One -All American Nightmare

Mal Seated in a White Chair shielding his fave frm the camera with his hand“Dressed head to toe black on black,

Three bunnies in the back of my Cadillac.

With me its gonna be a good story to tell;

Cash, grass, and ass on the highway to hell.

Be careful what you wish for when you dream”

All American Nightmare – Hinder

Malflic Dressed in a Black Suit, Black Shirt, BlACK STRIPED TIES AND bLACK LAPEL PINBlack Wing Tips, Black Trousers and Black Socks

“If you Wanna Run away I’ll give you a ride

Got a One Way Ticket to your Darker Side”

A Demon in Recline - Mal Laying Casually in a chir despite his formal Black on Black Suite Attire




Mrs Fever’s September Song Challenge at Temperature’s Rising 


3 Replies to “One -All American Nightmare”

  1. These are beautiful, I especially like the two that show you in the chair, as a pair … the stark contrasts in the b&w and the evocative moodiness of the way you show yourself here is wonderful.

  2. I’m loving Mrs Fever’s project this month, partly because it’s helping me find new songs, or remember old favourites. This one is new to me, but totally going to check it out with lyrics like that. They work so well with your photos too which are absolutely delightful x

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