boys shorts with the lower part of her bottom fully exposed and a hair brush.  “Can I see that” he asked as Gina approached him.  She wanted to hand it to him and just lay herself across his lap.  “Would that be too obvious?”  She thought to herself.  He brushed her hair for an hour, while nice Jeff was still not getting the hint.  As she seduced him later that evening in the height of passion her long hair dangling down beside her face asked “ is there anything you would like to do?”  As she filled his ear with suggestions one of which was “do you want smack my bottom?”  He did once on one side and then on the other.  Not hard but just enough to make a little sound. Gina murmured in delight, trying to encourage him but that was the extent of the activity.

She finally came to the conclusion that he was not going to take the hint, a more direct approach would be needed.