The Hatless Stranger's Sexual Fantasy

The Hatless Stranger’s Sexual Fantasy

First Up The Reality of what Happened
Its late afternoon after a 500km drive into what can only be considered Eastern Europe.   I’m by all accounts a stranger in a strange land but have wonderful hosts. I don’t speak the language, literally not a single word.   Not that it would stop me from tying to pick up a few of the basics along the way.   After speaking to a room that stared at me blankly for an hour where my humor, intellect and every damn thing else was met with blank stares fell to people who I would later learn where too shy to speak to me.
After all I cut a terrifying image everywhere I go. Ok so not really but have been told by friends, acquaintances and strangers countless time apparently I have a presence about me. The response is typically something about me being a handsome devil.   I mean the devil part; the handsome bit is just a way to soften the evil overlord just waiting to be conjured. Any how the session wraps. I thank everyone and begin making plans for the evening.
I get to go out with my new local friends and an old buddy who knows about my proclivities. We are both some form of ladies men (male whores, perverts or whatever), with different interests. His are a bit more traditional   In comes a man with two women one of which is a dead ringer for the original model from Spanking Teen Jessica. It was an odd reaction to see a person and realize they are literally the doppelganger for a kink model whose videos you watch but my poker face rarely betrays my thoughts and holds true. My buddy pops right up and introduces himself, a big smile, hand extended type A Hi, I’m X! Nice to meet you”
Panic strikes her like she is trapped with a set of terrifying monsters about to kill her in a slow painful way before devouring her soul with cappuccino for dessert. Truly there’s not a better way to describe how afraid of us she appeared. Being fairly in tune with those around choose to introduce myself with a soft wife and slow gentle movements. Her discomfort is palpable. Later I’d learn she’d never met a Brit before and had never spoken to an American. A concept that was in fact terrifying to her because as a rule they are generally a shy culture with westerners, have little spoken contact in English although read and write in that tongue daily. I can’t shake the image of the onetime model she so strongly resembles. And make a joke about apologizing for being a bad American by not wearing a cowboy boots and hat. With that she smiled; somewhat sheepishly, held my gaze for a second before looing down again. Her body langue realizing momentarily. It was obvious that was exactly what she expected when the trotted her in to meet the “visiting American”. Sorry to disappoint but in the end I’m just another hatless stranger.
Food from an after the fact sexual fantasy. It’s roughly 28 hours later, in a different city. I’ve been away for four days and hadn’t cum in five and was at the point of needing to. There were no arrangements for a tryst or lover of any type in the next 8 days. It was time to take matters into my own hands given that situation (and three orgasms a week quota for the year). The thoughts began as they often do, they went to people I’m involved with or have been. My cock stiffening. Then they usually start to drift to acts either with some of those people or countless acts that are locked in my mind. Not this time the fantasies started to drift to a combination of the long ago spanking model I had watched in videos but then she faded and turned very specifically the young woman I had met. Sure spanking fantasies often factor into my orgasms this one was different. It was stranger but one I had met. A very uncommon thing for me to think of. My wank fodder isn’t random people…interesting in its own right.
Her shyness danced in my fantasy as a form of submission, thoughts of taking a heavy and severe paddle to her petite athletic bared bottom swam in my mind. Her now glowing and pain filled butt tensing waiting for another cruel swat and upon the last one she could possibly have taken lowering my zipper, unceremoniously lubing her rim and the head of my cock before fucking her ass. Driving slowly and deeply into her time and again then it was inevitable that it would lead to roughly that tight hole of hers. My hips pounding against her marked and bruised ass from the paddling as the pace of the fucking increased. She fingers herself to orgasm as pain dances with pleasure. Her tensing and bucking harder against me makes me cum.
Postlude – Often I get lost in my own head. Not just with sexual thoughts but intellectual pursuits and reflection in general. This piece is somewhat different because for all the varied things I write about, including so many things that get me off with others, acts, kinks, body parts and motions there is no memory of me writing about a specific fantasy I masturbate to let alone one that for whatever reason was truly unique and random in those moments. It is a topic I’ve largely kept to myself and left unexplored here. It feels in a way overly personal to be sharing, too much of a look into my head however in the same breath somehow seems overdue.
Note: timing is an ironic thing. This post was written literally on April 29th and scheduled for May 2nd.  On the First  Molly announced Masturbation as the Kink of the Week so i’ll be writing on the topic again shortly. 

Orgasm Experience #2 Spanked and Self Gratification

Orgasm Experience #2 Katie’s Spanking and Self Gratification
 An old friend “Katie” ( previously referred to as My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette in posts of a bygone era) and I happened to find ourselves in the same place purely by coincidence.  Literally we ran into each other in a hotel lobby just like in the Prince song Darling Nikki. Well ok she was carrying shopping bags not mastubating with a magazine but we had the hotel lobby part down. So some background for newer readers. We were a regular feature for nearly 5 years and still (occasionally) keep in touch in the years since then.  Not a love story but we were very good friends with a unque pseudo Ds dynamic. I basically was a several day a month boyfriend/rent a Top type.
So back to the now.  Headspace wise I was in a pretty dark place. It was my first days back at work after a holiday, my first trip with out my secret companion tucked away and it hit me substantially harder than expected. Add to that that winter just fucking sucks balls. All of it was something that made me feel truly isolated and lonely.  Even friends and handler types were cutting me a wide berth as I was in a war like evil fucker mode with everyone for no good reason. Enter my old friend.
After some catching up and dancing around memory lane we settled on a command performance that night.  She wanted and got a very hard no nonsense belt spanking and agreed to participate in this year’s orgasm theme.
Along those lines post impact play she proceeded to pleasure herself to two orgasms with a medium sized bullet vibe and fingers dancing between her lips and over her clit while laying on a rough sawn wooden bench. She rubbed and purred. I watched like a stranger a few feet away.
She got what she wanted spanked and a voyeur/audience. I got to add a second person to my list of participating in six different people’s orgasm expeiences  and writing about it. No complaints.  It was some how familiar as seeimg her cum was nothing new and strange.  In that I was really removed from it a disinterested stranger was a new dynamic.
Tick the box. Put her toy away and panties back on. A hug good bye and until serendipity strikes again done is done. Two down and four to go. Assuming i’m not in the mood the mood to be an over achiever.
After thoughts- the tone of the post seems cold. I come off very dickish. It is true at the time I was not in the mood to be happy, supportive, and cheerfully sexual and my tone shouldn’t be a reflection on her. I checked and she thought the adventure was a lot of fun “even though grumpy Mal was present and not willing to participate in a good grudge fuck or any other fun.” I’ve chosen to leave the post as originally written to reflect my experience.

Watching Her Cum

Have you ever watched a woman have an orgasm?  Not on tv or in a movie. Let’s face it those portrayals including ones in porn may not be exactly genuine…and at best are often overplayed and embellished.


So have you you ever watched a woman cum?  Odds are you have but then take these elements away.  Have you seen it not while being part of her physical stimulation and reason for release. Not from you fucking, fingering or licking her hungry pussy.  And not even because you’re holding a jack hammer of a vibe to her clit…though those are all experiences I’d recommend having as often as possible.


And sure perhaps you have watched others have sex either knowingly or not including you in their exchange.


Now step back and think have you ever watched a woman give herself an orgasm just for you?  Lying there shamelessly exposed not just in body but in her desire as her hand first dances tentatively across her own pussy. Exploring and circling. Her cheeks flush and her breath changes with those first electric touches. She knows your there, this is as much for you as it is for her.  It is nearly as delicious in those first moments as when she asked you if you’d like to watch.  Soon though it will far surpass those early moments.


