There is no Smiling in S&M…usually

“Are you crying?   Are you crying? There’s no Crying in baseball!” is perhaps the most memorable line in the old Tom Hanks movie “A League of their Own”  Of course there is crying in S&M.  For some people its part of the release, the dynamic, a specific moment, scene, or what have you. 

Let’s face it those of us that partake in rough sex, rough play, bdsm, lmnop (just seeing if you’re paying attention)  and some other less socially acceptable darker things don’t go around bragging about how happy we all look.  Most people inside and outside the kinky world probably have an image in their heads of what a scene looks like based on experience, their imagination, and of course TV, Movies and Internet porn.  Typically its dark, rough, maybe a little scary, there are all sorts of wicked things and more than a little sense of dreaded anticipation, fear, and who knows what else.  That’s right we’re fucking mean and evil social outcasts filled with lurid intentions; unless of course that’s not the case.

There’s nothing like being in the middle of playing hard and random laughter breaks out.  Not an evil cackle for the sadistic top but everyone involved just carrying on.   You see that’s not the side of BDSM most people talk about.  It probably doesn’t sell website subscriptions, pictures or products but when after about a 20 minute warm up spanking (that was far more a spanking than just a warm up) the bottom who just had her dress lifted up and whose butt cheeks are already very red during a brief pause in the action jumps up, logs into her I tunes account to find her playlist, while the two moron top types who were just playing with her stand idly by since neither of them can find the fucking play list either.   They’re patient because despite what we were just doing, well, we’re people too. As much we like doing mean things to her we also like music.  The mean things, we know we’ll get back to them shortly. 

Then after quite a bit more rough stuff you do a check in to make sure the person you’re playing with is fine and find them they smiling ear to ear and are met with “ummmm I’m good go back to what you’re doing” which is also code for “shut up and quit taking me out of sub space since I just got there you fucking idiot.”  

A little while later while on a short break from the action let’s say you look at her and ask “ok what would you like to do now?”   Then the answer comes back “you figure it out you’re the top.”  That kind of thing shows another fatal flaw of the Top (or me) because despite my role what I really wanted to do is deliver on her hopes, expectations, and fantasy.   Which is all fine and well except well other than a cursory review of safe words (which I was told she was not going to need) before getting too far into thing (yes I was already “warming” her up for 5 minutes before asking about safe words…bad Top I know) the only other thing I knew was that I was going to try out a great new paddle Lord Raven made for me as a special request (it will get its own post shortly) So with that in mind I hadn’t gone ahead and planned a detailed scene.

Sometime later and at a point that they had been getting their cute little ass spanked, paddled, and whipped all kinds of colors past bright red you look at the other top in the room.  You know just doing the responsible thing because you have been whacking her bare backside not always lightly with an assortment of things for well over an hour.  He just looks as you and says “She’s fine she’s smiling from ear to ear.  Hit her some more.”   Trust me it takes a few minutes for that one to sink in even if you are at times a heavy player and have spanked more than a person or two in your life.  So does that behavior mean I’m ineffective as a Top?  That I have once again failed at being a true kinkster.  In some people books most likely.   “There is no Smiling in S&M!”

And when later when she protests vehemently that you are refusing to spank her now very well marked and soon to be very deeply bruised ass any more while she’s bouncing up and down insisting she’s fine and needs and wants a harder and longer beating it kind of dispels the myth of what we do.  Though we did gang up to on her a little bit to torch the back and insides of her thighs pretty damn good after the protests just because we’re good guys like that.  

After a while longer “is that it?” she asked.   I looked at Lord Raven, the target of my impact play scene was still bent over wiggling her glowing bottom at us as we watched her do the last steps of her spank dance.  We both nodded and told her in unison “Nope you’re done.”   You see as tops we’re suppose to leave the sub begging for mercy with a bunch of staged or not so staged “oh please stop I promise I’ll never do X again” bull shit.  Instead we left her laughing, still with a red hot bottom that I’m told is very tender ever two days later.  Most importantly though we had her safety and well being in mind.

