A Surrender, Part 3 – Mistress returns

By request and due to their over all popularity part 3 of a female dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.Of course you can read the first 2 installments but just to bring you up to speed.

A very thoroughly spanked male sub waits naked and still in position from his last punishment for his Mistress to return and administer his next session of the evening.The promise of anything but another spanking on his red and bruised bottom would be a reprieve even if it includes more wicked little devices and cruel attention to his nether region.

Waiting his bared bottom still flushed and the dark shades of purple becoming more evident every few minutes he stood there.She had spanked him before but never as hard or as long as what he had just gotten.Two clamps on his balls left him some where between tortured and excited and the cold lube on the plug in his ass had warmed and only added to the sensations he was feeling.

The pain danced with pleasure as he took pride in how he had handled his punishment,but pride was a foolish thing for a slave, and especially foolish knowing that there was more to come.

Her foot steps on the stairs echoed.His throbbing bottom waiting for her in plain view as she entered the room, she drank it in and just couldn’t help herself.She walked over and patted it a few times, he tensed as even the slightest little smack sent new levels of pain coursing though his body.

“I see you stayed just like I left you.”Her mind still spinning in indecision, he waited for her hoping she wasn’t going to do what he was anticipating.

“But first we’ll start with just a little reminder, just so you don’t forget what you’ve already learned.”Her voice confirmed everything he feared and as the leather slapper met his bottom he fought through the sting “yes Mistress”.  She spanked every so lightly but it didn’t feel that way on the receiving end.Her cruel little reminder left him dancing and struggling to stay in place as she swatted one cheek and then the other slowly and deliberately with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Soon her interest waned and she removed the plug and clamps all but unannounced.“Kneel, and lick my boots”he stood and turned around to see her waiting in shiny black boots, a latex corset and panties matching panties.Seconds later all but threw himself at her feet just relieved that she was moving onto something else.

“Oh you didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you”she inquired

“No Mistress” he said pausing.

“Good now don’t miss a spot” as she danced a flogger across his back.Whipping him at will as he knelt at her feet.Every so often she was tempted to land it a little lower and as his back glowed a soft pink and red she reached further and place a hard stoke across his ass.He paused.She gave him another that sent him in to writhing misery.“who said you could stop pig.”She demanded, as she continued to abuse his bruised and tender bottom with her flogger.

“Please Mistress” he pleaded looking up at her.She was so arousing to him even now.

Knowing he was at his limit “Fine so maybe your poor little bottom has had enough for a while.Stand up”

He did so quickly.“I see you’re enjoying this so lets see how your hard little dick likes what you’ve just earned it.”She said grabbing him roughly by his manhood that was in fact was from small and instantly grew completely rigid with her touch.

“Trust me this won’t feel good for long” Stroking him, teasing him, and making certain he was enjoying it at least a little.Next she wrapped the thin rope over the base of his dick tightly, wrapping each of his balls until they were separated and bulging against each of the tight little loops of ropes making that made the restraints.

She then took a small leather strap in one hand and the base of his erection in the other.A soft slap across the top of his penis, and then another until she got to 10 each a little harder than the last.“now for the under side holding it up she whipped the underside of his dick’s head 10 times each strokes sending a mixture of pain and pleasure racing through his body.

“Now let’s add a little something to the fun” placing leather restraints around his wrists and ankles and fasting him tightly in place he stood waiting for her to begin again and she tortured his cock first the top side top and then bottom mercilessly whipping him with the strap paying particular attention to the fat mushroom shaped tip.Then a light but stinging beating with a wooden ruler covering the tip of his dick with extra care and precision that left him moaning and on the edge of an indescribable sensation, stopping ever so often to taunt him with long strokes of her hand, masturbating him to the point of pleasure but never too close to release and then inflicting more pain.

Clamping his nipples she added small weights drawing the pinch to a pulling bite, tugging and then letting them hang there pulling relentlessly against him. Reaching and squeezing and patting his still glowing bare ass and finally unbinding his cock and balls.

“Look your little balls feel neglected as she pulled out a latex flogger and began to address the neglect.He writhed in torment and she delighted not only in his suffering binding his still obvious erection to his torso to keep it stimulated and out of the waywhen she cupped his ball flogging first with a leather toy and then a wicked little latex implement with countless soft and thin strands stinging and going astray.He moaned and drew inside of himself as she continued.

Removing her black panties he watched as she revealed a cleanly shaved pussy that glistened with her arousal. Then releasing him he followed he across the room and placed his head between her legs sending a shudder through her soaked pussy as his tongue danced over her lips and in and out of her.

Taking him in hand and positioning him between her legs she tapped his abused little cock against her clit over and over again to the edge of her own second release and well into to it as he stood and watched his mistress cum.

“ Do you want to fuck me” she asked.

“Yes Mistress” His answer almost too eager.