Such a brazen woman as you watch her pleasure starts to build. You can faintly hear her wetness growing.  Little gasps as she purses her lips, biting them ever so slightly.   Sex and arousal are electric and dance through the air.  Everyone knows what she’s doing.   You shift your vantage point, whispers not so softly some encouragement about how stunning she is the embodiment of of temptation mixed with desire.  Her and moving faster and firmer against her clit. Still far from the edge but her lovely thighs tense and twitch…modesty is lost and you drink in the sight of her. catching a glimpse of her spread legs in the mirror in the distance.
You can see the pleasure taking over her body from the curl of her toes, the flex of her feet in the way she holds her legs just so as to get then most out of ever sensation she is creating for herself.   A picture of temptation you watch the rise and fall of her chest, the peek of a nipple erect and longing for attention escaps her dress. You resist this is up to her and helping her get there..well it wouldn’t be fair now would it.   She licks her lips, scrunches up her nose just a little.  Her hair falls out of her eyes just long enough to hold your gaze before she looks away as if by seeing her eyes she has let you see too much.


The cycle continues as this very dirty girl works herself closer and closer to the point of no return.  All with you watching…drinking in the very sight and sounds of her desire.  This is not a quick wank, a shallow satisfaction. A simple release of a primal need.   No this is deep and powerful, earned over a long period of time. Thought about before hand time and again.  You wonder exactly what she is thinking, what are the pictures, and words and fantasies dancing though her mind that very second.    Exposing her very being in her ask of you in a way that is far more revealing  than anyone’s body could ever be. You find your self fighting temptation.


A shallow gasp, an almost imperceptible arc in her low back. A moan and a whimper. One last glance before closing her eyes, biting her lips then her thighs snap shut she turns away and floats in pleasure, exhaustion, and just a bit of embarrassment.


So have you ever watched a woman cum? If you have you would understand the power and the beauty of her orgasm. Her eyes may show you her soul but her orgasm can show you the very essence of her being.  And should you ever have such an experience you might understand more about her in different ways than ever before.

Creating Electronica is like Jerking off with Sand Paper

Raver Girl DancingHave I ever tried to jerk off with sand paper?  Well no actually I haven’t but I have to imagine even if you get to the point where things are standing at attention something is going to not turn out like you hoped.  The idea seems good right, a little extra friction, a little self knowledge, some very dirty thoughts and a strong biological need for release.   You should get there but you either end up not coming or with a way too chaffed and bloody dick. That has been my experience with electronic when it comes to creating music.  In theory I’ve got what I need including actual musical training in the distant past, geek computer skills and a desire to make it work but something is not quite right.
A few years ago I started fucking around with loops and midi.  Mostly just for fun after all I love a variety of techno and house music.  As most of you know I’ve been a fan of the Lords of Acid for years and even travel like some hippie dead head to see their recent tours.  Despite this when out at clubs all too often there is some moron with a keyboard, a computer and a semi attractive girl “making music”.   Most of the time it misses the mark.  The Drums sound fake, it lacks a live unpredictability, the chick can’t carry a tune or shake her ass.  For years I’ve chalked it up to lack of talent and musical discipline.   Based on recent adventures I may be wrong.
The Lords had a remix contest on Acid Planet.   I figured hey I have that software I’ll down load the loops whip together a cool remix in a few hours and off to the races. Fuck!!!  After countless hours of fucking with it I can’t get a mix I like.  I can’t time the vocals so they seem to fit, Adding effects is not as easy as it is live with a real engineer at the board or effects rigs.   Add one more things to the list of stuff I’ll never be…”A killer remix guy”
Based on that frustrating experience I informed my Chesty Blonde I need a Midi Keyboard, A really hip nerd, an ass load of software and more time than I probably have left to get it down.   My goal is to make a few of my own songs using this technology.   Easy right?  I take the part’s I wrote and on piano or guitar and simply “plug them into the PC”.  No such Luck I’d be better off buying drums and a bass and getting those skills back than writing digital music .  I’ll be going right back to work as soon as I finish putting lotion on my bloody numb of a dick.  I have a new respect for bands like Angel Spit and Radical G and finally get why NiN trashed their rig on Lollapalooza about 20 years ago.
This is way harder than actually playing a traditional instrument. After all jerking off with sand paper has to easier than this.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to watch more you tube videos by snot nosed kids who can make this shit work.

The Lost Art of the Hand Job

The Lost Art of the Hand Job
So if I had to document the many twists and turns of my own sexual evolution the 80’s was all about blow jobs for me with the SM type stuff toward the end of the decade.  I was young and while probably into the entire fetish thing a bit young for the period I assure you I wasn’t the only one playing with whips and chains in my age bracket.  Then again I had my first 3 way at barely 18 which was I’m told was far less common then than it is for all the crazy kids out there these days.  And having sex in the same room as other couples was almost a given on most Friday and Saturday nights.  Life was good.
The 90’s continued to evolve my love of a great B.J. and rough sex but add in a little more role play and more dynamic encounters, my first orgy, a basic understanding of swinging, a healthy doses of Sex Caffeine and Rock n Roll.  Early in the decade I considered Vibrators and Toys to be something you only needed if you couldn’t get laid or your dick didn’t work.   Now they are as much a part of most of our sexual routines as our traditional sexual organs.   God I love progress and can’t imagine life with a woman who wasn’t comfortable using toys.  Life was still good and getting better.
The 2000’s well for me it was nude beaches and resorts.  A very memorable week at Hedo, a few hot nights on St, Martin  some mind blowing parties in South Beach and despite it all I think I learned what I always really knew not only did I like sex but in fact I’m truly the happiest when surrounded by other adventurous people who feel the same way.  I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention the internet and what it has done for sex, lifestyle and Porn (both good and bad).  This was my pants optional in public period.
Somewhere along the way and in between the parties and resorts and with the ability to create and share erotic stories, dirty pictures, and professional like home made porn complete with sound tracks and props something at least in my little corner of the world was lost.  Before during and along the way was the hand job.   I’m not talking about masturbation because despite all the advances in technology and sexuality the fact remains that all of us are pretty much self equipped to get off whenever we need with what we already have  add a little spit and a healthy imagination.
A lover once told me “no matter how good you are it will always feel better if someone else is doing it for you.”  She was a wise and wily little slut who by the way gave amazing hand jobs.   Which is really the point of today’s story.
I’m a lucky guy I get my dick rubbed, tugged, played with, sucked, and fucked on a pretty damn regular basis but somewhere along the way people stopped just jerking me off to make me cum?   Is it a sexual evolution or a lost art form?   Fine tickle my balls as I explode inside of you the more stimulation and the longer I hold on the better the orgasm I’m all for it.
You can stoke me until I could cut diamonds and I won’t complain.  Hold me firmly with your thumb rocking under my head in small pressure filled circles and I’d moan in delight.   A soft long touch with no lube to tease me or pull hard and fast before impaling yourself on me with a wet well rubbed pussy is a wonderful little interlude.  Once upon a time there was one person who world roll me between her hands and she was most masterful at varying the speed and pressure.  Despite all of this I can’t tell you the last time someone just took my dick out and gave me a good hand job with nothing more than a coy look maybe a little dirty talk.   It seems to me that the hand job has become an appetizer to the main course and dessert.  Again don’t get me wrong I’m all for drink followed by the 5 course meal but some nights I just want an appetizer.  I don’t really need the soup, salad, main course, pasta and dessert.   Similarly on occasion in its most basic form I just want to cum,  I don’t want to perform, reciprocate, and selfishly I don’t want to worry about anyone else getting off on anything other than getting me off.
And that is the very reason why I believe that the hand job is very much a lost art that hearkens back to the heady and lust filled days of my youth.  Rather than always breaking new ground and because the choice of options has gotten so wide, the acts so lurid, dirty and deviant that the joy of the little things is lost.  Even if the little things is the very place where innocence once began to shatter.  After all who really needs 3 types of batteries, 5 kinds of specialty lube in 4 different flavors, and a porn collection to rival a university library when a little spit, an eager hand, a dirty mouth and a tissue at just the right time will do just fine.