Malflic's Brusied ThumbOh and all of us talked, and chatted and laughed like hell all along the way in what turned out to be almost 3 hours of play time filled with delightful little squeals, gasps and murmurs.  She woke up with a still throbbing ass, just like she wanted, Raven had tight hamstrings which weren’t on the intended menu and I have a bruise where my palm and thumb meet which is a fist for me after 25 years of doing this sort of thing.

So there might not be any smiling in S&M…unless you’re playing with us then there is often also laughter, giggling, a bit of snarkiness and a damn good time in general.  How often can you say I spanked someone’s ass for 3 hours and a great time was had by all? If you’re like me not nearly often enough.


Haberdashery on BDSM, Slave Collars, and Me

Ahh I’m really growing to love the Kink of the Week topics because it forces me to reexamine my own views and practices on BDSM, Kink and how I choose to play (and on occasion why).   So Jade has picked a potential lightning rod again with the choice of collars.  To me the topic seems as split and polarizing for many as religion and politics.  Time will tell if I’m right.
As usual I’m going to meander a bit mixing answer’s to Jade’s well thought out discussion starters with a bit of personal history and philosophy (which is neither more right or wrong than anyone else’s) so please bear with me.  Secondly I mean no offense to anyone else’s views or lifestyle choices this is merely my opinion and what works for me and the people in my life.  
And so I’ll begin.  
Woman wearing a BDSM Collar“In our house not even the dog wears a collar” is a line I’ve been using for about 6 years or so and was also true.  It came up when someone was looking to out me “as not a real player” once asked if I had collared the Blonde.  It was followed by “no I did something far more sadistic; I married her”.  The answer however cavalierly I originally stated it stuck.  It is a reflection both of my own (comfortable) outsider status with some in the more “traditional” BDSM community and by the fact that while a dominant I consider the Blonde my equal as a partner in life.  Yes I know that makes me a casual player or an outright fake to a lot of the “true” tops.   To which I say OK, you live your way and I’ll live mine. And I don’t really want to hang with your vibe anymore than you want to hang with my poser ass.   Now on to the Q&A for a bit
Have you ever seen a woman or a man in the grocery store with a beautiful, choker-style necklace, and wondered, “Is he/she kinky?”  Absolutely, but I also look beyond a collar or necklace quite often and find myself wondering if someone is kinky by how they are dressed, things that are said, or even how they carry themselves.   On occasion I have also judged (perhaps unfairly) people in public situations as playing with imagery such as a collar or other BDSM symbolism and not understanding the meaning it conveys to people like myself.  Then again maybe they do, since I rarely speak up and ask opting to mind my own business.      
What is it that makes this such a recognizable and enduring symbol of the BDSM lifestyle? 
Myth, mystery and ritual aside I think collars primarily serve as a marker and a symbol of a relationship within BDSM community or fetish world.  Looking throughout history people mark their territory in a variety of ways and there is nothing wrong with it.  A collar is really not much different than a wearing a boyfriends’ class ring, varsity jacket, fraternity pin or an engagement ring, wedding ring or in my case playfully swatting the Blonde on the ass whenever I feel like it.   Almost all of us mark our turf in one way or another.
Collars are what you and the other person involved make of them, nothing less nothing more.
Do you have or have you ever worn a collar as a symbol, or had a partner you had “collared” or to whom you were “collared”?
Simply not my style. I have bought countless necklaces for people (if jewelry buying were a fetish I’d qualify but am doing well in recovery) but they’ve never had a meaning beyond the obvious commonplace gesture or symbolism.   Several years back when I first got serious about my rope work I started weaving things that I simply thought were pretty into to bracelets or necklaces.  It seemed like an out cropping of knitting more than anything dark or kinky; an activity for idle hands when my mind was racing.  One day while sitting at my desk it dawned on me they might be construed as a collar.  The items were placed in a box and I went back to tying up my chair while on con calls. No mistaking my intention there.
What does the symbolism mean to you (if anything)?
