A Surrender, Part 2 – Later that night

By request and due to their over all popularity part 2 of afemale dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.This one crosses fromspanko to bdsm so like the character in the story…you’ve been warned.

After visiting for hours during what she considered to be a pleasant evening the time came to take their leave and quickly her role as guest and friend faded and once alone in the car she became his mistress instantly.But other than the change in her demeanor not much was said until after their garage door began to open and the car made its way into the drive way.

“Take care of any needs you’ll have since we’ll be there for a while and then meet me in “the room” Her voice matter of fact.As the garage door closed he scurried off quickly and relieved himself.Afterhurrying back through the house he descended the stairs to basement and found himself in the hallway that lead to as she matter of factly put it “the room”and no sooner than he entered it her gaze was waiting.He entered, stopped at her feet, kneeled down with his eyes cast to the floor and waited to be told what to do.

“Why are you here?” her inquiry directed at him.

“To serve you Mistress”his best submissive voice

“No to be punished and prove you’re not my worthless little slave” her voice harsh

“Yes Mistress” he looked up meekly with out lifting his head.

“We’ll begin again where we left off, with your pathetic little ass”Grabbing his arm and leading him to a bench that he knew all too well the meaning of.As he approached his already tenderbottom reminded him of earlier when he had been whipped with a belt and then she finished spanking his bare bottom with freshly cut switches.

Waiting for instructions he stood where she left him in front of a spanking bench that it was only a matter of time before she bent him over.

“lets see what should I used first.”Now toying with him he watched her go through an extensive collection of paddles one by one looking at each and deciding whether or not it would have the right effect.

“I think this one to start” as she pulled out a very stingy thing round wooden number that she knew always got is attention on a lily white ass so it should work quickly tonight on one that had already been thoroughly punished and then a wide thick leather number to follow up with.

“Are you ready to begin” she asked walking toward him an implement in each hand.

“Yes Mistress”

“Then you know what to do, strip and then I’ll help you into position”She watched as he removed every stitch of clothed lastly his boxers that covered a well marked and still lightly colored bottom.

Standing in front of the bench waiting, slightly aroused by what was about to happen.

“Ask me” she insisted.

“Mistress will you please punish me” he said, he hated to ask yet she loved to humiliate him and to hear him ask.

“How would you like to be punished” playing back knowing that she could twist any answer to be right or wrong.

“As you see fit Mistress”He answered.She smiled a pleased but wicked little smile.It seemed that he had learned something along the way but that wasn’t going to spare him a single lick tonight.

Her hand swatted his bottom sharply and he winced.Then she proceeded to bend him over to begin his spanking.Positioning him just, bent at the waist, legs spread she patted him firmly a few more times to be certain he was set perfectly and admiring in detail her earlier handiwork.Tracing the welts, studying a few small bruises on his waiting bare bottom she had every intention of torturing far more before moving onto other things.

He waited patiently on display as her hands caressed and patted, it was a mixture of teasing pleasure that was exiting him despite what was yet to come, a remaindered of the earlier session and a seemingly eternal wait for her to begin again.

“Time for your paddling” she said stepping back and picking up the thin wooden ping pong paddle.Crack, the sound of it impacting his back side filled the room and the sting of the first swat alone brought back the sensations that had faded sine his earlier discipline.After two more in the exact same spot she switched sides swatting the same spot crisply three times and then launched an attacked on his all ready tomented ass that left his butt stinging like a swarm of bees and him dancing in place over the spanking bench, cheeks clenched to lessen the sting and hand clenched to hold himself in place.

She was relentless and after every inch of his bottom was covered in fresh spanks she began again until he was a glowing shade of crimson.Finally pausing.

“Now that you’re warmed up a little let’s make sure that you understand what I’m going to do to you”She said

“yes mistress”The leather paddle came down hard across his sit spot on both cheeks after he answered.

“I’m going to finish beating your naughty bottom” she paused

“Yes mistress” another swat harder than the last set his backside even more ablaze

“Yes Mistress what?” He saw where this was going, as the full effect of the last one settled in.

“Yes Mistress you’re going to finish beating my naughty bottom”Another crack filled the room.

“That’s right and how did you say that I should punish you”she asked paddling him again.He paused to collect his breath but it took too long in her mind and she swatted him again.

“ I asked you to punish me as you see fit.Mistress” he answered. She was bored and was done toying with him.

And swatted him again, as that one set in she gave him another, and then another until 10 hard swats each with an long drawn out pause.He heard he heels on the concrete as she walked away.The sound of the toy closet opening was unmistakable and moment latter she returned with a 4 in wide wooden paddle.

“Count them” She ordered as he tensed not knowing what was coming.The first one made it obvious.

He gasped, and called out “One Mistress”

“the number will be fine for this part but if you move we start over at one” She reassured him and before he could answer then next swat arrived on his bottom that had already been taken from tender to sore and was well on it’s way past red to a lasting deep shade of excruciating purple.

“Two” he called out after winging and shifting about ever so slightly

“Three” he said forcing the breath from his lungs and hoping it would stop soon

The fourth he called out after a short rest and it had landed on his sit spot yet again fulfilling her earlier promise that he would want to spend the next week trying to stand.

Five, six, seven, and eight each left him counting the number and on the edge of begging for her mercy, pleading with her not to stop but to move on to something else.He resisted and did his best as she finished his spanking with another harsh smack as he called out 12 nearly under his breath.

“now I’m almost done with your naughty ass but not with the rest of you”Her tone making it all to clear his ordeal was far from over.

At first it was cold, and wet but he resisted the urge to fight and held on as his butt was plugged without warning with a small toy and an inordinate amount of lube.Next still bent over his backside not only thoroughly abused but now filled she moved onto his balls placing two small clamps on them.

“There that should give you something to think about” she said her hand smacking his fiery hot bottom a few times for good measure.She delighted as how he struggled to obey and took all of the pain she inflicted o willingly but what pleased her most was feeling him surrender in those last few spanks to what ever she truly wanted as he collapsed on to the bench in earnest.

“now I know that you know no to move, those clamps and that plug had better still be in place when I return.”She said sitting the wooden paddle on his back as a reminder.

“Yes Mistress” his voice accepting that the night had only just begun

His Mistress took her leave her heels clicked across the concrete and up the stairs as he remained in position, raw, bruised and spread by her toy that filled him, and two new devices pinching his balls. He was left wondering what was next and how much more there was to come.

A Surrender, Part 1 The beginning

By request and due to their over all popularity another female dominate series of stories for all you male subs, female tops and switches out there.This one crosses from spanko to bdsm so like the character in the story…you’ve been warned.

There was no doubt he was going to be punished it was something that he had earned in his mistress’s eyes.At times he craved the attention, the release and the surrender to every wicked little whim and desire, now was one of those times as he played mischievously disobeying instructions and lessons that had long ago been learned.It was the little things that he knew got to her. They were things no one else would even notice or think twice about.But she certainly did and the look before she even opened her mouth said it all.

You’ve been warned” she whispered to him.He knew what that meant and then turning to her hosts and friends a few minutes later.

“If you’ll excuse us for a few minutes we have some things to attend to and a few errands to run if you don’t mind.”This was news to him but as pleasantries and assurances that they’d be back shortly were exchanged, she headed for the door and he followed.

As the car door closed and the engine started her pleasant tone changed now that they were alone.“I am going to beat your little ass so red you’ll spend the rest of the evening standing and the remainder of the week trying not to sit down”

He knew she was serious but surely they weren’t going to drive 45 minutes across town to home.Sitting silently she drove a little further out, pulled down a few back roads and with nothing in sight but country side and hills stopped the car 5 minutes from where they had just been.

“Get out and follow me”she lead him though a patch of trees and evergreens, surveyed the surroundings, listened to make sure nothing seemed to be with in earshot, and instructed him.“Give me your belt and a bare bottom right now or it will only be worse!”He knew she wasn’t playing and with a swift motion his belt was unbuckled, out of the loops and placed in her hand.Almost as quickly as she folded it in half his pants were lowered and he began to bend over.

Nothing was said. He settled into position and the few seconds that did pass seemed like an eternity before she laid that first biting smack that swooshed through the air onto his backside.She whipped the thick brown leather belt with relentless precision and a no nonsense pace across his bare ass over and over, turning his white cheeks to a fiery stinging red almost instantly.

He struggled to stay in position hands on his knees and bottom pushed outward towards her as the speed and intensity continued on.Each stroke stinging more than the last, the pain grew even more intensely building upon itself as the punishment continued on for nearly 5 minutes.

