Attending to the Details

Authors note: this work was written on June 6th as part of making the best use of a day dream.  In many ways it surprised me because while naked women , or women in general tripping my trigger is certianly nothing new the mix of CMNF and submission through service to him turned out to be really hot to me in a way I would have never expected.
She is there waiting for him. Wearing nothing more than heels.  The room is dimly lit with the fading warm light from the summer sun through the sheer curtains, the scent of fresh lavendar fills the air and dances across her every inch of her sweet tanned skin. When she widens her stance her thoughts can’t help to drift to what might occur; and those thoughts very much excite her.
He is sure to only be moments away at this point. Having given her adequate notice of his arrival.  Her thoughts again drift to the possible; to how he may enjoy her. Though devour would be a more accurate description.
The size or the room dwarfed her, standing there waiting  steps inside the door so as to be his first sight upon entering. Waiting to be his escape.
Mean while 40 stories below he slides out of the black sedan with his usual grace.  Followed by the others who clamor for his attention. Who court his favor, but all day his thoughts have been of her. Standing there, naked and aroused waiting for him. She is his retreat, she is his escape, and she is in his thoughts far more than he will ever say.
The followers follow, the advisors advise, and his closest circle swarms. And he is as “switched on” as ever, a dark horse but not far below the surface he is swimming in lust, and knows that in mere moments he will be drowning in her eyes, and brought back to life by her touch.
The elevator opens, he smiles and parts company. His ears pop as it rockets skyward, leaving the posh hell that is earth, and like a demon raised from the depths of  hell to the hiegjts of heaven he walks down an endless hallway to find his paradise.
The door clicks and the last hidden hints of her arousal become completely obvious even with a passing glance.  His eyes do more than glance, the drink her in entirely as she walks slowly towards him.  Part seductress, and part a hint of caution, of not wanting to scare a wild andand potentially dangerous creature.  He catches every movement.
She pauses and kisses him. Soft and sensual, so very full of promise. But first she must attend to his details. Her hands start at his waist and run slowly to his chest. Then reach inside his left breast pocket, she removes a phone, presents it to him he unlocks it and she powers it off. Then spins slowly holding his gaze strides away from him and places it on the valet across the room. Returns and repeats the process again with his other breast pocket. He loves to watch  her walk. He is going  to have her, and she knows it but exactly how remains to be seen.
After repeating the process over and over retrieving, keys, wallet, cash, and his omnipresent lip balm. She again kisses him and takes him by the hand to lead him to the bedroom.
 Still naked, still unsure of what he has planned she undresses him. First his suitbcoat, then one shirt button at a time until the eases if from his shoulders.  Afted puttin it in it’s place her hands caressing his body as she kneels and unties his shoes. Removes them, then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his trousers and lowers his zipped.  His cock already aroused she frees it. His motion indicates that after just a minute or so of pleasure.  Back to the task at hand, attendingbto his details.  She finshes undressing him. Then with the same purpose and sense of perfection redresses him.
With a final kiss he is ready to go again. He pauses leads her to her closest. Hands her black lacy thong. A matching bra, and a one piece short dress.  “Prefect. You’ll be coming with me”
This time he kissed her, deeply and lustfully then everbthe gentlemen took her by the hand and retraced theirbearlier steps.
Again she tended to his details retrieving hiswatch , wallet,  phones, and glasses one by one. Her stride elegant and enchsnting as her dress swayed with each movement. Finally with every one of her required actions completed she again kissed him andbstepped back waiting for further instruction.
“Oh there is one more thingbthst needs cared for.” She paniced, her mind raced. She was certian everything had been perfect for him.
He sensed her concern. Stpped into her and pressed her against the wall. His hand deftly moving under her dress and sliding in and out of her rapidly and right as her breathing changed.  “Don’t worry i’ll be fucking you properly a little bit later.”
With drew hia hand from her, kissed her roughly and then in a gentlemanly fashion led her out the door swimming in desire and alreadyblooking forward to later.