My first experience with people wearing collars and chokers was not in terms of BDSM anything but in music (granted it is a very fine line looking back at some of the lyrics).   Growing up I wore leathers and spikes. Punk and Metal friends wore collars not because they were owned by or submissive to anyone but in part as a fashion statement and for shock value.
Looking at the others who write here the collars (play and everyday) that Alice wears are sacred to her and Lord Raven.   I treat it as such; in general I do my best to respect the intention of the person wearing it and their partner (if applicable) no matter who it is. For another partner of mine it’s simply a piece of fetish wear that makes her feel sexy and submissive.  She bought it for herself and occasionally wears it to play.  She is neither my property, nor my slave, or anything of the sort.  While I do adore her it’s just play clothes to me and nothing deeper in that case. I will not however help her fasten or unfasten it because of my perception of that meaning something more to many others.  (Ha and I thought I was a complete renegade until this point. OK not really)
Does being collared have the same level of commitment as being married?
This is a tough one. Yes and No.  There is no universal truth to what it means, everyone is different.  For Raven and Alice it’s a deeper commitment than simply being married. For others and perhaps too many being collared is viewed as nonchalantly as people marring and divorcing. For some people marriage means only one partner forever, for others there are many partners both casual and long term.  For many my marriage represents an abomination or perversion of the institution.  For us it works (most of the time)
I do have a rule that has only one exception – If you are wearing a collar I will not ever approach you to play, I will not flirt, or cavort with you.  I will talk, be polite, and charming on occasion but it will go no further.  If approached by you to scene I will ask about your collar and decide accordingly.
The exception is Alice – She wears Raven’s collar and I will cavort, flirt, and ask her to play.   I was a pre-negotiated part of her arrangement.  At first it was flattering but awkward but since LR and I have become good friends it actually seems perfectly normal.  (LR & AK please correct me if I’ve mis-represented this)  The truth is the two of us tend to scheme and team up on her if and when we get the chance so it works well and is a lot of fun for me.
To further complicate matters I love fucking with women in engagement rings and occasionally a wedding band if the vibe is right.   Ironically I’d never do that to a person in a collar so I suppose that says something about my flawed character and view of what is sacred if nothing else.
What about different “levels” of collars (training, play, consideration, ownership, etc.)?
If that’s your thing sure, have at it. I’m just happy when my shirt collars have brass stays in them and don’t curl up.
Or maybe you or your partner(s) only use them as part of a scene, as another toy in your kinky toy box?
Ok I admit it I put a collar on the dog when we went to the park and the vet. Beyond that there are no collars in my toy box or elsewhere, If someone I play with wants one that’s what Fetish boutiques, vendor fairs at kink events, and Amazon is for. 
Perhaps it isn’t about symbolism, but the feel of leather or steel under your hand or around your throat that excites you and sets a scene.
I like leather, and I like steel in fashion, art and kink so no objections but given the choice of a woman in a collar or a corset or great heels I’d pick options 3 & 2 far before the collar.
What about collars in public? Have you or do you wear a collar in public, or have a partner that does, as a symbol or as part of a scene?
If you want to self identify in public, go for it!  Whether it’s a seemingly demure necklace, a leather spiked dog collar, or something steel that is locked if it’s part of your look and you’re not flaunting it inappropriately (explaining it to everyone who walks by) there is no harm.
I’m going to go off topic here a bit. As a Top I do things, however subtle that symbolize to me and on occasion a few others what my interests are and my role. For submissive in many cases it’s a collar, or a style of dress, an outfit.  For me it begins with my boots.  They are an obvious outward sign of my kink.  The rest of the world sees a guy in jeans and black boots in a T shirt.  I see a sadist in everyday clothes who just got done or is planning to do something really mean to a willing partner who somewhere down the road but at the moment just happened to be out of strawberries, cake, or coffee.  Now I’m going to make some bold assumptions here that other tops self identify in public life too, just in different ways as their submissive such as head to toe black, etc.  No one may ever know, they may never even think of it in those terms but odds are a lot of folks do it. 

