The Triumphant Return of Mr Insensitive

The Triumphant Return of Mr Insensitive
Trigger Warning – This post deals with the Divorce or two couples we know.  While accurate is a bit cold and detached because well I’m kind of an asshole and additionally they really are not part of our lives and I’m not “involved” with with any the parties
Setting the record straight I have very rarely claimed to not be an asshole. Let’s first look at the Month of May. I was home on nights of the 7th and 8th. The Night of the 13th and all day on the 14th and 15th. And then the 27th until now but in that case the Chesty Blonde didn’t get home until the 30th. So now that we’ve established I’m an Asshole with no life let’s pick back up on the Night of the 30th at a Mexican place about a mile from the house.
This post started as a tweet in case it looks familiar. But was worth expanding on
TCB- “X and Y are getting divorced”
Mister Insensitive – “They’re both Assholes, so I can see that.”
So in this case X and Y actually have already been mentioned because it was their “situation” that was the basis of the Bad Marriage Advice post.
TCB “ Doesn’t that bother you? Not even a little bit?”
Mister Insensitive – “Nope” hoping this was the end of this conversation.
Oh look here he comes in a German Luxury Sedan, it is the triumphant return of Mr Insensitive! So while I’m being an uncensored dick let’s be completely honest., I don’t really know either of them on any meaningful level beyond their names, and the fact I liked their dog. I “tolerated” them at a few functions but had absolutely no desire to put up with her constant and obvious need for endless high drama bullshit or his chain smoking, whiskey bottle gulping, drunken frat boy antics. So the fact I could care less that they were having martial issues really is on the same scale as my concern for anything they were doing. Did I mention their one redeeming factor was I like their dog? In fact I like most dogs more than most people so it’s probably not a shock. So as far as I was concerned they should have fun, be who they are, I’ll be at a safe distance.
In others words. Not only was I not in any way emotionally invested in their domestic bliss any more than I am on the latest the mayoral election in Krakow Poland…I could really not have given less of a shit in general. It has no bearing on anything in my selfish little universe. So other than not wishing them any harm I was about as indifferent as possible.
TCB was obviously looking for more from me. I could tell by her expression.
Me – “I saw the moving truck on Saturday…or Sunday. Not sure which. Figured something was going on.”
TCB – “So what do you really think?”
Me – I hope he’s fucking that bar tender she accused him of liking. And maybe six or seven of her slutty friends.”
TCB – “How do you know she has six or seven slutty friends?”
Me “Actually I don’t know for a fact that she has six or seven slutty friends. But as a rule of thumb I figure everyone has six or seven slutty friends. (I proceed to name hers) unless they’re like me and are lucky and have far more.”  Note she is not amused by either my ability to tell her which of her friends are slutty (and their is never the implication that that is in any way a bad thing) or by the fact that according to “normal” standards all of mine are.   Which I think is wonderful because despite being an asshole I think freedom of sexual expression makes the world a better place.
I hit a nerve, so rather than solve what the issue was dipped a chip in Salsa, eyed the queso and a jalapeno , and wondered where my carnitas verde was. The topic shifts to something else. 10 minutes later. She adds out of no where “R&R are getting divorced.” Now I see the real issue. Unlike the couple we had been discussing this is one we’ve known for 15+ years, have ties to one’s family (one is the brother of one of her best friends who happens to be married to my old drummer.), Lil and their kids played together, we went to the beach with our extended families, and countless other things. This time I decided to think before answering.
Then in my usual sensitive fashion “ Hell I’d divorce him just to escape his family”. It was said only half in jest. I love his family, they are wonderful people but I could never function inside that high level closely intertwined type of structure. As an outsider I can come and go from those functions and enjoy it.  Unlike them who have to be at the same place to see the same people at the same time every week, it is just not my style. Fuck I’m lucky if I know what State or Country I’m going to be in let alone having to be at So and So’s house for 6 hours every Sunday.
TCB – “They were in counseling for… a very long time. It’s been really hard on him.”
Now I felt bad but I’m a realist and partnerships often don’t work in romance, life, or business.
“Too much pressure” I offered. The Blonde looked at me, obviously not following.
“He’s putting too much pressure on himself. No one on either side of his family has ever gotten a divorce. So fucking Catholic. All guilt and suffering. People break up all the time. It sounds mutual and as civil as possible. So one moved out and they’ll both move on. The kids are older so no real disruption to their lives and routines. They both work and there is little income disparity so the financial burden isn’t terrible. Assets are pretty basic. It should be fairly clean and easy.”
TCB “ That is really cold.” She paused “ but accurate. It’s scary how your mind works. Everything is some type of transaction or another, a calculation of liabilities and exposure against gains.”
Me – “ You think my mind is scary from out there try living with it for a day” I laughed but wasn’t kidding. I know I’m an asshole, I know all too well what floats through my thoughts, and at even the most inopportune times exactly how calculating it can be. A walking actuary table.  It is an occupational hazard, a byproduct of what I am more or less “made to do”. Lions Hunt prey, I analyze situations and structure deals. Sometimes those terms are cruel though usually they are very fair.  Still ugliness is part of every agreement.  Puts and Takes.
Am I happy either couple is getting divorced? Of course not. In one case there truly is no feelings on the matter, their situation is little more than a passing head line on a news story I won’t read. The other sure it’s sad, Shit happens, and being a cold heartless prick. Maybe it’s for the better. Perhaps both will ultimately be infinitely happier.  Sometimes happily ever after is somewhere different than where the story begins.
And that is probably what upset her, the fact that I know and accept that so easily.  The fact that I didn’t offer platitudes or reassurances of any kind.  At the time it was not intentional I was a lion looking at a wounded gazelle; hungry or not there was another meal.  And like the lion I was doing what nature made me to do, looking at the assets and finding the upside or limiting the damage.  Happy endings are for massages and Disney movies.   Me I like pixies and nymphs…they’re more my speed and very erotic little creatures.  And there my friends you have the triumphant return of Mr Insensitive. Hope fully the next installment will involve more pixies and nymphs fornicating and less divisions of assets and dead gazelles (or relationships).


