A Two Way Haunting

Is your presence haunting the streets?
Dark and brooding. Swimming in the past…
Evil intent now not far from the surface.
Could you feel me there? Lurking so close.
Does that tempt you? Just a little
Or are the ghosts of yet another city haunting me?
Casting my image back over a picture like the evil thing you are waiting to be conjured.

A picture of london Bridge made whole by a mirror

Perhaps both are haunted.
Click the lips and see all the other sexy sinners

Sinful Sunday

So this month’s prompt was mirrors. As fate would happen my hotel room this week just happened to feature a series mirrors
Malflics image reflected in a series of mirrors
and a picture used to make a complete image.
London Bridge picture
So of course I decided to haunt it.

10 Replies to “A Two Way Haunting”

  1. This is very clever indeed. I love how you have combined the images…. and in my favourite city too.

  2. Very haunting! I love how you’ve combined these images together especially when it involves an image of Tower Bridge, I love everything about that!

  3. How perfectly eerie! Love this. The second one even more so. Very creatively done with something so simple and your words fit perfectly.

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