Final Thoughts

Damn I’m long winded on this one.   Looking back over the piece I made some rather sexist assumptions in my examples.  I considered editing them but looking at it as a male top who plays with female bottoms it is simply my view.  Couples of different orientations would have their views and examples (varsity jacket etc) that would be fitting to them.  I didn’t point out the occasional conflicts caused by those who view collars as only fit for relationships vs. people who like to simply wear them for play and the divisions or verbal jousting it can cause.

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Her Accent Betrays Her

She was standing there in front of him playing the consummate big city bitch with $1,200 shoes and a $3,000 dollar hand bag might be symbols of success and accomplishments but with a single word all her pedigrees and the image she had worked to cultivate vanished. Sure it didn’t disappear to everyone, maybe not to even more than one person but he caught it. She knew with that single word her advantage had been lost, and her image became tarnished just a little.
He looked up from the papers and over his glasses at her. She chocked on her own breath feeling the panic rising up inside of her. At that very moment she was no longer an executive with enough money to never have to worry about it again. No she was the one thing she never wanted to be ever again; just a little country girl for those few seconds. Dirt poor and from a place no one have ever heard of and that no one had ever gone very far away from for long, except her. A place she never wanted to go back to or admit she was from. The meeting continued on, but the thought nagged at her. Here was a man she wanted to impress and frankly that she found disturbingly handsome was the only distraction she expecting.
As they worked through the details she was back on her game but every so often she’d catch him just watchiA grass lined paved pave path during autumng her. She became self conscious about her speech pattern, about her pronunciation of everything. The day became evening and then finally night when the deal was finally done and the ink was dry. The meeting was adjourned and the entire party headed out for a late dinner. Everyone mixed, mingled and imbibed. Eventually she found herself face to face with him. All of him as he stood there smiling at her in his still perfect suit, and outrageous tie. He was deciding what to say. She hoped perhaps he’d compliment her on her work. After all it should have been her finest hour professionally speaking. Instead he asked “If you don’t mind me asking where are you from?”
She was deft and quickly answered “I graduated from prep school in Connecticut and did my undergrad at B.C. ….” He interrupted. “ I know that” her heart sank. He was going to make her tell her story. but as she gather her thoughts and was deciding what parts to leave out just before she could really begin “it’s really none of my business Tara.” The panic still in her eyes “but the way you said Louisville” his polished tone gave way to almost mimic hers earlier. She flushed with rage, she was instantly indignant. She no longer cared who he was and was furious that he would mock her in such a way. Gathering her breath he smiled but his accent remained. “I was just wondering if you were one of us.”
“One of you?” She repeated almost mindlessly. “Aren’t you from Paris?” He smiled and his voice remained that of a Southern Gentleman. Yes ma’am my grandmother was from Paris” he paused “Tennessee. People always assume the best but the truth is I grew up out in the sticks about 2 hours from there. Where people have good enough manner to know to mind their own business.” He winked and his voice went back to its normal accentless measured tone “ so forgive me for asking” flashing his intoxicating bright white smile before stepping away and into his next conversation.
Suddenly he become so much more fascinating.
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Au Revior, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye

As she snuggled into him before the first light of day she felt the warmth of his body against hers. These were the moments that would get her through what was bound to be a completely hectic day. His first movements were to draw himself closer to her as well.  He reached around her like so many times before but rather than simply draping his arm around her waist his hand went between her legs and began to ever so lightly stroke her. She purred at the tease and sensations but knew there would be no time for anything more. She moved into his touch, just a little, ever so slightly really, and opened her legs inviting him to continue his caresses. What would a few stolen moment hurt really?  As he woke up more and more in the next few minutes it went from a light teasing touch to an insistent and determined one. He was turning her on and he knew it and she could feel his desire rising as well.
Perhaps a morning quickie wouldn’t be a bad way to start the day but as she began to turn towards him his other hand stopped her and his touch on her pussy went from playful to demanding. His fingers danced across her growing wetness with purpose and intention and a few minutes later she could feel an orgasm starting to build. She pressed into his hand more, wanting him inside her but he gave no indication of any such interest as he toyed with her clit, his hand speed and the amount of pressure he was applying varied maddeningly. Her body flushed, tensed just slightly as her mind swam in the sensations, and then a release washed over her. It was not the most intense orgasm she’d ever had but it was nice, and gentle, and wonderful way to start the day before even getting out of bed. As he purred into her ear unintelligible sounds of delight the alarm began to ring. She kissed him and headed to the shower. The normal weekday routine was about to continue on schedule as always. She called au revior as she headed to the shower.
15 minutes later she stepped out of the steaming hot water and he got in. She dried off and began the ritual that was her hair and makeup. Before she had even begun her makeup but after she had finished drying and styling her hair he was out of the shower and playfully swatted her towel covered bottom.   She leaned into the mirror as he meandered into the large walk in closet.
When he emerged as is usually the case he walked up behind her placing his hand firmly on her bottom and she paused, for a moment from her preparation ritual and waited for him to lean down and kiss her before he headed out for the day.
She stood up a bit and after little more than an innocent peck on the cheek she leaned back into the mirror and continued about her usual routine. She still felt his hand on her bottom and waited for the typical playful see you later swat. As he stood there his hand still touching her she wiggled, ever so slightly and the a little more to spur him on so the delay would be over. Instead his hand made its way up her back tugged the towel wrapped around her which fell quickly and unceremoniously to the floor. She huffed a little but instantly his hand had found her backside, swatted it playfully and but instead of moving on he went further south and between her legs as he used his other to somewhat forcefully suggest she bend back over the sink a little more.
Sexy Woman in a shirt“Would you stop it. I don’t have time for this right now.” His hand explored between her lips “it feels like part of you thinks you do. Besides I never said you had to stop what you were doing” He slowly slid a thick finger into her already wet pussy.  She adjusted herself slightly and he began to caress and fuck her slowly with his hand and somehow despite her best efforts her make up and getting ready seemed like it could wait a little while longer and she readjusted her feet, bent over the counter just a little more offering her self to him as she started to drink in the sensations.  His hand moved rhythmically into and out of her. Filling her, pausing and then ever so slowly sliding back out. Eventually as she melted into the sensation completely when she found 3 full long fingers inside of her, filling her in a way she loved, and wanted.
She began to push back into his motions to increase the speed and force of his touch. A sharp crack filled the room “that’s for not just taking what I was giving you.” Then another that was much harder than the previous swat that left her bottom red and stinging “and that’s just because you like it you dirty girl” She thought of saying something to counter his last statement but it would have been a lie, she was a dirty girl, she was his very, very dirty girl.  A few moments later his other arm reached around her waist, danced across her stomach, lingered playfully on the small patch of hair just above her pussy and then found its way to her clit where with a well placed finger, a subtle motion and a fair amount of unrelenting pressure he brought her to the edge, paused and then sent her reeling over it all the while never missing a beat.
