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So the Chesty Blonde and I have decided to team up and offer a Sexy Lingerie Picture of the day.   Just a little Eye Candy for you.  In all honesty we’re missing the lingerie business and have been thinking about getting back into it.  In the mean time we’ve partnered up with a few industry leader to bring you very sexy lingerie picture and products on a daily basis.

Matte Brazilian Wrap

Lingerie Tales Vol 1 an obsession begins

Linerie tales Vol One Graphic the obession begins logoLingerie Tales Vol 1 An Obsession Beings Episode Art
So here you have it folks the latest episode of exercising my demons just in time for fuck me is the ass day.  Oopps wrong day Valentines day.  Same difference really.  Below you’ll find the transcript of this episode and to listen of course just click on the snazzy pickle player on the right or subscribe to the podcast on itunes.
Mistress Victoria’s Intro
Welcome Back to Exercising my Demons I’m Mistress Victoria and I’ll be hosting this episode which is not only the valentine’s day edition but is also the first installment of his lingerie tales series which is the retelling of age old classic malfic experiences as they really happened.  As the saying goes truth is stranger than fiction
Having not seen Mal in quite a while but getting to spend a little time with him a few weeks back made really remember how shameless the man is.  Whether it was his cavorting with a tall and leggy blonde from Kansas or the unapologetic interaction with a sultry little Russian number who was sporting her ample cleavage and torn fishnet stockings.  He really has a unique gift of being able to make anyone feel completely at home with him or hellishly uncomfortable so often just with a look and a few words.   A fact he demonstrated by making the poor waitress at a little Mexican place blush just by the way he looked into her eyes.  And she was no mousy little thing.  Then there was the devils grin as we walked past the front desk of his hotel when he asked the young ladies working there if they’d like to join us.  While they politely passed on the opportunity they already knew him by name and he’s only been in town for four hours.
So how does one get like that?  Perhaps events like this are what helped to make him into who he is.  So sit back relax, let your imagination run wild and so we begin Lingerie Tales.  An obsession begins.