“In time but not before I finish fucking you” Now standing in front of him she helped him to his knees and he looked on while his mistress placed he harness around her small waist and long toned legs.Reaching into the toy chest she removed a pink dildo that he had never seen before, it was longer and thicker than any they had ever played.Astonished as she strapped it on her intention was now perfectly clear as she moved towards him the size and girth becoming even more worrisome as she drew closer.

She stopped in front of where he was kneeling.Eagerly and hoping to avoid the alternative took it into his mouth as his lips stretched to swallow it.“Nice try but you know exactly where it’s going”As she stepped back and now behind him his red and purple bottom in the air waiting she eased the heavily lubed massive toy into him and back out again until a nice rhythm of her hips bouncing off his beat red ass had been established, adding the occasional hard spank to his punished bottom for added effect.

After thoroughly and savagely fucking his ass she mounted him and his raw dick fucking roughly until she came again and again, finally giving him permission to do the samehe did so almost instantly and forcefully from all the stimulation over the course of the evening.

“ left something outside the door could you get it for me?”

He answered and opened the door to find the switches she had cut earlier waiting for him.He carried them to her and bent back over the spanking bench.His heart sank again.“Oh I was just bringing those along for another time but if you really need another reminder I’d be happy to help.”The first one cut across his back side, every muscle in his body tensed and he fought to stay in position.She continued on with well placed strokes and long pauses, enjoying the sound of the implement swooshing through the air and then sending a crack out through the room as it landed.How he tensed and pleaded for it to be over yet he stayed in position and waited, waited for it to end, waited for her to apply another stinging swat . He waited to knowing that he would do anything else she wanted.

What she wanted was his fat sore cock inside of her…but that could wait just a few more minutes.

A Surrender, Part 2 – Later that night

By request and due to their over all popularity part 2 of afemale dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.This one crosses fromspanko to bdsm so like the character in the story…you’ve been warned.

After visiting for hours during what she considered to be a pleasant evening the time came to take their leave and quickly her role as guest and friend faded and once alone in the car she became his mistress instantly.But other than the change in her demeanor not much was said until after their garage door began to open and the car made its way into the drive way.

“Take care of any needs you’ll have since we’ll be there for a while and then meet me in “the room” Her voice matter of fact.As the garage door closed he scurried off quickly and relieved himself.Afterhurrying back through the house he descended the stairs to basement and found himself in the hallway that lead to as she matter of factly put it “the room”and no sooner than he entered it her gaze was waiting.He entered, stopped at her feet, kneeled down with his eyes cast to the floor and waited to be told what to do.

“Why are you here?” her inquiry directed at him.

“To serve you Mistress”his best submissive voice

“No to be punished and prove you’re not my worthless little slave” her voice harsh

“Yes Mistress” he looked up meekly with out lifting his head.

“We’ll begin again where we left off, with your pathetic little ass”Grabbing his arm and leading him to a bench that he knew all too well the meaning of.As he approached his already tenderbottom reminded him of earlier when he had been whipped with a belt and then she finished spanking his bare bottom with freshly cut switches.

Waiting for instructions he stood where she left him in front of a spanking bench that it was only a matter of time before she bent him over.

“lets see what should I used first.”Now toying with him he watched her go through an extensive collection of paddles one by one looking at each and deciding whether or not it would have the right effect.

“I think this one to start” as she pulled out a very stingy thing round wooden number that she knew always got is attention on a lily white ass so it should work quickly tonight on one that had already been thoroughly punished and then a wide thick leather number to follow up with.

“Are you ready to begin” she asked walking toward him an implement in each hand.

“Yes Mistress”

“Then you know what to do, strip and then I’ll help you into position”She watched as he removed every stitch of clothed lastly his boxers that covered a well marked and still lightly colored bottom.

Standing in front of the bench waiting, slightly aroused by what was about to happen.

“Ask me” she insisted.

“Mistress will you please punish me” he said, he hated to ask yet she loved to humiliate him and to hear him ask.

“How would you like to be punished” playing back knowing that she could twist any answer to be right or wrong.

“As you see fit Mistress”He answered.She smiled a pleased but wicked little smile.It seemed that he had learned something along the way but that wasn’t going to spare him a single lick tonight.

Her hand swatted his bottom sharply and he winced.Then she proceeded to bend him over to begin his spanking.Positioning him just, bent at the waist, legs spread she patted him firmly a few more times to be certain he was set perfectly and admiring in detail her earlier handiwork.Tracing the welts, studying a few small bruises on his waiting bare bottom she had every intention of torturing far more before moving onto other things.

He waited patiently on display as her hands caressed and patted, it was a mixture of teasing pleasure that was exiting him despite what was yet to come, a remaindered of the earlier session and a seemingly eternal wait for her to begin again.

“Time for your paddling” she said stepping back and picking up the thin wooden ping pong paddle.Crack, the sound of it impacting his back side filled the room and the sting of the first swat alone brought back the sensations that had faded sine his earlier discipline.After two more in the exact same spot she switched sides swatting the same spot crisply three times and then launched an attacked on his all ready tomented ass that left his butt stinging like a swarm of bees and him dancing in place over the spanking bench, cheeks clenched to lessen the sting and hand clenched to hold himself in place.