She spoke, the pause was welcomed.“I hope you know this is just the beginning of what you’re going to suffer for your behavior.”

“Yes Mistress” he answered not knowing at all what she had planned.

Five more lashes with the belt to refresh his memory left him uncertain.

“Don’t you dare move.”

He didn’t as he heard her footsteps move away from him.He could hear her off in the distance.Not sure if she had returned to the car, or wanted a few minutes to collect herself.But suddenly he could hear her approaching again.

I’ve decided to make the most of our little start and finish this part of your punishment with something new.He heard it cut through the air, and cut it would as she swung the switches she had collected so he could hear them before being beat with them.

The first bit into his already sore bottom with an searing intensity.Each of the strokes made her displeasure more apparent.There was nothing but the sound of the implement going though the air and then impacting his backside with intention and force.Marks from the branches began to rise and she had just started.After breaking position ever so slightly his admonishment was “Oh so you still haven’t learned to obey, Maybe something thicker will help your naughty ass learn to stay in place.

Pausing only long enough to pick up another more menacing and painful stick and beginning again by more marks over his red bottom that had been more than covered with welts on top of growing welts from the back top of his thighs, to the core of his now exhausted and pain filled being through a thoroughly disciplined butt.

“That should make you a good boy for the rest of our outing.But don’t forget you still have more coming when we get home later.” She said stopping to look at her work in a dark crimson, her long nails tracing the lines across his bottom.He waiting and she swatted him with her hand, almost playfully.

Wincing and tensing again she took the opportunity to place a few firm hand spank on his hot cheeks. “ Not stand up”He did, pants still around his ankles waiting to be told he could get dressed again.

She looked at him.

“Thank you Mistress for correcting me.I am sorry I disappointed you.” He offered.

“No you’re not, you wanted punished.So just you wait.”

Moments later he was allowed to redress and found himself sitting gingerly in the car riding back to her friends.

True to her word, he wanted to stand but being wicked she asked him to sit next to her on a wooden bench.The evening wore on and all the while he wondered what else she had in store when they got home.

Make Me

I’ve been a bit long winded of late. So here’s something short, a little different and hopefully intense.  You can find the almost equally quick audio featuring the Chesty Blonde at malflic.libsyn.com  


Click to listen.

Make me notice you from across the room when I have other things on my mind. 

Just like the first time so long ago


Make me remember what it was like in the beginning,

When everything was so intense, overwhelming, and unpredictably wonderful


Make me wonder what you’re thinking,

Thinking that I know, but never being quite certain


Make me move in a way that casts a spell on you,

One that like magic dancing in the night is unbreakable and irresistibly alluring


Make me long for your touch, the warmth of your embrace,

and the endless sensation of your lips against mine


Make me see the look in your eyes,

The one the sees and knows who I truly am


Make me drown in pleasure, pleading endlessly for you to stop,

But desperately wanting it to continue


Make me shudder in ecstasy,

Over and over again on the edge of exhaustion


Make me beg you for more,

To meet my wildest desires


Make me feel complete in absolutely everyway.

A Daring Start

 So here’s the temptation as I begin obsessing with audio I find myself writing with different voices in mind.  So in a way this one is an exploration of that and the post was designed as a script. Steal it, use it with a lover, or role play till your hearts content with the daring exhibitionist in your life. 


The Chesty Blonde takes the vocal lead on this little adventure so I encourage you to give it a listen.  The story while certainly not my most graphic piece explores adventure and play in a real world setting.  Just remember if you try it on your own I am not responsible for any indecency charges or cleaning fees.




Male read

Female read



As I made my way to the airport bags in hand and the night sky still struggling against the first light of day my arrival in the next city seemed inevitable.   My over coat tightly buttoned and lapping at my calves with each and every stride the entire adventure was destined to be a mystery. 


Somewhere between excitement and trepidation occurred as the garage door opened I drew my scarf tight against my face and made my way to the ice cold waiting car.  It sat there taunting me with its frigid interior that would begin spewing the ice cold night air at me as I shivered.


A few minutes later while still waiting for the heater to warm up as the damn thing navigated seemingly with a will of its own mindlessly down a high way I had traversed a million times before.  Blinking 40 minutes were gone and I found myself  at the exit.  It was not the last chance to bail out on the entire weekend but something about stepping out of the car seemed to be a point of no return..  Arrangements that had begun weeks earlier when he had asked me if I’d like to join him for the weekend. A chance to be away to be somewhere different or new even for a few days is always welcome.  Still as he booked the airfare the mere mention of the weekend would be an adventure should have given me a clue, even just a little one that he had already thought things out.


Then again it is not where the true adventure nonsense really began.


Last night as I began to pack the phone rang, there’s a note for you with some instructions his voice stated matter of factly. 

M   In it is a copy of your itinerary, a few details about what to do after you land and a few other instructions. 


F  Thinking nothing of it since he was at times a neurotic wreck about travel we finished our conversation while I packed.   After all what kind of input could he have that was really all that pertinent.  Eventually I went off to find the letter.

In it was everything that he promised plus instructions to make sure that I wore my long winter coat, a warm scarf, and had gloves.  Nothing odd there, not in the least.  He asked that I dress nicely since we would have to be at lunch with a few clients before going to the hotel and make sure to bring an empty bay along. 

Well big city, warm coat and an empty bag.  What was a girl to think except that there would be some very serious shopping involved.  Now what kind of lady would I be if that didn’t hold at least a little appeal.  He didn’t feel the need to bring up comfortable shoes, ahh I thought maybe he already understood that would be a given.


This morning just before leaving the house he sent a text.  There’s more instructions under the drivers seat but don’t open them until after you land.  Dress nice, extra bag, can you say the sneak was sending me out with a personal shopper for the day.  Client lunch my ass.  Or so I thought.


Of course I was dying to know.  So I read it.  “are you here yet.  If not you might want to stop and start over once you land.”  I didn’t listen.  He probably knew better. And I read on.   When you land you’ll get a text telling what to do next.  One wrong step could be very embarrassing so follow the directions completely when you get them.  Chance are you brought an empty suit case so check it and on your way through buy a duffel bag,  


Two empty bags, that seemed a bit curious. A little coffee, an uneventful flight and right as I got off the plane in came the text.  Of course I almost ignored it but decided to check it anyway.



M  “Your bags will be picked up for you and taken to the hotel.  Did you get your duffel bag”


F No I really don’t need one.” I texted back.


M “I’d recommend it before we continue”


 F he answered back


Silly man so I went and picked one out, a nice one mind you. Then as I made my way through the crowded concourse the next one came in.


 M  “Are you ready to play?”


F “sure why not?”  After all who knows what he was thinking.


The phone rang


M “Good. Are you wearing your top coat?”


F “Of course”


M “Then call me when you get to baggage claim”


F “A little obsessive aren’t we.  Afraid some one will steal me?”


M Yes. Call me when you get there.

F  Swinging my bag, and a few other things I walked to the edge of the madness stared grateful I was on the other side of the security line and descended the escalator toward baggage claim.


The phone rang.  His voice was clear and the instructions sent my heart racing.  After drinking it all in I reconfirmed the one fact that needed it.  “Yes I’ve got the number car seven twelve.”

My heels clicked as I made my way to the restroom, finding an over sized stall at the end I locked the door behind me. Following the instructions to a T. I stripped,  slowly slipping   my skirt off of my hips. My heart raced even more as I folded it and put in the now obviously necessary bag.   A creamy blouse so demure and un assuming exposed my soft warm flesh slightly more as each button was un done.  As my fingers touched the next one it raised my senses more and more, heightening the tension, building somewhere between nervousness and arousal.

Slipping it off my shoulders modesty waned behind the shiny silver door and folding everything neatly, placing it in my new bag and finishing up a few final touches.  The coat covering my bared flesh with its long thick wool, checking it one last time to make certain it wouldn’t be flying open  at an in opportune time.  Tightly tucking my scarf securely in place to cover what could otherwise be exposed bits and pieces that while certainly not private would have raised a few eyebrows. 

Making my way my way past the sinks and back into a public area.  Not daring to make eye contact with anyone in the now crowed passage. Some of the my boldness of a few moments ago faded as there I stood there and spotted a large man in a black suit holding my luggage.  He smiled, after he knew I saw him and turned without saying a word. 

Of course I followed.  

The sensation of the silk lining teasing my otherwise naked body with each stride, was a maddening distraction.  Its slow gentle caress, enticing, making me aware of the lack of layers, still I didn’t know what to expect.  

As for expectations stockings and heels were the only thing anyone would expect to see from the knees down but if they only new how out of the ordinary my attire was above that point, it might have caused a scene. 