118 Seconds of Bliss

Sexy Woman on the train tracksIt was a warm spring day when after a nice long weekend, in a home that wasn’t ours. Quarters that had been a bit to close for comfort or more accurately over run and cramped and some usually well cared for needs that I needed met in the worst way went unattended.

The first time were had been alone, truly alone in 5 days was as we hit the Garden State Parkway heading toward the airport.Sure there the normal amounts of traffic surrounded us but my hand wondered.At first just a little and then a little more until I knew I was tempting fate moving beyond playful and teasing him mercilessly as we made our way on to the interstate toward the rental care return.

Ok I was just being a bitch, a tease, and the look of frustration on his face made me even naughtier as I reached over more often and didn’t waste even a second being coy but rather got right back to business.I wanted to make sure that a million hours later that day when we did finally get home no matter how tired we were there would be a few moments of unbridled passion.A good hard quick lust filled pent up fuck is better than a good night’s sleep with no fuck at all.It sort of had an appeal all its own and up against the wall as soon as the door closed possibility turned me on just little more.My mind began really racing.

Honestly as I kept reaching across and rubbing him I wondered about on the air plane.Could we steal away to the restroom for a few minutes some where along the 4 hours flight.A cramped quarters release with a line outside was the stuff of sexual conquests and air travel legends.Do they give a merit badge to members of the mile high club?

As those thoughts danced through my increasingly horny little mind I wondered if perhaps a few salacious whispers and a couple blankets could provide a suitable alternative release.His hands were so magical, all the time in the world with no where to be, touching lightly, teasing me to the edge and back again.The knowledge that chances were he would tease me mercilessly as payback.When or if he did finally let get off I’d have to sit still, pressed into the seat. Holding back the overwhelming cries of delight being nearly silent surrounded by strangers with more than my legs quivering as I glimpsed the paradise that such a build up to orgasm could provide.

“Would you stop it!” he finally said sounding less than happy and shooting me a look that was anything but pleased. So what’s a girl to do? Grab a hold through the boy’s jeans and rub that hard little head with the heel of her hand a little more while her fingers tease his denim clad balls that’s what.

It didn’t help his mood any but it certainly got his attention, since we almost missed out exit.Despite growing up here it is an exit I’ve never missed and well one that from what I’ve heard you don’t want to miss since the part of town you have to turn around in isn’t so nice or even worse you end up heading to close to the city.

So I behaved and kept to myself, a relative term, for a few minutes.No sense in pissing him off completely. Sometimes he gets so uptight about getting where he’s going.Instead once again I found myself thinking about how long it would be before we got home, might as well be forever.No reason to have to wait that long.

We did have an SUV with tinted windows.Hmm wonder if there is a cell phone waiting lot near by we could put the seat down and crawl in the back for just a few minutes.Hell even if we had to pay for an hour’s time in some remote airport parking lot it would be very well worth it.There was plenty of time before the flight; for an appetizer.Just when you think the sex in a car years are behind you find yourself at Liberty worrying about how to put the back seat down in a rented SUV and finding a desolate parking spot.

I must have been lost in those thoughts for a few minutes too long, crying out “no” as I realized we were about to turn into the return lot.He ignored me somewhat frazzled by the signs and maze of roads leading to that point, finally asking as we pulled over the metal spikes to keep you from ever leaving the lot again.”No what?”

That was it my fantasy had been stolen.We exited the car and a breeze danced over my legs forcing my colorful wispy spring skirt to hug my hips as I walked, hair blowing in the breeze. Well at least I’d look like I’d just been fucked with all the wind.

Sometimes if you are just horny enough, a little too aroused and on the edge of becoming truly frustrated you hit a point of no return. It might be a fantasy, it might be a diversion or as it was on that sunny afternoon it might be that you get need to get some, just a taste, no matter how little to take a little of the edge off.

I had hit that point of no return.The return center was dead, at the start of the week everyone was coming into town as we were leaving.He dutifully dragged our bag toward the down escalator.

Sauntering along alluringly in front of him, of course knowing he was watching each swaying stride.

Finally inside and taking the ride down the escalator, still at that point of no return.The look in his eyes all but declared there was no chance in hell.He was too wrapped up in the hassles and minutia of travel so I excused myself to the restroom to take care of a few things and matters into my own hands before getting on the air train to head to the terminal. After all why should I suffer?

Alone with the door locked behind me, as good as the first instant and playful touch felt I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted. Sure it could hold me over.Now more than my mind was truly purring and primed it was time to tempt fate as I weighed my options. There was no need to stop yet was there? After all I was already edging on a frantic wreck and in a moment of clarity I decide to rejoin him.It was his touch I really wanted, well not exactly his touch but that would do in a pinch.

I tucked my thong in my purse, just to make things a little more accessible later.Besides they had sequins on the front triangle and the top of the back and god knows if they’d set off the metal detector.All I needed was the tactile sensation of a pat down by a stranger to make things worse.

He waited patiently by the door and now making our way up to the train I wished I hadn’t stopped.Too late to turn back now.It was empty as we made out way toward the platform…”the next train will arrive in4 minutes”the annoying red letters called out.I don’t know why but I made my way past the security person, past the benches and billboard to the far end of the station.As a few people milled about I stood shielded from their view, threw my arms around his neck and pressed against him.Perhaps the situation had been underestimated, my hand slipping between us to find a growing interest.

His eyes still said “no”, actually they looked more like they were saying “quit teasing me you cruel bitch, I will get even with you.”Not that his look in particular didn’t sound like fun either.

The train pulled up, the door opened and instead of entering the car right in front of us since there was some one in it I headed a few cars down to an empty one.Empty cars on the air train almost never happen let alone at 4:00 in the afternoon.He trudged along toting our bags.I sat on the open seats. He stood just inside the door.

Looking to be certain no one was too close before spreading my legs, lifting my skirt and flashing him.I just had to flaunt my silky smooth moist pussy.Sometimes I am such a shameless tease.It is amazing how a little kitty shot always gets his undivided attention.

“The doors are about to close and the train will be departing shortly” blared through the speakers.That’s when the most mischievous once in a life time opportunities came to me.Speed was of the essence.

I jumped to my feet, quite literally…we were still alone.

Pouncing not in his general direction but literally right at him our bodies collided as the doors began to close.We were all but guaranteed a few minutes of privacy.My hand on his zipper and the look on his face was so priceless as I lowered it.The train pulling away I whipped out a very erect member past his boxers and jeans just as we left the station.

“Fuck me” I pleaded with my most desperate of bedroom eyes and slutty tone as we cleared the station. Bending over to grab the silver railing in one hand and throwing my skirt onto my back with the other.

I almost came as he touched me there, entering not with a fevered desperate passion but with a slow, frustrating deliberate move.I drove myself onto him forcefully.”Harder” I cried out as he moved through me and back out again

Still playing slowly!Didn’t he know that the moment wouldn’t last as I looked up and out over the tarmack, the planes, the workers, all buzzing around in plain sight as he slid into and back out of me like we had all the time in the world.