“People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly” – Andy Warhol

Behind the bespoke suits, clean shaven face, the portriat of a respectable and civilized life, and fancy friends is the real me.  The one that is Rough. Who prefers his addiction to morally questionable women, rough sex, and loud angry music over all else.
Warhol type picture of Mal with a Mohawk
If you know me, yes this picture is both really of me and recent. I love if becuase it is not flattering. It is quite literally a portrait of a life that very easily could have been. A moment of the darkness often referenced but typically very far from sight.
Appearing nothing like the expected apparition, the image you are normally allowed see, the one you think you know. The vanity is gone. This is a person who overtly doesn’t even pretend to give a fuck. Who has decided to live for a few moments fully on his own terms.
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Sinful Sunday

Serious Consideration of a Vasectomy

So obviously as recent posts have indicated my sexual adventures are on the rise and while still relatively demure compared to some period of life and adding that safe sex is always a priority the thought about getting a vasectomy has been in my head more often than not for the first time in nearly 15 years. Which coincides with exactly when the Chesty Blonde had tubal.
At 46 I have had my kids, love them and enjoy the relationships we have and the ages they are. So being brutal there is no desire to have more with anyone. Having more in the event of multiple failures of birth control and safe sex practices would be as cruel as it sounds a complication in an already very complicated life and series of arrangements.
It’s funny how the older I get some teenage parnoia comes back in to life. What if while grinding on me pre cum seeps through whatever scandalously thin layer of clothing being worn and she gets pregnant, what if the condom breaks, what if she missed a pill, the dose is off the nearly mathematically impossible combination of birth control failures occurs.
So the reality is I’m not out wantonly fucking for sport with countless partners. And I may never be again preferring a connection beyond purely physical at this stage in life. Still somehow a vasectomy seems like one more reasonable precaution to avoid the nearly already impossible. An additional measure of control for a serious control freak. The ability to eliminate the possible need for a morning after pill, abortion or failing that the birth of a child.
The more I think about it seems like a responsible choice. You never know what life holds but considering the at V word…a vasectomy is just another piece of mind.   While more thought has to be given to it a conversation with my Doc seems in order. Besides I’m out of sleeping pills and need the void they provide to turn the nonstop motor that is my mind off.   It runs on greed, testosterone enhancers, and carnal toppy and even some vanilla sexual desires of course!

