Snidely Whiplash Fetish

If you want to blame a life of deviant sexual behavior and interest in rope bondage on one thing you have to look no further than the influence of Snidely Whiplash from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.   Which were of course the first bondage videos I watched and I’ve been tying people up and to things ever since.  Fortunately railroad tracks aren’t typically one of them.  Also just to prove that Alice actually is allowed to wear more than a a bra and panties on occasion here’s a pic of her sporting a shirt from Bastard Ropes  that caters to that very theme. Showing that just maybe I’m not the only one who got their kinky start from cartoons.
Alice in a Bastard Ropes T Shirt featuring Snidely Whiuplash

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9 Replies to “Snidely Whiplash Fetish”

  1. I have no idea where my kinks came from but I have written about the whipping scene in the King and I. I can remember being utterly enthralled by that scene and watching it over and over. I can’t have been much more than 10 or 11 at the time… Topless men with whips have been a thing for me ever since

    1. I think i am just hard wired this way and had interests in kinky things long before having any idea what kink was.

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