As the Train began to slow I savored the view of the all the planes and people I could see and wondered if anyone had seen us.Not that I cared, as a matter of fact I hoped everyone we passed had caught a glimpse of what was going on.Being so daring excited me even more.All too soon I found myself tucking his fat cock back into his jeans and hoping for a few more seconds alone with him.This time we were joined by a host of people moving from one terminal to the next.Standing in front of him so we were touching but not obvious I waited and as the train pulled out I “fell into him” just a little.

I squirmed and wiggled catching my balance of course and brushed against him each time the train shifted.He leered and whispered into my ear “you’re going to pay for this”.I smiled and certainly hoped so.

One more stop and as the last person in the car with us left and the doors began to close he calm demeanor of before faded.No sooner than our car passed the station he attacked me.I was only too willing to welcome the not so subtle advance.A fevered fast and hard pace caused me to hold on for dear life as he fucked me savagely.I loved it.

Pounding away in those few moments I gasped, he only moved harder and faster.I moaned in delight at the sheer force he was exerting and panted from my own efforts.As we rounded the last turn not 30 seconds from the station I came so hard screaming in sheer delight.I didn’t care who heard or what they were wondering.I hope the heard and I hope they were wondering. He joined in the guttural sounds soon afterward exploding in a final series for hard deep thrusts to complete out little tryst.

We’ll have to look for this one on the internet he kidded as we headed down the escalator.Mumbling something about security cameras and that our little performance would make the best quickies of the year back in the TSA screening room.It could have mattered less the idea of being seen by people passing in cars and riding on planes was already a turn on but having it immortalized and watched over and over again made my blood boil with wonder and anticipation.

As we bordered the plane he grabbed a few blankets “Here you’re going to need these since I owe someone a little pay back”Grinning like the devil and I did he teased me mercilessly the entire flight home.

Why 118 seconds of bliss?Simple that is how long we had together alone on the train between terminal B & C,I wouldn’t trade those fleeting seconds for all the time in the world.

No Pleasure

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual F/M Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.

That said the last of 3 Fem Dom pieces I’d penned and originally posted elsewhere. If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy. Will I write more if the mood strikes me, the right idea hits or some wicked friend of mine asks.

A story of masturbation, embarrassment, and finally a sound spanking. It turned out a bit long.

“and I assure you mister you will not enjoy this one bit.” She stated as he was sent upstairs to stand in the corner and get ready for his spanking. Thinking to himself that he has yet not been able to take at least some pleasure every time she put some heat into his backside. He loved the surrender, the sensations, and it turned him on. It always turned him on and this was no different than every other time.
Standing in the corner waiting with an excited sense of anticipation and a growing arousal that spiked as he heard her enter. “ Come over here” turning to see her standing next to a chair at the end of the bed he hurried over finding a hair brush, and a small round wooden paddle laid out. “Strip” she said.
A new twist, normally she would sit and lower his pants and underwear right before he went across her lap. It turned him on even more. As he laid his clothes on the dresser and stood before her naked and fully aroused.
“Now” she said making sure his eyes were focused on hers, holding his gaze. “I told you, you weren’t going to get any pleasure out of this didn’t I?”
Still wondering how she was going to do that “Yes”
“And do you understand that?”
His pause gave her just the opportunity she was looking for “You’re not going to get to fuck me afterward, you’ve been a bad boy.” Nodding in understanding, this wasn’t the first time it wasn’t a play session.
“and this time you’re not going to want to jerk off afterward.” It was the first thing she said that made him pause, he was certain she knew but was stunned at the frankness of the comment.
“oh you didn’t think I knew what you were doing after I was done with you, As you stood up with that hard on of yours then sneaking off to finish getting dressed.” Starting to blush his mind racing but still convinced no matter how hard she beat his butt that soon after he would find pleasure in it and be back to his old tricks.
“Here” handing him a small towel “you will stand here and jerk off before you get disciplined. And I’m going to watch.” He started moving toward the dresser. “No lube hand to skin only.” Although embarrassed and never having made himself cum with anyone watching before he started stroking himself, exploding quickly into the towel. She had never humiliated him like that. He was ordered back to the corner.
Ten minutes later she returned and stood next to the chair. She led him to the chair and bent him over. Smack, a wooden spoon landed on one cheek, and then the other. After each began to sting she paused. Normally he was taken otk and not bent over. “stand up” and he obeyed. Taking his cock in her hand it was half aroused and sprung fully to life again. “I see you’re still enjoying this. I think you know what to do”. Handing him the towel. His hand back onto his member and began stroking it, the head grew sore as he worked himself to another orgasm a few minutes later. After his release as he finished wiping himself off now thought it was time and prepared himself for the next part.
“who said you were done?” she said coldly. “Keep pulling on that little cock of yours until I tell you other wise.” His erection fading from his last orgasm he tried and tried to work himself hard again, changing his stroke, changing his fantasies but it took time as he stood there with her watching as he struggled to keep a half hearted erection up, his dick was getting sore, it ached and the skin was beyond tender and starting to chaff severely. Finally coming, squeezing barely a few drops out before being sent back to the corner.
A short eternity passed as he stood there, wondering what was next but soon was summoned to her side and again was bent over the chair. The wooden spoon applied to his almost still white cheeks just as before and she stood him up again checking to see if he was turned on. Not this time, at least not yet. Bent back over she spanked him fast and hard as the spoon stung with each smack all too close to the last eventually covering his entire bottom. His cheeks glowing and the sensation building she paused and stood him up to find him not nearly as limp as she would have liked and took him in her hand again. Stroking him slowly he hardened slightly again. In the last hour he had been made to cum three times. He always came at least twice in a few hours after a session so the third wasn’t all that much of a stretch.
“still enjoying the though of me beating your butt soundly I see.” Her hand still working him, he want to not be turned on but her voice, her and what he knew was still to happen was too much and she took his hand in hers placed it on him and stated “Again” sitting to watch as he started to fade, she fondled his balls “ You are going to wish you ass was as sore as that raw little cock of yours when I’m done with you.” His pace quickened and he struggled in his mind to find another release and she patted him on his ass as he came. “see I knew you had it in you. Keep going don’t you dare stop.” But with the last one a massive release almost as intense as the first. He couldn’t keep himself hard, she even took him in her hand and her mouth for a moment but he stayed limp and too soon and sore to begin again.
Satisfied he was now taken across her lap and she hand spanked him until every spot was pink and shading toward red. He laid obediently across her lap. She reached for the hair brush and began to put its thick surface to work on him, slapping away mercilessly until he felt it in a way he had never done before. The pain went from a sting and thug to a burning the wouldn’t stop, in part because she was still peppering him with spanks, now at a pace that was slowed so that each one could be felt as she applied more force to them making certain that his discomfort was not only growing but intensifying. It always hurt but this time she made certain that he would remember not only what happened leading up to the trip across her lap but the spanking itself with perhaps more than a delayed sense of arousal for quite some time.
He began to struggle and she held him in place, he tried to reach back. “so you want it on you hand too?” She asked as the brush cracked his ass even harder and suddenly faster. “Fine Stand Up!” And he did quickly “hold out you hands.” She noticed he was still not turned on, perhaps this wasn’t any fun for him, just what she had intended. And placed five with the spoon on each palm. “ Don’t reach back again. or next time you’ll get 10 on each hand like I mean it. Now bend back over that chair and stay there” She positioned him until he was just right, giving an occasion smack with her hand. Finally pleased with his position and taking notice of his already bruised bottom glowing a deep red around the purple splotches.
The first one with the wooden paddle got his attention, and each of the others as he struggled to stay still and just take his beating but hew winced and eventually began to move a little never letting go and never standing up but shifting from side to side and bending his knees. She reveled in knowing that it was getting to him and continued on. Each firm swat sent a loud sharp crack from its searing impact through the room. It was building up so much he wasn’t sure how much more he could take or what was coming next. His bottom fully marked and varying shades of red and growing purple as the wooden paddle continued to be applied to his sit spot for emphasis. He would have those as a reminder for a few days or longer afterward.
She stopped. He stayed in position bracing for the next one, it didn’t come. Still he didn’t move, he didn’t dare knowing that it would get him penalty strokes and he had had more than enough a while ago. “You can stand up.” She offered. He slowly stood, ass still burning and throbbing, admiring her work walked up and squeezed it. He winced and clenched his cheeks and she squeezed harder and added her other hand to the side that had previously been neglected. Soon after she reached around taking his dick in her hand, unlike usual after a spanking it wasn’t hard, it was only in her mind mildly inflated as her hand tugged on his sore member it began to swell ever so slightly.
“That’s not fair.” He complained all too aware of what was going on in the palm of her hand.
“and just when I thought you didn’t enjoy what you received.” Her voice wicked and playful, her strokes becoming rougher as she pulled on him it hurt but he continued to grow. Playing with his balls and then touching his warm ass, slapping at it. “Here you know what to do.” She said, his heart sank his bottom still ablaze and each stroke hurting more than the last, he had never been so raw but as he thought to himself or so well spanked reliving the session as he brought himself closer to another agonizing orgasm. After he was done she milked every last drop out with her hands running them with a firm grip from his ball to the head over and over until dry.
“Still enjoying this?” She asked.
“No, not at all. It really hurt.” He said almost sharply.
“I told you wouldn’t get any pleasure out of this and I meant it.”
He just looked at her waiting to be told it was over.
“Get into position with you hands on the wall.” It wasn’t over, he paused, he wanted it to be but it wasn’t. “It’s not my fault, it wasn’t the spanking that turned me on. It was you. And your hands.” She just laughed “but it’s not fair” he continued. She added to the end of his words. “ I told you what position to get in I’m going to get your braided belt.”
He got into position and took each of the 20 well spaced strokes. Each had just begun to fade as the next was applied. She was right at the end of it all he had gotten no pleasure from any of it and he had never been so sore for so long.