She was relentless and after every inch of his bottom was covered in fresh spanks she began again until he was a glowing shade of crimson.Finally pausing.

“Now that you’re warmed up a little let’s make sure that you understand what I’m going to do to you”She said

“yes mistress”The leather paddle came down hard across his sit spot on both cheeks after he answered.

“I’m going to finish beating your naughty bottom” she paused

“Yes mistress” another swat harder than the last set his backside even more ablaze

“Yes Mistress what?” He saw where this was going, as the full effect of the last one settled in.

“Yes Mistress you’re going to finish beating my naughty bottom”Another crack filled the room.

“That’s right and how did you say that I should punish you”she asked paddling him again.He paused to collect his breath but it took too long in her mind and she swatted him again.

“ I asked you to punish me as you see fit.Mistress” he answered. She was bored and was done toying with him.

And swatted him again, as that one set in she gave him another, and then another until 10 hard swats each with an long drawn out pause.He heard he heels on the concrete as she walked away.The sound of the toy closet opening was unmistakable and moment latter she returned with a 4 in wide wooden paddle.

“Count them” She ordered as he tensed not knowing what was coming.The first one made it obvious.

He gasped, and called out “One Mistress”

“the number will be fine for this part but if you move we start over at one” She reassured him and before he could answer then next swat arrived on his bottom that had already been taken from tender to sore and was well on it’s way past red to a lasting deep shade of excruciating purple.

“Two” he called out after winging and shifting about ever so slightly

“Three” he said forcing the breath from his lungs and hoping it would stop soon

The fourth he called out after a short rest and it had landed on his sit spot yet again fulfilling her earlier promise that he would want to spend the next week trying to stand.

Five, six, seven, and eight each left him counting the number and on the edge of begging for her mercy, pleading with her not to stop but to move on to something else.He resisted and did his best as she finished his spanking with another harsh smack as he called out 12 nearly under his breath.

“now I’m almost done with your naughty ass but not with the rest of you”Her tone making it all to clear his ordeal was far from over.

At first it was cold, and wet but he resisted the urge to fight and held on as his butt was plugged without warning with a small toy and an inordinate amount of lube.Next still bent over his backside not only thoroughly abused but now filled she moved onto his balls placing two small clamps on them.

“There that should give you something to think about” she said her hand smacking his fiery hot bottom a few times for good measure.She delighted as how he struggled to obey and took all of the pain she inflicted o willingly but what pleased her most was feeling him surrender in those last few spanks to what ever she truly wanted as he collapsed on to the bench in earnest.

“now I know that you know no to move, those clamps and that plug had better still be in place when I return.”She said sitting the wooden paddle on his back as a reminder.

“Yes Mistress” his voice accepting that the night had only just begun

His Mistress took her leave her heels clicked across the concrete and up the stairs as he remained in position, raw, bruised and spread by her toy that filled him, and two new devices pinching his balls. He was left wondering what was next and how much more there was to come.

A Surrender, Part 1 The beginning

By request and due to their over all popularity another female dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.This one crosses from spanko to bdsm so like the character in the story…you’ve been warned.

There was no doubt he was going to be punished it was something that he had earned in his mistress’s eyes.At times he craved the attention, the release and the surrender to every wicked little whim and desire, now was one of those times as he played mischievously disobeying instructions and lessons that had long ago been learned.It was the little things that he knew got to her. They were things no one else would even notice or think twice about.But she certainly did and the look before she even opened her mouth said it all.

You’ve been warned” she whispered to him.He knew what that meant and then turning to her hosts and friends a few minutes later.

“If you’ll excuse us for a few minutes we have some things to attend to and a few errands to run if you don’t mind.”This was news to him but as pleasantries and assurances that they’d be back shortly were exchanged, she headed for the door and he followed.

As the car door closed and the engine started her pleasant tone changed now that they were alone.“I am going to beat your little ass so red you’ll spend the rest of the evening standing and the remainder of the week trying not to sit down”

He knew she was serious but surely they weren’t going to drive 45 minutes across town to home.Sitting silently she drove a little further out, pulled down a few back roads and with nothing in sight but country side and hills stopped the car 5 minutes from where they had just been.

“Get out and follow me”she lead him though a patch of trees and evergreens, surveyed the surroundings, listened to make sure nothing seemed to be with in earshot, and instructed him.“Give me your belt and a bare bottom right now or it will only be worse!”He knew she wasn’t playing and with a swift motion his belt was unbuckled, out of the loops and placed in her hand.Almost as quickly as she folded it in half his pants were lowered and he began to bend over.

Nothing was said. He settled into position and the few seconds that did pass seemed like an eternity before she laid that first biting smack that swooshed through the air onto his backside.She whipped the thick brown leather belt with relentless precision and a no nonsense pace across his bare ass over and over, turning his white cheeks to a fiery stinging red almost instantly.

He struggled to stay in position hands on his knees and bottom pushed outward towards her as the speed and intensity continued on.Each stroke stinging more than the last, the pain grew even more intensely building upon itself as the punishment continued on for nearly 5 minutes.

