The Hatless Stranger's Sexual Fantasy

The Hatless Stranger’s Sexual Fantasy

First Up The Reality of what Happened
Its late afternoon after a 500km drive into what can only be considered Eastern Europe.   I’m by all accounts a stranger in a strange land but have wonderful hosts. I don’t speak the language, literally not a single word.   Not that it would stop me from tying to pick up a few of the basics along the way.   After speaking to a room that stared at me blankly for an hour where my humor, intellect and every damn thing else was met with blank stares fell to people who I would later learn where too shy to speak to me.
After all I cut a terrifying image everywhere I go. Ok so not really but have been told by friends, acquaintances and strangers countless time apparently I have a presence about me. The response is typically something about me being a handsome devil.   I mean the devil part; the handsome bit is just a way to soften the evil overlord just waiting to be conjured. Any how the session wraps. I thank everyone and begin making plans for the evening.
I get to go out with my new local friends and an old buddy who knows about my proclivities. We are both some form of ladies men (male whores, perverts or whatever), with different interests. His are a bit more traditional   In comes a man with two women one of which is a dead ringer for the original model from Spanking Teen Jessica. It was an odd reaction to see a person and realize they are literally the doppelganger for a kink model whose videos you watch but my poker face rarely betrays my thoughts and holds true. My buddy pops right up and introduces himself, a big smile, hand extended type A Hi, I’m X! Nice to meet you”
Panic strikes her like she is trapped with a set of terrifying monsters about to kill her in a slow painful way before devouring her soul with cappuccino for dessert. Truly there’s not a better way to describe how afraid of us she appeared. Being fairly in tune with those around choose to introduce myself with a soft wife and slow gentle movements. Her discomfort is palpable. Later I’d learn she’d never met a Brit before and had never spoken to an American. A concept that was in fact terrifying to her because as a rule they are generally a shy culture with westerners, have little spoken contact in English although read and write in that tongue daily. I can’t shake the image of the onetime model she so strongly resembles. And make a joke about apologizing for being a bad American by not wearing a cowboy boots and hat. With that she smiled; somewhat sheepishly, held my gaze for a second before looing down again. Her body langue realizing momentarily. It was obvious that was exactly what she expected when the trotted her in to meet the “visiting American”. Sorry to disappoint but in the end I’m just another hatless stranger.
Food from an after the fact sexual fantasy. It’s roughly 28 hours later, in a different city. I’ve been away for four days and hadn’t cum in five and was at the point of needing to. There were no arrangements for a tryst or lover of any type in the next 8 days. It was time to take matters into my own hands given that situation (and three orgasms a week quota for the year). The thoughts began as they often do, they went to people I’m involved with or have been. My cock stiffening. Then they usually start to drift to acts either with some of those people or countless acts that are locked in my mind. Not this time the fantasies started to drift to a combination of the long ago spanking model I had watched in videos but then she faded and turned very specifically the young woman I had met. Sure spanking fantasies often factor into my orgasms this one was different. It was stranger but one I had met. A very uncommon thing for me to think of. My wank fodder isn’t random people…interesting in its own right.
Her shyness danced in my fantasy as a form of submission, thoughts of taking a heavy and severe paddle to her petite athletic bared bottom swam in my mind. Her now glowing and pain filled butt tensing waiting for another cruel swat and upon the last one she could possibly have taken lowering my zipper, unceremoniously lubing her rim and the head of my cock before fucking her ass. Driving slowly and deeply into her time and again then it was inevitable that it would lead to roughly that tight hole of hers. My hips pounding against her marked and bruised ass from the paddling as the pace of the fucking increased. She fingers herself to orgasm as pain dances with pleasure. Her tensing and bucking harder against me makes me cum.
Postlude – Often I get lost in my own head. Not just with sexual thoughts but intellectual pursuits and reflection in general. This piece is somewhat different because for all the varied things I write about, including so many things that get me off with others, acts, kinks, body parts and motions there is no memory of me writing about a specific fantasy I masturbate to let alone one that for whatever reason was truly unique and random in those moments. It is a topic I’ve largely kept to myself and left unexplored here. It feels in a way overly personal to be sharing, too much of a look into my head however in the same breath somehow seems overdue.
Note: timing is an ironic thing. This post was written literally on April 29th and scheduled for May 2nd.  On the First  Molly announced Masturbation as the Kink of the Week so i’ll be writing on the topic again shortly. 

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  1. I. Love. This.
    I could see the picture of these “scary Americans” you painted that she must have seen. And I love the look inside your mind…and fantasies during such a private moment. 🙂

  2. I am a fan of your writings. I think it is a shame that you didn’t have a willing participant when you were in need. I know there is an abundance of beautiful women that would love to help you make your kinky and sadistic fantasies a reality. I love the glimpse into your mind, makes me feel less like a pervert myself for having fantasies like yours of people whom are scared of me.

    1. Thank for the comment. As for partner’s i’m very fortunate to have several amzing women in my life. But as they say timing is everything and sadly sometimes they are all very far away.

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