Alice in Green (Rope Bondage)

Alice in Green…Rope Bondage

A Sexy Body and Willing Lustful Mind – Alice

Rope Bondage and Picture of said bound Alice – Lord Raven

Loving when kinky pictures of your friends having fun show up unexpectedly in your text messages. – Mal

Wondering what Vanilla’s use snap chat and text messages for???

Pretty much everyone who gets those types of pictures.

Knots in ALL the right places!

Sinfully Delicious

Alice in Green Rope Bondage - MFP rope bondage body harness tie

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Sinful Sunday


“It’s Electrifying!” – Danny Zuko – Grease
So a Tens unit is an electrical device often used as part of recovery from injury, relaxation, and to some extent conditioning by Medical staff and athletes. In the hands of a true sadist and an electrically excited slut it can create an entirely different type of jolt.
The sounds it elicits are hellishly divine, the pleading of every type  that ensues absolutely delicious, and the arousal is nothing short of electrifying for all involved.
a tens unit attached to a womans pussy
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Sinful Sunday