It was like nothing changed as she came he was still there systematically doing exactly what had brought her to this point. As the final waves washed over her he just as intentionally removed his touch. Picked up the towel, wrapped it back around her. Smiled “I love seeing my hand print glowing on that cute ass of yours.” She chided back “well at least one of us does” she blushed knowing that while she liked to play that it wasn’t her thing it very much was; even if only rarely would she admit to liking having her bottom smacked out loud. He laughed as if he read her mind, grinned like the devil. “Well if you say so. Auf Wiedersehen” and he turned and was gone to the other room. She collected her thoughts, looked at the clock and tried to regain the time that was lost. She could be an efficient girl when it came to getting ready if she needed to be.
A short time later she came bounding down the stairs, found her winter coat, threw her shoes to the floor and worked her feet into them, as she made her was through the house and towards the garage.  Right as she was primping one last time in the hallway mirror before heading out to her car by making sure her scarf and hair was just so something caught her eye.  He was sitting at the breakfast table sipping his tea. She paused, and then said “I’d thought you’d left without calling up to say so”
She made her way toward him for a final kiss before leaving. He took her by the waist and in one deft move lifted her flipped her skirt up and placed her bottom on the edge of the table. His pushed her panties aside and was between her legs in the same instant. The tender one slow finger had given way to all three fingers inside of her and the slow maddening touches of earlier were now fast and hard thrusts that took her by surprise. From gentle to rough in an instant, it may not have been the oldest trick in the book but was one she certainly knew and loved. He used his hand to fuck her like he meant it, in a way that told her she was his and he would have her when and where he wanted. He feet dangled off the edge her entire body moved with each thrust of his hand and her mind raced with fantasies “Fuck me” she asked. He just looked at her, he was really going to make her say it again “ Fuck me, I want to feel your cock in me”. He just smiled “too bad” and kept on fingering her. Resigning herself to her fate which wasn’t really all that bad she laid back on the table and simply drank in the sensations. closing her eyes free to imagine whatever it was the wanted to.
She imagined a buzzing sound, no it wasn’t her imagination it was in the room and before she could place that low deep rumble she felt it pressed again her clit. “that’s not fair” she panted at him. Not a single sound was uttered in return to her complaint. Moments later she came for the third time that morning but this one was hard and intense. As she felt it subside she waited for him to stop. His hand slid out from inside her but the vibe was left on her clit. “Stop it you prick” She said playfully. “Still not an answer. “Did you hear me?” her voice growing annoyed knowing damn well he did. “Yes and don’t you dare move” she froze, maybe she had pushed things too far. His touch and that of the vibe left her. She laid there on the table feet still dangling, shoes barely on with her eyes closed just waiting. She heard his footsteps cross the room, a drawer open, its contents moved, and then steps back in her direction. “Remember don’t move” the next thing she hear was the sound of a rescue hook cutting away her panties. The familiar feel of the Hitachi returned. Moments later she came again, but he didn’t stop until her had left her an exhausted puddle lying there panting. He finally took the toy and his touch away. She opened her eyes to find him standing there smiling at her. It looked enough like a content innocent smile. He leaned down and kissed her “Thank you” she whispered in his ear. “you’re welcome. Now you were such a brat earlier you know you’re going to get it tonight when you get home” his voice even and measured “and since we had to ruin one pair of panties already you aren’t allowed to wear any today” she just looked at him and nodded with a wicked grin of her own. He kissed her gently and lovingly and he turned and left.
In a matter of minutes and with a few simple words she had gone from spent to looking forward to and dreading whatever was planned for later at the same time. She’s be a mess and lost in those fantasies all day…which fit her now wrinkled and askew look perfectly. As he broke the threshold to leave he called back into to her “Good Bye”

