Snidely Whiplash Fetish

If you want to blame a life of deviant sexual behavior and interest in rope bondage on one thing you have to look no further than the influence of Snidely Whiplash from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.   Which were of course the first bondage videos I watched and I’ve been tying people up and to things ever since.  Fortunately railroad tracks aren’t typically one of them.  Also just to prove that Alice actually is allowed to wear more than a a bra and panties on occasion here’s a pic of her sporting a shirt from Bastard Ropes  that caters to that very theme. Showing that just maybe I’m not the only one who got their kinky start from cartoons.
Alice in a Bastard Ropes T Shirt featuring Snidely Whiuplash

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Sinful Sunday

Epic Boobs from Above

Let’s face it. Being a Top, if so inclined has its benefits. Not the least of which can be seeing Alice grinning up at you from at your feet as you take in the sight of her amazing cleveage and truly Epic Boobs.

Epic boobs - Alice's epic boobs and cleveage from above

Sinful Sunday


“It’s Electrifying!” – Danny Zuko – Grease
So a Tens unit is an electrical device often used as part of recovery from injury, relaxation, and to some extent conditioning by Medical staff and athletes. In the hands of a true sadist and an electrically excited slut it can create an entirely different type of jolt.
The sounds it elicits are hellishly divine, the pleading of every type  that ensues absolutely delicious, and the arousal is nothing short of electrifying for all involved.
a tens unit attached to a womans pussy
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Sinful Sunday


Mischievous Alice wearing what we can only imagine is a hidden smile and nothing more.
If the eyes are the windows to the soul that look paints hers as true to form. Always and with out fail mischievous.
Alice King looking mischievous after a shower
A bad good girl. A good bad girl and everyrhing in between.  We wouldn’t want her any other way. Then again we are more sinner than saint. Now if you’ll excuse us somes needs a good nude spanking follwed by a long hard fuck. Maybe that isn’t what all naughty girls want…in this case though there is little doubt spanked and fucked is excatly what this mischievous girl is going to get.
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Sinful Sunday

Corner Time Reflection

Corner Time Reflection
Corner Time Reflection A post punishment corner time with her spanked red bottom on display

This is where she started her day and this is where it ended. The difference is instead of anticipating what was to come Alice was kneeling in the corner reflecting on what had happened. But that’s a story for her to tell.
One never really knows exactly where a naughty girl in the corner lets her mind go after being punished. Then again this is Alice so we probably have a good idea that it is somewhere very similar to what got her here in the first place.

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Sinful Sunday

A Paddle and a Pussy

Looks like even one of Alice’s cats can’t help but want in on the spanking fun.
board of education spanking paddle with a cat

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Sinful Sunday

Sexually Speaking Sensations (They said)