A Malflic Holiday Poem

It was dimly lit in the dungeon and Malflic was moving
He scared all bunnies, the bottoms and the one girl’s poor switchy type roommate.
He flogged them, and spanked them and he beat them. It filled him with glee
As he took one itinerant brat and put her right over his knee
He swatted and spanked her poor bottom so very bright red
Then rumor and legend and hear say said that he said
“a hair brush, a flogger, a strap and a knife,
Some candles, a paddle, a few sluts and I’m all set for life.
Those Virgins, and good girls I’ll show them all the damn door
I like women who are wicked and wanton, my best friends are whores.
I’m lustful and evil, a bit twisted and dark
fire play is delicious it adds just the right spark
All the moaning and screaming the things I done to your wife,
I’ve fucked mothers and daughters and sisters far more times than thrice.
When my black boots come stomping and hands mark you ass
While others wait patiently in line like good little bad girls from the first to the last
You’re bottom is burning from your first turn of the night
Now stand in the corner with you cute spanked red bottom on display in plain site”
It may all be legend or it may happen here
what a wonderful way to treat all naughty girls this time of year.
No matter if it is a religious or secular holiday for you I hope you all have a wonderfully wicked good time.
– Mal
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Very Mean Things

Her skin glowed red, cheeks stained with tears
Her body still shaking from being closer to the edge than she had dared go in years.
Sweat still beading on her bare, raw, still exposed skin
Knowing where she is going based on the hell that has already been.
I was not hers, and she is not mine.
Just two dark souls sharing a few hours of stolen time.
His pleasure her pain. Her pain an exquisite sin,
When the demon came knocking she invited him in.
She shook and she’d shake then silent then screams
Living so boldly her dark depraved dreams.
Then on went her dress and on went her heels
To cover most of the marks from their sick little thrills.
She teetered, and tottered and made for the door
Part lady, part vixen, part Siren, part whore.
Then she paused and she looked into his softening blue eyes.
“Oh before I forget…Hubby Says hi.
With that she slinked and she kissed him
And as she straightened her rings
She blushed once again for doing to her those “Very mean things”