An all day affair

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual F/M Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences. 


For my regular readers this is an older piece originally posted elsewhere. And the 2nd of 3 Fem Dom pieces.  If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy.




There is a strong sexual theme mixed in with the spankings.



It started out like most Saturday’s Joe woke up earlier than Mary and headed off to the gym while she slept soundly.  Nothing unusual 60 minutes of cardio and then he lifted for a bit before heading home.   Their lean toned bodies were usually enjoyed by each other by each other through out the week but Saturday there was a day filled with erotic possibilities and at least one spanking as foreplay if there wasn’t a discipline one to be given that day.  There had been days when each of them paddled each other for various misdeeds but most often they alternated with one topping one week and the other the next purely for erotic play.


As he stood in the large glass enclosed shower Joe was particularly horny it had been since the following weekend since they had been intimate and as he washed he began to fondle himself. Watching as he went from washing to playing with himself then back to washing.  “so I see you’re not to tired now!”  His hand freezing in its place mid stroke.  It wasn’t like she hadn’t longed for him through out the week but he was too tired, falling asleep with seeming little or no interest in her needs.


Embarrassed that he had been more or less caught in the act mumbled a nearly incoherent response about washing as she approached.  “You better stop that right now, finish your shower and come see me in the bedroom after you’ve dried off.”  Reaching in and stroking him. 


Thinking to himself oh how he loved Saturdays typically a day of listless gratification and amazing sex.  Wrapped in a towel his muscular body and cleanly shaven face and balls made their way into the bedroom.  Perhaps he had misunderstood he thought as he entered since she was fully dressed.  Tight jeans, casual heels and curve hugging blouse straining against her large breasts.  She was decked out in her casual sexy best and not sprawled across the bed waiting for him. 


Meeting him halfway across the room she walked up and kissed him then reaching behind him patted his bottom.  “Are you ready?”  She asked rubbing his hardening cock through his towel she continued “for today’s sexual adventure” he agreed and after the towel found it’s way to the floor he was led toward the bed gently by his erect midsection.  


“Over the corner of the bed you bad boy.”  She instructed pulling off his towel and watching his naked body lay itself over the edge of the bed.  She knew how turned on he got, he knew what was coming and what typically followed. 


“I said the corned not the edge.”  She corrected him and he scooted into the position she asked for.  He had never been put over the corner of the bed his knees bent one across the end the other up the side of the mattress, his bottom spread wide with his belly firmly placed on the bed.   “Almost right” she said playfully guiding his hips into the air and back off the edge then reaching for his hard cock and placing it so it was pointed downward.  He was only getting harder with the excitement of the new position and the guiding touch of her hand.


“I’m going to spank your bottom” she began her lecture he drank in the words.   “you have been very very bad today” caressing his exposed bottom with her long French manicured nails.  “and if I catch you touching yourself that way again today…” her voice trailing off as he fingers traced up his thighs, cupping his balls in her hand she leaned into him “it will be the wooden paddle with holes in it over the dining room table for you.”  He understood that meant a hard paddling not blushing pinkish red cheeks from playful one. 


She began lightly smacking his firm white ass, working it from top to bottom and side to side.  It tingled and began to sting every so slightly and after several minutes of light playful smacks taunting spanks and the continued lecture about how she had needed him especially last nigh she again began to tease his cock a finger pressing small circles into the underside of its head as he began to lose himself in the sensation she stopped and began to pepper his bottom with far more intensity than before as it turned from a slightly less than white shade to a gentle pink as it started to redden.  His arousal obvious for anyone to see hers far more hidden in both her demeanor and inside the denim she was wearing.  She sat on the edge of the bed as he stood up and again took him in her hand. 


“so your punishment for jacking off and ignoring me will be this”  she stopped stroking him. “get dressed but to save time today don’t wear any underwear.”  And with that she stood and headed out of the room “I’ll see you downstairs and remember you had better not touch yourself.” 


He was filled with lust, never before had she teased him like that during a spanking and she had never teased him to the point of full arousal only to leave him standing there naked, erect, and red bottomed unfulfilled.


After dressing he found her sitting in the den watching TV.  As he past the door heading to the kitchen “ Breakfast is in here, coffee and all.”  She called out to him causing him to abandon his planned route and join her.  Quickly spotting the food and more importantly the beverage at the far end of the couch he made a B line for it.  Reaching out and taking his hand as he past.  “was my bad boy well behaved while he got dressed?”  “Of course” he said coolly.


She again began to stroke him and immediately he was as aroused as 10 minutes ago she was convinced that at least he had listened to her.  Undoing his pants she continued to toy with him as they fell open.  She worked magic on him as he began feel far off in the distance the potential for an orgasm.  “but you were a bad boy.”  Continuing to stroke him he glanced at her opening his beautiful eyes murmuring in pleasure.  Fighting back her own lust and needs “and bad boys don’t deserve this now drop those pants and get across my lap.” 


Not fighting or resisting he let he jeans fall to the floor and placed himself across her knee she picked up his spanking where it had stopped just a few minutes earlier.  Smack, smack, smack her hands landing crisply on his already shaded bottom until he began to wiggle and squirm.  Firm solid spanks well spaced covered his backside and then a few more hard ones before she went back to alternating between teasing his balls and tracing her nails over his now well warmed glowing bottom. 