Sexually Speaking He Said She Said Graphic by Malflic.comThis is the third Installment on the topic of Non Impact Play sensations. Alice King chose this month’s topic  and covered or as the case may be uncovered  the She Said Portion.  As usual Malflic weighed in on the He Said with his usual misogynistic approach (you learn the damnedest things reading his babble even after 20 years together) before they came together to discuss their independent writes.  What you are about to read was transcribed from a 30 minute conversation that went a lot of places it wasn’t supposed to.
-The Chesty Blonde Editress
Malflic: Hey Ladies first!  Your topic so it’s your turn to start the conversation.
Alice King (AK); Damn You! You know I hate to go first. Oh sure I just opened up the site and saw the new banner you put up for the Naked Nurse.
Mal: When she first put that pic up on her blog I literally went back to it a half a dozen times the first day just to look at it again.  It’s been years since anyone’s picture has had that impact on me.  I think she’s so sexy and love a lot of her other pictures but there is something I still can’t explain about this one that is so fucking hot.  I just love being able to see her curves, her hair tucked up, standing there just daring us to lick the honey off of her. Fuck I’d let the world watch me do that and brag about it for years!
Editors: Mal paused the conversation to send NN a note saying how he’d like to lick her so long that he’d sprain his tongue. Then babbles on about other off topic conversations including one of his new crushes before returning to Sensations.
AK: You’ve got me completely off track. She is a beautiful woman and there is natural beauty to the picture that’s hard to find. I’ll admit though I’ve had the chocolate but I’ve never had Honey.
Mal: I have over the years.  The first time I was 18 and it was (removed Girl’s Name) favorite food to play with.  It get’s sticky as hell but worked.  Personally I blame Def Leopard for her obsession.   One time she’d put it in her hand and jerk me off for a while, If I’d cum at all that month it take half a bottle to keep me lubed and get me off so Honey sucks as a lube an gets all kinds of places and things very sticky.  The next it was a long erotic build up of her on all fours licking it out of a bowl until her mouth and tongue was coated and then she’d blow me.  Other times I’d coat her nipples in it, let it get tacky and then slowly lick it off.  Add a shave pussy and the possibilities were endless.
AK: I’m not sure what it was about our generation but everyone was into whipped cream.
Mal: Wait a minute I still bring it out twice a year.
AK: That’s fine but everyone was into to it. It was THE big thing.  Really? Why can’t people be a little more imaginative once in a while!
Mal: I’ve tried it all Whipped Cream…I like it because it has whipped in the name, The Chesty Blonde and I have a history with the stuff (The Great Whipped Cream Incident of 1992 Reprised).  Chocolate sauce, Caramel, Fuck I love caramel in general. You have to watch it’s not too hot since those kind of burns kill the mood.  Honey as much as I’d love to lick it off of NN makes candle wax look neat.
AK: All of those really lead to is some kind of licking, nibbling and biting.  Hmmm nothing wrong with a good long lick, a few nice nibbles, and a well place bite or two.  Those are all sensations I love to give and receive. The last time I did any serious wax play I was finding chunks of wax for weeks. It wasn’t a planned thing so it wasn’t like we’d set up for it so it would be nice, and easy, and quick to clean up.  It was so intense that wax got all kinds of places I never thought it would so after words I was walking and pieces would all of a sudden fall off. It got everywhere, the hall way, the kitchen the bed room.   I was finding more of it every time I cleaned for weeks.
Mal: it’s amazing what a well drizzled liquid can do.
A beautiful woman with a flame touching her stomach by Fire_tease_by_amestris_exileAK: Like rubbing alcohol. No matter how well you shave there is always. Something left.  One time I had the smoothest pussy ever. I had just shaved that morning but whatever little bit of stubble just went poof!   Usually I close my eyes and focus on the intense sensation for the few seconds it lasts but every so often I love to watch and it is a really cool visual.  I can see the appeal for the audience during performance.  And I love when he lights my stomach and the flames dance across
Mal: The thing that kills fire play for me is the vanilla looking fire hood, if it was black or a pattern I can get into it more.  There’s something about the grey hood that turns me off. The welders drop cloth, the no synthetic clothing is all fine but the off whit fire hoods are a boner killer.
AK: so we didn’t really talk about sex toys but the reason there are so many sizes and shapes is not just preference but each one has its own unique feel.  Recently I just added several of the hard ones back into my collection.  The Hitachi is a standby but some of the newer insertable ones we got have such strong vibrations and so many preprogrammed patterns it’s like having 12 new toys.
Mal: What effect does a Blindfold have on sensations for you?
AK: I love it when I’m blind folded and tied up and my partner can do whatever they want to me. You get so into what is happening when it is occurring…It’s awesome.  That’s how I ended up going out to lunch with a fish hook in my boob.
Mal: How the fuck do you go out with a needle or fish hook still in you?
AK: I knew it was there when I was getting dressed but I liked the feeling so I left it in.  It had been left in a little too long. It was like it was healing around it already and so I made him take it out which in and of itself was an orgasmic experience.  He just looked at me and ask me if I came.  Of course I told him maybe and just giggled. So I asked him for round two but was sure to say please and thank you.
Editress’ Note: It’s hard to believe Mal got a little long winded (insert sarcasm as appropriate) Look for part two of this conversation in the coming week.