Epic Boobs from Above

Let’s face it. Being a Top, if so inclined has its benefits. Not the least of which can be seeing Alice grinning up at you from at your feet as you take in the sight of her amazing cleveage and truly Epic Boobs.

Epic boobs - Alice's epic boobs and cleveage from above

Sinful Sunday

A Good Licking for the Sexy Little Temptress

“She grabbed a bottle of tequila and a lime for her lips.
Laid her body on the bar and put the salt on her hips.
I was lying when I told her I was only going to lick her tonight”
Midnight Queen by Nickelback.
Once again let me remind you dear readers women who remind us of rock songs are wonderfully rare and dangerous creatures. So once again my friends we join our anti-heros as we have have so often. Naked and engaged in some extremely torrid erotic adventures.   This time we find the Sexy Little Temptress who has been well tempted herself  laid out naked on the bed and he is towering over her alternating between kissing her mouth and teasing her deliciously sensitive breasts when suddenly and much to his own surprise he decided to give her a good licking.  And perhaps for this first time ever on this site “a good licking” is not any type of old fashioned spanking reference. It is a pure carnally driven need to go down on her.   No hell hasn’t frozen over but some parts of her are about to get a little bit wetter but have no fear the temperature is certainly not going to drop anytime soon with these two and their wicked needs. In fact it’s only going to get hotter.