She spoke, the pause was welcomed.“I hope you know this is just the beginning of what you’re going to suffer for your behavior.”

“Yes Mistress” he answered not knowing at all what she had planned.

Five more lashes with the belt to refresh his memory left him uncertain.

“Don’t you dare move.”

He didn’t as he heard her footsteps move away from him.He could hear her off in the distance.Not sure if she had returned to the car, or wanted a few minutes to collect herself.But suddenly he could hear her approaching again.

I’ve decided to make the most of our little start and finish this part of your punishment with something new.He heard it cut through the air, and cut it would as she swung the switches she had collected so he could hear them before being beat with them.

The first bit into his already sore bottom with an searing intensity.Each of the strokes made her displeasure more apparent.There was nothing but the sound of the implement going though the air and then impacting his backside with intention and force.Marks from the branches began to rise and she had just started.After breaking position ever so slightly his admonishment was “Oh so you still haven’t learned to obey, Maybe something thicker will help your naughty ass learn to stay in place.

Pausing only long enough to pick up another more menacing and painful stick and beginning again by more marks over his red bottom that had been more than covered with welts on top of growing welts from the back top of his thighs, to the core of his now exhausted and pain filled being through a thoroughly disciplined butt.

“That should make you a good boy for the rest of our outing.But don’t forget you still have more coming when we get home later.” She said stopping to look at her work in a dark crimson, her long nails tracing the lines across his bottom.He waiting and she swatted him with her hand, almost playfully.

Wincing and tensing again she took the opportunity to place a few firm hand spank on his hot cheeks. “ Not stand up”He did, pants still around his ankles waiting to be told he could get dressed again.

She looked at him.

“Thank you Mistress for correcting me.I am sorry I disappointed you.” He offered.

“No you’re not, you wanted punished.So just you wait.”

Moments later he was allowed to redress and found himself sitting gingerly in the car riding back to her friends.

True to her word, he wanted to stand but being wicked she asked him to sit next to her on a wooden bench.The evening wore on and all the while he wondered what else she had in store when they got home.

Through the Walls

It’s been a while since I’ve penned a pure spanko story so here it goes.  I got the idea while out on a run yesterday through a new neighborhood a few down from mine. Tradesman talked and hammered inside a newly constructed home I was passing.  The homes were so close, perhaps 12 feet apart it made me wonder what else could be heard through the walls. Is it still called voyeurism if you can only hear it and not see it or is it simply eavesdropping?   




It was an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon and John decided to spend a little time outside, just puttering mostly with this and with that but nothing in particular.  After all there weren’t many warm sunny days in the middle of winter and even though the holiday decorations had been long since put away still the tepid breeze gave the illusion that spring time might be just around the corner if not already upon him.

Winter was an odd time and the normally bustling neighborhood became dormant, no one out chatting on the side walk.  No kids in the streets, BBQ’s, over the fence conversations, or hours spent in the sun tending to lawns and gardens in a endless battle against nature and man to have the best coiffed patch of suburbia.

Every one pretty much knew everyone else but winter was reduced to waving from cars and even the dogs ran back in when let out as quickly as possible to avoid the cold.  There was one exception, John’s new neighbors who moved in late last fall just as the weather turned.  Sure he had done the neighborly thing and introduced himself but shortly after that the first cold snap started.  Standing at the back corned of the house puttering with the down spout he heard a faint crack come from his new neighbors’ house.

Thinking nothing of it he continued to while away his time.  Dressed in her little school girl out fit complete with scuffed shoes and a wrinkled un-tucked blouse and an indecently short plaid skirt that didn’t even completely cover her panties Lisa made her way to the living room and the closed shades tightly.  Passing past the table that loomed ominously in the center of the dining room she peeked out into the yard and saw John by the back corner of the house.  Fortunately he didn’t see her as she drew the thick drapes and sheers so tightly that the light of day had vanished leaving the room in an odd dark state for a moment.

John still unaware in his quiet suburban Hamlet tending to the things he perhaps loved but certainly occupied his time with.  Other things were a foot and had yet to start in earnest when he heard Dave’s voice stern and slightly elevated through the wall “You had better get your nose in that corner young lady”  the chandelier now ablaze  compensating more than adequately for the eclipsed sun.

John knew what he thought he heard.  When the thought dawned on him that he knew for a fact that Dave and Lisa didn’t have any children. Perhaps his old ears were not what they once were.  Still he lingered near the back corner his house, not really knowing why, then again he was out side puttering just to putter so why not stay where he was and fix the edging, think about the upcoming planting.

Lisa at that very moment was just inside her home’s walls was pressing her nose and perky little chest into the corner that 5 feet or so on the other side of the same corner her unsuspecting neighbor studied his landscaping. Dave was opening the Armoire and the squeak of the hinges made Lisa’s heart jump as she began to worry about exactly what her was moving from it. She could hear him placing an assortment of things on the buffet.

