Take Control

Take Control
“This energy
The load of forces
Carry me over the top
and i’m going
hard to stop I’m hungry
I’m hungry for your touch
Feel the rhythm, feel the soul
Lords of Acid Take Control”

“Take Control” off the “Lust” by the Lords Of Acid. Praise the Lords, Fuck the Rest.

Ok with that setup and mantra out of the way let’s jump right in. Usually when i write these pieces it is certainly an extension of self, insight to wants thoughts, hopes and desires.   This one will be both the replay of what was a very hot scene and also insight as to why.  So let’s join the Sexy Little Temptress as things are about to start.
“I’m going to kiss you and when we stop the scene is going to begin.” her long flowing skirt a nod to summer, her tank top already teasing him with her well  tanned cleavage.  She was wrapped in his arms and they had started to connect already.  It was if her sexy little body had a magic to it beyond her intoxicating shape and erotically charged mind.  
He had given these very moments more than their proper allotment of thought.  He did like how she had taken to pressing herself against him connectively.  He had replayed everything he knew about her, what she had said, implied, and otherwise.  He may miss things from time to time; everyone does. Yet Words she had spoken about how a previous partner had learned not to to over inform her of his plans prior to a scene stuck with him.   She had actually said that during their first date a few blocks from his place.  The explanation of knowing what her limits were and then playing inside them made the best experiences for her.  
While the entire outing would be about her as usual but this time part of that would be a leap forward, a play at power. At control and in his own subtle way dominating her.  The Sexy Little Temptress was about to experience was him not just playing in their wonderful way but for the first time he was going to take control.
There is a wonderful thing in familiarity, routine and ritual. And though he never ask if he odds are she would have expected him to start with rope. A little bondage to reconnect, to feel her body tremble with each pass and pull.  
He wanted inside her head, he wanted her to feel safe and cared for but he also wanted her to have a new and memorable experience, perhaps one that excited her unexpectedly, that was new for them. One of pleasure, after all she does love pleasure and the pursuit of orgasms. Often mixed or in exchange for pain.   
Their lips separated and he looked down in her beautiful dark eyes. The curls of her hair cascading away from her face, the cute and curious little grin beaming back up at him.
“Are you ready to begin?” she agreed and with that he spun her around. His hands on her hips. She tried to twist back to kiss him again. There would be plenty of time for that as he led her to where she could see the world then bent her over, swatted her still covered bottom.  He loved bending her over; she looked so sexy, alluring, and well tempting to him.   
Everytime she was in this position, standing, kneeling or on all fours it took a huge act of self control to simply not plunge his cock into her.  
Her dress was lifted with great care and caution, positioned just so. A few quick light spanks on her now bared bottom before his hand slid between her legs but over her thong.   She had his number, sexy panties, a skirt to lift.  His hands tracing slowly fown the length of her legs, finger tips dancing gently across the back of her thighs. Then a smack on her bottom. Plams barely touching her running in perfect tandem from the small of her back, across the pink spots from the spanks on her sexy little ass he settled into his rythym hand slapping on her backside working to cover it in a building mix of heat and sting. Then switching tect and tracing, across the delicate inside of her upper thighs. Downward his hands continued across her calves.  His hands drwan back upwards and between her thighs.  He stop to adjust her hands, widen her stance, have make her offer even better acess to her still thong covered pussy.  His hand offered firm pressure against her growing wetness, then would go back to slaps on her bottom, or caresses of her legs.
Soon her panties would be lowered and her skirt would be shed, he stripped her slowly and then palced her back on display, drinking her in before refocusing on touching her.  He could feel her melting, he could feel her surrender not only to the pleasure and the pain of his touch but to him.
He would strip her completely. Their seemingly natural dynamic of clothed male naked female once again took place.  He fucked her pussy with his fingers, with drew and traced her inner and out lips, fingered her some more and then as if on cue stood her up, backed her up against a wall of windows and watched  her face contort with pleasure.  A gentle slap with his bare hand between her thighs.
Her reaction was noted.  He was going to have to try that a little more. He could see her focus.  Feel her trying to orgasm again.  A bare hand spanking for her pussy was somewhere in her future.   
Now though it was her bottom that was going to be spanked.   In time he would lead her to the couch. She stood there and as soon as he made a move to take her across his kneed to have her sexy little bottom spanked she fell into position.  
He pinned her between his legs, one hand firmly on her back ensuring she knew she was pinned in place long before she would think to challenge him from the stinging spanks on her backside.  He was in control, and she knew it. His hand again dipped between her thighs teasingly. A reminder of how exposed she was.  A taste of pleasure before another dose of pain.  
The spanks landed slowly, well spaced, but solidly on her reddening bottom.  He was warming her up for what was about to come.  
Soon enough she would melt into his lap, moans of pleaure mixed with a tensed body from the spanks landing on her now glowing bottom.  A hair past pink. Her sit spot glowing a lovely light shade of red in contrast to her creamy white thighs and upper cheeks.  His  wide thick hand the perfect size to cover her entire bottom if he really wanted.  He squuezed her ass and then carefully released her and put her back on her feet.  
Again focusing on  not merely topping but truly dominating her the theme of taking control in subtle yet intense and connective ways continued.  She was dizzy not literally but sexually. His begining had taken her by surprise, took her off balance in a delicious and unexpected way.  Now they were wrapped in each others arms and kissing like lovers. Having taken her to thenedhlge orbpleasure and crashing over it repeatedly already.
  He stepped back and again slid behind her. First taking one hand and drawing it slowly and surely behind her back. Then the other until they over lapped.  
“Don’t let go”  don’t let go he advised her. Not hint of the consequences or if there would be any.  These games always have twists, turns, and fun or otherwise consequences.  
Her chest thrust foward and on full display caresses turn to pinching as she stood there. Moaning in delight, arms still behing her back, he cupped her breasrs then spinning her to face the art on the wall. His hands explored her from throat to thigh. He windedned her stand and slid his fingers back into her, noting her arousal, her pleasure and her restraint.  How she obeyed. 
After some time finishing her latestest orgasm with a few more thrusts, a couple of spanks.  The color that was alredy fading bottom.   He kissed her deeply, aggressively, and perhaps a bit demandingly but she took ever flick of his tounge in stride.
In time after more pleasure for her he slid in behind her ans she rubbed his cock through his shorts. Being crafty she managed to do so while keeping her hands in place.   He savored the sensations.  He lingered behind her a few more moments she twisted to kiss him. He stepped back and around her and she followed.  Moving her hand in front of her. Their eyes met and with an evil gring her stated.
“look whay uou’ve done. You let go. Oh now I have to punish you.  What should i DO TO YOU?”