Hand Jobs – Sexually Speaking, They Said

Sexually Speaking He Said She Said Graphic by Malflic.comWelcome to part 3 to the He Said, She Said piece on Hand Jobs.   Malflic wrote the original Male perspective and Alice King wrote the Female piece.  Two Erotica Pieces Followed (Managing His Member & Not Just Another Happy Ending).  In this final installment on the topic the two discussed live Hand Jobs and in typical fashion failed to stay completely on topic but here’s the more useful portion of the conversations.
Malflic (Mal) : It’s on you!  After all, Ladies first.
Alice King (AK): I don’t like being first damn it.  At least not at this kind of stuff.  I love to come first, and second and or third when it comes to some things but not at this.
Mal: So was there anything from the male perspective on hand jobs that struck you as completely off base or maybe something you hadn’t thought about in a while?
AK: Nothing off base other than the fact that I really haven’t been giving any hand jobs to speak of in recent years. It’s funny how you get away from things because there is always so much other cool stuff to check out that sometimes the simple pleasures just get forgotten.
Mal: It’s funny that when writing the article I stopped and went back and recalled people who hadn’t been in my thoughts for 10, or 15, and in some cases even 20 years.  What and how they did things and what I liked then and now.
AK: I actually thought about my first huge hickey which the guy gave me while I was giving him a hand job.   I still laugh about how I went around telling people it was from a soft ball until my brother outed me to my mom that there was no way it was from a ball…of any kind.  Of course it’s not like my mom ever wanted to hear anything about sex.
Mal: I was always being told you can’t keep walking through the house in your underwear or naked so of course that is exactly what I’ve spent my entire life trying to do.  My world is pretty much clothing optional whenever it is appropriate.
AK: Oh I walk through the house and anywhere else I can naked as often as they’ll let me.
Mal: Is there anything else you want to add that you didn’t put in your original article? Like any intense plans to go on a massive hang job spree to make up for lost time?
AK:  There is huge potential for that this coming weekend! (Editor’s Note Alice will be attending Frolicon Easter Weekend which is the alluded to potential)  There is always hope and the opportunity for lots of practice.  Which Ironically since we started this I have been practicing the art of the hand job a lot more often.
Mal: Well I think someone should be sending me a thank you note for the benefits they’re receiving.
AK:  You know after focusing on it again I’m still a no lube kind of girl when it comes to hand jobs.  There’s just something about lube that makes it too sticky and slimy; and not the good kind of job well done sticky and slimy.
Mal: and some of thick stuff!  You might as well be fucking an oil can.   That might actually have a better sensation not that I’ve ever fucked an oil can.
AK: and some of the flavored stuff
Mal:  why the fuck do they even make that stuff.  I know a certain woman who has a drawer full of it.  Really like the world needed a single use vanilla bean flavored lube that all but instantly turns to glue.  Had I bought it, it would have been the end of the fucking world the first time it got sticky.  If I need something with vanilla bean I’ll put my clothes on and head down the street and buy a Crème Brule.   How long do you have to fuck to burn off the calories from a dessert like that?
AK: I don’t even know. I had a bunch of flavored lube until Monday when I started going through the black bag and packing it for this weekend.  We got rid of all most all of the flavored shit.   There was one that had never been opened or used and it just looked nasty.
Mal: So why did you even have that junk? (Not that he has a bias toward bad lube and low quality toys or anything)
AK: I was doing those black bag parties, which is how I got my black bag in the first place. One day in the mail I got it and it was just loaded with all these dildos, and vibes.  All kinds of cools stuff.  So by the time I gave that up I’d amassed quite the collection for myself.  I figured fuck it I know what I like and I’m keeping it.
Mal:  That reminds me a few years back the Blonde went to one of those parties a few neighborhoods over with a bunch of her girl friends.  I guess they were pulling the sex toys out of these foam padded flight cases that each held one or two.  Imagine a pistol case custom built for sex toys.  At the end of the night all the girls were fessing up to what they were ordering and when they ask her what she liked she had to admit that we already owned 90% of them and that I’d bough her the first toys 15 years earlier.  She got a few cool things but it was nowhere near the missing 10%.
AK:  I still have that picture you did for the Naked Nurse with some of your toys laid out on the table.  I just showed it to a few friends and ended up explaining you were into all different types of sensation play not just the heavy impact kind.
Mal: That’s true and probably something I don’t talk as much about as other kinks and interests.  By the way you should definitely add a Wartenberg wheel to your collection. They’re fucking amazing for sensation play.
AK: Oh I’ve got one (We can only imagine her wicked grin)  Someone had forgotten about it until I found it in the bottom of the bag. He had all kinds of fun with it then I took it and had my fun with him going after the area’s I know are the most sensitive.
Mal:  See there’s that Alpha Sub thing again.
AK: Who me? Just because the first place I went was the one I knew was most sensitive on him as his eyes rolled back into his head.  Which then lead to some hand job practice.  So there you go it just all ties in.
Mal: That’s a great point you can work other things into a simple hand job to make it unique.
AK: In fact I was trying from your write just working with the thumb.  That is really interesting.
Mal: It was just a magical skill.  I’ve never met anyone else who could just give a hand job once the guy was hard by just using their thumb on the head.  It certainly wasn’t hard and fast but she had this amazing skill I’ve never found in another human being.
AK:  (giggling) Now I have a new goal of trying to obtain that skill.
Mal: I left out the fire starter story. I don’t think I’ve even told you this one.  I had one partner who’s big thing was rolling my dick between her hands, just like you would a pencil or anything else.  Think of using a stick to start a fire with basic friction like in some old cowboy movie.  She would vary not just the speed but the pressure from her entire hands to just the palm by the pinkies down by the base to her index fingers up on the head; using a back and forth rolling motion to adjust her hand position on my dick. When she was working right on the head’s underside, on the glands it was a whole new sensation and very, very different.
AK: and there’s the key doing different things so there is different feels. Variety even in the basics takes you some where completely different and you end up finding something totally new.  Now I’m just looking at all my toys.   Can you hear my wheel?
Mal: No but I hear a lot of, umm, nondescript buzzing.
If you’ve enjoyed this month’s Sexually Speaking He Said She Said Series be sure to check back next month where the topic will be sensations.  Or knowing Alice & Mal Sinsations which will most likely get a little heated in one way or another.