“Stick that little ass out”  Dave instructed walking towards her.  Crack, his hand landed on one cheek and then the other.  Then a few more, John’s ears perked up.  And Dave’s voice rang through clear as a bell.  “I’m going to beat that little ass of yours bright red.  Do you understand?”

Lisa answered even more clearly, “Yes sir”.  He smacked each of her cheeks soundly with his hand a few more times just to let a little sting start to build.  John was certain of what he was hearing. He inched away from his garden and toward their walls, he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Now say it”  Dave asked.

Lisa, still with her nose and tits pressed in the cornered and her cheeks the slightest shade of pink under her panties pleaded playfully.  “Don’t make me ask.”

Dave’s eyes narrowed “I asked you to say it. Don’t make me ask again” Pausing, picking up a leather paddle and cracking it just hard enough on his own leg to get her attention.

Lisa still playing “Can’t you just do it.  I don’t want to say it.”

Dave grabbed her by the waist pulling her bottom out ward immediately after she finished and landed the long leather paddle across her in quick succession five times.

“So you want to be defiant today young lady!” He added as he paused.

John listening intently still couldn’t believe his ears, he forgot that it was a warm winter day with the sun on his face.  He forgot that he was holding a flat spade to fix his edging and in drinking the sounds of his new neighbors forgot that a few seconds earlier he was worried about one of their welfare when he heard Lisa giggle.

“of course, That’s half the fun.” She added in a tone that he at first wasn’t certain of. And then after hearing five more cracks of the paddle.

“Well?” Dave asked

Lisa off balance, still more or less tucked into the corner, hands out against the wall with her stinging butt pulled out toward the room giggled.  Dave waited and then swatted her again, she laughed and then once more the paddle cried out “CRACK” as it landed over the shirt tails, skirt and panties.

“Fine” she put on her playful pouty little voice “I’ll say it, you know that I hate when you make me say it”.  John focusing waiting with great anticipation to hear what she said as Lisa looked back at Dave and with a grin “I’m ready for you to spank me!”

Dave replied “why?”

No sooner than the words sank into John’s head, making certain that he was hearing what her thought he was hearing wondering what he should do, notify the authorities, ring the door bell to see if she’s alright but just then she added quite loudly, dropping the pout “Because I love it, I want you to bend me over, pull down my panties, and spank my naughty bare ass bright red.”  Her arousal growing as the words escaped her lips.

“Oh so you want to be spanked?”  Dave inquired?

“Yes, do you know how I want it?” she toyed back now pressed into the corner.  John drifting ever closed to his neighbor’s walls to make certain he didn’t miss a word.  Had he moved that way much more his ear might have been pressed against their wall barely inches from her nose.

“Bend over the table” Dave said leading her to the table and positioning her bottom in plain view her crest pressed into the surface arms reaching out to grab the edges.  John imagined the scene in his own way, slightly different but with the same end result.

Dave lifted her skirt, and patted her playfully.

“Not over them”  She said “Pull them down and spank my bare bottom” Wiggling her slightly pink cheeks at him and he lowered them and applied a wooden spoon covering every inch of her bottom.  John listened to each and every rapid fire sound and delighted murmur still imagining what was going on and not knowing exactly was killing him.

“How’s that young lady?” Dave asked.

“A nice warm up,  I’m sure I’m getting red.” She said loudly so Dave just played along answering in a tone that was crescendo as well. “So have you learned your lesson?”

“Not hardly spank me more, and harder, make it sting and throb” Lisa had never been shy with words but this was more talk than either was use to.  Was she topping from the bottom Dave wondered picking up the infamous CB paddle.

The first swat got her attention, and each subsequent one landed in a well spaced and firm handed approach that left her dancing in place and very much feeling the sting she had been longing for.

The pleas to stop began at first playfully “No more, I’ll be good” and “I’ve been spanked enough” but he figured she’d asked for it and not wanting to be one to disappoint was going to make absolutely certain that she had her fill.  Each smack felt like a swarm of bees, each pause the possible end both a longed for and hated part of play simultaneously.

Finally pausing to rest more from his own fatigue admiring her crimson and glowing cheeks.  “How red is it?”  she asked.  Acknowledging the shade her bottom had become with a pause and Lisa took the opportunity to jump in.  “Well I guess you’ll have to wait until this time next Saturday to give me the belt.” She offered he tone still elevated.

Dave just played along wondering if a few hard strokes of the belt right now might be a good idea but the thought faded quickly “but right now you can take me upstairs and finish off my bottom while you fuck me”  She stood up a daring move but Dave let it go since he was about to get his reward for playing with her.

Later as they left the house John was in the front yard still working. Lisa couldn’t resist the temptation of going over to simply say hi.  He wondered how her punished bottom looked under the jeans.  Dave joined her shortly there after and after a few niceties,  swatted her butt playfully and insisted they go.

John blushed, and Lisa flashed a devilish little smile offering “yeah we do pretty much the same thing every Saturday but I can’t wait until summer, when it’s really hot.”