Remind Me to Spank You Later

Funishment…or play punishment is the Kink of the Week topic this time around and it would be harder to pick a topic that was more in my wheelhouse and better defined my kink than this one.  My play, even my hard and mean play is just that play and often ends with a lot of laughter.   And since I hate rules as a rule real punishment has never been my thing but I’ll admit I learned a lot on that topic a few weeks back that I’m reconsidering.
But since the topic is FUNishment let’s start with…
Bad Funishment Pick UP Lines
Funishment is a whole different game and one that I enjoy greatly.  For me it’s a chance to do something that I enjoy; typically spanking someone in a light hearted and playful way. It’s not that I don’t like heavier scenes with harder play and brooding overtones because I certainly do. However playing in an almost silly set up allows me to connect with my partner of a variety of different levels.   It’s a chance to tease and taunt and nudge and needle in a good hearted way.  If you’re around me and someone I play with long enough even in a “normal” setting you will without a doubt hear corn ball phrases outside of a scene, sometimes whispered, sometimes stated as plainly as asking for a cup of coffee from a barista like …
Me – “Remind me to spank you later (when we get home, before bed, etc)”
TCB “I’ll be sure to do that right after you’ve (left the room, gotten to another city, fallen asleep)” or the ever popular “Yeah You know how good my memory is”   She never seems to remind me.  I really need to do something about that.
Me – “oh I guess YOU need another trip across my lap”
Alice King – no response before instantaneously throwing herself from across the room bare assed over my knee and telling me “Yes I do, And why don’t you see how long you can keep it red this time.  Oh look here’s a paddle so you don’t hurt your hand.”
Me –  Mockingly “Are you really going to make me (insert Funishment of choice) you again? You know how I hate that.”
Pick a Play Partner –  “Yes”  Insert role of the eyes before asking where and how I want them positioned
Me–  “Remember the rule is you come to bed with a cold bottom I get to warm it up anyway I want to”
TCB – “Be NICE!”  For the record typically I am
Me – “Go get me something to beat you with…whenever you’re ready of course”
My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette Circa 2011 – She showed up 5 minutes later with half the torture devices needed for a well equipped dungeon.    “… Here (drops an armload of impact toys on the couch) since you can never seem to make up your mind.” For the record I used them all and don’t think she was even a little bit surprised by that.
There are a million variations.  Sometimes it’s done for pure banter, on occasion it’s to put the other person in a head space for what I plan to do or not do later (* more on this below) and I’m known to announce my intention days or hours before we get to play.  It is a subtle mind fuck element I like to add to the funishment.  Sometimes out of necessity because of time and access. Sometimes even though it’s going to be play I want you thinking about what I might do to you with either a sense of excitement, fear, or a healthy dose of both. Odds are since I’m such a softly I’ll just swat you on the bottom over your jeans half heartedly and call it done (and if you believe that I’ve got a few bridges to sell you) but now to follow up on the *
*In a way it’s me asking a person I know well if they want to play; playfully.  It gives them an out if they’re simply not into it at that moment without having to say no.  They just don’t take the bait so to speak.  If the topic gets brought up later or they jump in to “that” role then we play.  If not it was just an overture to be picked up on when the time is right.   Passive aggressive topping?  Maybe but it works in several places for me i is also a great example me being a smart ass.
Role Play
While I’ve done some role play scenes and can play a part when asked to mostly though I likescenes that are somewhat dynamic and  playful banter that isn’t scripted and is authentic.  Outside of kink witty jabs, and verbal jousting is fun for me so it only fits that a certain amount of that would work for me in play as well.
“Where’s my paddle if you hid it again I’m going to spank that smart little ass of yours a lot harder with something far worse…” oh right back to the post
Tell Me What You want: I am a top, I am a dominant but what I am not is a god, a mind reader, or an effectively intuitive human being at guessing what you want. I pay attention, I’ll ask you to play but really it’s ok to ask me as well and tell me (nicely) how or what you want.  Even a funishment can be done creatively and be of the bottom’s own doing.  Very little is as hot for me as a naughty woman confessing to her misdeeds relatively unannounced.  Let’s face it there is something in even the most contrived type of admission such as taking too deep of a breath that works for me.   So start off with “I’ve been a (bad girl, dirty little…, complete…,  fucked three nuns in a confessional, or what ever) and need to be…(your game you pick it and odds are I’ll listen and improvise).
Sure I will arbitrarily decide to do something, I will take the lead most of the time but If I’m missing the boat or you want something specific I’m good with direct requests.  In fact I  like it and get off on it in a big way when you come to me and nervously “ask for it” you very naughty girl.  Odds are I will readily agree you need to be punished.
Going Dark
Fun and games aside usually I’m not planning to truly manhandle someone during a funishment scene.  A little fighting back or protests during light hearted play is fine but push to far, really start fighting or resisting and what was light and playful can go dark and heavy quickly.   Everyone has triggers and I want to deliver a scene that the bottom wants within their boundaries but if pushed or truly challenged instinct and aggression can kick in.
For me usually it’s tied to physical resistance as a way to try to take over the play and it will go one of two ways.    Most often I’ll stop cold and have a conversation trying to understand.  The other option is I will no longer be playing nice. I will pin your ass and the rest of you to whatever and light you up until I’ve decided I’m done unless there is a safe word uttered.
Want a takedown where I fight you to the ground and really work you over?  No problem set it up that way but don’t go from ouch, ouch, stop it type play to a maniac with no warning if actual resistance wasn’t part of what was discussed.  Trust me I’d love to play rough with you and toss you around like a rag doll if I’ve agreed to play with you in anyway.
Kink of the Week

Thank you for Flying Sadist Airlines – An Epic Poem


Thank you for Flying Sadist Airlines

After a bit of reflection and mainly becuase I’m halfway through an unabridged version of Canterbury Tales for my current pleasure reading I’ve decided to try to write a post in a classic epic poem style meets Dr Seuss.  Which is really nothing more than a way to potentially justify my poorly constructed and overly complicated sentences and bizarre rhyming scheme.  Thank you for being masochists and indulging me by reading even just a little.