A Good Licking

He had to taste her. Suddenly that desire was undeniable. Nothing else would suffice. His lust was unquenchable and he needed to feel her cum over and over again from his hungry unrelenting mouth. To feel her body clench and shake from the pleasure of his tongue. To devour her and have her pant and purr with each purposeful long languid pass over her pussy. To take her to the edge and back again with purposeful devious attention to her button. He wanted to savor the moments when she would abandon discretion and passive pleasure and press back into his mouth with wanton abandon hoping to orgasm all that much harder and eek every drop of erotic desire out of each release. He wanted to make her cry out and shake in sheer delight while begging him to stop.  And somewhere along the way move from a notch on her bed post to a chapter in her sexual history worth retelling.  This was the first step towards that goal.
And with that completely unannounced his teeth released from her nipple. She moaned,  just a little at the loss of that sensation.  He gave her amazing breasts a few last nibbles and a flick of the tongue before his mouth met hers. His tongue tonight the forward and demanding one as his fingers still between her thighs drove deeply and relentlessly into her tight little pussy.  No indication yet of what was about to occur.
Stepping back and drinking the sight of her nakedness in and withdrawing his hand from deep inside her he fought back the urge to shove his cock into her mouth which would have been at the perfect height for such a thing. Letting her suck at it skillfully before fucking her mouth with need and dominance.  Another time perhaps.  Instead made his way along the length of her body before settling between her legs.  Not one to rush or be rushed slowly began to trace his mouth tortuously slow up the inside of her soft and creamy right thigh. Now doubt as to his purpose only the question of how long would the tease take before moving to the main event.  Pausing at that tender spot where leg gives way to pussy and biting her; lightly.
His mouth moved over her outer lip and his tongue began to explore her softness.  Then moving to the top of her pussy and allowing his breath to dance over her short dark pubes for a few moments before with just enough friction to make his point he began to lick down the other side of her.  Stopping and then with little pomp but pure intention repeated the process up other leg, a nibble and on to her outer lips before spreading them wide open with his fingers admiring her and then beginning to lick from the very top of her sex across her clit, sliding his tongue inside her ever so slightly as he passed her opening, pausing at the southern most point and returning again.   After a few moments first focused oh her pleasure and the obvious places that his attention would be given he began exploring the different textures, and folds, gauging his motions based on her reactions, verbal, physical and other wise, enjoying having her quite literally under his tongue.   It was about the time to begin settling in and to bring her to the edge.  And then right as she started to crest changing ever so slightly before sending her crashing over it. Only to begin to build up her pleasure again, walking her closer to orgasm only to deny her before she got too close to release.  He wanted her to cum, and cum very hard at that.  He wanted to feel and taste her as she did but in his own unspoken way this was about controlling that release if only just for now.  She would get the pleasure she asked for before the were even together, the release she hinted at wanting earlier that night but before then just for a few moments and savor her arousal. He would make her beg to cum another time. And that would be a wonderful delight.
One minute he was focused on getting her to that edge, the next devouring her pussy with the entirety of his mouth and sucking all of her sex completely into his mouth without changing the motion of his tongue and stimulation.  Eventually settling in on her and a series of slightly varied motions and frictions that made her purr so perfectly urging him not to change, to take her were she now longed to go he inserted two fingers and explored her depths as he focused in on getting her to the edge again.  Slow, steady and firmly applying pressure with each pass his hand worked in concert with his mouth until she began to tense.  her legs drew wider as if to say “There!  Stay there and don’t let up” which this time he didn’t as she tenses her pussy around his hand, drove her clit into his tongue and for a moment was as hard and as still as a stone before a moaning exhalation and a gasp. Her body shook.
He could have stopped there but he didn’t as he stayed where he was, altered his technique just a little and went back after her wanting to see the reactions.  She purred and adjusted, he continued this time using is mouth only.  She squirmed and purred. He looked up to find her watching him intently. Rather than with eyes shut in some far off place and fantasy she was focused on him as he focused on her.  What a rare treat!  He continued on, little crests of pleasure, small amounts of ticklishness or torture and he tried to determine how insatiable she truly was until she finally admitted she was nearing the end her ability to tolerate any more.
She Squirmed away a bit, “it tickles”  he pressed he mouth into her harder and demanded with its motion her to “suffer” some more pleasure.  And after her tensing, releasing and cumming again perhaps just a little.  She informed him “Just so you know next time I’m not going to keep holding still for you.”
Pausing and lifting his head to make certain he was looking her in the eye chuckled and his devilish grin met her coy “I dare you smile”.  He certainly was making a note to make sure she was very well secured next time. So holding still really wouldn’t be her option but now took his arms and pinned her legs open and back ensuring she wasn’t going anywhere too far for the moment and began to lick her clit firmly and quickly again and again until he had made his point without saying a word.  Once he was all but assured she had had perhaps a bit more than enough he finally decided her sweet little pussy had a a very good licking and that it was time to move on to other things.
He felt her shake, tasted her from arousal through and well past orgasm.  She came differently this was. Less vocal, sounds not words. Almost reserved in a way compared to her reactions when fucking her in some way or form.


So first up… this is one of the four posts lost to the Friday the 13th Technology crash.   The rewrite isn’t quite as good as the original but hopefully just like in the story hits the mark. Along those lines the tech crash there seems to be a case of a cunnilingus curse based on the the jointed tongue tied Kink of the Week post from last year.  If you read that you’d think I don’t like going down on a woman. Which isn’t true but I do need to know that she wants me to and is comfortable with the act.

For me the story above  was a very hot scene and look forward to playing out again sometime soon; with a few wicked variables of course.

And a final note M from Cammies on the Floor suggested on twitter that I write a piece based on what i was thinking about as i recreated the lost posts. Challenge accepted and that one will be out in a week or two.