“Stand Up”  she said firmly and as he stood obediently next to the lap he had just been across she toyed with his cock yet again as she lectured him. “You ignored me all week and then I find you beating off in the bathroom.”   Again she held him in her hand long firm stokes the length of his cock as he stood there with is stinging bottom just wanting to ravage her right there and then.  Coffee could always be reheated.  She pulled up his pants and he leaned in to kiss her, not just lovingly but passionately.  “This isn’t going any where.  Do I need to put you back across my lap already?”  Knowing she wasn’t kidding and she wasn’t going to give in he ate his breakfast and gulped down his coffee while sitting at her side, they stared at the TV, talking just like always, real conversation mixed with casual sexual banter.   


By early afternoon the couple readied themselves to go out and take care of the things that needed done.  Drop a few things in the mail box, pick up a few things for dinner and a bottle of wine for later.   Gathering his keys she met him at the front door blocking it with all her sensuous beauty before he could open it she finally returned the passionate intention of his earlier kiss.  He knew eventually she would melt her lust got the better of her as often as his did.  Heavy petting and heated grouping of lovers all too familiar with what got the other’s engine running.  Her back against the door, hands massaging his backside and patting it playfully as a reminder of its earlier treatment.   His hands brought her to the edge of release. On the edge of surrender their lips broke apart and she said breathily in his ears.  Not take me, or words of alluring encouragement but “ I left a few things in the office could you go get them for me?”  Couldn’t it wait he thought as her jeans fell to the floor her breasts out of their bra cups the tight T-shirt pushed up exposing them.  “ I asked you to go get them, my bad bad boy.  No go and don’t make me ask again.”    So he did with his belt unbuckled, the button of his jeans undone and his jeans all but falling from his hips as he walked.  Entering the office on the desk was a large pink vibrator standing up.  As he walked over to pick it up he noticed the wide leather paddle laying behind it.  Debating whether to pick one or both he left with both of his hands full and returned to the front door to find his lover fully disrobed and waiting.


“ah see you can be a good boy if you want to” she said kissing him picking up whether they left off then taking the toy and the paddle from him Now bend over with your hands on the stairs”  Again tormenting this time by placing the vibrator against his balls, “Five to start.”  His pants around his ankles his still blushing bottom waiting for the swats with the wide and thick leather paddle/  They were hard and spaced the first was a swarm of bees by the fifth both cheeks were flaming each had landed on his sit spot  Staying in position she slithered past him and brought herself to release with the toy inches in front of him as he stayed bent over watching.   “A few more for good measure.” She added as she slipped back around him.


Crack another landed then three more before ending with one that landed with everything she had to give.  Helping him back into his jeans as she paraded in front if him pulling on his cock then stopping to be sure he didn’t cum and starting to pull on him again.  His teased taunted and stroked member was getting as sore and raw as his backside but no relief for either appeared to be in sight.  Finally they dressed and left after he used his hands and mouth to get her off two more times.




Later that day as the last bag was carried into the house and placed on the cold stone counter Mary was waiting for him with a wooden spoon in one hand tapping it tauntingly on her open palm She didn’t say a word. Based on the earlier events she didn’t need to. Their excursion out had taken them several hours and in her mind she was now way behind schedule and the entire time she was distracted as she day dreamed about his next little interlude With out being told Joe waited to be told how to position himself as he dropped his pants with out being asked. “Over the butcher block table and make sure your delicate little bottom if facing the kitchen.” She instructed noticing his already mild arousal.
After taking away the chair and positioning himself Mary admired the marks she had left earlier, evidence of his three previous session already that day. No one too long or intense but when combined they had a nice effect. After putting away the last of groceries not needed for that nights meal she approached Joe and tapped sore cheeks with the spoon.
“Here let me help you she said again guiding his hips a little farther back and taunting his cock with her touch as he started to grow harder once again. “Is my bad boy ready to have his butt reddened again?” Joe still reeling with the lust from earlier in the day answered yes only wondering what was next.
“since its almost dinner or it will be when you’re allowed to stand up I want to make sure you remember this meal.” He didn’t like the sound of that not one little bit and she went to work on his sit spot and only his sit spot landing the spoon over and over twice on one side then twice on the other alternating sides until he was dancing in position and stinging like a swarm of bees before placing it on the table next to him. “Stay right where you are.” As she sat the spoon down next to him and walked back into the kitchen as started cooking. Each time she had a few minutes between preparing the meal she would come back over and tease his cock with her hand, fondle his balls playfully as she reached around him her hips pressing in to his back side. He was glad it was only pasta and salad and not a turkey dinner since he hadn’t been told he could move. One minute trying not to moan in pleasure to ignore her touch as she roughly handled him then minute next struggling to hold in position as she peppered his bottom some more with the wooden spoon.
The table was set and his cheeks were fully a glow. Removing the cushion from the wooden chair Joe was told. “ Now sit that bare ass of yours on the chair and if you squirm through the meal I’ll use a little more spoon on you until you do” She wondered if this was ceasing to be fun for him but not a complaint so far, well at least not one other than about his backside. Joe ate quickly, Mary took her time and told him to stay there while she cleared the table.
Joe was sent ups stairs. No other instructions were given so he stripped completely and positioned himself over the corner of the bed like earlier in the day. A few minutes later Mary followed expecting to find him lounging about watching TV and relaxing. Perhaps with a glass wine and the room bathed in candle light. Instead she turned off the over head light and took the liberty of lighting a few candles. Joe was instructed to stand up and face her. “ Now why were you treated the way you were today?” she asked her tone more playful than it had been “was it because you decided to Jerk off rather than have me.” He nodded in agreement. Well then I think it is time to finish your punishment and put this all behind us.
She had him lean forward and put four mild swats with a small paddle on each side. Counting out loud “1,2,3,4 on one and 1,2,3,4, that makes two.” She again began to tease his raw cock bringing him to full mast as it stained to grow even harder. He hand circling the head pressing on the underside and then stroking its length. She held one hand open and slapped his dick against her hand just like she had done with the wooden spoon. “ Look now you bad boy now I’m spanking you cock.” Joe stood silently completely aroused but uncertain when or if she would continue or was it to be like all the times earlier in the day when she brought him so close to orgasm and then went to work on his now ginger backside again. She continued to tug on him, he had never been so sore before as she continued. Circling around him smacking playfully then teasing him some more.
More swats with the small paddle then back to his front. 12 friction filled strokes with a firm grip and them more smacks with her hand. “almost there my bad boy you are almost done. She kissed his neck, dragging her nails across his red ass then swatting him with her hand as he stood there a willing recipient. Most of the next day would need to be spent in loose pants lying on his stomach.
“Do you still want to jerk off?” she ask. “No” he replied. “ Well all day it has felt like someone needed to beat off. I bet those smooth soft balls of yours are aching to explode.” She didn’t wait for the answer. “have you learned your lesson?” again he agreed.
“Well just to make sure kneel down over the foot stool at the end of the bed.”
As he positioned himself across the stool Mary disappeared into the closet. Lying face down he feared the worst, another implement, perhaps the riding crop. She had taken it from him several times but to that point he was never that brave and at this point of the day he was glad he never got around to buying a cane.
He heard her coming back into the room his cock pressed downward and still raging with lust. She liked seeing it, she knew it was hard for her even after all she had put him through today, that he wanted her now more than when he first walked out of the shower in a towel. “Just a few more Love” She told him encouragingly as she stood in front of him in crotch less panties and heels leaning over and patting his bright red ass. He winced with each tap, gasped with each smack and moaned with each caress. Finally after 10 more minutes of torment she helped him to his feet. “now my bad little boy that part of your beating is over with.”
The wording struck him as odd. As she sat on the foot stool guiding him directly in front of her “now you can touch yourself” She said putting a small amount of lube on him, sliding her hand over him again and again the coolness soothing as her hand glided over him.
“Hold out you hand.” As he did she put a few drops of lube on it “Now finish what you started this morning.” Not taking his cue she instructed him “I want you to beat off right here right now and I’m going to watch.” She had just taken him somewhere they had never gone before and as he began by turning him side ways and placed his now lubed hand on his member. He stood between her legs as she sat on the foot stool, a small paddle in her right hand spanking him with quick crisp blows and a vibe on his balls in her left.
With each smack he winced as he struggled past the embarrassment of masturbating in front of her and the pain of the swats made it had to concentrate as he tried desperately trying to finally get off long and day filled with the build up to that moment. Finally bringing on a gushing orgasm the vibrator cranked to full against his balls as his legs quivered in exhaustion and his red and bruised ass getting the last smack of the day.