Part 1 Into The Darkness

All of this is true and none of it is true.  Perhaps the events had happened a millennia ago and perhaps they happened in the residence next to where you are right now in the moments that only recently passed.  This is the tale of the times, of today, and of tomorrow. They are the words also of legends of old, and of moments as modern as the moment you are in and as old as the universe.  It is all completely true and an utter lie.
The wind whipped through the cool autumn air. That much I can assure did really occur.  And as the temperature fell and the moon glowed soft and golden in the sky. The night was alive with far too many voices.  Still despite it all somehow the possibility of magic lingered on the breeze and with it evil and wickedness simply waiting their turn.  In the distance as our fair damsel made her way hastily across the black hard darkness that blanked the earth.  She was in tow, and captured, and without even the slightest resolved to escape the fate that awaited her.  Willingly unwilling and all too caught up in the surroundings to think better of things but as the story goes sometimes the things we crave are not the things we should admit to wanting most.
But admit is exactly what she had done, time and again; with reckless abandon. Truer words have never been spoken and great lies lied within them.  But rather than run like so many before and what would have been of soundest intellect and purest mind to do she followed dutifully chattering harmlessly with the one who escorted her from the deep darkness into the unyielding of the light.
There are of course times when things like this occur. Where what is obvious seems less so and what is hidden seems so painfully obvious.  Mythic tales of hardship and triumphs, of fool hardiness and destruction; which was ahead?  Knowing what was behind remained yet unresolved.    So the tormentor began his game with subtle suggestions and playful banter.  She had no idea what laid before her.  What wickedness awaited but only that there would be pain and a slight hint of ecstasy, torment and relief, surrender and in it escape that words never quite seemed to do justice, simple things first, necessities and treats, provisions for the journey that somewhere in the future she could enjoy. Things that he would undoubtedly share with another, so is the plight of a wanton woman when the Demon has another on his mind. Her mind, body and twisted little soul by her own design very much shared with so many.
So the journey continued as our damsel was given the option to choose some devices of her own torture, as adornments for the future, and reminders of the sweet and delicious torment that was yet about to come but would long after concluding be dwelled upon as marks, on the body, mind, and soul.
Remembering things long forgotten as he taunted her with what was yet to be endured, reminding her not so gently that she had earned ever uncomfortable moment that lay in her future and that if nothing else he was going to leave his mark on her in a way that even previous evils had not.   All true as anything and all of which were just words to her as her mind weighed the possibilities of what he had meant.   His intentions were quite specific but the details of which were with held leaving her to wildly contemplate her own fate.
Back out of the light and into the darkness she was sent, trailing behind him. His lust and wickedness was about to be spent.  Dodging shadows and light, as the start of her night was beckoning and within the hour the moment of her duress would soon be at hand.

Part 2 The Road into Hell

His boots on the stairs, the door closed and the world left behind.  They ask was she ready because it was her time?   The hour was calling and yes her time was here. She nodded with a lot of excitement mixed with just a small batch of fear.
So over she went like a good woman should and he laid into her soundly with a stern piece of wood.  It burned and bit with every impact the beginning was ending, really just two from the last. Then one of the wicked who  was watching the sights.  He called out an idea with sadistic delight. “Why she’s not counting and you know that’s not good. You should start over and give a few extra just because you know that you could.”
And with this the one laughed with paddle in hand. He said “let’s start all over, count out loud do you understand?”  She gritted her teeth and dared him a smile.   As so they began once again in the very same style.   The room filled with smacking, and swooshing, with sensations and sighs.  A few muffled mumbles for what he did to her hide.
And once they got there after beginning again, went from zero, to heaven, to hell in those ten.  Which totaled out 18 because they because of the new start . He hated falling just short of 20 with all of his heart.   So two more “extra” were harshly applied, and she gritted her teeth and lost herself deep inside.  A few of those swats had left her well marked with an ass so it red it probably glowed  in the dark. One would think she was bitter. But she was not bitter but hot. She loved every moment even the two extra, extra, extra, hard swats.  And one would expect this was the end of our tale but it is just the beginning of her road into hell.
So off with the jeans, on to her panties, and then and on the bare.  He whipped her with leather it seemed only fair.  She squealed and she loved it with each solid stroke.  So he hit some more while the men laughed, and they joked.   Then onto the hand because it only seemed right, and if all went as planned it was the start of her night.

