Announcement – The Loss Of M

It is with great sadness and a truly heavy heart that I’m sharing with you that M of Cammies on the Floor is no longer with us. She passed away tragically and all too young early last week.  I am not able to share the details and will never be in a place to do so. Please honor her memory and that boundary out of respect for her, her family, and her loved ones.

For those of you that read and interacted with M you saw a glimpse of the woman she was. Uncensored, unabashed, and filled with love and passion for so many things the world had to offer. And of course infinitely complicated.  In her true fashion it was merely just tease of the amazing person she was beyond that.  She was committed to her communities of choice including other writers, Kink, and Polyamory.  She lived every moment with passion and energy like so few others.

The parts you most likely never saw in her online work was her softer side. Her vulnerabilities beyond romantic entanglements. Her tireless love for all people and animals. The pain of her loss of A a few years earlier. She had a innocence and tenderness that was masked with quit wit.

M worked endlessly to help those she cared for as part of her profession handling each challenge with drive, determination, and courage while facing the sadness, heartbreak, and neglect she tried to alleviate. Every day striving to make other’s lives better with little concern for the toll it took on her. All done with a commitment and dedication that no doubt left so many she knew with a little better life.

M was a highly educated woman with multiple advanced degrees all obtained in order to aide those she served in her life’s chosen work.

During lighter times she would debate the value of owning books vs. simply reading them and then passing them along. Other topics often included her perceived indifference to fashion, the beauty of the mountains, her love of lush green spaces. Other passions were limitless and ranged from intellectual to creative to athletic.

For those of you who were not lucky enough to have seen her face M had the most beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that would twinkle in a special way when she was being coy, playful, or mischievous. Often accompanied by a wonderful grin that included her biting down on one side of her lower lip.

As for the practical matter of her website she always planned posts months and at times years into the future. We will have to wait and see what if anything is shared there as time passes.

She lives on through her children, family; both chosen and biological, without question her beloved Mr. Texas and of course me.

The picture used in this post is one from the happiest day  I ever spent with her.  A warm November day along the ocean. A small piece of joy to remember her by in a time that is anything but joyful.

With sadness and all my love,


  • Mal

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  1. This makes me so sad. I have no words. She is one of the bloggers I felt a great love for and I really wanted to meet her so much. She will not be forgotten.

    Rebel xox

  2. I am so sorry. She enriched my life through what she shared on the internet. We are all richer for having had her touch our lives in any way. Love to all those hurting and grieving at her death.

    Thank you for letting those of us who just peek in to her life know.

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry for your loss. And for all our loss. Her blog was beautiful and raw and generous and I learned so many things from her. She will be missed.

  4. I am so very very sorry to hear this, and my heart hurts for your loss.

    I read M (and A)’s blog from shortly after they began, and this is simply… I have no words.


  5. Oh, Mal, I’m so very sorry. I’ve read your blog and hers faithfully for years, and was so delighted when you got together and shared such happiness. May her memory be a blessing.

  6. Oh… this is really shocking. And absolutely heartbreaking. M was someone who, like Marie, I’d always wanted to meet. Her writing was raw and personal and beautiful… it touched a lot of peoples’ lives. My heart is with you and her family and friends, Mal. <3

  7. Oh my goodness, I am really shocked and tearful – I was such a fan of her posts and images I was forever sharing them on Twitter and sometimes on my blog – I just thought she was bloody great – never met her, but will miss her – RIP

  8. I’m just now catching up on a recently-neglected timeline, and *just* left a comment on her post that went up (obviously pre-scheduled) today.

    Seeing this, now…

    I’m speechless.

    I’m so sorry, Mal. She was always so beautifully honest in her writing, even with the most painful of truths.

    She will be missed.


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