So there is a defining moment that sets things in our minds as important and interesting or not.  I was a child of the 80’s and Lingerie was front and center in so much of the pop culture during those formative years.   Madonna strutting around with her bra showing and what 13 year old could forget her rolling around on TV in a white lace wedding dress exposing her garters and stockings.  Of course there was Prince and his seemingly endless line of  sexy lingerie clad women.   Gett Off is still one of my favorite songs and videos.  Not to mention my seemingly unrestricted access to the holy grail of seductive women; Playboy.   While my friends were all jerking off to the Penny’s catalog lingerie section I had access to the best nudie mags of the day.  What can I say I was a fast study with the right connections. By modern standards I suppose its all fairly demure now.
Sure it was a White Snake video that emblazoned the thong in to my psyche but the for me personally there was always something about Sexy Lingerie from early puberty on that held my attention.   Ironically I’d have to say it had nothing to do with any of these things that truly created my lasting interest in women’s undergarments.
No in my case it was not Rock and Roll, Movies, TV, or even Laura who was 2 years older than me drove a White and Orange 5o’s Chevy hot road and wore her Catholic High School uniform so daringly short you could catch a glimpse of ass and lace if she had her full out strut on or her Lace cuffed shirt white socks and scuffed up heels that made me what I am.   Instead it was a boring Thursday night at the local mall.
In this case I’d like to say that it was Jenny’s fault.   It was a boring Thursday afternoon we were both 17 and had been around the block more than a few times.  In fact my block included a few dark alleys, some questionable city streets and a few memorable moments worthy of their own story.
She asked me to go to the mall.  We were friends but nothing more.  Later in life until she married her second husband and some one inquired about the “nature” of our relationship my standard line was “I Love her, she looks great in thigh high stockings and bent over a sofa, but there’s no way in hell. She’s all yours.”   I meant every word of that with the the utmost sincerity.
At the time she was dating a guy I had come to be friends with.   He didn’t see me as a threat which was rare for a man that age, any guy not threatened by me was just fine.  She conned me into going to the mall.  I showed up at her house.  He dad who was a saint in more ways than one welcomed me in.  She as usual wasn’t quite ready so I sat in the kitchen talking.  When he asked what we were looking for at the mall I had to admit I didn’t have a clue.  45 minutes later we end up at a mall across town instead of the one by her place and she’s leading me into a Lingerie store.
At this point I knew I liked lace, teddies were all the rage back then in the circles I ran.   Chemises and baby dolls didn’t have the same luster as a tight fitting bodice and crotch that could be unsnapped with one’s teeth.  My Journey into the leather, rubber and the fetish scene was already in progress.  However I digress.
I looked at her and eventually she explained why she brought me along.  She wanted to buy a new out fit for her boyfriend and after much explanation she admitted he said “Just get something Michael would like.”
Later I learned that he knew I was going and didn’t care.   Even then I was a pretty open guy but having my girlfriend picking out and modeling new lingerie with another boy might have been a bit much for me at that time.
“What about this” she said holding up a pink sheer bra and bikini panties.  I shrugged, she held on to them.   Then onto the satin and silk stuff, more panties the skimpier the better it seemed.   Making a few selections all while the older suburbanites eyed me like the plague and did everything but call out Slut at her.  At one point I think the sales clerk assumed I was gay since I kept commenting on the quality and construction of the lingerie.   Probably not the most seemingly straight thing to do in 1987.  If there was one thing I knew that could be useful it was quality fabric and good tailoring, a by product of my environment as a kid.  I’m still a quality whore who looks at  fabric quality first, Construction second and brand third before buying anything.
Jenny filled her arms. The lingerie store clerk was a pretty little brunette who might just have been the type to catch my interest held a wide array of panties and bras, a few teddies and even a couple of longish sheer and satin night gowns near the dressing room.
Let the exhibitionism begin.  Should have been announced over the the in store public address system as I sat on a faux pinkish burgundy bench just across from the dressing room.   I watched  the dressing room door close, I could still see mid calf down as she kicked off her heels, then her jeans hit the floor unceremoniously, it was all I expected to see but a few moments later she called out my name, asking if anybody was around and after being told not really swung the door open to reveal her soft white skin clad in a matching bra and panty set.  She smiled, she moved a little, she turned around. Ask what I thought but as she stood there in almost nothing the one thing she didn’t do was blush.
Modesty was not a trait the girl had.  The show continued with different out fits, a strut a pose, a wiggle and a bend as she played along masterfully and loving every minute of it.  The long sheer nighties gave me the creeps. They seemed like something someone 20 years older than her might wear. The cheek baring burgundy number with the unlined bra top was a favorite but the most memorable was the first one she picked out.  The sheer soft pink against her alabaster shin walked the fine line of something that was beautiful in the classic sense, it fit her curves, it teased with muted glimpses of her dark red bush.  Even now when I think of her standing there, red hair flowing, a not so innocent grin, and the dressing room door half ajar time stops for a split second.
It must have been more than an hour from start to finish.  It may have been the first time but it certainly wasn’t the last.  It became a cornerstone of our excessively odd relationship for years and years.
I’ve shopped for lingerie in countless places with a wide assortment of people from lovers to friends since then but it was never quite the same.
Men came and went from her life, women came and went in mine and for the better part of a decade the phone would ring and she’d ask “are you ready to go shopping?”.  Nothing more needed to be said.
Mistress Victoria Outro
Usually Mal’s not the type to kiss and tell but I can certainly say that the woman in this story has had a lasting impression on him in many ways.  She really was a part of his everyday worlds for years and years and in his own twisted and unspoken way really cared about her.   Which brings us to the conclusion of this episode so no matter who it is or why you care about them remember its Valentine’s day this week end.  So do something special for someone you love, lust after, or play with.  The hotter and the dirtier the better…well unless they’re a nilla.

