Attending to the Details

Authors note: this work was written on June 6th as part of making the best use of a day dream.  In many ways it surprised me because while naked women , or women in general tripping my trigger is certianly nothing new the mix of CMNF and submission through service to him turned out to be really hot to me in a way I would have never expected.
She is there waiting for him. Wearing nothing more than heels.  The room is dimly lit with the fading warm light from the summer sun through the sheer curtains, the scent of fresh lavendar fills the air and dances across her every inch of her sweet tanned skin. When she widens her stance her thoughts can’t help to drift to what might occur; and those thoughts very much excite her.
He is sure to only be moments away at this point. Having given her adequate notice of his arrival.  Her thoughts again drift to the possible; to how he may enjoy her. Though devour would be a more accurate description.
The size or the room dwarfed her, standing there waiting  steps inside the door so as to be his first sight upon entering. Waiting to be his escape.
Mean while 40 stories below he slides out of the black sedan with his usual grace.  Followed by the others who clamor for his attention. Who court his favor, but all day his thoughts have been of her. Standing there, naked and aroused waiting for him. She is his retreat, she is his escape, and she is in his thoughts far more than he will ever say.
The followers follow, the advisors advise, and his closest circle swarms. And he is as “switched on” as ever, a dark horse but not far below the surface he is swimming in lust, and knows that in mere moments he will be drowning in her eyes, and brought back to life by her touch.
The elevator opens, he smiles and parts company. His ears pop as it rockets skyward, leaving the posh hell that is earth, and like a demon raised from the depths of  hell to the hiegjts of heaven he walks down an endless hallway to find his paradise.
The door clicks and the last hidden hints of her arousal become completely obvious even with a passing glance.  His eyes do more than glance, the drink her in entirely as she walks slowly towards him.  Part seductress, and part a hint of caution, of not wanting to scare a wild andand potentially dangerous creature.  He catches every movement.
She pauses and kisses him. Soft and sensual, so very full of promise. But first she must attend to his details. Her hands start at his waist and run slowly to his chest. Then reach inside his left breast pocket, she removes a phone, presents it to him he unlocks it and she powers it off. Then spins slowly holding his gaze strides away from him and places it on the valet across the room. Returns and repeats the process again with his other breast pocket. He loves to watch  her walk. He is going  to have her, and she knows it but exactly how remains to be seen.
After repeating the process over and over retrieving, keys, wallet, cash, and his omnipresent lip balm. She again kisses him and takes him by the hand to lead him to the bedroom.
 Still naked, still unsure of what he has planned she undresses him. First his suitbcoat, then one shirt button at a time until the eases if from his shoulders.  Afted puttin it in it’s place her hands caressing his body as she kneels and unties his shoes. Removes them, then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his trousers and lowers his zipped.  His cock already aroused she frees it. His motion indicates that after just a minute or so of pleasure.  Back to the task at hand, attendingbto his details.  She finshes undressing him. Then with the same purpose and sense of perfection redresses him.
With a final kiss he is ready to go again. He pauses leads her to her closest. Hands her black lacy thong. A matching bra, and a one piece short dress.  “Prefect. You’ll be coming with me”
This time he kissed her, deeply and lustfully then everbthe gentlemen took her by the hand and retraced theirbearlier steps.
Again she tended to his details retrieving hiswatch , wallet,  phones, and glasses one by one. Her stride elegant and enchsnting as her dress swayed with each movement. Finally with every one of her required actions completed she again kissed him andbstepped back waiting for further instruction.
“Oh there is one more thingbthst needs cared for.” She paniced, her mind raced. She was certian everything had been perfect for him.
He sensed her concern. Stpped into her and pressed her against the wall. His hand deftly moving under her dress and sliding in and out of her rapidly and right as her breathing changed.  “Don’t worry i’ll be fucking you properly a little bit later.”
With drew hia hand from her, kissed her roughly and then in a gentlemanly fashion led her out the door swimming in desire and alreadyblooking forward to later.

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