Part 3 Descent and  Elevation

With night in the fore ground and not in the past, they gagged her, and pushed her and once again started to laugh.   Thrown down on the bed so nice and so soft they brought out the blind fold and she nearly scoffed.  The games men play are wicked at night, but she was all theirs and tucked well out of sight. She drooled into her gag with small bit of shame.  She laughed at her plight and recounted how much she loved their sick game.  Her bottom was glowing, still slightly ablaze as the ropes then appeared to bind to her frame.  Hands tied to knees, and flat on her back they spanked her bottom, her pussy and legs but just on the back. And then he said something while she was catching her breath but on went the blind fold there would be no time to rest.
Her mind raced a little, faster, and more.  She wondered what wickedness they had in store. Whips and leather, more wood and sins of the flesh.  They would push the limits they wanted to test.  Then there was just silence.  Oh what could that mean?  Then she heard a loud buzzing and wanted to scream. Not tender, not gentle, no pleasure, just pain. Not soft and not slow, they held her legs wide all as part of their game.
They took her to heaven through the bottom of hell and wouldn’t relent until they had emptied her well.   She squealed, and she shook and they held her down.  Making her shake from the tips of her toes to the top of her crown.  And when that wave had passed there would be no respite.  They simply continued the hellish and orgasmic delight. While pinching and pushing, while keeping her there, until she crested again and again and was fully aware.
She shook and she shattered and continued to shake. She wondered and thought about what else they would take.  And when she was wasted, a soaked drooling mess. They’re loosened the ropes and before she could rest.  They uncovered her eyes, and mouth just in time. As her gaze met his met the Demon’s he offered “Thank you for flying Sadist Airlines”

Part 4 –

So women seem wicked and often men  also do  .  But even in evil there is often good too.  They hugged her and kissed and they brought her back down but not before she’d come once more like a flood destroying cities and towns. And the dark one he drifted off into the night while two stayed behind to enjoy other delights.
And this brings to the end of our little tale, how you can find heaven from dark depths of hell.  If you ever should wonder what evil is like, it the thing that laughs with you in the still of the night.  It’s the words that still linger long after their said, and the moments so fleeting that dance in your head.
When pleasure comes calling there always is pain, whether wicked and wanton or modest with shame.   And the words have been spoken and the deeds have been done. Life is too short to not have some fun.
So love all your lovers so pure and so true.  And if you’re like us find something wicked to do.  For nothing is new, only new once more.  And pain can be pleasure for ladies and whores.   So maybe this happened and maybe it’s true. And maybe it’s lie and a lesson for you. Would you dance with a Demon to find your delight, and how often you’ve screamed in the dead of the night?  So I’ll say it once more, just one last time.  Thanks you for flying Sadist Airlines.
Come See Who Else is Being WICKED this Week with Pleasure and Pain
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e[Lust] #49

cheekyminx Photo courtesy of Love Hate Sex Cake

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In a Good Way

There is that nervous feeling, that sense of dread and uncomfortable anticipation.  It became part of her the very second he made the comment.  For days, even when she consciously was telling herself there was nothing to worry about it was there.  That tiny little voice, a hint of fear mixed with self doubt and a dash of guilt.  Oh yes it was there lurking in the back ground, hiding in the recesses of her own thoughts and every so often when there was a mere second of calm in her everyday life it would stick its head out of that darkness and begin whispering to her all the things that could be, none of them pleasant on the surface.  Or not in a way one could discuss in polite company.

The horrible possibilities the voice would extol, their consequences, and what it said about her.  It chided and taunted, goading her about how she should find a way out of it, how this wasn’t what normal people did, that it was something that she shouldn’t like or accept let alone something she should want, desire, or crave.   Oh yes that little voice kept taunting her for days. 

Now though the thoughts weren’t in the back of her mind, they weren’t days away as she stirred sweetener in to her morning coffee.  Days had given ways to hours, less than 12 of them on the drive into work, less than 5 by the time she finished her lunch.  The afternoon was a dizzying distraction as the nervousness built. The scenarios and probabilities raced through her mind with increased frenzy, fiendish intensity, and a sense of dread that all those horrors were getting closer with every second that passed. The voice scoffed at her cruelly.

Finally the work day ended.  On the drive to his home and with each pause for traffic and every damned traffic signal the butterflies were building even more. By the time she arrived on his street her stomach was tied into such tight knots that it would have made any sadist extremely proud.  The walk from the street to his front door seemed like a journey through the entire universe unto itself.  Her legs felt like lead, her feet awkward and uncoordinated each time they touched the ground.  She paused at his door before reaching for the knob and finally with a heavy breath crossed its threshold.  There was no turning back, the time was here and the inevitable upon her. That little voice laughed inside her head like the devil himself.  Insulting her, chastising her harshly, reminding her with every beat of her racing heart how horrendous all of it was going to be.