I wondered as busy travelers passed by and the occasional glance and smiles worried me.  The insane idea that a random stranger would know from the look on my face caused me to blush, in a most immodest way.

Stepping through the vestibule the first blast of the sub artic air kissed my face and as it filled my lungs the gusts made their way beneath my coat, between my legs and causing my entire body to shudder. Crossing traffic a city cop waved me past to the center island and standing next to my bags and the foreboding gent in the black suit a long white limo with the number 712 rounded the corner. 

It seemed like an eternity as it weaved through traffic, meandering around busses and shuttles.  The driver pulled to the curb even with me.  Flashing a wide and wicked grin he moved the ridiculously long vehicle so the back door was a simple two strides from me.  The windows along the side of the car were blacked out with the deepest darkest black I had ever seen and to add to the mystery were covered in a thick layer of ice.  The ice muted their dark color making the windows look liked an odd muted crystal, topped off in a cloudy white. 


As the trunk popped open I jumped out of my skin startled and waiting.  The surreal vision of my bags being placed in the by the large man I had followed outside washed over me as I was startled again as the driver slammed it shut.  He didn’t speak he simply turned and headed back toward the front of the car.

So much for service.  

Looking down, the back door had begun to swing open ever so slightly.  The air from the balmy interior sent steam spewing into the bitter cold concrete wasteland surrounding me an emerald green light escaped the interior.  And there he was, smiling like the devil.

Now I understood, and new exactly where it was going.  As the limo door swung open all the way. I returned the favor unbuttoning my long coat, one step from the door swung it open all the way, the 5 degree air all but took my breath away, my bared flesh quivered with anticipation and chill.   My nipples, well they were already erect, but the exposure made them as hard as they had ever been.

As I bent down to get in the car the oncoming traffic surely got a glimpse of bare hip. Perhaps something more.   Warm air filled my lungs, the door quickly closed behind me as I fell into his arms.  Sliding myself against him, the coat a recently disregarded appendage, the bag tossed thoughtlessly to the far end of the long bench seat.     

I sat there in nothing but a garter, stockings, and heels, bathed in the dark green light and the mysteriously tropically scented heat.  Sipping the glass of champagne he handed me.

“Now what?”  I asked

 The look in his eyes said it all as we began cavorting indecently before the car had even cleared the end of the terminal.

Through the Walls

It’s been a while since I’ve penned a pure spanko story so here it goes.  I got the idea while out on a run yesterday through a new neighborhood a few down from mine. Tradesman talked and hammered inside a newly constructed home I was passing.  The homes were so close, perhaps 12 feet apart it made me wonder what else could be heard through the walls. Is it still called voyeurism if you can only hear it and not see it or is it simply eavesdropping?   




It was an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon and John decided to spend a little time outside, just puttering mostly with this and with that but nothing in particular.  After all there weren’t many warm sunny days in the middle of winter and even though the holiday decorations had been long since put away still the tepid breeze gave the illusion that spring time might be just around the corner if not already upon him.

Winter was an odd time and the normally bustling neighborhood became dormant, no one out chatting on the side walk.  No kids in the streets, BBQ’s, over the fence conversations, or hours spent in the sun tending to lawns and gardens in a endless battle against nature and man to have the best coiffed patch of suburbia.

Every one pretty much knew everyone else but winter was reduced to waving from cars and even the dogs ran back in when let out as quickly as possible to avoid the cold.  There was one exception, John’s new neighbors who moved in late last fall just as the weather turned.  Sure he had done the neighborly thing and introduced himself but shortly after that the first cold snap started.  Standing at the back corned of the house puttering with the down spout he heard a faint crack come from his new neighbors’ house.

Thinking nothing of it he continued to while away his time.  Dressed in her little school girl out fit complete with scuffed shoes and a wrinkled un-tucked blouse and an indecently short plaid skirt that didn’t even completely cover her panties Lisa made her way to the living room and the closed shades tightly.  Passing past the table that loomed ominously in the center of the dining room she peeked out into the yard and saw John by the back corner of the house.  Fortunately he didn’t see her as she drew the thick drapes and sheers so tightly that the light of day had vanished leaving the room in an odd dark state for a moment.

John still unaware in his quiet suburban Hamlet tending to the things he perhaps loved but certainly occupied his time with.  Other things were a foot and had yet to start in earnest when he heard Dave’s voice stern and slightly elevated through the wall “You had better get your nose in that corner young lady”  the chandelier now ablaze  compensating more than adequately for the eclipsed sun.

John knew what he thought he heard.  When the thought dawned on him that he knew for a fact that Dave and Lisa didn’t have any children. Perhaps his old ears were not what they once were.  Still he lingered near the back corner his house, not really knowing why, then again he was out side puttering just to putter so why not stay where he was and fix the edging, think about the upcoming planting.

Lisa at that very moment was just inside her home’s walls was pressing her nose and perky little chest into the corner that 5 feet or so on the other side of the same corner her unsuspecting neighbor studied his landscaping. Dave was opening the Armoire and the squeak of the hinges made Lisa’s heart jump as she began to worry about exactly what her was moving from it. She could hear him placing an assortment of things on the buffet.

“Stick that little ass out”  Dave instructed walking towards her.  Crack, his hand landed on one cheek and then the other.  Then a few more, John’s ears perked up.  And Dave’s voice rang through clear as a bell.  “I’m going to beat that little ass of yours bright red.  Do you understand?”

Lisa answered even more clearly, “Yes sir”.  He smacked each of her cheeks soundly with his hand a few more times just to let a little sting start to build.  John was certain of what he was hearing. He inched away from his garden and toward their walls, he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Now say it”  Dave asked.

Lisa, still with her nose and tits pressed in the cornered and her cheeks the slightest shade of pink under her panties pleaded playfully.  “Don’t make me ask.”

Dave’s eyes narrowed “I asked you to say it. Don’t make me ask again” Pausing, picking up a leather paddle and cracking it just hard enough on his own leg to get her attention.

Lisa still playing “Can’t you just do it.  I don’t want to say it.”

Dave grabbed her by the waist pulling her bottom out ward immediately after she finished and landed the long leather paddle across her in quick succession five times.

“So you want to be defiant today young lady!” He added as he paused.

John listening intently still couldn’t believe his ears, he forgot that it was a warm winter day with the sun on his face.  He forgot that he was holding a flat spade to fix his edging and in drinking the sounds of his new neighbors forgot that a few seconds earlier he was worried about one of their welfare when he heard Lisa giggle.

“of course, That’s half the fun.” She added in a tone that he at first wasn’t certain of. And then after hearing five more cracks of the paddle.

“Well?” Dave asked

Lisa off balance, still more or less tucked into the corner, hands out against the wall with her stinging butt pulled out toward the room giggled.  Dave waited and then swatted her again, she laughed and then once more the paddle cried out “CRACK” as it landed over the shirt tails, skirt and panties.

“Fine” she put on her playful pouty little voice “I’ll say it, you know that I hate when you make me say it”.  John focusing waiting with great anticipation to hear what she said as Lisa looked back at Dave and with a grin “I’m ready for you to spank me!”

Dave replied “why?”

No sooner than the words sank into John’s head, making certain that he was hearing what her thought he was hearing wondering what he should do, notify the authorities, ring the door bell to see if she’s alright but just then she added quite loudly, dropping the pout “Because I love it, I want you to bend me over, pull down my panties, and spank my naughty bare ass bright red.”  Her arousal growing as the words escaped her lips.

“Oh so you want to be spanked?”  Dave inquired?

“Yes, do you know how I want it?” she toyed back now pressed into the corner.  John drifting ever closed to his neighbor’s walls to make certain he didn’t miss a word.  Had he moved that way much more his ear might have been pressed against their wall barely inches from her nose.

“Bend over the table” Dave said leading her to the table and positioning her bottom in plain view her crest pressed into the surface arms reaching out to grab the edges.  John imagined the scene in his own way, slightly different but with the same end result.

Dave lifted her skirt, and patted her playfully.

“Not over them”  She said “Pull them down and spank my bare bottom” Wiggling her slightly pink cheeks at him and he lowered them and applied a wooden spoon covering every inch of her bottom.  John listened to each and every rapid fire sound and delighted murmur still imagining what was going on and not knowing exactly was killing him.

“How’s that young lady?” Dave asked.

“A nice warm up,  I’m sure I’m getting red.” She said loudly so Dave just played along answering in a tone that was crescendo as well. “So have you learned your lesson?”

