Not in my Head

I actually wrote a few years back about a corporate outing where hypnosis was part of the entertainment.  It’s insightful in that nothing much has changed for me on this topic. Ironically I was in the same city with some of the same people just last week.

So I began by this week’s topic by reading Jade’s suggested post on Fet and the 4 other contributions before mine (Relating to the inability to relax more than anything). All interesting but in short I have trust issues.  I know I do, it’s a survival mechanism that has followed me for years.   It’s not that I don’t trust anyone because I do but it’s a short list.  If you don’t get put on it quickly it will probably never happen.  For me trust isn’t much different than love at first site. 

Often I joke about the demons, but I know them, they’re familiar and comfortable and for the most part I can control them.   And that’s the key; control. I hate amusement parks because I can’t control the rides, I prefer to drive when going out with a group, the exception is using car service which in a way I control “take me here, pick me up there,” they’re at my mercy so I still have control. 

Despite my personality I like yoga, but will tell you it’s not spiritual.  I control what I do, when I do it, and how.   I get lost in my thoughts, but would never say I meditate.  As for hypnosis I lump it in with with religion & psycho therapy.  It’s probably is really good for a lot of people and certainly anyone who feels they get a positive benefit from it but I’m too afraid to lose the precarious balance I have that’s worked for so long.       Still though if completely honest when I run longer than 40 minutes I’m probably most often in a nearly hypnotic state.  That’s why I choose to run away from busy streets and people as often as possible opting for country roads, wooded trails, or paths in parks where I reach a state of mindlessness.  Just running, not thinking, not having to pay attention beyond putting one foot in front of the other which in the right place becomes a mindless physical activity…but one that ultimately I control.  

What does any of this have to do with Erotic Hypnosis? I’m not sure are you wearing a French Maid’s costume and planning to bring me coffee?  Oh wait that’s telepathy, so never mind.   Of course I do believe in the power of suggestion so you are going to put on that costume and bring me some Java right?