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Erotic Fiction

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Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

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Writing About Writing

On Writing Daddy Porn
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Sometimes there is nothing I love more that a romantic night with soft candle light, seductive music, meaningful whispers, gentle caresses, and making love to you slowly, gently, and selfishly taking every exquisite second and stretching it so that each second feels like a delicious eternity and most of all lovingly. There is a connection that comes from these times that words can’t describe, feelings to powerful for mere letters to represent, that anything uttered would devalue their meaning. Become a failed attempt to express their power, their sway, and their magic. I do without question love these times.
ChallengeSometimes things are simpler, we steal whatever fleeting moments we can and fill them with pleasure. Our bodies intertwined as we do our best to meet our own needs as well as each others. There is a comfortable familiarity with all of this that hold its own special charm, a necessity without elaborate production or pre planned intentions your body against mine again cheating time as we are the only people in the universe and time for a few fleeting moments time and the expectations of others has ceased to exist. I know that these are the times no matter how common place help to keep us connected in a physical sense.
Sometimes things are darker. A place where my desires are to take you to a place not discussed in polite conversation. A place I crave to be and that you dare to go with me. Whether it is a place we let our imagines run our actions or perhaps a place to show our true natures however basal and lurid the need as we dance on the edge of pleasure mixed with oh so many others feelings and sensations. Emotions that over run us both. Sensations that are craved that one in their right mind might not admit that they ever desired let alone enjoyed. This is the place that in the back of our minds in the still of a long cold night we find ourselves remembering more than any other. This is our secret that only glances and simple phrases indicate that it exists.
Sometimes you are such a temptress. Dolled up, flirtatiously calling me like a mythical Siren and daring me to crash My body, my soul, my very being onto your rocky shores where it will be shattered beyond recognition. This is when you are at you erotic best, a picture of seduction, of sensuality, of confidence and beauty. This is the part that is not story book romance but a hot love story. The kind portrayed in plays, and stories, in movies and every other form of entertainment since the beginning of time. It is the type of thing that makes meek women bitter, puritans out raged, and people uncomfortable with their own desires and needs shake in jealousy swimming in fear. It is always amazing to see you like this.
Sometimes though I don’t really want any of these things, instead I want to take you as you are, lifting your skirt, pushing aside your panties, pawing at your chest. Our kisses deep, wet and intense, our bodies rising and falling, our hearts quickened, our breathes rapid, and no words just sounds of pleasure and delight as I fuck you like I mean it.

Wicked Wednesday

Week Night Sex

Beautiful Woman from behind by Exhales Vanilla Lace on Deviant ArtSometimes domesticity just didn’t suit her.   Sometimes playing house, dress up, and all the other things that modern times requires was more of a bore than anyone could have ever imagined from watching prime time Television.  Sometimes she wanted to feel young and restless and wild.  It’s not that she didn’t love him, it’s not that she didn’t enjoy sex, and god knows it wasn’t a lack of desire but sometimes making love to the same person over and over felt well, nice but also so safe, routine, and boring.   Sex seemed more like a rout calculation in an algebraic equation than something hot, passionate or even a little bit dirty. Even nice girls like to feel a little dirty now and again.  Just like in math it’s always an unexpected rogue integer that takes you by surprise.
Week night sex is rarely magical, it is a little kissing, some petting and nice a slow but not too long of a screw so they can get some sleep and be well rested for the rest of life come morning.  On this occasion as he was yawning as she entered the room “Up for a quickie” she asked with all the passion of how about another coffee.  He acknowledged her positively as she drifted into the master bath. “Fine but you have to do all the work tonight.”
A few minutes later she made her way back towards the bed.  He looked her naked body up and down and blocked her path.  Before she could protest she was pinned against the wall, his hand not just between her legs but 3 fingers buried knuckled deep in her pussy. She looked away as he finger fucked her now dripping cunt with rapid savagery. His cock throbbing and at full attention against her leg then he pushed her forward toward the bed, she bent over slightly to keep from being planted face first into the mattress.  He instantly edged in behind her, rubbing his cock against her pussy, taking away her desire to slip beneath the covers. Teasing, tracing but never entering, always so close to slipping inside of her.  Suddenly she gasped he had deftly went for teasing her to sliding 4 fingers into her…deeply into her, filling her fully, arching her back, spreading her legs he worked her over from behind, pounding her wetness down her thighs with each deep hard thrust.
Nothing else holding her in place and only his fingers mercilessly driving in and out of he as she concentrated on the pleasure. Without warning he stopped and before it even occurred to her she was on her back legs in the air and his cock had taken the pace of his fingers, driving in and out of her in long, deep unrepentant thrusts.  She tried to move with him but he would change the rhythm, with draw completely and start again differently every time she tried to mimic his motion.  This was about him fucking her on his terms, without  a word, or even a glance he made it clear that he inteneded to have her the  way he wanted .  It was about how he wanted to fuck and not about her or her pleasure tonight.   The one thing that did not change was the sound of his hips slamming off hers as he drove the last few inched home forcefully with each thrust.  He may have moved his length through her at a painstakingly slow pace one time and with intense speed the next but what never faltered was that he finished strong and rough each time. It was the only thing she could count on, the collining of bodies during the last few inches of his motion, the sounds that accompanied that that filled the otherwise silent room..  She stared off to the side never once making eye contact, not even catching a glimpse of him. She was lost in her own thoughts focusing on his motion, his desire and not hers   Finally his pace increased, the violence of each stroke built upon the last, she squeezed tight as she came, he stopped, paused for what felt like an eternity and then exploded inside of her while completely motionless except for the throbbing of his orgasm which sent her over the edge again.   A few more thrusts for good measure and he stepped back from her panting breathless form.
“You didn’t even kiss me” she said, more of a realization than a statement.
Her eyes finally turning to meet his for the first time since he crossed the room “You didn’t want kissed, you wanted fucked.”
She blushed he was right, and suddenly she wanted him all over again. This time thought she wanted kissed too.