“Not hardly spank me more, and harder, make it sting and throb” Lisa had never been shy with words but this was more talk than either was use to.  Was she topping from the bottom Dave wondered picking up the infamous CB paddle.

The first swat got her attention, and each subsequent one landed in a well spaced and firm handed approach that left her dancing in place and very much feeling the sting she had been longing for.

The pleas to stop began at first playfully “No more, I’ll be good” and “I’ve been spanked enough” but he figured she’d asked for it and not wanting to be one to disappoint was going to make absolutely certain that she had her fill.  Each smack felt like a swarm of bees, each pause the possible end both a longed for and hated part of play simultaneously.

Finally pausing to rest more from his own fatigue admiring her crimson and glowing cheeks.  “How red is it?”  she asked.  Acknowledging the shade her bottom had become with a pause and Lisa took the opportunity to jump in.  “Well I guess you’ll have to wait until this time next Saturday to give me the belt.” She offered he tone still elevated.

Dave just played along wondering if a few hard strokes of the belt right now might be a good idea but the thought faded quickly “but right now you can take me upstairs and finish off my bottom while you fuck me”  She stood up a daring move but Dave let it go since he was about to get his reward for playing with her.

Later as they left the house John was in the front yard still working. Lisa couldn’t resist the temptation of going over to simply say hi.  He wondered how her punished bottom looked under the jeans.  Dave joined her shortly there after and after a few niceties,  swatted her butt playfully and insisted they go.

John blushed, and Lisa flashed a devilish little smile offering “yeah we do pretty much the same thing every Saturday but I can’t wait until summer, when it’s really hot.”

John stood there with his tool covering his growing tool and as Lisa and Dave drove up the street she finally informed him about the neighbor listening in.

He got it now and understood the entire scene so much better  “Well you’ve always loved that.  Next time whether he’s there or not we’ll really give him something to listen to you little brat.”

“Oh he’ll be there” she offered already looking forward to the following week, this time she wouldn’t be the one calling the shots, it would be his turn and the play was always so much better that way.

Go upstairs! – A twisted little tale

A shorter but intensely twisted little piece, after all I can’t keep all the Kinky stuff for the latter part of May when Kink Week gets here so let’s just look at today as fetish Friday.  Nothing wrong with a little tease right?


She hates to wait, sometimes it’s for hours and other it’s for days on end but not knowing what is coming is pure torture for her.  Butterflies fill her stomach and just as they start to pass she gets that look, the one that never quite says what it means to anyone else but it does to her.  Their eyes meet and hers fall away quickly.  The damned butter flies are back, and once again her pulse quickens, an uncomfortable feeling washes over her and she is poised nervously on edge a little while longer.

Today he leans over, brushes her hair back and whispers “you’ll pay for that later” in a calm unassuming voice.  Other times the only indication that his dark little mind is working on something devious is a flash of those blindingly white teeth in an understated wicked little grin.  The combination of both today made her truly take notice, her heart stopped…for a split second.

Often when out and about the small things often get “added to the bill” through out the day or days, letting it build up, leading to more waiting but she knows what to expect from that.  Those exchanges are playful in nature, nothing more than a reason to play, part of the routine, a flirtation, and each judges the others reaction accordingly.

It’s not always that simple, but on those playful times she all but knows what’s coming eventually, not too far in the future later when out of sight and ear shot of others her cute little ass gets spanked.  Of course there will be wiggling and squirming, that is part of the fun.  The struggle, the pleas, the sensation and surrender, it is to them just another form of foreplay.

Today is different, it will be play alright, knowing it means he’s going to dedicate some time to her but in what way is never quite certain. Not long ago he leaned over and told her when she got home what he was going to do to her would leave her thoroughly whipped.

Of course her mind kept playing “thoroughly whipped” over and over again as she wondered why he would say something so cruel.  On that occasion when the time came she found herself tied tightly with a limb secured to each corner of the bed, barely able to move against the ropes holding her there naked ,legs spread wide, pillows pushing her hips upward . Waiting to begin as he admired her state and when it did begin not long after the room was filled by deafening screams for him to stop, begging for just a few minutes of rest before cursing and praising the gods again in the same heaving breath.

   All the anticipation only fed the long orgasm filled session she had “earned”, his head buried between her thighs relentlessly devouring her for what seemed to be all eternity.  Ignoring her pleas and continuing on no matter how hard her hips shook or how disparately she tried to move her exhausted pussy away from him.  When he was done with her she was thoroughly whipped as promised however it was with exhaustion and not leather.

Other times it’s something much more cruel. He never let her know which.   He would call her and tell to be ready for later, call back and ask her is she prepared?  He could sense the tension in her voice, the anticipation, the sinking feeling deep inside.  She always wants to ask what he’s planning on but knows better, no good can come of that.  She loves the sense of being off balance, full of anticipation and then ultimately surrendering control.

Most of the day has passed and they’ve been long since home when the grin returned.   She is instructed to go upstairs, put on her black high heels and stand against the bed post naked with a breast on each side of the post and legs slightly wider than shoulder width.  She had never been asked to begin like that before, and after leaving and standing in place for a few minutes he joined her.

Wrapping slowly around her back, then under her breasts, drawing them together tighter on either side of the post as she was held against it more soundly with each pass. Imagining the rope sliding thought his fingers only seconds before it touched her skin, embracing her closely, firmly and tightly as he tied off.   Her chest on display each side physically separated from the other, round and wrapped again and again until perfectly shaped and straining against its bounds.

“I’m feeling wicked” He offered and still not knowing all he intended. Tweaking her chest and producing a clamp of each nipple meticulously placing them just so, slowly allowing their biting grip to take effect. She moaned as his hands touched her thighs, her soaked pussy glistening, longing for him as he wound pass after pass of the thin biting strands around her thighs and securing her hand to it.  And then on the other leg one slow secure pass, then another, taking his time, savoring her warm soft flesh in his hands as she became his completely, helpless, naked, and aroused.  Excitedly waiting for whatever was next.

You, and Me, and the Devil Makes Three – An erotic tale.

This one is a play on the title of a Marilyn Manson Song added to an unusual setting.  Does it have anything to do with the song…no not really.  My Chesty Blonde lent her voice to a playful intro and outro on the recording along with a few other bits.  The story is here but be sure to give it a listen or you’re missing her voice which is by far the sexiest part.

Listen to The PODCAST


Our little story begins a few hours after dark, in a small industrial park that is probably not unlike the ones right by you, but on this warmish mid winter evening there is a cold haze lingering in the air from the melting snow banks.  The parking lot is littered with enough Mercedes and Saabs to be a bi partisan yuppie convention.  It was an odd sight for certain a part of the world usually quiet and isolated by that time of day.  But the large building in the distance covered in dew and through its threshold was the type of thing that many suspect but very few really understand goes on in nameless places with alarming regularity



Inside the room was filled nearly to capacity, the lights shining ominously through the thick fog, glistening in one spot but mere feet away the blinding flashes of color became muted as they moved in an undulating rhythm that possessed a rabid intensity as the relentless dense cloud moved undaunted through the room.


Floating with the fog like an apparition in the night she cast her ghostly shape through the party goers. Each dressed in their finest sexy little numbers.  The men all were handsome and polished, the women exuded an air of confidence as they mingled randomly greeting old friends and embracing strangers as lovers when first introduced.  


Holding her dirty little secret deep inside without a hint of her intention, her heart fluttered and her mind raced but to everyone else there was not even the slightest tell of the events about to unfold as she moved toward her lover.   The dress plunged indecently beyond her cleavage and her hips swayed to the music as she approached drawing ever closer.


He was chatting away but she caught his eye, he always watched her move with great interest. Her hand touched his arm as she approached just to be certain that she had his undivided attention and more importantly so he would remember her instructions even after he began his random and babbling conversation again. 


For all his instincts, his skill and his intellect that fact that he remained seeming if not truly so unaware.  It was a night like so many before, a random place, a well heeled crowd, friends both old and new.  It in his mind it was like so many times before, nothing was different and nothing had changed but as she got ready to spew her dirty little lie she almost felt a twinge of remorse, of reluctance at what she was about to do to him, knowing deep down inside that for him nothing might ever be the same.  The pangs of guilt, the twinge of remorse passed quickly as she spoke it gave way to a refined un expressed excitement and something far more primal.  Her tone remained measured and perfectly clear despite the flood sensations swimming through her veins.



“Third door on the left lover”  Her voice tempting him, her green eyes shining mysteriously through darkness of the night like the deepest emeralds anyone had ever seen.


 Nodding his acceptance.  “No sooner than 10 minutes, I need to find it myself and get ready.” She said handing him another drink before leaving.  Her lie out in the open for all to hear yet no one reacted, perhaps because none of them knew. 


