You want to do what to my feet?

I uttered those words many years ago somewhere on a hot summer night just outside of Philadelphia.   This week as I ponder the topic of foot fetishes I’d be remiss not to point out that I actually have had the line
“I dig heels but don’t have a foot fetish. Over a drink or two could tell you about a girl in my life who did.”
On my very abbreviated Fet profile for quite some time.  So I guess let’s pretend we’re having a drink for now OK?  Even though those words were written with the intent of playful humor the reality is that it’s a nod to how kink even if it’s a onetime thing or a single partner can provide you with an experience you can recall with perfect clarity even decades later.
Enter Tracy, I’ve written about her before she was my first kinky girl friend and in many ways she remains a staid and Maflic's Feet in the Caymansstoic force in my kink to this day though I’ve not spoken with her in 14 years (life gets in the way) or played with her in ahem…way fucking longer than that.
Tracy had a thing for my feet…have I told this story here before?  I’ve made references but they lacked detail so I’ve not shared this part.  Why not? Well umm I didn’t get it then and I really don’t get it now but hey just because it’s not my kink doesn’t make it wrong.
She would kiss my feet, rub herself all over them, dry hump (or not so dry hump) them,  lick them, tell me how sexy they were. She would say the most perverse things and much of eventually led back to the topic of my feet.
I’ve had my toes & other parts of my feet in her mouth, pussy and ass.  Why? Because she put them there and I never thought to object to it.  Personally as fun as it was I’d rather have my toes in the sand on a warm day at the & the CHesty Blonde @ the Beach
Now I’m no expert on the subject but don’t consider mine to be particularly ugly or exceptionally attractive.  They’re size 10 or 10.5 depending on the shoe and I have skinny ankles which I’ve be told by the Blonde she’s jealous of.   I do however typically have on awesome socks;  which is topic for another time.
As for Tracy and all this foot stuff? It didn’t do damn thing for me but hey I like naked women who are having a good time so I’d watch her typically freshly spanked red ass and perky little breasts writhe around to my heart’s content when she went into foot mode.  No skin off my nose, or feet.  And after she had her fill I’d get back to fucking her like I meant it which at the end of the day was what all the other play eventually led to anyway.
I have a lot of fetishes feet just don’t happen to be one of them. I do however get a little sensitive if I hear the term “Toe Fucker”
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