Stripped for Her Day of Service and Submission

She stood there not knowing only part of what was coming. A good strapping and a hard caning was not too far in her future…both asked for an earned. She knew they would be memorable. He would make certain of it. She had been made to wait and knew part of her fate but doubted she could simply perceive what had been planned in its entirety. So yes she had a good beating coming because one has to be careful what they wish for. She admitted there might even be tears long before hand and perhaps somewhere deep inside the excitement mixed with fear making those final moments of waiting all the more torturous. She had been told to prepare the slapper and canes. The remainder though contained boxes whose contents were still un-known and mocked her in the distance. Other instructions in preparation had been followed to a T.
They eyed her like prey. Waited in silence, as she squirmed in her own skin as they sat there and peered at her waiting for their instruction. Her submission growing by the second. Seated to each side of her the next instruction was to place the blindfold over her eyes.
She stood there motionless, sightless and silent hearing them moving around her with no idea what was next.
Then a voice rang out. “Your day is about to begin. You will be nude other than your collar and heels. Except of course for anything we choose to adorn you with at any given point. You are ours to do with as we please, You will be well used, every hole exploited, each and every crevice of your body pleasured, fucked, sucked, filled and or beaten. It is not only your bottom that will be given that delight this time. There will be a series of tasks. if you fail to satisfy our requests you will be punished. It is a punishment that will be memorable and each more so than the previous.
You are to refer to him as Master, and Me as Sir until all of the festivities have concluded tonight.
Your safe word will be respected. All other pleas will fall on merciless ears.
Do you understand?”
She shook her head affirmatively – Yes Sir I understand.
“Do you consent to be our service slave for the day, our submissive, our living breathing sex toy, our wanton and willing slut?”
Panic was kept at bay as she felt her arousal growing. There was the promise of so many new things in this experience. “Sir I am yours and my Master’s slut”.
He laughed “I always knew you were a very naughty girl. Remove your dress” She did so compliantly standing there in only the panties and a Cammie top she had been provided to wear. Eyes still covered with the blind fold, hair drawn back. Silence swirling around her until “CLICK” the very distinct sound of a knife opening. Its cold steel caressing her warm skin before ever so cautiously the point came to rest on her skin then in swift move her new top was slit open from top to bottom. It hung open like an old rag exposing her breasts, and now soaked panties to them. The knife now caressing with its dangerous edge her newly exposed skin eventually coming to rest on her hip and then in the same confident motion cut through her new panties and before she knew it repeated that action on the other side as the panties; a gift from sir had been turned to rags and fell indiscriminately to the floor.
She could sense her master stepping back. Both of their eyes on her. She stood there fully exposed, trembling and completely turned on.
Sir’s voice FINALLY broke the silence. “Remove the blind fold and present yourself for inspection.” Both men clad in black and denim waited as she took it upon herself to crawl to them. Stopping at their feet. Face down and ass up. Again circling her like prey. The world stopped spinning except for their gaze and hands that bought her to her feet. She avoided their eyes, it was too early to dare them into anything. Her pussy betraying her and clenching. At their next set of words…

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Before you got to see Alice “Waiting for the Sting”  and now her bottom has been stung by the leather slapper.  An implement she is developing a love/hate relationship with when it’s in Raven’s hand.
I plan to change the love part when it’s my turn to use it.
Alice's bottom stung after having it spanked with the slapper