Sipping the fresh drink he kissed her adding “See you in a bit”, continuing on mixing and mingling with the same group of friends and strangers.  A man by himself at things like this meant only one of two things her was alone, and most likely would stay that way.  Or his date was off attending to others things, other things in this case that would be revealed not so far in the future.


Making his way through the crowd and the smoke he entered a dark hall way, dim red lights kept the passage only slightly visible as he passed maneuvered past the flickering lanterns guarding the corridor dark quiet corridor.  Passing the first door on the right, it was adorned with white linen and gold colored oak leaves.  He could hear distant sounds of countless guests inside, laughing boisterously.


The next was themed in themed in the purple and gold of Carnival sporting jester masks and tawdry linens covered in sequins that shimmered even in the dim red light sequins.


Finally arriving at the third door on the left, it was old, seemingly as old as time itself, the wood worn and cracked, a small pair of brass horns and a silver pitch fork mounted to its surface.


Pausing to make certain he was in the right place he recalled her words ” Third Door on the left”.  Things had already changed, it was the first time they had ventured beyond the main rooms.  Opening the door slowly a frigid blast hit him, one so cold his breath had been all but stolen from him as he entered a room so cold that his eyes began to water and his skin drew instantly in to goose bumps.  A mantle held blazing candles, the floor felt like ice beneath his feet but after clearing his eyes the bed set in the distance was so warn that it and the rows of dark stone tiles round it spewed steam in to the air. 


He spotted her in the shadows lingering in a small nook in the room an alcove that sizzled and steamed, raging against the bitter cold, it looked in contrast to where he stood to have been hot enough to be part of hell itself.  The first thing he noticed was her red thigh high boots, their immaculate vinyl leading to heels that were exaggerated by the height of the soles.   


She moved in the shadows gazing back, her eyes seemed to glow a dark envious green from behind a jewel encrusted devils mask.  Moving towards him with predatory strides and sinister intent he moved instinctively toward the bed, she smiled in return.


Intercepting his line she kissed him on the neck, slowly playfully unbuttoning his shirt. He shivered from the cold but her touch was warm her bared flesh, so warm that it had not yet begun to cool and sent steam from every inch of her being into the shadows around them.



Removing his shoes his feet touched the floor, a floor that was so cold that at fist it felt like ice and upon placing his second foot onto it realizing that the floor was literally frozen, it felt like ices because it was in fact a dull, muted, gray sheet of ice.


Now naked she kissed him again.  Nervously he stated ” this is pretty wild”  She didn’t speak placing herself against him, turning her backside to him as she moved seductively against his body, his lust rising, his concerns about the temperature and the oddness of the room fading with each second, with each caress, and every subtle shift of her warm body.


Leading him across the floor toward to the bed, the stone tiles warmed his feet instantly, the warmth radiating though every inch of his being, fighting back the cold he had just been subjected to.  New unexplained sensations rushed through his body like fire as she touched him grinding into him.  His hands danced over her hips, there was something different, something about how she felt in his arms, how she moved, and how she reacted to his touch.  She was like a woman he had known for years but suddenly didn’t seem more than remotely familiar. 


Her jewel like eyes gazed out from behind the devils mask and met his as she slide onto his growing lust, moving his girth through her tightness again and again with a growing fury.  Arching her back in delight as he sucked on her nipples, pinching them tentatively at first she moaned in ecstasy as he pinched harder, and yet harder to the point of cruelty far beyond where he had ever dared to take her. Still her cries of delight grew louder encouraging his touch, fucking him rougher with each increase in pressure to the point of a violent, fevered demonic lunacy as she screamed at the top of her lungs.  Air was a bastard she was not in need of as her howls of delight continued on.  The orgasm only fueled her desire, her needs only beginning to come to light, continuing on her second release began to rise began even before the first had subsided.


Both bodies shuddering, covered in sweat their passion creating an inferno that caused the air in the icy cold room to warm.

He thought he saw something in the shadows back toward the nook in the room.  His lover’s eyes met his and then the shadows moved again, looking away and then glancing back the shadow took the shape of his wife moving closer. 

Panic stuck him, but the woman in the devil mask only stared at him as she slide him into her again and again, still not satisfied.  He wanted to scream but before he could make a sound hiss wife was next to him, he watched, he waited for her to speak, instead her dress fell to the floor and she kissed the devil and took her place on top of him. Driving him deep inside of her, the other woman stroking her chest, kissing his lips, a faint hint of salt that he hadn’t noticed before, she was so wet, so turned on, he knew instantly she had been watching the entire time.   

After they finished his wife collapsing exhausted in a heap onto of him.  HE whispered in her ear.  “Who is she?” 

She chuckled, kissed him again and whispered back… “She’s the Devil of course!” 

No Pleasure

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual F/M Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.

That said the last of 3 Fem Dom pieces I’d penned and originally posted elsewhere. If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy. Will I write more if the mood strikes me, the right idea hits or some wicked friend of mine asks.

A story of masturbation, embarrassment, and finally a sound spanking. It turned out a bit long.