John stood there with his tool covering his growing tool and as Lisa and Dave drove up the street she finally informed him about the neighbor listening in.

He got it now and understood the entire scene so much better  “Well you’ve always loved that.  Next time whether he’s there or not we’ll really give him something to listen to you little brat.”

“Oh he’ll be there” she offered already looking forward to the following week, this time she wouldn’t be the one calling the shots, it would be his turn and the play was always so much better that way.


She loved her trips over his knee. She’d feign modesty as her bottom was bared his hands so strong but gentle with her. First the buttons were undone, then the zipper slowly lowered. His touch always so sure, so unwavering. Other times looked at him playfully grinning seductively stripping down as she crossed the room toward him until there wasn’t a stitch of anything left on her except for the hair band keeping her long flowing locks tucked neatly in place before she all but jumped enthusiastically across his lap.

Squirming and writhing in ecstasy as his hand warmed more than her bottom up. Teasing and tempting to her it was foreplay at its best. She liked the tingle and the gentle sting each smack brought. The anticipation of the next one and where would it land and just how crisp would it be. She loved the feeling of surrender but knew she was really the one in control. She’d moan in delight as his hand moved from her bottom to between her thighs brushing over her ever so gently. She’d push herself back into him but maddeningly he would lighten his touch, and tell her “not yet”. She’d pine in frustration as her desire grew and he went back to spanking her, a release unto itself before teasing her again. Slow and rhythmic, he played her sensations like a symphony bringing her to a crescendo.
Oh how it turned her on, oh how she knew the magnificent intimacy of those moments and the ones of pure pleasure that would soon follow as they would melt into each others arms and make love for an eternity afterward. Each billowing heaving breaths in unison with the other as in time they would collapse exhausted into each others embrace, fulfilled each time beyond desire; at least for the moment. It was never discipline, it was never cruel. Each encounter over the years left her always wanting more, longing to feel a little more sting.
Slipping into the bathroom she would admire her glowing bottom in the mirror, looking at it from each and every angle, rubbing her hands over it feeling the warmth still lingering but the sting had long since faded. Savoring the occasional small raised mark a finger had left. She would do this often over the next few hours locking the door for privacy until the color in her cheeks had all but faded.
Tonight would be the night, she would ask to stay across his lap just a little bit longer. He would know what she wanted he had always taken his cues from her so very well. He was in the den reading the house filled with soft light and music dancing through the halls. She opened the glass door to the den. There he was sitting on the leather couch reading. The look in her eyes said more than words ever could of as she slowly began to disrobe.
Something was different he thought to himself attempting to determine exactly what it was as her blouse was discarded to the floor. At last her skirt was cast aside onto the chair. Certain that she had his full and undivided attention turned her back to him and removed her thong, her round bottom in his full view. She reached back to the table where his book had been place and facing him in all her glory reached into the drawer took out a brush with a hair band on it and began to pull her hair up.
“That’s it, her hair was down” he thought to himself. As she set the brush on his book and began a temptingly slow descent across his lap. Fidgeting she moved ever so slightly this way and savoring the anticipation stalling not out of fear but wanting to be perfectly positioned for him. Things began as always, her cheeks began to glow he began to tease. She resisted and didn’t push herself towards him.
In time she could feel his lust for her building, she was determined to stay committed, her bottom warm and tingly his fingers tracing across her seat to her thighs as his fingers slid upward on the inner part. She stated looking up at him “not yet” the words she had heard so many times herself.
Her heart began to flutter. Surely he would know what she meant, he had known her so well all these years. Surely this kind man wouldn’t actually make her say it. She was no stranger to sexual banter, but she hoped she would be spared the need to say what she wanted at least this time. She wanted him to know what she needed. His hand stopped exactly where it was at then made its way across her bottom before reaching for the hair brush.
Her back arched, her bottom danced from side to side as it landed on her over and over. The intensity built and built with each passing second as she wiggled and moved across his thighs. He held her in place a hand just above her well heated backside his forearm extending up her back to between her shoulder blades. Finally putting the brush down on the table his grasp lightened she relaxed, drinking in the experience, the throbbing, the arousal, the need to have him, to whisper uninhibitedly in his ear her passion for him. She slowly stood. “I’ll be right back” making her way to the powder room.
She had never delayed their loved making before after a trip across his lap but she couldn’t wait. She had to see herself right then and there. The old wooden door closed quickly and loudly behind her as she bolted into the bathroom. She admired herself in the mirror, first from one side and the other contorting herself in every imaginable position to admire her well spanked bottom. The deep crimson shade mixed in with a few marks from the brush, she had never been so red. She lingered perhaps a bit too long admiring herself. As she reached to open the door no longer able to contain her desire for him. It was locked. She looked feverishly through the key hole. It was not there. They key had not been inadvertently moved to the other side. She tore through the make up bag on the floor. After a few more moments of ransacking the linen cupboard in desperation realizing that she couldn’t find the key.

