Love is Love a few moments of hope

It was Sunday night after the Orlando attack and while discussing the event and day’s press conferences Oleander Plume’s tweet about doing something productive appeared in my twitter feed. “Love is Love” It was a beautiful image that summed up exactly how I felt as I sat there and worried about friends and family and the stupidity of the world
So i took her wondeful graphic and call to share it “freely and widely”  retweeted it. Then texted it to a few family members and friends.   And in a moment of daring put it up as my profile picture on my vanilla accounts and of course linked to her blog.  Look it’s not hard even on those accounts to know where my views stand.  The blonde and I have been openly support equality for years (and pre social media going back to a vote in Missouri in the mid 2000’s).  While we may differ on kink, and our views on Poly relationships this is one place where we are completely aligned.
So what you would expect happened. Gay friends liked it,  theater friends shared it, artists and kinsters selectively did the same. Not all of us can be out as supporters due to day jobs, family pressures etc.   And truth be told some people dm’d me about my and my children’s souls, un friended me, and you know what? That’s life.
Then this morning the most wondefulbtjing happened.  More folks than could have been imagined changed their avi to Oleander’s graphic.  They shared and liked it more and more even as the “we are Orlando” filter was added.
Let love rule ñove is love by Oleander Plume
Few things truly warm my heart.  Seeing this and knowing in some small way something I did evoked small tokens of love and support.
Love is love.
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