“and I assure you mister you will not enjoy this one bit.” She stated as he was sent upstairs to stand in the corner and get ready for his spanking. Thinking to himself that he has yet not been able to take at least some pleasure every time she put some heat into his backside. He loved the surrender, the sensations, and it turned him on. It always turned him on and this was no different than every other time.
Standing in the corner waiting with an excited sense of anticipation and a growing arousal that spiked as he heard her enter. “ Come over here” turning to see her standing next to a chair at the end of the bed he hurried over finding a hair brush, and a small round wooden paddle laid out. “Strip” she said.
A new twist, normally she would sit and lower his pants and underwear right before he went across her lap. It turned him on even more. As he laid his clothes on the dresser and stood before her naked and fully aroused.
“Now” she said making sure his eyes were focused on hers, holding his gaze. “I told you, you weren’t going to get any pleasure out of this didn’t I?”
Still wondering how she was going to do that “Yes”
“And do you understand that?”
His pause gave her just the opportunity she was looking for “You’re not going to get to fuck me afterward, you’ve been a bad boy.” Nodding in understanding, this wasn’t the first time it wasn’t a play session.
“and this time you’re not going to want to jerk off afterward.” It was the first thing she said that made him pause, he was certain she knew but was stunned at the frankness of the comment.
“oh you didn’t think I knew what you were doing after I was done with you, As you stood up with that hard on of yours then sneaking off to finish getting dressed.” Starting to blush his mind racing but still convinced no matter how hard she beat his butt that soon after he would find pleasure in it and be back to his old tricks.
“Here” handing him a small towel “you will stand here and jerk off before you get disciplined. And I’m going to watch.” He started moving toward the dresser. “No lube hand to skin only.” Although embarrassed and never having made himself cum with anyone watching before he started stroking himself, exploding quickly into the towel. She had never humiliated him like that. He was ordered back to the corner.
Ten minutes later she returned and stood next to the chair. She led him to the chair and bent him over. Smack, a wooden spoon landed on one cheek, and then the other. After each began to sting she paused. Normally he was taken otk and not bent over. “stand up” and he obeyed. Taking his cock in her hand it was half aroused and sprung fully to life again. “I see you’re still enjoying this. I think you know what to do”. Handing him the towel. His hand back onto his member and began stroking it, the head grew sore as he worked himself to another orgasm a few minutes later. After his release as he finished wiping himself off now thought it was time and prepared himself for the next part.
“who said you were done?” she said coldly. “Keep pulling on that little cock of yours until I tell you other wise.” His erection fading from his last orgasm he tried and tried to work himself hard again, changing his stroke, changing his fantasies but it took time as he stood there with her watching as he struggled to keep a half hearted erection up, his dick was getting sore, it ached and the skin was beyond tender and starting to chaff severely. Finally coming, squeezing barely a few drops out before being sent back to the corner.
A short eternity passed as he stood there, wondering what was next but soon was summoned to her side and again was bent over the chair. The wooden spoon applied to his almost still white cheeks just as before and she stood him up again checking to see if he was turned on. Not this time, at least not yet. Bent back over she spanked him fast and hard as the spoon stung with each smack all too close to the last eventually covering his entire bottom. His cheeks glowing and the sensation building she paused and stood him up to find him not nearly as limp as she would have liked and took him in her hand again. Stroking him slowly he hardened slightly again. In the last hour he had been made to cum three times. He always came at least twice in a few hours after a session so the third wasn’t all that much of a stretch.
“still enjoying the though of me beating your butt soundly I see.” Her hand still working him, he want to not be turned on but her voice, her and what he knew was still to happen was too much and she took his hand in hers placed it on him and stated “Again” sitting to watch as he started to fade, she fondled his balls “ You are going to wish you ass was as sore as that raw little cock of yours when I’m done with you.” His pace quickened and he struggled in his mind to find another release and she patted him on his ass as he came. “see I knew you had it in you. Keep going don’t you dare stop.” But with the last one a massive release almost as intense as the first. He couldn’t keep himself hard, she even took him in her hand and her mouth for a moment but he stayed limp and too soon and sore to begin again.
Satisfied he was now taken across her lap and she hand spanked him until every spot was pink and shading toward red. He laid obediently across her lap. She reached for the hair brush and began to put its thick surface to work on him, slapping away mercilessly until he felt it in a way he had never done before. The pain went from a sting and thug to a burning the wouldn’t stop, in part because she was still peppering him with spanks, now at a pace that was slowed so that each one could be felt as she applied more force to them making certain that his discomfort was not only growing but intensifying. It always hurt but this time she made certain that he would remember not only what happened leading up to the trip across her lap but the spanking itself with perhaps more than a delayed sense of arousal for quite some time.
He began to struggle and she held him in place, he tried to reach back. “so you want it on you hand too?” She asked as the brush cracked his ass even harder and suddenly faster. “Fine Stand Up!” And he did quickly “hold out you hands.” She noticed he was still not turned on, perhaps this wasn’t any fun for him, just what she had intended. And placed five with the spoon on each palm. “ Don’t reach back again. or next time you’ll get 10 on each hand like I mean it. Now bend back over that chair and stay there” She positioned him until he was just right, giving an occasion smack with her hand. Finally pleased with his position and taking notice of his already bruised bottom glowing a deep red around the purple splotches.
The first one with the wooden paddle got his attention, and each of the others as he struggled to stay still and just take his beating but hew winced and eventually began to move a little never letting go and never standing up but shifting from side to side and bending his knees. She reveled in knowing that it was getting to him and continued on. Each firm swat sent a loud sharp crack from its searing impact through the room. It was building up so much he wasn’t sure how much more he could take or what was coming next. His bottom fully marked and varying shades of red and growing purple as the wooden paddle continued to be applied to his sit spot for emphasis. He would have those as a reminder for a few days or longer afterward.
She stopped. He stayed in position bracing for the next one, it didn’t come. Still he didn’t move, he didn’t dare knowing that it would get him penalty strokes and he had had more than enough a while ago. “You can stand up.” She offered. He slowly stood, ass still burning and throbbing, admiring her work walked up and squeezed it. He winced and clenched his cheeks and she squeezed harder and added her other hand to the side that had previously been neglected. Soon after she reached around taking his dick in her hand, unlike usual after a spanking it wasn’t hard, it was only in her mind mildly inflated as her hand tugged on his sore member it began to swell ever so slightly.
“That’s not fair.” He complained all too aware of what was going on in the palm of her hand.
“and just when I thought you didn’t enjoy what you received.” Her voice wicked and playful, her strokes becoming rougher as she pulled on him it hurt but he continued to grow. Playing with his balls and then touching his warm ass, slapping at it. “Here you know what to do.” She said, his heart sank his bottom still ablaze and each stroke hurting more than the last, he had never been so raw but as he thought to himself or so well spanked reliving the session as he brought himself closer to another agonizing orgasm. After he was done she milked every last drop out with her hands running them with a firm grip from his ball to the head over and over until dry.
“Still enjoying this?” She asked.
“No, not at all. It really hurt.” He said almost sharply.
“I told you wouldn’t get any pleasure out of this and I meant it.”
He just looked at her waiting to be told it was over.
“Get into position with you hands on the wall.” It wasn’t over, he paused, he wanted it to be but it wasn’t. “It’s not my fault, it wasn’t the spanking that turned me on. It was you. And your hands.” She just laughed “but it’s not fair” he continued. She added to the end of his words. “ I told you what position to get in I’m going to get your braided belt.”
He got into position and took each of the 20 well spaced strokes. Each had just begun to fade as the next was applied. She was right at the end of it all he had gotten no pleasure from any of it and he had never been so sore for so long.

Six Swats for Her

“Men are so much like little kids” She thought to herself when he first tore open the box that had arrived that day. It had the look of so many other boxes that had arrived over the years, plain brown paper, nondescript company name and return address. There wasn’t a doubt that it was something of an “adult nature”. Boxes like this showed up at least a few time a month. The only thing that seemed slightly out of the ordinary, although it didn’t dawn on her until her tore it open was the length of the box. No sooner than the top flaps were open did it dawn on her that this wasn’t a new dildo or vibe, it was another paddle.
“Some men collect Guns, some cars but mine he collects sex toys and paddles.” The tone in her voice dull, she just wasn’t in the mood to play, anything short of a truck load of cash would have received the same jaded response that night. Undaunted he replied “Yes but unlike guns and cars they’re for you and they all get used.” His hands fished through the packing peanuts as he spoke and located his latest purchase, pulling it triumphantly from the box like he had just magically freed Excalibur from the stone.
Her eyes widened, it was not another hair brush, or even a bath brush sized toy She was expecting and in a way hoping he pulled out a leather a leather paddle, maybe even one that was a little wider than the ones already in their collection. She stared as he pulled out a long and wide a wooden paddle that looked like it meant business and nothing but business.
Her mind raced as to why he would have bought such a thing, the first thought was solely on a whim, after all most of their collection was bought on a whim because something caught their eye or piqued their interest. The she began questioning in her own mind if she had done something, anything that might have earned her a punishment spanking. Nothing horrific came to mind, she got a few spanks last week just because and not as part of erotic play. Anything serious had already been dealt with admittedly more playfully than not.
The direct route is most often the best so after a few seconds of awe she asked “what is that for?” He was already standing swinging it playfully through the air and getting the feel of it. “It’s for bad school girls; of course.” Then it all came rushing back the discussion of school paddling he had received and the ones she heard about growing up. Why did she say it; “I’ve always wondered what it was like to be paddled at school.” If that wasn’t an invitation nothing was, but at the time it seemed like nothing more than a passing harmless comment.
She tried to quickly get dinner on the table and she wasn’t about to ask him to help. “have you been a good girl?” He asked. There was no right answer to this one but he let her off the hook by stating. “ You know the worst part about school paddling?”
She shot back “yeah the bruised butts that tree will cause.”
He laughed. “Maybe? But knowing you have it coming and having to go to the office and schedule a time to go get your butt beat like we did in school. The worst part was the waiting”
She knew exactly where this was going, she might not have liked it but got herself into. “After we finish you’ll need to go see the principal and discuss your upcoming punishment.”
She ate quickly, he went at his regular pace, not slow but not quick enough for her. He helped clear the table and do the dishes just like there wasn’t this event hanging over her, he babbled on about his day.
She was almost speechless. She couldn’t believe it she was actually getting nervous, not just excited and a little trepidation like all the other times she had been put across his lap or bent over whatever was nearby but truly nervous, like she imagined she would have been if she had ever been sent to the office in school.
After all was said and done he wondered off to the den, leaving the new paddle in plain sight on the kitchen table. Shortly there after there was a knock at the door way.
“Come in” His voice so unassuming like he didn’t know who was knocking or why.
“Excuse me sir” She said falling onto her role in the event.  He looked up.
“I hope you are running an errand and haven’t been sent here because of another behavior issue.”
She blushed at his words. “Actually sir I have.”
“I see. You’ve been told what would happen if you ended up in this office again.”
Looking at her feet, his eyes meeting hers as she glanced up. “Yes sir” She paused knowing he was going to make her say it “ I would get swats” Her stomach in knots, her knees weak, he hadn’t said hardly anything and she was a wreck. Her mind exploring the horrors his new wooden implement would do to her tender bottom.
“Exactly right and when would you like to come back for your swats?” He asked cruelly knowing she was uncomfortable.
“I would like to take them now” She offered.
“Not at all possible, I have other things scheduled that YOU are making me late for.”
She stood silently “Fine since you don’t have a preference you can show up after the final bell at 2:30 tomorrow and get your swats before you go to detention to think about why you don’t want to be sent to me again.”
She thanked him for setting the time and left the room more nervous than when she had arrived. Not sure what he meant by “detention” but quite certain how long the scene would continue afterward. In a way it still excited her, wiggling her bottom at the thought through out the night of being at his mercy, not quite certain what to expect.
She woke the next morning and as she dressed she looked at her thickest sweat pants not an uncommon choice for laying around the house in on a lazy weekend day but chose Jeans knowing that if she tempted him he might not send her to change but put wood directly to her bare bottom, the thought truly frightened her.
She picked a t-shirt just like she would have when she was in school and as she looked at her panties she picked out a pair that covered her fully and she contemplated putting on a few extra pairs or maybe even a dozen to take some of the sting out. As she played the possibility of him noticing or dropping her jeans and discovering the “padding” would end badly for her much worse than id she just took her discipline as intended.
It was a trick she had used before. Thinking back to the time she had been caught wearing and extra pair of pants for a spanking as a kid, it earned her the only bare bottom spanking of her childhood and it was administered immediately and was twice as long as the one she had gotten before being discovered.
Around 2 she drifted off to her own room, she knew she was going to get it and couldn’t think of anything else. Trying to get it over with she showed up in the den five minutes early.
Shyly knocking and then sheepishly entering the room. “have a seat” he instructed her pointing to a wooden kitchen chair he brought into the room. At 2:30 an alarm went off and her heart dropped and stomach turned.
“Please stand up” he instructed her as he walked over to the corner and picked up the paddle. “Today you will be getting six swats. They will be administered full force over your jeans”
Full force she thought, how hard could full force be? This was not going to be fun it was going to be handled as punishment, just like it would have been at school.
“If you stand up or take you hands off the desk you’ll get more until you learn to stay in position. Understand?”
“Yes sir” she agreed as she made her way to the desk and bent over, hands on the top her bottom pushed out.
She stood for what seemed like forever second passed so slowly that they felt like hours. “Are you ready for your beating?” he asked.
“Yes.” She said weakly nodding. Tapping the paddle on her to direct his aim he drew it back and brought it down causing a loud crack that rang through the room and sent a searing pain into her back side.
He aligned his aim again at exactly the same spot he had just punished, drew his arm back and the second one stuck her already throbbing ass with even more force. She fought the urge to reach back.
The third seared the same spot again, she didn’t plan of sitting at all the rest of the weekend, a small scream entering her throat and escaping her mouth. “halfway there” he said reminding her how much more was to come.
He paused before the fourth, bent over with her ass throbbing he patted her with the paddle, even the taps got her attention, the fourth, she heard the crack of the wood against her backside fill the room. She looked back at him. Hoping for mercy when he saw her face.
“Two more” he said coldly the making the fifth register as the worst so far, her knees buckled and she wanted to cry, a tear welled up and her lips quivered no sooner than she pushed her bottom back towards him the searing pain of the final swat filled the room.
She was filled with relief that it was over, and that she had never been paddled at school. Awash in a mixture of emotions, she was told to stand.
“Before you go to detention drop you pants and lets have a look” he said breaking character. She dropped them quickly jeans and panties in one motion and suddenly eternally grateful she hadn’t tried to lessen the sting with extra undergarments.
He snapped pictures of her, the bruises just starting to show through the fiery red skin, more would be taken later but next she was set on the wooden “detention chair” which only emphasized the effect of the swats and her sore bottom even more. Snapping into character again. He said. “I’m off to call your parents that you’ve been disciplined and will remain in detention a while longer”.
She realized that she was going to get spanked by him again a little later when she “got home” but at least it wouldn’t be with that tree he just used on her.

