KotW Laughter

Puck from a Midd summer night's dreamI’m not sure if laughter in and of itself is kinky but it certainly is one of my “tells” during sex, play, and life in general. It doesn’t mean that I’m nervous like i notice in a lot of people, in fact it’s a sign of complete comfort. A laugh, giggle, or cackle…evil or otherwise should be taken as a huge compliment.
In fact in all areas of life I laugh a lot and fairly loudly. Have I ever mentioned I’m not really the shy introverted type?
The most common cause of it is my own hang ups, mishaps and stupidity. In fact I probably laugh at myself more than everything else combined. The ability to find humor in my own train wreck life and over privileged tanking rock star behavior is one of my most endearing qualities. Self effacing humor is a trademark of mine add to that I’m usually a complete smart ass. Just this past week in a vanilla meeting I was asked if there was anything in my background that would cause concern. My reply was “I have less Girlfriends than Bill Clinton and my wife knows about them all so I should be fine”.   If you know me it was both a typical snarky comment made for laughs and a way of being honest to a group of people who have no idea (or reason to know)  about my actual life. Everyone laughed and well it was a truth hidden in jest.
Then there is my evil laugh. I’m told it sneaks out of no where and is common when something wicked is being planned, said by another, or about to happen. Some friends have endearingly called it “laughing like the devil” and while not necessarily kinky it’s certainly mischievous and outside of polite social norms. You know like planning to drive an uptight right wing creationist anti gay type through pride week activities or shopping for a toy like a massive double ball end ass hook just so you can torture someone with screen shots, tracking info, technical specifications, and a manifesto length philosophical musing on the appropriate type and amount of lube. That is if you decide to use any lube at all.
Of course there is the mid sex laughter like when someone asked “why do you want me to turn over?” when they damn well knew the answer and should have just flipped over and taken it or the mid play laughter when during a scene you realize a dog is not only watching what you’re doing but is also going out of its way to make sure you don’t go too far like a canine dungeon monitor and then runs around and nuzzles the bottom’s face to comfort her and makes sad eyes at you.
For the record the last one can really fuck with your head space because it’s really hard to beat someone; even for fun with a dog making sad eyes at you. Then add in stopping to reassure the dog that she’s ok and likes what you’re doing. Well that’s something that isn’t covered in any of the kink books I’ve ever read. Maybe there’s my next book “Kinksters and Canines – helping your pooch understand consent”  Like the dog could understand even a straight forward plain explanation of spanking play and it’s joys for both parties yet this moron tried to appease the pup.
So I’m still not sure if laughter is kinky but it’s something I do a lot of and find sexy as hell in others as well.  In general it just sort of fits because after all there is a little something Puckish about me to begin with.
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