The Sexiness Beneath

Sexy Lingerie, Sexuality, and some Random thoughts about Beauty and Confidence
So there is the scene in old school where Frank the Tank (the Will Ferrell Character) is sitting in couple’s therapy with his rail thin not so hip wife.  He was talking about wondering what kind of panties a waitresses may have been wear and his wife’s disgust grew with each passing word.  At the heart of the matter it was a classic case of where boys are just boys and the typical woman is uptight about it.  Fortunately for me it’s not a world I live in.  Oh sure I wonder, at times I might even ask after all I exist to be a shameless flirt.  The difference is my partner the Chesty Blonde only worries about Brunettes.  Given my history with raven haired women and bad choices it’s probably a legitimate concern.
So my good friend Victoria sends me all kinds of things, but this ad captures that wondering like little else I’ve seen.  Sure it’s stylized, sure she is a model type and not the average woman, but at the very end its her eyes that tell the story.  It is her eyes that make it so very alluring.

Sexiness for everyone from Glow Berlin on Vimeo.
Odds are though if you’re reading this though you’re the type of soul; male or female that has the exact kind of thoughts Frank the Tank did.  What is that hot woman wearing or not wearing.   Is she a thong, g string or briefs kind of girl.  Do you imagine her in red lace, black silk, maybe even a little crotchless number or even latex panties.
So often as I pass through the airports, hotel lobbies and skyscrapers of the world occasionally looking across the way and seeing a woman that I can only hope is an enlightened sexual creature, confident, bold, adventurous and beautiful in her own unique way.   Sadly though more often than not it’s probably not the case.  This isn’t about being Poly, a swinger, or even kinky.  It’s about a healthy body image and attitude toward sex for a purpose other than procreation.  Sex for pleasure, for a connection to another soul and even for the release it brings.
What bothers me is really that so many people male and female seem to have poor self images.  Body hang ups and god knows what else.  Is it a by product of media and advertising? Maybe to some extent but god knows there are enough religious and political organizations both on the left and the right ( Christian coalition & National Organization for Women are two examples) who are in their own way propagating the debate with their own don’t flaunt it or exploit it messages.  Modesty has its place but I wonder how much if affects suzy the soccer mom’s own self image and sexual practices with in the confines of her own relationship (marriage counts).
Granted I’m a hedonist with a kinky streak so when the word representative public gets thrown around I don’t fit the bill.  I’ve been to nude beaches, sex parties, kink events, and “specialty resorts” in the course of my adult life.  I don’t look like an underwear model and I’m not hung like a John Holmes but at the end of the day somewhere along they way and in my case early one I figured out I liked sex for sex’s stake.  My body wasn’t a lot better or any worse than anyone else’s and became comfortable in my own skin almost immediately.
It seems that swingers and kinksters have embraced who they are and what gets them off perfection be damned.  I’m not looking for the perfect scene, the greatest lay, or the divine blow job.  Intending rather to make the most of each and every encounter, and try to get your partner off more than yourself is the simple philosophy that has worked for me for years.  I listen to my traditionally minded friends whine about their partners, the lack of sex, creativity, or adventure.  I wonder why don’t they bring it up?  Are they afraid to ask and find a compromise that works for both of them? Everyone has boundaries but are they real limits or ones that were established to keep their own hang-ups covered.  Is the other one really that uptight?
In one example I know that to be the case but in all fairness I’m not sure I could keep up with her appetites but it would be damn fun trying and probably nothing a nice collection vibrators, a stack of batteries, a few good sized butt plugs, some lube and a little less sleep wouldn’t pacify.  Then again I love a challenge and would fuck her six ways from Sunday as warm up all while she talked like a filthy little slut the entire time.  The last part is an assumption since she makes ordering dinner seem so very dirty.
I choose to live in an adult amusement park.  I know that everybody has hang ups, issues and short comings and sex is no different than anything else.   Maybe my reality isn’t any more real than those storybook characters in fables and fantasyland.  My Fantasy land is different, its where everyone feels sexy no matter who they are and what they do.  Not everyone has a water proof vibe by their tub, a bullet vibrator in their purse, and a toy bag next to their bed filled with things to meet their every need and then some when shared with a partner they are connected with.  Still I like to think they do.  I very much choose to live in a world where no matter what everyone sees their own sexiness underneath whatever it is they pass through the world as.  A world where people don’t utter slut at a woman who chooses to show her body off, or whore at someone who profits from her own sexuality.  I’ve always said we’re all whores in my case its my mind I whore out on a daily basis.
I wonder how much all of the name calling and judging is based on personal beliefs rather than perceptions caused by the view of their own body issues.
Now about those panties?  Trust me it’s OK my wife is wondering the same exact thing and yes she does have a vibrator or two in her purse.  As a matter of fact she might be wearing one right now and this is the wireless remote.  So do you want to try it out?