The next day she found herself fascinated with the marks he had left on her, posing and watching as she studied each shade and mark. Drinking it all in, her bottom tingled as she ran on the treadmill at the gym reminding her of her adventure. In the locker room adorned with mirrors she couldn’t help but steal glances of herself as she walked to and from the shower. When she got home he patted her on her still tender bottom and asked.

“Red enough for you?” Her face flushed as red as her backside had been the night before, embarrassed that he knew all these years what she had been doing afterwards. Then again she shouldn’t have been surprised he really did know her so well.

Anna’s late arrival part 2 the next night

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.



Getting out of her car she dreaded even more what she knew was coming when she got home. The previous night’s session still had a lingering effect on her. So much so that the normally tardy lady arrived home not only on time but a few minutes early, which was a first. As she walked thought the laundry room she saw Mark sitting and waiting in the kitchen, seated calmly at the table looking over the day’s mail. That feeling was back again, that nervous pit in her stomach, the cool sweat on her skin and her heart racing. “good evening.” She offered trying to be pleasant, hoping he had forgotten but deep down knowing better. “well hello, on time I see.” Anna blushed at his response and the last bit of hope that he had forgotten faded all too quickly. She turned toward the kitchen knowing that she was about to receive instructions. She just wanted to get it over with and be done. She stood in front of him, silently, her legs weak and her hands shaking ever o slightly. He kept reading until he was done with the mail and then stacked in neatly looking up at her. “Anna are you ready for your punishment?” She fought back the urge to dispute the use of the word punishment, she had lied and he knew it. On second thought perhaps the word punishment fit. She blushed a deeper shade of red wishing he had chosen a different word, he could have said spanked or paddled and it would have been less embarrassing to her than “punishment”. Instead she simply answered yes.
Looking at her. “Good. then please move the mail to the counter.” She moved cautiously picking it up and walking to the counter. As she retuned she found him standing next to the table a chair set to the side. At last this was drawing near. She hated waiting, shifting all day long on a sore bottom knowing that it would be much sorer not long after she arrived home. She waited for him to take a seat but he kept his eyes focused on hers as she looked at the chair. “Oh you’re not getting off that easy tonight miss.” His hands began to guide hers to the table’s edge. He positioned her leaning forward with her arms straight and her legs planted firmly but spread. Her bottom felt like it was pushed out and just waiting for him. He raised her skirt, she tensed as he tucked its length into her waist band. Then Mark slowly began to lower her panties. “No. Please Mark leave them up.” She ask quietly as he observed her bottom sporting a few lingering bruises and sore spots from the night before. She stood waiting but instead he lectured her on how she shouldn’t have lied, how disappointed he was at her to not follow even the simplest request when she was not in trouble. “you didn’t even listen when you knew what was already coming.”
Finally she thought he was going to begin the lecture had lasted forever, why wouldn’t he just get it over with but he kept torturing her by making her wait. “We’ll start with the spoon.” He proclaimed. He put one on each cheek and then followed it by nine more on one side and then nine more on the other. The smacks landing near or on top of the previous ones. She tensed as hard as she could trying to take the sting out, trying to make it hurt less but her position made that mostly a wasted effort.
As Anna caught her breath she could hear him stepping back and opening a cabinet. Wondering what in the world he was looking for she learned all to soon that it was a half inch thick wooden cutting board. “this should do the job nicely.” Mark said aloud tapping it on her glowing bottom.
“Anna, you need to count them. Out loud. We’ll start with 5 and see from there”
He began the first one taking her breath away, her knees bent. “one” she said finding her way back into position. A long pause letting her feel the full effect of the swat then unannounced the 2nd landed catching he unprepared. “Two” she stated with less than dignified intent. Her resolve to just take her punishment without express was fading away, her stoic I can take this express left her face the third swat landed. This was not fun it had never been fun but the fourth caused her to scream and stand up clenching her bottom together. “fine then it will be ten” Mark said “and you forgot to say four so that one didn’t count.” Each of the next six swats was well spaced and firmly landed on her back side. It felt like the last six had taken an hour to receive. In fact it was a little over 4 minutes. Anna was left lightly sobbing and with a very sore bottom and a bruised sit spot that reminded her of her punishment for days, but at least it was over.

Anna’s Late Arrival part 1

BE ADVISED This story depicts  consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.