An all day affair

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual F/M Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences. 


For my regular readers this is an older piece originally posted elsewhere. And the 2nd of 3 Fem Dom pieces.  If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy.




There is a strong sexual theme mixed in with the spankings.



It started out like most Saturday’s Joe woke up earlier than Mary and headed off to the gym while she slept soundly.  Nothing unusual 60 minutes of cardio and then he lifted for a bit before heading home.   Their lean toned bodies were usually enjoyed by each other by each other through out the week but Saturday there was a day filled with erotic possibilities and at least one spanking as foreplay if there wasn’t a discipline one to be given that day.  There had been days when each of them paddled each other for various misdeeds but most often they alternated with one topping one week and the other the next purely for erotic play.


As he stood in the large glass enclosed shower Joe was particularly horny it had been since the following weekend since they had been intimate and as he washed he began to fondle himself. Watching as he went from washing to playing with himself then back to washing.  “so I see you’re not to tired now!”  His hand freezing in its place mid stroke.  It wasn’t like she hadn’t longed for him through out the week but he was too tired, falling asleep with seeming little or no interest in her needs.


Embarrassed that he had been more or less caught in the act mumbled a nearly incoherent response about washing as she approached.  “You better stop that right now, finish your shower and come see me in the bedroom after you’ve dried off.”  Reaching in and stroking him. 


Thinking to himself oh how he loved Saturdays typically a day of listless gratification and amazing sex.  Wrapped in a towel his muscular body and cleanly shaven face and balls made their way into the bedroom.  Perhaps he had misunderstood he thought as he entered since she was fully dressed.  Tight jeans, casual heels and curve hugging blouse straining against her large breasts.  She was decked out in her casual sexy best and not sprawled across the bed waiting for him. 


Meeting him halfway across the room she walked up and kissed him then reaching behind him patted his bottom.  “Are you ready?”  She asked rubbing his hardening cock through his towel she continued “for today’s sexual adventure” he agreed and after the towel found it’s way to the floor he was led toward the bed gently by his erect midsection.  


“Over the corner of the bed you bad boy.”  She instructed pulling off his towel and watching his naked body lay itself over the edge of the bed.  She knew how turned on he got, he knew what was coming and what typically followed. 


“I said the corned not the edge.”  She corrected him and he scooted into the position she asked for.  He had never been put over the corner of the bed his knees bent one across the end the other up the side of the mattress, his bottom spread wide with his belly firmly placed on the bed.   “Almost right” she said playfully guiding his hips into the air and back off the edge then reaching for his hard cock and placing it so it was pointed downward.  He was only getting harder with the excitement of the new position and the guiding touch of her hand.


“I’m going to spank your bottom” she began her lecture he drank in the words.   “you have been very very bad today” caressing his exposed bottom with her long French manicured nails.  “and if I catch you touching yourself that way again today…” her voice trailing off as he fingers traced up his thighs, cupping his balls in her hand she leaned into him “it will be the wooden paddle with holes in it over the dining room table for you.”  He understood that meant a hard paddling not blushing pinkish red cheeks from playful one. 


She began lightly smacking his firm white ass, working it from top to bottom and side to side.  It tingled and began to sting every so slightly and after several minutes of light playful smacks taunting spanks and the continued lecture about how she had needed him especially last nigh she again began to tease his cock a finger pressing small circles into the underside of its head as he began to lose himself in the sensation she stopped and began to pepper his bottom with far more intensity than before as it turned from a slightly less than white shade to a gentle pink as it started to redden.  His arousal obvious for anyone to see hers far more hidden in both her demeanor and inside the denim she was wearing.  She sat on the edge of the bed as he stood up and again took him in her hand. 


“so your punishment for jacking off and ignoring me will be this”  she stopped stroking him. “get dressed but to save time today don’t wear any underwear.”  And with that she stood and headed out of the room “I’ll see you downstairs and remember you had better not touch yourself.” 


He was filled with lust, never before had she teased him like that during a spanking and she had never teased him to the point of full arousal only to leave him standing there naked, erect, and red bottomed unfulfilled.


After dressing he found her sitting in the den watching TV.  As he past the door heading to the kitchen “ Breakfast is in here, coffee and all.”  She called out to him causing him to abandon his planned route and join her.  Quickly spotting the food and more importantly the beverage at the far end of the couch he made a B line for it.  Reaching out and taking his hand as he past.  “was my bad boy well behaved while he got dressed?”  “Of course” he said coolly.


She again began to stroke him and immediately he was as aroused as 10 minutes ago she was convinced that at least he had listened to her.  Undoing his pants she continued to toy with him as they fell open.  She worked magic on him as he began feel far off in the distance the potential for an orgasm.  “but you were a bad boy.”  Continuing to stroke him he glanced at her opening his beautiful eyes murmuring in pleasure.  Fighting back her own lust and needs “and bad boys don’t deserve this now drop those pants and get across my lap.” 


Not fighting or resisting he let he jeans fall to the floor and placed himself across her knee she picked up his spanking where it had stopped just a few minutes earlier.  Smack, smack, smack her hands landing crisply on his already shaded bottom until he began to wiggle and squirm.  Firm solid spanks well spaced covered his backside and then a few more hard ones before she went back to alternating between teasing his balls and tracing her nails over his now well warmed glowing bottom. 


