Barely in Frame

Not at all what I intended on this one.  But some how it works with the midday sun and just a peek ofme and my beloved black boots that could tell some very sinful stories.
Edited note.  As it turns out i hurriedly edited my test pic and included our Dyson. Well it has dirty stories too and it sucks up everything so i’ll let it stand as a happy accident. – Mal
Malflic is barely in frame but between two windows
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Sinful Sunday

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark
Malflic alone in the dark He has the movie theater all to himself

Sometimes you just find yourself alone in the dark in the most unexpected places.

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Sinful Sunday

Undress Me

UnDress Me - Mal in Gray suit and red tie ans asks his readers to undress him

Admittedly my existence is little more than a series of first world problems.  So it is late in the day, almost tomorrow really.  The pace has slowed and after far too long we are finally alone.

The week has been spent doing the bidding that funds all the other things.  Doormen, drivers, bell boys and countless others have been thanked and tipped even as I often pass on the increased level of service they are there to provide.  Choosing instead to close my own doors, carry my own bags, and depending on the place unpack and press my own garments.

So we’re alone and no matter what comes next I wait. Hoping you’ll relieve me of my jacket, remove my tie, make small talk as the shirt is unbuttoned and the cuff links are unfastened before making their way back to the valet on the dresser.

Never a moment, a glance, or a second thought. The world panders and caters to me; in most cases it could easily be done with out it.  Yet there in the dim light of a late evening the scent of flowers on your skin and the sweetness of wine on your lips it seems to be something I truly want; your attention, service, and affection.

So the above despite being written in a somewhat dramatic fashion nails something that caused me to think.   I’m not sure it is an actual kink but certainly is something I have always enjoyed and found connective. A partner that sometimes takes a few minutes minutes to care for me and connect in this way is something to be treasured.

It is simple, not necessarily sexual, and almost overly cliche.  Despite all that would you undress me?


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Sinful Sunday

Downward Back

Ok I missed the prompt last week…and this picture was a spur of the moment idea. Not at all what I had in mind but hey happy accident right?
A while back there was a request for  a shoulders pic, so you get that plus a little back and peek of butt.
Mal's shoulders and back

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Sinful Sunday

The Shining of Sorts

Shining bar scene
It was opening time

High noon in fact rather than the witching hour

In the emptiness of the brightly lit bar something seemed to be

Reminiscent of the bar in the shining.

Wisely I skipped all the redruM

 A club soda was had before taking my leave.

All work and no play makes Mal a dull boy.

Chasing Summer

Runners calves - Mal's Calves post workout
It was an evening late last week and I had come back from my run.  The sun wasn’t as oppressive, there was a breeze that didn’t feel like it came from a blast furnace.
A long early fall shadow of Mal during a twilight run
This past week a twilight 10k in sweat pants and a sleeveless shirt.  The first long pants of the season.  The sun is setting so much earlier each day.  The 40 foot shadow as I chugged up a hill reminded me of a Halloween monster. Maybe my spirit animal is a long legged freak with short arms and huge hands.
tan lined ankles after a summer of running
After countless hours in the sun using SPF 50 even my natural olive skin looks a bit white ib contrast to the bits and pieces that have been catching the sun’s rays.
So if you happen to need me… know I’m not much of a winter guy.  Instead I’ll be dreaming about doing the surfer thing; chasing an endless summer. Though it’s unlikely to be caught in which case. The reality is its roughly two months until rubber underwear season.

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Sinful Sunday


Malflic's bicep
As for the rest you’ll have to use your imagination.
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Sinful Sunday