Anna was no stranger to being in trouble she seemed to be in trouble with some where all of the time but when she came home 3 hours late her husband was not amused. He could have cared less that she was late, he trusted her completely but the fact that she was so late with out a word caused him great concern. As he sat there wondering if something terrible had happened on her drive home, had the car broken down, was there an accident and after all she had gone into the city for dinner and the city in general had its own host of potential problems. Fifteen minutes late would have been early, thirty minutes late would have in his world knowing her as well as he did be considered on time. But after 90 minutes from when Anna said she would be home Mark decided to call her. The phone rang and went unanswered. He did what anyone concerned would do and left a message, the call went unreturned.   Anna had heard the phone ring, she had glanced down and knew that it was Mark but she simply didn’t take the few seconds it would have taken to answer. No real reason why other than she didn’t want to miss a word of the fun conversation she was having with her friends.
Time continued to fly by for Anna but Mark sat still distracted by his concerns, each moment passed slower than the last 45 minutes after his first call he tried again. She didn’t answer thinking he would just go to bed. By the time she was pulling into the driveway he was standing at the front window looking out. Just the sight of him told her already in trouble but his glare at her as she pulled into the garage had made it perfectly clear but the events to come were a surprise even to Anna.
“every thing OK?” He asked as she sheepishly entered the house.
She thought about lying but figured that it was best that she didn’t and answered “just fine but I’m really tired and ready for bed”
Looking at her not believing her cavalier attitude. “Why didn’t you call?” He asked. She bust out with “I was having too much fun. I figured you’d just go to bed”
Mark not angry but still concerned “I was worried about you, all you had to do was call.”
That was it she was not in the mood to have her fun evening ruined by his worrying she yelled “ Quit treating me like I’m 10.”
He stood silently for a moment “You’ve been acting like your 10. and that proves it.” She heard a subtle change in his voice, something in his tone now worried her. “I’m sorry.” She offered genuinely.
You think I’m treating you like you’re 10 then I might as well actually do that. Go stand in the corner.” She smiled playfully, Ana loved a trip across his lap from time to time as part of their play. “ You really shouldn’t be smiling” his tone still not playful “ You’re getting spanked but this time it’s not for fun.” She still wasn’t sure if he was just playing until “now go to the bedroom and stand in the corner and think about why you’re going to get spanked.

Ana’s stomach sunk just a little, but how bad could it be. He wasn’t really going to spank her hard she wondered to herself. She went up stairs and puttered around the room eventually finding her way to the corner as she heard Mark coming up the stairs. He had heard her footsteps as she paced the room, any mercy he was about to have left when she didn’t follow his instructions.
The door opened slowly and she was by that time tucked into the corner at the far side of the room. “did you go straight to the corner?” Mark asked.
“Yes” she said confidently.
“I know you’re lying now come over here.” As Anna turned she saw he was holding a ping pong paddle, but her heart sank completely as he reached for his belt buckle and began removing that thick and wide piece of leather from his belt loops.
Anan move slowly towards him her eyes cast downward for fear of seeing his. She stood in front of him. “Now turn around, and pull down your pants” It was really happening he was going to spank her there was no doubt about it. It was not a playful trip across his lap but she was going to be disciplined. Her hands fumbled to unbutton her pants, shaking she undid her zipper and began to lower her pants to her knees. “panties too.” He instructed.


She pleaded  “no Mark please let me keep my panties”


Not amused replying “really do you think that you deserve to keep your panties on? I sat here for three hours worrying. Not a call. You should just be glad I haven’t gotten out your sorority paddle from college” he paused and after a few seconds added “yet.”
Her panties were soon around her knees, she bent forward without instruction just hoping he would start and then it would all be over with. “are you ready he asked?”
Ana replied with a quiet “yes” resolving herself to the now inevitable.
“and tell me miss why are you in trouble?”
She paused to answer but right as she began the first stinging smack of the belt shot across her backside. She gasped.
“because I was late.” She answered
Two more smacks each harder than the last landed.
“No do you want to try again?”
She paused to think but after a few seconds another one landed.
“because I didn’t answer the phone”
three more swats sent it from stinging and uncomfortable to painful. Mark’s tone grew annoyed, was she just goading him. “No, do not move. Keep thinking.” Five more with the belt had landed before Anna called out “Because I didn’t call.” The spanking had stopped, allowing her to continue “ you are spanking me be cause I was very late and I didn’t call. I’m so sorry I made you worry.” Anna started to stand up. “You’re not done yet.” She couldn’t believe it, he was going to punish her more. “now that you know why you’re bent over in front of me, the warm up is over and the real spanking can begin.” Warm up she thought to her self no one gets a warm up with a belt but she thought better of pointing it out to him at that moment.

Anna Bent back over and Mark spanked her with the ping pong paddle from the basement. She danced and whimpered but each smack was timed and consistent, building the heat and the pain in her bottom with each blow. None were too hard the belt had bitten much more but the frequency and rhythm seemed endless. And finally when he stopped she had managed to mostly hold herself in position and take her punishment, only once did he have to readjust her bottom which was red and glowing.
“That was for being late. Is there anything else I should know about?” Mark asked.
“I didn’t go straight to the corner. I waited to hear you coming then I went to the corner.”
“ah so you disobeyed me and you lied.” Anna admitted “yes”
“So what happens when you don’t listen and you lie.” He asked
“I get spanked?” she responded, more of a question than a statement.
“Yes, would you prefer that spanking before or after work tomorrow?”
“now I’ll take my spanking for that now please.” Her eyes pleading with him to just get it over with.
“That wasn’t an option. So it will be after work. Now go back to the corner.”
The next day was a long and uncomfortable one as she sat gingerly on a sore bottom worrying about what she had coming when she got home. Amazingly she arrived home on time.