3 or more Favorites

Since there are three of us each with our own Kinks, voices and favorites I ask Raven and Alice to play along with me this week.
Lord Raven’s Blades – Knife play, the threat of danger, blade to your flesh, hand on your throat. Ahh beautifully dark in life and in literature.

Knife play = 3 blades on display

Next up is mine and like everything else in my world i can’t seem to pic one thing. So the tale of two paddles are my choice. The first a small one meant for otk but turns out works wonderfully well on a bare bottomed woman bent over the end of next the bed too. It is a regular toy in my bag and a favorite featured here in pictures and a lotbof scenes. The second I’ve written about before amd have nick named the “Missouri Misery”. It’s heft, intimidating appearance has literally had some of the hardest playing bottoms i know pass. Raven made it for me as part of anhard play and mind fuck. Ironically it’s had that same effect on other partners.
Two spanking paddles laid out on a bed
Last but certianly not least Alice chose this one. SheShe was worried that it wasn’t a new pic but i chose to see it differently. Its new  to me in that its insightful that the set to that scene and reminders of it are still dear to her.
a collections if paddles crops and straps for a spanking punishment
Click the lips to see all the others sexy sinners.

Sinful Sunday


10 Replies to “3 or more Favorites”

  1. Seems like Alice has a lot of favourites there…. but I can relate to that. I have always found picking just one to be a real challenge…

  2. Fantastic job with the prompt! I like that the three of you have your own tastes, and that rather than compromising on one image you are treaeting us to three. My personal favorite is the first; knife play is something we enjoy watching, but would likely never attempt ourselves; thus it has a tangible taboo vibe for us.

  3. I seem to developing a bit of a thing for knives, they look so pretty yet so dangerous too. And I’m also aware I need to be careful what I wish for too!

  4. You have a nice collection of stuff going on over there, see why it is hard too choose from just one of something.

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