Now it was time to tend to her needs as she laid back kissing her exposed parts, lapping at her she moaned in delight.

Do you like to watch? An interlude with a Masochist

That’s how it all began, hot and heavy into a lust and on my part a beverage influenced encounter.  The simple question of “do you like to watch?”  Was asked and at the time being young, dumb, and male I provided a look that must have explained all too clearly that I wasn’t quite following the question.

“Do you like to watch a woman?  Would you like to watch me?”  She directed the question somewhat more directly at me as she reached down and touched herself.  Did I like to watch? Now I was getting the idea of what she was talking about. What the hell of course I liked to watch.  If my college had offered a major in Porn watching,  advanced debauchery, and sorority girls with excessively questionable morals I would have graduated first in  the class with the exception of porn watching because my one anally obsessed roommate had seen more porn than the people who film the stuff for a living.  Unlike him though I actually had a very consistent carnal diet and had been not only around the block a few times but spent a few years playing in those less traveled alleys and dark shadowy spots along the way.

So I answered affirmatively and she moved her warm flesh away from mine, the heat from our intertwined bodies immediately dissipated.  She was petite, with almost porcelain white skin, a very cute little ass, racing stripe shaved pubes and just out of arms reach at the edge of the bed, as she went to work on herself.   Now as fascinating as it was after a 20 minute solo of rubbing, exhibition, and “oh now watch me as I move like this” getting herself repeatedly to the edge of god knows what, murmurs, moans, and her self called play by play and commentary that would have made John Madden jealous. I offered to help out.  Sure she was getting off but the thrill had faded and I might as well have been watching the news.  That offer led to a lets show the boy what I can stick in there session, and while a change of pace eventually I came to the conclusion that odds were short of cutting my leg off above the knee I possessed neither the length or the girth to meet her needs.  In fairness to her when I was allowed to rejoin the fun there was never a single complaint that I was no where near the size of her coke can wide dildo.

That was our first encounter, a little different pace but as we then began to do more civilized things like get to know each other a bit better, and on occasion fuck like normal human beings it quickly became clear that she was a little less reserved than yours truly which is to say pretty much not at all.  A few weeks later sitting in the warm and rare spring sunshine she brought up the topic of de Sade.  At this point I didn’t know what we now call a scene was but had been playing with the bondage and pain crowd on my own and was quite the budding little sadist.   Unlike a lot of people I admit that I have a sadistic streak, a well tempered one mind you but deep down it is part of who I am.

She went on and on about how she wanted to be whipped to orgasm, describing in great detail how and where. Talked about how she loved to see red welts raised on her flesh, that every one of her lovers had eventually spanked her and the more soundly the better.  After hours of discussion, countless innuendos cast in my direction she confided in me a fantasy that she said she had never dare share with anyone.   I wasn’t sure I believed her but what the  fuck after all the things she talked about  I was game to listen.

 If she was sharing what she had been and was such a student of such things as de Sade surely this had to be something spectacular that my twisted little soul might not have even imagined.   It was but sometime things just don’t turn out as expected.

 Rather than dime me in ahead of time she set a time and day for me to visit, one where we’d have the apartment all to ourselves.  So I showed up in true college fashion, beverages in tow.  The lights were off, candles were lit and music was playing, not soft romantic stuff like one might have expected but classic rock.

 She was in shorts and a T shirt, nothing spectacular just everyday clothes, after a very warm and passionate welcome and a few minutes of chit chat.  She asked if I was still ready to help her with her fantasy and of course not knowing what I was getting into I agreed.

 “great wait here I’ll be right back”  she said disappearing down the hallway towards the bedroom leaving me in the flickering candle light listening to music that I had no appreciation for at that point in life.

 My imagination raced as to what was about to happen but she showed up in heels, dress pants, and a blouse that had an inordinate amount of tiny little buttons on it.  She looked like an IBM employee hiding a button fetish.  Now I was expecting a slutty little number, a teddy, crotch less panties, maybe a leather skirt not a job interview suit.

 Taking my hand she got me to my feet kissed me and then said “ I want you to literally tear every stitch of clothing from my body.”  After clarifying what she had just asked for making sure of her desires I finally had a real use for all the time I spent in the weight room. Nothing with her was ever that simple.  “Pop every button off my blouse.”  The request was completed adding a deep wet kiss.

 Offering a wrist I took the cuff in hand and with a gentle tug popped the button.  Then the other arm followed suit.  “start at the collar.”  She instructed.  So I did.  Then she added after the first three had let go.  “Be rough, don’t just pop the buttons.  Rip my clothes off. Don’t just undress me.”   She didn’t have to tell me twice as I ripped her blouse open with one explosive pull, buttons flying through the air, bouncing off our bodies before finally littering the floor.  A bra, the girl was wearing a damn bra, a sexy little lacey number.  Pressing against me and doing her best to arouse me (even more) asked “Now tear off my pants”.

 I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to tear off a pair of pants but it takes a great deal of strength once the zipper has been destroyed, not to mention determination. She was bound and determined to have the pants turned into nothing more than a pair of rags that had been ripped from her frame. She responded to every torn inch of fabric and seam  with her play by play commentary when not murmuring in delight.  After that was done the same request came for the bra and panties whose lace possessed very little challenge.

 Now naked and visibly aroused with torn material draped on her and surrounding her feet she proceeded to undress me.   Normally thank you very much but finally we were getting some where that interested me a little more as she took me in her mouth.

 Then she stopped looked up and added “I know you like to watch”  she added stroking me with one hand while talking.  The other hand slid a small gym bag out from beside the couch.   Here we go again I thought as she eventually had me sit on the couch.

 Opening the bag she pulled out the infamously large toy, a few others and then a short leather strap.  She was on the table right in front of me spread her legs and then CRACK she smacked her inner thigh with her open hand again and again until it was a fiery red.  These were not playful little slaps the girl was literally wailing away on herself in the same spot over and over.  Then switching sides until every inch of her inner legs from just below crotch to mid thigh were literally beat red.  Her pussy wet and glistening in the candle light as I looked on.

 Closing her legs and kneeling between my feet she when to work on me again, unlike her previous solo act she was keeping my attention and passively involved.  It was still all about her but some how I didn’t seem to mind. Quickly I came to the conclusion she had not been exaggerating when we discussed her pain filled desires.

“I failed to get you off”  Her eyes meeting mine “ tell me to punish myself”.  Again she went to work on me, this time half heartedly at best.  So Playing along I reprimanded her and told her she needed to be punished. “you’re going to punish me she asked?”  but I played along and told her to punish herself and not to stop until she had learned not to disappoint me.

Back to the table she went legs spread wide red thighs waiting not a hint of modesty she cupped a breast in one hand and used the small (an inch or so wide and 5-6 long) leather strap on the breast and nipple.  Then viciously pinching her own nipple pulling it way from her body holding quite taunt she proceeded to whip the underside flicking her wrist and snapping the little piece of leather upward.  Once both were very self abused to the point just short of bruising it was back to her thighs this time with the strap.  Shortly there after she slithered between my legs as I looked on in wonder having played rough but never like this she was not only hard core but seemingly in to extreme self flagellation.

