Teasing, Permission to Orgasm, and Denial


Ahh welcome back readers.  Have you been having some wicked fun?  I certianly hope so. After all summer is supposed to be VERY HOT.  Speaking of which it’s about time to rejoin our Anti Hero’s.   Lack of heat is not something they suffer from as you’ll see. So in the interest of raising things a few degrees and making this summer just that much hotter we offer a tale of pleaure, permission, and much to the Sexy Little Tempress’ dismay a touch of denial. Have no fear she wasn’t denied for all that long in this tale of Teasing, Permission to Orgasm, and Denial.



They entered their space. The night was alive with neon lights as far as the eye could see.  After a few hours of passing as merely friends in public finally being alone again was well over due. He wondered if seeing the pace of his world was something he should not have shown her yet.  It is one thing to be told but another to let someone close enough to understand it’s real demands.  During the early course of the night she teased him on something small and seemingly innocuous, part of everyday banter and conversation. It was cute and well timed.  He simply laughed, dared to look her in the eyes and yet again risked drowning in them then responded for all to hear “it’s complicated”! Which was both true in a vanilla sense and more of an inside joke between them than anyone else in ear shot would’ve imagined.
Now though he had the pleasure of helping her undress.  Her top tossed uncermoniously across the bedroom.  He sat on the edge of the bed, she stood there stealing kisses and smiling at him as he peeled off her tank top. Not long after that reaching behind her irreverently removing her bra.  Then with one nipple in his mouth he pinched the other just hard enough and plac ed his free hand on her crotch. Literally feeling the heat of her lust penetrating through the denim.
Of course her tender and overly sensitive nipples (due to a long session of rough play the day before) “needed” some more of his attention.
After a few mintues he stripled her out of her jeans, once again baring the Sexy Little Temptress ‘s mesmerizing ass to “inspect” her for marks. After all she had taken quite a spanking right before bed the night before. It had even crept into her dreams. And several intense sessions over the previous days.
No marks but still very sore, of course he would take full advantage of that later.  So it was rope to start. Two quick wrist cuffs and then making the most of their play space he led the temptress through its vastness with purpose. A veritable dungeon theme park.
She’s tied, more or less in place arms spread wide into a T wrists bound and kneeling on a large bench.   Her legs are coaxed wider as she kneels there her locks cascading onto her shoulders, her flesh cool to the touch from too much air-conditioning. Her gorgeous and sore bottom pushes outward and his hand slides between her legs, teasingly.   The set up was the stuff of a great bondage scene.   And she had been well beaten and pleasured the previous two days now he was going to do something new.
She would swim endlessly in orgasms if he let her, and that was typically as you’ve read by now his inclination. His hand danced lighly ascoss her pussy. He stroked her and she pressed towards him, he denied her.  Drew in closer and in a voice that was both kind and controlling at the same time.  “You are not allowed to cum tonight with out permission”
She murmured her disappointment.  “Do you understand?”  She responded “yes i am not allowed to orgasm with out asking; and getting permission.”.  This was new, not something necessarily negotiated before hand.  Instead it was a place he went to based on a few passing comments in a note and a conversation. She had every right to tell him to fuck off. But she played along .
He touched ever so lighly. All part of controlling her pleasure, of building up to take her to the place of deep intense release but on his terms and time frame. His hand slid into her slowly and just enough. And after endouring the various tourture of his caress it was time to move her.
The ropes loosend from the couch but each wrist still bound in it its own single column  cuff and then passed across across her palm giving her something to hold onto and pull against. “What should I tie you up to next?”
After all it was her scene and her answer would provide insight into her wants, needs and desires.  After her insightful input he placed her on the floor using the solid legs on a heavy sofa for to raise her arms above her head but together. During the scene she would draw them across her face and look away as she floated in to that deeply erotic space. Then spreading each leg wide into an “X” and adding rope to them to more or less hold her in place.  Less than perfect ties, not overly strict binding but still more than enough to keep her excatly where he wanted.
The real game was about to begin and as her incredibly sexy tempting little body laid there he had to decide wether to take her to that edge release quickly with the assistance of a favorite vibrator ot to build up and deny her. Slowly bullding then abandoning  the releases she would crave.
Of course choosing to devour her slowly seemed like so much more fun. “Remember you need permission to cum” he reminded her as his finger tips passed across her stomach, up the side of her ribs and then across her sore, aching, and aroused nipples.
“What about multiples?”  She asked in all sincerity.  For the first time he was certian she was truly his in a differnt way. She wanted to please him. A submission different than from up until that point. For a few moments she was only his. It was a chance to live in the moments and she was once again all that existed.
“You may have multiples. But have to get permission to cum again when they end.”
And his hands began to move across every inch of her body from the top of her neck with a few finger tips, to the caress of his palms along her hips that all too often he had thought of grabing roughly from behind while plunging his cock into her quick and deeply in an crescendo of pace and controlled frenzy pursuing his own pleasure. That fantasy faded quickly as he went back to the task at hand. Drinking in her body, her surrender and at the same time not letting her drift too far from the present by asking questions.
He began and then stopped, he could feel her begin to tense…the pace changed, the caresses changed, he would stop completely. For just a few seconds bwfore starting again or starting something new.
After a while he took to  tracing the tip of l his tounge up her legs from calf to thigh. Pausimg and biting…just hard enough those delicious spot just beyond her thigh but not yet her pussy. He movEd fluidly beween her legs teasing, his mouth resting across her sex, his breath dacing across her short dark pubes, his tounge maddeningly barely passing between her outer lips at a lanquid pace. A tease, a good lick or three, then nothing. Then again and as she moaned he’d move.
He shifted effortlessly back next to her and sunk a finger into her, slow, controlled and sensing she was at her edge repeated the motion. She asked to orgasm and he granted it instantly.
Over the the coming hour he would edge her and stop. Finger her both hard and fast and slow and lanquid again and again her the word “please” never sounded sweeter than when she pleaded to cum. He spanked her pussy with his hand edging her and them using the same mix ofbpain amd stimulationbto a shaking loud orgasm.  After permission was granted of course.  Her legs pulled and the heavy chairs she was tied to inward.  Hebwould adjust them back out wider amd begin again. She would throw her face away from him. Hide in her hair and he brought her back to him being more than just a source of pleasure as his left hand grabbed her throat. His right drove two thick fingers in to her tight and completely drenched pussy.
Each time she asked he decided in the moment wether to deny her completly, grant instant permission, or to make her wait for a breif moment that felt like small enternities.   Power play with pleasure not pain.
The scene ended with a hard multipe that was driven with unyielding speed they collasped next to each other. His white shirt soaked in sweat, her body tepid to the touch but hyper sensitive to pleasure.  After catching his breath he untied her slowly.
Lying there next to her he toyed with a compression tie on one of her lovely breasts. As a unapoken test really. Never intending to complete it but to make sure even in a heightened state of arousal that he could trust her to communcate when something wasn’t working for her. She did and he smiled to himself removed the rope, gave her a good pinch and then led her to bed where she laid covered and calm in a state of bliss while he headed back to a few requirents of his reality.

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