In contrast when he saw her he moved towards her with ease and she was greeted with a soft and gentle kiss before making her way through the house and beginning the final preparations.  When everything was properly obsessed over and finally ready she surveyed her surroundings.  Oh that wicked little voice was still trying to be heard but the surrender had already begun.  Those desires, those secrets, and all the little things she hid from the world were soon to be on full display.  Somewhere in those fleeting seconds that inner voice began to change, it’s excitement, it’s acceptance, it’s true and twisted desires all became evident when she saw him enter the room. 

The pressure, the anticipation and even the dread was all there, racing though her veins as he drew closer. But they all had all served their purpose.  She quietly thanked that wicked little voice for keeping her on edge for so long, for heightening her senses for serving its own purpose and hers.  She out it away until next time. Everything that was about to happen, despite conventions and outside appearances were going to happen;  in a good way.    

Sultry Saturday

Well Spanked Part 3 The Aftermath

In case the title  didn’t give it away this is the third (and final) installment in our “Well Spanked” series; Part 1 The Warm up and Part 2 Throughly Thrashed in case you missed them.It’s funny how the stars align on rare occasion so when the Kink of the Week Topic was “Marks” I had to fight the temptation to post this immediately rather than wait for it to be a Sinful Sunday Post. 
– Mal
I went in intending to leave her marked.  It seems a bit odd to see the words written out since that not usually the case.   It  came from the desire to not have a repeat of the last time I spanked her bottom.   Usually the scene is what it is and even if its a straight up spanking I’m looking of other things, dynamics, fantasies, roles, whatever to be part of it. Marks may or may not be a by product of that. But  not this time the challenge has been issued that I couldn’t leave her with a sore sit spot, not later that night let alone the next day or several days after that.
It was not my first rodeo, I’d spanked a person or two in my life (a small understatement) and I knew that to get her to that point it would take a long drawn out scene (last time we played her rosy red bottom was back to white before the ropes came off despite multiple OTK sessions earlier in the day). The reality was that I would have to go at her a little hard at times.  That varying the intensity from slow paced thuds and to fast crisp spanks this time it would be more than just to effect her head space but also to get her to the point she dared me to take her, to leave her sore and marked.
AK's Well SPanked and Glowing Bottom
Above is the results 10 hours after we stopped playing her bottom was still showing signs of the previous nights fun.   She admitted it was sore “but I can still sit”.   Raven would later confirm that while she could sit and was savoring the lasting effect she was feeling it more and more as the day wore on.
The Brusies from her spanking are starting to showOne day later the bruises from her spanking are starting to really show.  Raven had taken to giving her a nice swat or two when she passed by and sneaking up on her to poke and grab her still sore butt.  She’d brag to me that she still can take more, so next time we play this hard I may have to offer a reminder session a day later.  Nothing like starting over when she can still feel the last one.
Two Days after her spanking
So the above is after more than two full days.  Still marked, the bruises now in a variety of shades.  The lighting BTW is the result of a power outage and not out attempt to be cool and artsy with this shot.
4 days later
The new red spot is from sitting,   Too bad isn’t it I was hoping LR was going to send me a video of her getting her bottom rewarmed while it was still sore (Remember folks I’m a bit of a sadist).   The only marks left are mid cheek and ironically not from the paddle or belt but from my hand.  Admittedly it was fun for me to get the pictures since i had to leave and couldn’t be there to see the results in person.   Perhaps Alice will comment on how often she stole a glimpse of the marks.  I got daily updates and quickly created a new folder on my phone keep them stored in.
As for me I’ve been on the S&M impact toy shopping spree of a lifetime.   Looking for new paddles and toys, leather and wood and maybe a few things even more vicious than that to add to my collection.
A few finals thoughts on Marks.
Shifting away from the scene above with Alice and looking at my own comments over the years.  Often I’ll swat the Blonde on her cute ass just hard enough to leave a faint hand print (ok sometimes that one smack will be bright red and show each finger in a clearly outlined way. For god’s sake I’m a spanking top what do you expect?).  She’ll grumble sometimes mockingly, some times genuinely and my response has always been “I’m just marking my territory”.   Looking back at it there was more truth in that than there appeared to be on the surface of that cavalier retort.
Whether my hand print had faded or not my habit is often to swat her playfully as we pass each other. Sure its usually playful, never mean spirited, and is often lighter than a pat on the back during a hug with an acquaintance but in some primitive way somewhere in my fucked up brain I’m marking her as mine to anyone watching.  Despite what I do there are times when I don’t share well.   So marks aren’t just for bottoms and subs, they can serve a purpose far beyond the physical.  And while the ones you can take pictures of or steal looks at in the mirror certainly serve a purpose even the ones that fade quickly can be a reminder or symbol of an attachment.
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Sinful Sunday