Sinful Sunday

The Mycroft Holmes Experience

The Mycroft Holmes Experience
A good friend who is a far better hedonist, in the classic sense, messages me. “After your meetings end come into Central London. We’re going to go to my brother’s club to watch the soccer match.” It is an offer not to be refused. I had to trapse into the city for a few commitments anyway. Keep in mind private clubs are not new to me but ones in that particular city are. Suddenly I’m transported to a different time and place. Something about the entire thing feels special and begin to look forward to it with genuine childlike wonder as I text a lover to tell her about my wonderful new plans. I hop my flight, clear border control and customs quickly, collect my bag, grab an express train then a black cab. Images of an old world club dancing in my head, polished wood, overstuffed worn leather chairs that reek of wealth and power come to mind. Men many times my age sipping cocktails reading actual newspapers are everywhere in my fantasy.
A sea of nearly silent dark well cut suits and refined English formality. Admittedly It was a scene out of the most current incarnation Sherlock Holmes story I was picturing. More accurately his brother Mycroft’s chair in the Diogenese Club.  In my defense that is exactly what the Duquesne club in my birth city looks like…a scene outbof a show. There have been others like it in other cities over the years that had that same similar contrived feel. Something made me ask about dress code…primarily the concern was that while  suited amd booted a tie might need to put on. “God NO! Suits aren’t allowed. Jeans and a fleece are perfect”. So two things.
First this made the entire experience even more interesting and it is unexplainable to why. Sort of like why a tan line on stripper makes seeing her tits feel a little dirtier.
Secondly while many people love Sherlock for his brilliance and eccentricity or John Watson for his dedication and devotion. Admirable qualities granted they’re not my favorite.
Ever since Lil made me (repeately) binge watch “Sherlock” I’ve seen myself to be more like Mycroft, a man who chose to be more influential than he appears, who walks his chosen halls of power but has no need to be the public  face of anything. Who is more a part of the establishment than the others but plays by solely  his own rules. And despite quite possibly being truly evil, sociopathic, and manipulative does actually care about a few select others. In hisbown fucked up way of course.
Upon arriving and being greeted by a blonde in a fucking awesome curve hugging top I can fully appreciate on a sexual level but can’t comprehend the construction of or how to put on or get her out of if given the chance. An unlikely possibility.
Speaking of lists next up was dropping the name of who I will be joining for the evening and offering my own. Simple basic instructions to “take the lifts” are all that are given. Stepping out a number of floors later I’m greeted with one of the most amazing views ever of any city. Beautiful people are everywhere. I’m instantly drunk on the atmosphere. It felt…well as much like home as anywhere ever. The energy intoxicating, instead of being younger than almost everyone I’m at the top end of the average age.
The theme and vibe changed a little between rooms and floors shifted still like a great piece of music it resolving to the same familiar foundation that felt comfortable and inclusive. These seemed to be people who worked hard, had done well and at the same time were smart enough to love life, and live it on their own terms.
Eventually settling in the appropriate dining room conversations turned from our respective businesses to women and sexual escapades. My style in contrast demure and understated compared to my friends.
I’m not drinking as is my usual style. The topic turns to other chemically enhanced recreation “Is that one of your vices?” The directness of the question is refreshing.
“Not at all. I have a lot of vices. None of them hidden very far from sight but chemicals aren’t one of them.” We all laugh as if on cue the curvy brunette who had been eye fucking me for the previous two hours saunters by eyeing me more intently in what can only be described as in a salacious manner. A little later I’d I try my American accent on her. Which is not exactly a panty dropper in most cases but it was a nice door opener. She’d leave with her girlfriends and not me. So many fish in the sea but sports were about to begin.
My friends watched the game and I watched the women coming and going. Flying in their circle until half time and then taking my leave. A very tall blonde strikes up a conversation on the way down with “You’re obviously American but do you live here?” See the accent works. We chatted for short while, strolled a few blocks and then rounded the corner together. I thought asking her if she wanted to go for drink but opted not to. Despite knowing almost certianly she would have said yes. Perhaps was even waiting for me to do so. Shortly thereafter an Uber arrived for her and like all good evil things I disappeared in to a black sedan and the shadows descending on the city. There were other places for me to haunt on a cool spring night.