Wicked Wednesday

Afternoon Delight

Sometime no matter how eloquently we try to make sex sound. How supposedly important parts of society portray love and romance in some grand fairy tale sense.  No matter how many French poets have lamented their romantic desires at the heart of the matter, no matter how many ballads are sung on the radio, and how many millions of times a day people in the world express that tender, gentle, connected love there are the other times when what we need is primal. Sometimes all we really need is to cum.
Sorry to put it so impolitely but just the other day was one of those times.   We had a few hours  to ourselves, an empty house which is rare, and nowhere to be for a while which is rarer still and my libido was going full bore.  She however was not in the “mood” so while I had the desire to pin her to the floor it was suggested that I just go for a run instead.  I guess because nothing quiets a man’s libido more getting his heart pumping even more.   Four miles and forty minutes later I came back into the house. Grabbed a water bottle and headed for the shower.
Man in showerShortly thereafter I heard her enter the bathroom. I could hear things being moved around her makeup table and called out to ask if she was planning on joining me.  Visions of fucking her roughly from behind with long deep thrusts as she bent over and braced herself against the wall with her arms extended mixed with the hot water flowing over our bodies from the shower head were already dancing in my mind…and elsewhere.
“No” she called back without hesitation.   Music began to play, I figured in part to drown out further requests from me.  That though wouldn’t deter me and I asked her directly to join me in the shower.  Now hoping for a long slow fuck with her facing me. Legs wrapped around my hips, her back against the wall and her wet breasts sliding against my chest as she labored to work herself up and down and up again for our mutual pleasure.    “I already showered and am NOT going to do my hair again.”
Fine I called back slightly dejected.   So I shaved the two days of scruff off my face, and washed my hair.  AS I opened my eyes from rinsing the shampoo out there she was outside the shower wearing a bra and jeans.   “Did you change your mind?  The thought of me being naked was just too irresistible to you?” The last part said in jest with the secret hope that she really would say yes; and mean it.
She unbuckled her jeans and unceremoniously let them fall to the floor then stepped out of them and kicked them 10 feet away.  Not her normal style but her she was getting undress so I wasn’t about to question it.  She walked up to the shower door and opened it. I kissed her and smiled waiting for the remaining clothing to come off and for her to join me.  She smiled back, paused a few seconds before responding  “Oh this isn’t going to be exactly what you think”.  And took my hardening cock in her hand and began stroking it at first gently and then when it was fully hard with furious intent and purpose.   Around that time she began doing the play by play of what she was doing and how it must feel.  She began using  absolutely shameless dirty little mouth making the filthiest suggestion in a less than demure manner as she continued to jerk me off using the hot water flowing over my body as lubrication. The only parts of her in the shower with me one arm and a foot just on the edge for balance as she reached in.   Her was touch impersonal, strictly business, she had a purpose in mind and the sooner it was accomplished probably the better.  Her words were the complete opposite saying all the sexy little things I love to hear and something about it was extremely hot when the two combined.
She could feel me tensing, I was trying to hold on for a just few seconds longer both for the wonderful sensations she was delivering and so the orgasm would be that much more intense. She didn’t change a thing other than telling me how she was going to watch my cum shoot across the shower.  Seconds after the words left her lips I couldn’t hold back.   I came so hard and some much that it shocked even me.  Her dirty mouth now talking about my orgasm and how it looked, her hand was still relentlessly pumping my cock like I hadn’t cum.  Finally she slowed, slower strokes squeezing from the base of my dick to the tip and back again milking every drop.   My legs shook from being clenched so hard.
She looked at me her voice no longer that of the vixen “Sorry I didn’t know how bad you needed to get off” It felt amazing I reassured her.  She blushed, just a little “Sorry I didn’t fuck you”.  My retort a playful “no complaints here” I leaned in and kissed her gently all the lust filled fervor fading, it was just us again in our normal day to day routine.    “My favorite orgasms are from when you cum that hard inside me.” She confessed as she stepped back and closed the shower door.
I was already fantasizing about the next time we could steal a couple of minutes in the middle of the day and exactly how I could return the favor.

This was written as part of a Wicked Wednesday prompt for Afternoon Delight. Click below to see who else is playing along this week.


Wicked Wednesday


Sometimes there is nothing I love more that a romantic night with soft candle light, seductive music, meaningful whispers, gentle caresses, and making love to you slowly, gently, and selfishly taking every exquisite second and stretching it so that each second feels like a delicious eternity and most of all lovingly. There is a connection that comes from these times that words can’t describe, feelings to powerful for mere letters to represent, that anything uttered would devalue their meaning. Become a failed attempt to express their power, their sway, and their magic. I do without question love these times.
ChallengeSometimes things are simpler, we steal whatever fleeting moments we can and fill them with pleasure. Our bodies intertwined as we do our best to meet our own needs as well as each others. There is a comfortable familiarity with all of this that hold its own special charm, a necessity without elaborate production or pre planned intentions your body against mine again cheating time as we are the only people in the universe and time for a few fleeting moments time and the expectations of others has ceased to exist. I know that these are the times no matter how common place help to keep us connected in a physical sense.
Sometimes things are darker. A place where my desires are to take you to a place not discussed in polite conversation. A place I crave to be and that you dare to go with me. Whether it is a place we let our imagines run our actions or perhaps a place to show our true natures however basal and lurid the need as we dance on the edge of pleasure mixed with oh so many others feelings and sensations. Emotions that over run us both. Sensations that are craved that one in their right mind might not admit that they ever desired let alone enjoyed. This is the place that in the back of our minds in the still of a long cold night we find ourselves remembering more than any other. This is our secret that only glances and simple phrases indicate that it exists.
Sometimes you are such a temptress. Dolled up, flirtatiously calling me like a mythical Siren and daring me to crash My body, my soul, my very being onto your rocky shores where it will be shattered beyond recognition. This is when you are at you erotic best, a picture of seduction, of sensuality, of confidence and beauty. This is the part that is not story book romance but a hot love story. The kind portrayed in plays, and stories, in movies and every other form of entertainment since the beginning of time. It is the type of thing that makes meek women bitter, puritans out raged, and people uncomfortable with their own desires and needs shake in jealousy swimming in fear. It is always amazing to see you like this.
Sometimes though I don’t really want any of these things, instead I want to take you as you are, lifting your skirt, pushing aside your panties, pawing at your chest. Our kisses deep, wet and intense, our bodies rising and falling, our hearts quickened, our breathes rapid, and no words just sounds of pleasure and delight as I fuck you like I mean it.

