Orgasm Experience #2 Spanked and Self Gratification

Orgasm Experience #2 Katie’s Spanking and Self Gratification
 An old friend “Katie” ( previously referred to as My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette in posts of a bygone era) and I happened to find ourselves in the same place purely by coincidence.  Literally we ran into each other in a hotel lobby just like in the Prince song Darling Nikki. Well ok she was carrying shopping bags not mastubating with a magazine but we had the hotel lobby part down. So some background for newer readers. We were a regular feature for nearly 5 years and still (occasionally) keep in touch in the years since then.  Not a love story but we were very good friends with a unque pseudo Ds dynamic. I basically was a several day a month boyfriend/rent a Top type.
So back to the now.  Headspace wise I was in a pretty dark place. It was my first days back at work after a holiday, my first trip with out my secret companion tucked away and it hit me substantially harder than expected. Add to that that winter just fucking sucks balls. All of it was something that made me feel truly isolated and lonely.  Even friends and handler types were cutting me a wide berth as I was in a war like evil fucker mode with everyone for no good reason. Enter my old friend.
After some catching up and dancing around memory lane we settled on a command performance that night.  She wanted and got a very hard no nonsense belt spanking and agreed to participate in this year’s orgasm theme.
Along those lines post impact play she proceeded to pleasure herself to two orgasms with a medium sized bullet vibe and fingers dancing between her lips and over her clit while laying on a rough sawn wooden bench. She rubbed and purred. I watched like a stranger a few feet away.
She got what she wanted spanked and a voyeur/audience. I got to add a second person to my list of participating in six different people’s orgasm expeiences  and writing about it. No complaints.  It was some how familiar as seeimg her cum was nothing new and strange.  In that I was really removed from it a disinterested stranger was a new dynamic.
Tick the box. Put her toy away and panties back on. A hug good bye and until serendipity strikes again done is done. Two down and four to go. Assuming i’m not in the mood the mood to be an over achiever.
After thoughts- the tone of the post seems cold. I come off very dickish. It is true at the time I was not in the mood to be happy, supportive, and cheerfully sexual and my tone shouldn’t be a reflection on her. I checked and she thought the adventure was a lot of fun “even though grumpy Mal was present and not willing to participate in a good grudge fuck or any other fun.” I’ve chosen to leave the post as originally written to reflect my experience.

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  1. and there is nothing wrong with that. sounds like at least a chance to blow off some steam. watching can be as much fun as doing.

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