Looking up at me with the same eyes as before the routine repeated itself.  Warning her she had 2 minutes to make me cum.  She smiled so I guessed right.  After two minutes of a sloppy half assed suck fest she of course didn’t.   Bringing her to her feet I toyed with her lips teasing her mercilessly, she moaned in delight as I scolded her.  This time she sat on the edge of the table and slowly used the leather on her own kitty, little slaps, well spaced then adding a toy and reaching underneath herself with one arm to hold it in while swatting away with the other before again going on to a touch up session on her chest and thighs.  Occasionally looking my direction before looking away and continuing.

“There’s one more thing she said curling up on my lap”.  Again with no idea I just waited knowing she would tell me.   A few minutes passed in an odd silence and groping when she finally chimed in with, “I saved my ass for you”.  She got up, went to the gym bag, handed me a paddle and proceeded to cross the room and bend over the table.

I sat watching and she stayed in position just waiting for me to join in the fun.  By the time I had thought her bottom was thoroughly scorched since it was a fiery red with out a hint of the pale white it had started out as.  “Harder” she said “spank me harder”.  A few minutes later when I paused she pleaded for me to keep going.  Soon she was wincing with each swat but still wanted more. Obliging as she reached between her own legs the session continued on at varied pace and intensity until she was just short of completely raw.

Without changing positions she savagely impaled herself on me. Sometime later we hit a point of pure exhaustion. The rest of the weekend followed much the same way, she had thought it all out, knew exactly what she wanted and I was nothing more than a dick with a wicked streak.  A few more pure watch me get off solo acts, a bare assed switching while hand cuffed to a tree in the back woods of a state park, multiple request for this and that including trying to take her kneeling over the edge on the bath tub and countless other things.  She was insatiable

Reflections and Fantasy

As her legs pumped away Sandy looked over the top of the display on her elliptical, her music droned on in her ears as she passed the time stealing glimpse at the meat heads in the weight room.

She watched as the groups of men who traveled in small packs grunted and groaned with too much enthusiasm as they moved from exercise to exercise.  She had been going to the gym for months, in part to fill the largely open void in her evening social schedule and in part because of the years of stories telling how health clubs were nothing more than meat markets.  Oh the stories she had heard from her girlfriends over the years about the muscle bound Adonis that simply wouldn’t leave them alone, the suggestively laden banter and playful conversation that elevated heart rates, fit bodies and an over abundance of testosterone would bring about.

For months she toiled away watching from the distance as the people in the weight room went about their business, it seemed a strange a foreign land all it own.  There were the aging athletes, some more than 25 years older than her, high school kids, couples, the jocks and the one group of large scary men who seemed to be engaged more in some primitive ritual of testing ones strength with out killing themselves rather than anything to do with being healthy.

Over time one man in particular caught her attention. Much like her no one seemed strike up a conversation.  He was a mountain of a man who moved with intense purpose.  From time to time she would catch a reflection of his ice blue eyes and their blazing fury in the mirror as he approached his next exercise.  Those eyes gazing into hers with lust filled intensity that they seemed to project at all times.  She melted at the thought of them, gazing back at her knowingly, his strong jaw and long locks hovering over her.

Sandy was his prey, and she was more than willing to surrender to his desires.  But he was little more than a fantasy that helped pass the time of her own work outs.  It was better than just listening her MP3 player.  Lost in her thoughts of him she turned the hour long cardio work out into 90 minutes. Effortlessly stealing glimpses in the mirrors as he moved. She learned which nights he would be toiling away for her pleasure and like clock work she was watching him perversely from a distance.

Wondering why he always wore long sleeve pants and swear shirts.  Could it be that his body was not what it seemed?  After all he was nothing more than a solitary figure moving in the distance, one that no one approached.  But one night she caught the reflection of bead of sweat rolling across his brow over his cheek and finally falling free from his rugged chin.  She imagined herself beneath him.  His breath heaving and heavy as he slid in and out of her, his chest bared.  His body seemingly cut from stone except for the heat and delicate friction pressing against and into as that lone drop of perspiration danced from his handsome face onto her breasts.  She could feel him against her as he moved in rhythm with her sensing what she longed for, knowing what she desired as her back arched and her body tensed, holding on for one last second before being over whelmed with her own release.   But all too soon her time ended and she went off to the remainder of her equally unfulfilling night.

Occasionally someone would say hello to her, or even ask a question.  A litany of worshippers they were not but nice polite interaction began to take place between herself and other members who always seemed to be there at the same time.  Sandy blushed as she wondered if the others timed their schedules around a particular piece of eye candy or not.  It seemed silly but if she was doing it odds were that she wasn’t the only one.  The question continued to eat at her as she watched him move, his strides graceful but bursting with power.

Was he shy?  No one ever approached him perhaps he was the one not making eye contact.  Shyness was something at times she could certainly related to. Oh she could help him with his shyness, coaxing him from his shirt, her hands caressing his bulging shoulders and flat hard stomach as she began to unbuckle his jeans.  Each soft kiss grew deeper with the promise of what was to come.  His hands finding the small of her back and pulling her closer as she touched him though the denim, his passion had risen and was begging to be let out as she strained to stand tall enough to kiss his neck playfully and whisper her intentions into his ears.  The words caused him to blush as his heart raced in anticipation of things he had only ever imagined.

Finding her way to the locker room she just wouldn’t let the thoughts of him go as she stood in the shower water caressing her body, washing imagining it was him caressing each and every inch of her wet being. Pressing her into the wall as the warms streams of water washed over her, his touch firm his hands strong and rugged holding her as the water rushed over her chest and onto his lips as his mouth devoured her breasts, lusting after the other equally to the one currently occupying his attention.

Standing and lifting her onto him in one smooth motion, he entered her over and over, his hands guiding her motions as she worked her self onto him again and again. Each time she moved straining to feel him deeper inside of her. One arm bracing her against the wall to the side the other around his neck as she balanced her self and her motion precariously on him.

His chest pressing into hers as she rose and fell endlessly. Drifting back to reality she stifled her moans and breath as the fantasy gave way to the reality of her own touch and her growing lust, her hands touch and caressing as she drifted from the present to the fantasy and back again, imaging his blue eyes gazing into her, not her eyes but her very soul. Finally bringing herself to release, legs quivering, body tensed and shaking fighting the desire to scream in pleasure and satisfaction.  An more sound would have escaped the barely private area with in the shower, over powered the sound of running water and made her action obvious to everyone with in ear shot.

As the last wave subsided it was as if he had been there, her mind lied to her body with the sensation of where his hands had been.  Lingering in the water drinking in the release and the place where she had provided it to herself, a place while not all together public it was certainly not private.  A wash with feelings of excitement and daring she finished washing and dressed.  Heading out into the lobby there he was.  Washed and groomed in hi jeans and Polo shirt.  His eyes no less beautiful but with out the seemingly cruel vacant intensity she had come to associate with them, his face even more handsome.  His bulky sweats had been betraying the lean and strong body now on display.

His smile was wide and easy and his manner confident but unassuming as he carried on with the Jim at the front desk.  Jim was the only person there who knew Sandy by name.  “Did you have a good work out he asked?”  She replied “of course” if they only knew, and for the first time she made eye contact with the man she had watched anonymously in the distance.

As her name left her lips introducing herself to him she wondered how this would change things, would having met him kill the dream, in the end it did quite the opposite as they stood there chatting.  Finally she had a story to tell to her friends about the guys at the gym, what she wasn’t sure about was exactly how much to tell.