Corporate Outings Sex Rooms Finding Out How Vanilla Your Boss Is

The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and me)
So I work and make my living as a fairly visible part of a large corporate machine with traditionally conservative leadership. Hard to believe but writing smut is just a hobby and doesn’t pay the bills. It’s something only a few close friends at work know about. Then again you won’t catch me parading around in fetish attire and I don’t publicize my other adult oriented activities. I had a boss who was quite the swinger once at another company but that is a different story.
A few weeks back we had an annual all hands on deck type meeting over the weekend. Of course we moved what city it would be in about 6 weeks before the actual event for around 500 people which might as well have been the last minute. The new location was fine, back on some of my old home turf which is always nice. The accommodations were less than luxurious and the hotel was over booked with Doctors at some convention when we started to arrive. I walk into lunch on that first day and a friend whispers in ear.
“This place has sex rooms.” I of course ignore him.
He continues on “ no really they have 16 different themed sex rooms” ok now I’m curious I was thinking it was just rooms with a big hot tub but theme rooms well that was a different story.
I assured him it was a pretty wild city so no big surprise. As they say write what you know and out of a dozen or so people from that city I had kept the company of in the past most of them were very, very, very, kinky.
He went on “Paul has one called the Cave, it has fur and hieroglyphics on the walls, and a giant round orgy bed!” My friend’s voice turned from a whisper to nearly inaudible when he said orgy. The only thing missing was a hushed gasp coming from his mouth. I laughed like a lunatic since Paul was the head of HR. There was a certain irony that he had a “sex room”.
The group of well heeled and devoted professionals had been turned into a bunch of high school kids sneaking a peek at an older brother’s nudie mag. So and so had a room with mirrors on all the walls and ceilings, blah, blah, blah had a room with a Gilligan’s island theme. The list went on there were about seven of us who had theme rooms.
The room holders gave tours after a few pints at the hotel pub each evening, groups flocked to the “guides” as if they were going to get a look at the secret of the entire universe. Are people really that sexually repressed? It scares the hell out of me that most people have as unimaginative sex life as they do a day job.
One room in particular was the called leather and lace. It was the one people talked about most since it had as people described it “Prison bars with those hand cuff things and chains all over it.” People are really interesting to watch as they talk about what they think is wild and taboo. Isn’t bondage, even causal bondage a fairly main stream fantasy? This coming from a guy who can tie more knots than an eagle scout and owns enough rope to dock the pacific fleet.
One Tall leggy blonde VP on a tour cuffed a finance executive to the bars and took a few pictures and then left him there helpless for a few minutes. I have a new found respect for her and the only thing that would have been better was if she would have added “how does that feel? you like don’t you? You little whiny bitch!” Nothing like a guy in a Brooks Brothers suit chained to a wall, even if it was only for a few minutes. Then again that might not be so unusual either.
The next morning I’m having breakfast with Marci who is a peer. She’s s a tiny little thing, a Southern Belle and has a daytime wardrobe that is so stylish and it could go right to a club after long day. I know her a little, she likes to go out, have a good time dance and party. Our boss comes up. He’s a great guy and was a friend long before I ended up working for him. We’re talking about the room tours of the previous night and telling how popular the leather and lace room was.
“ I don’t get it” he states Marci tries again to explain in a non offensive way what the leather and lace room was. He stares blankly, this is a man who gets everything I’ve ever told him on the first pass and at that moment he really has no fucking clue what we’re talking about. She looks at me and shrugs and at the same time we both blurt out “it’s a bondage room” she adds “you know S&M”.
The boss’ face turns red, I mean really bright fire engine red. “Oh” he stares at his eggs uncomfortably for the next five minutes as we continue to talk. Marci shoots me a glance and as he walks away adds “he’s so vanilla”. I think it was a test since she looked even more shocked when I got what she meant. Later she confided that I’m one of the last guys in the world she would have thought had a dark side. She had pegged me as even more uptight than the rest of the crowd. “Good my disguise is working” I said with a devilish little smirk.
The rest of the event was spent with her telling me racy jokes and making suggestively laden dirty comments. It is quite possible that her mind is far dirtier than mine.