Wicked Wednesday

e[lust] #42

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Other People's Kink The It’s Almost the Apocalypse Edition

Other People's Kink LogoThe end is near so I want to take a minute and ask you if you’re ready for the afterlife? Have you prepared your soul for the ever after? Well I have and in preparation I’ve laid out my best leathers for Dec 23rd because nothing ever happens on time; not even the end of the world. Packed a few latex and PVC numbers for the Chesty Blonde then burned all her flats and sensible shoes in a secret pagan end of the world ritual.  Then I made sure in her next life she could only wear slutty and super kinky thigh high boots.   Actually I might even take time to get my boots blacked. Now on to the real content.
Malflic’s Pick
One Drink Away from your First Kiss with Another Girl – The lustful Literate. Being one who struggles with labels and the inability to find one that fits him Mal’s pick this month by Brigit Delaney is a thought provoking piece on who really does fit into which category (or not). As for us we think Mal fits in the black boots for life club outside of that he’s just a freak.
Very Cool Accidental Find
Count Boogie showed up on the kinky and popular list and he’s provided a few hours of true belly laughs to us with his video. He’s kind of like Weird Al for kinky people.

Pervable Free Sample and Pay Site
Nothing here that we’ve seen but good English themed spanking clips. The punishments seemed to be real and there were ample free samples that allow you to get a feel for the site. Frankly we just perved the freebies for an hour or so and thought they were good enough to warrant a mention.
It’s just so tempting sale…
We featured their hemp bondage rope in our Kinkster’s Christmas post but this is just a reminder our friends over at Aja Rope have their great MFP bondage rope on sale until 12/31. Mal has been told he doesn’t need MORE rope. Which means he’ll probably buy some especially since someone with a large chest and long blonde hair recently played the word Jute against him for 312 points in words with friends.
Our Old Friend’s Cool Stuff Suggestion
We’ve been friends with the at times bombastic, always entertaining, and typically hysterical Reverend John Sleestaxx for years and years. Both of his highly entertaining and absolutely irreverent and hysterical books are available for free.
Places to promote your own writing…
Unfortunately E Lust looks like it’s come to the end of its run. If you’re looking for other meme’s be sure to check out Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday. We’ve been reading along for a while so guess it’s time to jump into the fray.
Finally… some happenings
Rope Bite is this Sunday at Shameless (once again Mal won’t be there he’s traveling for work).
Also at Shameless next weekend Dec 15th there is an Artist reception as Part of Savage X II (FB Details) both the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Righteous Virtues will be featured. (This one is still in play as to whether or not Mal will make it it depends on if he’s done taking a carriage ride through the Christmas lights. No we’re not kidding).  20% of the proceeds benefit Sex + STL.
Speaking of Christmas lights Malflic will be participating in the Light Run in south city the night of the 17th with some fabulous, kinky, and vanilla friends. Say hi if you see him. He’ll be the straight fat guy who doesn’t look like a runner surrounded by about 12 lithe women and a few gay guys.
Last but not least the rope social is the 30th at Bad Dog see Fet for details but rumor has it there will be escape games played. Insert cruel intentions and wicked grins as appropriate