The Night Before – Paddled Like a Naughty Schoolgirl

A Schoolgril spanking fantasy Alex Reynolds finds herself getting spanked in dention
AAA Spanking Alex Reynolds having her skirt lifted in Exemplary Detention

Paddled Like a Naughty Schoolgirl

“That’s it young lady. You have been warned and now you butt is going to pay for your attitude and bratty mouth.  You need to be paddled like a naughty schoolgirl to learn your lesson.” She looked at her husband mockingly. Then he added. “it’s off to the principal’s office with you.” Handing her a note with an address and room number on it, Followed by  second form that read
Punishment Slip
Student Name __________Alice King______________
Offense Disrespect, Inappropriate Language, and Bad Attitude
Recommendation Corporal Punishment and Detention
Additional Information ____Second Referral for behavioral issues this term_______
Well he said with a smile “you’re in enough trouble already I wouldn’t keep him waiting. She gather a few things. Plugged the address into her phone not knowing who or what was waiting for her on the other end. So her skort clad bottom and tank top nervously made their way to the car. Not that her work out clothes would offer her poor bottom much protection if she was going to get swats. Het stomach flipped and her pussy clenched at that thought.
A short time later she arrived as the address, parked the car, made her way through the lobby and thought about whether or not any of those people secretly knew her fate. Just like being sent to the office at school was she going to be paddled like a naughty school girl and before lunch the entire place would be whispering about how she had yet again managed to have her bottom whacked with the board.
Ding – the elevator announced its arrival at appropriate floor. She walked down the hall and knocked on the door. Sir stood there in a suit and tie that unlike his usual ones had the actual look of something a school administrator might wear. “Can I help you?” he greeted her not breaking character. Alice produced her “Punishment slip” from her purse. He made he stand there on the threshold while reading it.
“Well Miss I think you are overdue to come in” not once breaking from character. “Have a seat and I’ll be with you shortly and pointed her to a chair.   HE went about his business doing whatever until he finally looked up at her “OK Miss. Let’s talk about why you’re hear and what we’re going to do about it.”
Reciting the punishment slip to her word for word and having poor Alice elaborate of each offence he was every bit the stern disciplinary one would expect. When he was done hearing her side of it.
OK Ms King here’s what’s going to happen. To start your time here you are going to write for me “I am a very naughty girl and deserve to be paddled for my attitude, language and disrespect.
After you’ve completed those 100 lines for me you’ll be given 10 swats with the heavy paddle. After which you will complete the following questionnaire on why you had to have swats applied to your bottom, what you learned from it and how you are going to avoid being sent here to be disciplined by me again.
She was given loose leaf paper and a pencil. Cursing silently in her head she began writing her lines.   Not in any hurry she took her time but finally finished and let Sir know that she had completed them. Very well.   He said bringing out the paddle and placing it on the desk in front of her with a solid thud. Then took his time looking at eve one of the lines she had written for proper form.
“Stand up, come over here, Place your hands on the wall and bend over” She obeyed and her all to thin skort stretched across her lovely round bottom. She wished she had worn jeans today, and thicker panties, anything to help with the pain and marks she was about to receive. One would think such a good bad girl would be better prepared.
He advised to hold position or there would be plenty swats and to count each whack of the paddle.
Failure to count would of course earn this schoolgirl another swat.
He tapped he butt with the paddle before landing a solid searing swat. The kind that he left in place well after it landed and her backside was set on fire.

two girls lined up facing the wall and paddled over their jeans
from Firm Hand Spanking two naughty schoolgirls paddled over their jeans

“One” she said noting how no warm up unlike when they played other games made all the difference.
The second landed, then the third, this was serious he was delivering every bit an authentic school paddling to her. Each swat’s force measured, her bottom already bruising for the board landing solidly. Lengthening the time between impact sop just as the pain stared to fade it exploded again.   Eventually the paddle landed for the 10th time. She waiting until being told to stand and then led to a hard wooden chair, made to sign her punishment slip, and given the essay to complete while sitting not at all comfortably.
When she finished her second writing assignment he finally broke character. “Let’s discuss this over dinner and then get you home and in bed.   You have a very long day ahead of you tomorrow” His evil grin giving her just a hint of what she might be in for.
Of course not wanting her to forget what had happened he had her seated on an unpadded wooden chair at dinner and then would make her tell him stories about her most recent paddling, her past punishments and other spanking she had gotten.   Her day of Service and submission laid before her but he very much wanted her to remember the past as she wondered about the future.