“Stand Up”  she said firmly and as he stood obediently next to the lap he had just been across she toyed with his cock yet again as she lectured him. “You ignored me all week and then I find you beating off in the bathroom.”   Again she held him in her hand long firm stokes the length of his cock as he stood there with is stinging bottom just wanting to ravage her right there and then.  Coffee could always be reheated.  She pulled up his pants and he leaned in to kiss her, not just lovingly but passionately.  “This isn’t going any where.  Do I need to put you back across my lap already?”  Knowing she wasn’t kidding and she wasn’t going to give in he ate his breakfast and gulped down his coffee while sitting at her side, they stared at the TV, talking just like always, real conversation mixed with casual sexual banter.   


By early afternoon the couple readied themselves to go out and take care of the things that needed done.  Drop a few things in the mail box, pick up a few things for dinner and a bottle of wine for later.   Gathering his keys she met him at the front door blocking it with all her sensuous beauty before he could open it she finally returned the passionate intention of his earlier kiss.  He knew eventually she would melt her lust got the better of her as often as his did.  Heavy petting and heated grouping of lovers all too familiar with what got the other’s engine running.  Her back against the door, hands massaging his backside and patting it playfully as a reminder of its earlier treatment.   His hands brought her to the edge of release. On the edge of surrender their lips broke apart and she said breathily in his ears.  Not take me, or words of alluring encouragement but “ I left a few things in the office could you go get them for me?”  Couldn’t it wait he thought as her jeans fell to the floor her breasts out of their bra cups the tight T-shirt pushed up exposing them.  “ I asked you to go get them, my bad bad boy.  No go and don’t make me ask again.”    So he did with his belt unbuckled, the button of his jeans undone and his jeans all but falling from his hips as he walked.  Entering the office on the desk was a large pink vibrator standing up.  As he walked over to pick it up he noticed the wide leather paddle laying behind it.  Debating whether to pick one or both he left with both of his hands full and returned to the front door to find his lover fully disrobed and waiting.


“ah see you can be a good boy if you want to” she said kissing him picking up whether they left off then taking the toy and the paddle from him Now bend over with your hands on the stairs”  Again tormenting this time by placing the vibrator against his balls, “Five to start.”  His pants around his ankles his still blushing bottom waiting for the swats with the wide and thick leather paddle/  They were hard and spaced the first was a swarm of bees by the fifth both cheeks were flaming each had landed on his sit spot  Staying in position she slithered past him and brought herself to release with the toy inches in front of him as he stayed bent over watching.   “A few more for good measure.” She added as she slipped back around him.


Crack another landed then three more before ending with one that landed with everything she had to give.  Helping him back into his jeans as she paraded in front if him pulling on his cock then stopping to be sure he didn’t cum and starting to pull on him again.  His teased taunted and stroked member was getting as sore and raw as his backside but no relief for either appeared to be in sight.  Finally they dressed and left after he used his hands and mouth to get her off two more times.




Later that day as the last bag was carried into the house and placed on the cold stone counter Mary was waiting for him with a wooden spoon in one hand tapping it tauntingly on her open palm She didn’t say a word. Based on the earlier events she didn’t need to. Their excursion out had taken them several hours and in her mind she was now way behind schedule and the entire time she was distracted as she day dreamed about his next little interlude With out being told Joe waited to be told how to position himself as he dropped his pants with out being asked. “Over the butcher block table and make sure your delicate little bottom if facing the kitchen.” She instructed noticing his already mild arousal.
After taking away the chair and positioning himself Mary admired the marks she had left earlier, evidence of his three previous session already that day. No one too long or intense but when combined they had a nice effect. After putting away the last of groceries not needed for that nights meal she approached Joe and tapped sore cheeks with the spoon.
“Here let me help you she said again guiding his hips a little farther back and taunting his cock with her touch as he started to grow harder once again. “Is my bad boy ready to have his butt reddened again?” Joe still reeling with the lust from earlier in the day answered yes only wondering what was next.
“since its almost dinner or it will be when you’re allowed to stand up I want to make sure you remember this meal.” He didn’t like the sound of that not one little bit and she went to work on his sit spot and only his sit spot landing the spoon over and over twice on one side then twice on the other alternating sides until he was dancing in position and stinging like a swarm of bees before placing it on the table next to him. “Stay right where you are.” As she sat the spoon down next to him and walked back into the kitchen as started cooking. Each time she had a few minutes between preparing the meal she would come back over and tease his cock with her hand, fondle his balls playfully as she reached around him her hips pressing in to his back side. He was glad it was only pasta and salad and not a turkey dinner since he hadn’t been told he could move. One minute trying not to moan in pleasure to ignore her touch as she roughly handled him then minute next struggling to hold in position as she peppered his bottom some more with the wooden spoon.
The table was set and his cheeks were fully a glow. Removing the cushion from the wooden chair Joe was told. “ Now sit that bare ass of yours on the chair and if you squirm through the meal I’ll use a little more spoon on you until you do” She wondered if this was ceasing to be fun for him but not a complaint so far, well at least not one other than about his backside. Joe ate quickly, Mary took her time and told him to stay there while she cleared the table.
Joe was sent ups stairs. No other instructions were given so he stripped completely and positioned himself over the corner of the bed like earlier in the day. A few minutes later Mary followed expecting to find him lounging about watching TV and relaxing. Perhaps with a glass wine and the room bathed in candle light. Instead she turned off the over head light and took the liberty of lighting a few candles. Joe was instructed to stand up and face her. “ Now why were you treated the way you were today?” she asked her tone more playful than it had been “was it because you decided to Jerk off rather than have me.” He nodded in agreement. Well then I think it is time to finish your punishment and put this all behind us.
She had him lean forward and put four mild swats with a small paddle on each side. Counting out loud “1,2,3,4 on one and 1,2,3,4, that makes two.” She again began to tease his raw cock bringing him to full mast as it stained to grow even harder. He hand circling the head pressing on the underside and then stroking its length. She held one hand open and slapped his dick against her hand just like she had done with the wooden spoon. “ Look now you bad boy now I’m spanking you cock.” Joe stood silently completely aroused but uncertain when or if she would continue or was it to be like all the times earlier in the day when she brought him so close to orgasm and then went to work on his now ginger backside again. She continued to tug on him, he had never been so sore before as she continued. Circling around him smacking playfully then teasing him some more.
More swats with the small paddle then back to his front. 12 friction filled strokes with a firm grip and them more smacks with her hand. “almost there my bad boy you are almost done. She kissed his neck, dragging her nails across his red ass then swatting him with her hand as he stood there a willing recipient. Most of the next day would need to be spent in loose pants lying on his stomach.
“Do you still want to jerk off?” she ask. “No” he replied. “ Well all day it has felt like someone needed to beat off. I bet those smooth soft balls of yours are aching to explode.” She didn’t wait for the answer. “have you learned your lesson?” again he agreed.
“Well just to make sure kneel down over the foot stool at the end of the bed.”
As he positioned himself across the stool Mary disappeared into the closet. Lying face down he feared the worst, another implement, perhaps the riding crop. She had taken it from him several times but to that point he was never that brave and at this point of the day he was glad he never got around to buying a cane.
He heard her coming back into the room his cock pressed downward and still raging with lust. She liked seeing it, she knew it was hard for her even after all she had put him through today, that he wanted her now more than when he first walked out of the shower in a towel. “Just a few more Love” She told him encouragingly as she stood in front of him in crotch less panties and heels leaning over and patting his bright red ass. He winced with each tap, gasped with each smack and moaned with each caress. Finally after 10 more minutes of torment she helped him to his feet. “now my bad little boy that part of your beating is over with.”
The wording struck him as odd. As she sat on the foot stool guiding him directly in front of her “now you can touch yourself” She said putting a small amount of lube on him, sliding her hand over him again and again the coolness soothing as her hand glided over him.
“Hold out you hand.” As he did she put a few drops of lube on it “Now finish what you started this morning.” Not taking his cue she instructed him “I want you to beat off right here right now and I’m going to watch.” She had just taken him somewhere they had never gone before and as he began by turning him side ways and placed his now lubed hand on his member. He stood between her legs as she sat on the foot stool, a small paddle in her right hand spanking him with quick crisp blows and a vibe on his balls in her left.
With each smack he winced as he struggled past the embarrassment of masturbating in front of her and the pain of the swats made it had to concentrate as he tried desperately trying to finally get off long and day filled with the build up to that moment. Finally bringing on a gushing orgasm the vibrator cranked to full against his balls as his legs quivered in exhaustion and his red and bruised ass getting the last smack of the day.


Now it was time to tend to her needs as she laid back kissing her exposed parts, lapping at her she moaned in delight.