Well Spanked Part 2 Throughly Thrashed

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series.   The first portion The Warm Up includes not only pictures but the story behind the scene.
So all good things must come to an end and the warm up spanking is also one of them.  Though as previously mentioned is was mostly spanking and very little warm up.   LR had an assortment of paddles laid out for use ranging from the new one he had made for Mal for just such an occasion along with some older ones that have been in Alice’s collection for a few years.   Several were applied at varying rates and intensities until “Someone” decided Alice should get 10 swats with the “The Big Girl Paddle”.  Raven thought she should get 30, he was right and she will next time she will get 30 or more I assure you.
School Paddle EditedSome bastard made her count each swat and then he let it sink in for about 30 seconds before beginning to take aim for the next one which of course would be harder than the last.  And in true spanko style he insisted she stay in position or they would have to start all over at the beginning.  As mean as it may seem don’t let her rosy red and marked bottom fool you.  Mal made the paddle specifically for her a few years back because she wanted something heavy with a deep thud.  OH and this was the part of the night where “I dare you”, “You can never” and the “I can take anything and love it” style brattiness not only faded but stopped completely until that wicked piece of wood was set aside.  Despite her silence his words though still flowed and tormented her between each bottom searing swat with what was yet to come.
Alice's brusied bottom from being paddled on her bare butt
After number 10 landed soundly and a few moments rest to gather herself (and to feel how trashed her bottom was plus a few peeks in a mirror to admire it).  The two tops teased her and then she was asked to remove the belt from his waist while he looked tauntingly in her eyes.   After getting back into a good bent over position good dose of an old fashioned belt whipping was applied to her already sore and just paddled butt.  The steady rhythm and intensity let her begin to drift into that delicious head space she enjoys so much for the first time that evening.
a belt whoop'in on her bared butt
Thus began her “Blissed Out” time which eventually led to more several more positions and hundreds more hand spanks, a few more paddles until  the night concluded with her bent over a piece of furniture with a Top on each hip spanking in tandem and covering each cheek completely with their thick hands. Until the Boys despite her protests and bratting hoping to earn “more” called game over.
Despite her protests that she not only could take more but she wanted and needed more the impact play portion of the night was over.  That they boys were soft and stopping too soon the sadists moved on to other kinds of torment.  Sometime later that evening she energetically bounced in front of them and proudly declared “There is still quite a bit of heat…my ass is still on fire” at which point some one did their best George W. Bush impression (which is not at all impressive) and declared “Mission Accomplished”.  The night began with that someone standing close behind Alice and whispering in her ear that he was going to “take her bottom to a number of colors way past red”.    and then she had to recall his words exactly to Lord Raven before things began.
Come back next week for the conclusion and to see whether or not he kept his word in the Part 3 Called “Aftermath”.
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Sinful Sunday

Well Spanked – Part 1 The Warm Up

There is that moment when you are waiting for the spanking to start, then there is the moment your dress is lifted up exposing an already glowing red bottom.   Then those delightful moments when you are taken OTK, and then at one point you’re not sure whether or not the “warm up” is over.
naughy alice getting her bottom beat red by an otk spanking
Then there is the the moment of impact when you realize its not and what’s about to come hasn’t even really started.
The last time they played Alice told “someone” that she wasn’t really sore the next day and that her sit spot was completely fine.  In fact she told him that no one had ever left her with a sore sit spot.   Of course it was said like in a bratty challenge kind of way.  As you can see just from the warm up she got that someone wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.
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Sinful Sunday