Vol 1 Can you Jerk off to it? The story of my stupidly censored lingerie video

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First thanks to all of you who have kept reading, commenting, and sent me email over the past few months. Work life away from myspace and side projects had consumed me almost completely. I lost my sense of humor, and creativity and became even for me very dark. A week laters and two singnatures on a big stack of papers I think I’m slowly becoming my old self again. SO for this piece Consider this the start of a series that will just sort of happen along the way the next one is in process and is called “Staring at naked women for work and inspiration”.



Ok I write smut. It use to be pretty regularly now its only on occasion. When it comes to literary pursuits I’ve defiled a person sexually in a variety of lurid, violent, and salacious way more times than I can count including recounting a few real life experiences that when looking back at them I wondered who was more deranged me for enjoying it of the woman for often suggesting we take things to such extremes and completely getting off on it.

Just last week I had a hysterically funny swinger conversation with my own Chesty Blonde (who is not really into that scene) and on Saturday night offered to take another woman (the Blonde was right next to me at the time) to a swinger party not far from the party we were standing at. She was flattered until the realization that I might not just be calling her bluff became all too obvious. After which I suggested taking her to a nice fetish social 40 minutes away for a very sound spanking in front of 75 people. She declined on that offer as well. You can’t say I didn’t try.

Recently as I’ve alluded to here I’ve taken to helping out some friends and put a distant part of my past talents to work for them making lingerie videos. So far it has been working from stills to create interesting motion and getting my long lost production skills back but things are moving along nicely.

On average they get about 2500 views a week all over the net which is pretty cool and I get to look at pictures of scantily clad women under the auspicious guise of being able to call it work. Last Sunday I spent six hours combing through the initial submissions and modeling sites looking for models to set up for my first made from scratch video. None of which were half as sexy as many of my friends on here.

Any how my friends give me the email and comment feed back on the latest batch of videos and there is a request that I stop using primarily front shots and to put is as one viewer did “show a little ass”. No problem since first and foremost I consider myself an ass man. I took upon myself to create a piece that features that attribute. After all if lingerie only ever gets seen from the front the thing would have never been created, the lace up and detail on corsets and bustiers would not exist, not to mention I’d have to find other places to put my hands a large percentage of the time. (insert smacking sound of choice…if you’re into that sort of thing of course)

In my art I’ve always walked a fine line between art and writing that I thought told the story or situation in an interesting yet still arousing way rather than a pure bump and grind insert thrust and repeat manner. I

So there I am so proud of my little creation. I send it off the up load it to their myspace profile and it never gets viewed. Off to You Tube, Yahoo video and dozens of others…deleted again and again.

I call them to apologize.

Malflic – “I guess I went too far this time”

Desired Lingerie – “Dude don’t worry about it”

Malflic – “ I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ll re edit it and get it sent over late tonight.”

Desired – “Man I don’t know but fuck’em. Most people could have gotten off to the ones before it too.”

Malflic – “It seemed pretty tame to me, just a lot of g-strings and panning to bedroom eyes”

Desired – “Mike seriously don’t touch it and next time try to make so hot that people just come from watching it and don’t even have to jerk off”

Malflic – “umm…ok”

Desired – “and can you use some girls with Curves”

and there my friends you have it my new goal in life to make a video that can get some one so hot and bothered that they just orgasm. Its a nice ideal but not very attainable in my mind.

Any how here’s the one before the banned one which I don’t think I’ve shared here yet

and you can watch the banned video and its predecessor (in case the link gets blocked )

Let me know which one you think is better because I sure don’t get what was wrong with showing a little extra ass.