Two Days Later

It’s the year of the orgasm and you know what i haven’t taken the time to write about?  My own and what better way to fix that than with a tale about oral sex.


After a long night of play, pleasure and companionship we found ourselves naked on the couch touching but just barely more reclining.  The TV was on some show i’d never watch but my hatred of slience overpowered everything but my carnal desire.  So i asked “Will you make me cum?”
To that point in the night i had had the pleasure of her skilled mouth and hand on my cock but kept turning my attention back to her before getting anywhere near orgasm.  My ability to be stoic and take my pleasure from that of my partner had faded and my own need to orgasm became a truly primal need.
Suspecting she would agree out genuine interest and not only out of a sense of “obligation” is what led to my ask.  Before i could ask for a hand job she offered oral.  I’m not sure every man suddenly feels young again at the tought of a blow job but I certianly do.
Before I knew it she was on the floor between my legs. My body reclined on a perfect angle to watch her work in those moments when my eyes were actually open. Her mouth has never ceased to amaze me.  Lips and tounge dancing from my cock to the tender part of my thighs, across my balls and back again with an exquisite pleasure that words fail to truly describe.
Then in earnest she took me in her mouth. Hand at the base of my shaft moving in a perfectly timed rythym with her mouth. Playing with the pace ever so slightly i reached the point just a few minutes in that i had to decide to hold back for a while and simply enjoy all the pleasure she was providing me or to let my orgasm start to build. The latter was my choice.
My cock stiffened just a little bit more. I watched as she worked it with a purpose. My eyes closed but instead of going to those thoughts we sometimes need just to cum the present was more than enough to drive me to the edge. I warned her i was getting ready to cum. She sucked harder and fasrer. Holding on just a little longer as the impending orgasm grew more powerful. I told her again this time with a sense of purpose and urgency I was not going to hold off. Again her grip firmed on my shaft, her mouth sucked hungerily at me.
The point of no return was reached. I held out for a few more seconds drinking in that drug like feeling of ecstasy before my body overpowered my mind and my release began. It felt deep and powerful and she only momentarily changed intensity before literally and quite  intensely draining me of every bit i could offer.
Fucking amazing. There is no other way to put it. I had cum 5 times in the previous 3 days. Yet it felt like i hadn’t cum in a week.  For the next two days every time i moved it was like I could feel that amazing mouth on my cock like the ghost of my lover reminding me to want here more and again.
I’d spend the following week seared at a series of very formal tables and couldn’t shake the image of her between my thighs from my day  dreams.

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  1. That is beyond hot. I love the idea that you think about her and memory while you are sitting at a formal dinner.
    Great piece 🙂

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