A First OTK Spanking

A First OTK Spanking Experience

Direct requests are very hot to me. So she looks delicious when she tells she’d like me to spank her. No banter, no role play, just a straight forward ask.
First time requests are always memorable but it was a few minutes later that the realization of how much of a first time for a straight forward spanking scene request it was. (No other bdsm over tones) She seemingly hadn’t been otk with anyone. How absolutely delicious. And with all sincerity I was honored. No pressure to make it a great experience for her right?
All that aside I am still a top, a pretty decent sadist and not bad at understanding and utilizing others headspace in the things we do. So she had to wait a few minutes after her request to begin. Of course I said yes right away but she still had to wait. We even talked about waiting and the role it played (in a light hearted manner) in so many things. As she stood next to me and needed; or wanted guidance over my knee. I’ve been a Spanking Top for an eternity and that was one of those rare and memorable moments in life. That is when exactly how new this was for her became perfectly clear. It wasn’t a game of make me, or take over and pin her down. It was really about showing her how I wanted her and a little bit as to why.
There is some irony as until that point in the evening I had kept my hands off her sexy little bottom. Oh I wanted to give it a few smacks but it wasn’t something we’d discussed. And sure I’ve wanted to spank her for quite a while (or for fucking ever!). Yet I hadn’t even given her a pat, pinch or little squeeze.
As she settled into place I began. Softly and slowly. It was an erotic otk spanking. Not that I said that at the time. Measured and moderate. Not too fast, not at all hard and the kind of spanking I’ve not really given in years. The kind that is a nice change to heavy play and if you’ll forgive the term a “Good Girl” otk spanking. No hint of theme or mis deed, just a spanking for a spanking’s sake. Making sure the swats were just enough to warm up her cute butt to a shade of light pink. Then a touch more pace, a little more force. Varied smacks that ranged from deep and thuddy to sharp and stingy. All with my hand, all with her held tightly across my knee. She looked so incredibly sexy and it was more a form of foreplay than Ds or heavy play and it was wonderful.
Focusing mostly on her sit spot but occasionally working to mid and upper cheek. Even though she was absolutely motionless and simply drinking in sensations I chose to have her stand and put her back over my knee this time pinning her legs in place between mine. Having her pinned in place turned me on even more. No struggle or reaching back just acceptance with a little bite of her lips, eyes closed, and processing the sensations or floating into that place again as I went back to the task at hand. Spanking a beautiful woman’s very sexy bare bottom is tough work but someone has to do it. Luckily on this occasion it was me.
Upon reflection it could have been a clinic on erotic spanking. Not much pain (from a Top’s perspective). Just enough intensity without being anywhere near her limits (from what I could tell). Color but not so much so that every last trace had faded quickly. Light to medium pink but no red. A lot of rubbing and touching (an unusual play style for me) and just enjoying having her over my knee. The Sexy Little Temptress makes the most delicious sounds, eyes closed, hair dancing across her face and lips pursed. A gasp, hiss, moan or murmur when the spanking would change, the rubbing would stop, or the sensation wasn’t exactly what she had expected.
I couldn’t resist myself putting her on all fours on the bed to admire her. So sexy. Christ I wanted to fuck her, hard and fast. To hear more of the hypnotic and seductive expressions of hers that I am still just learning to read. Every waveform escaping her lips and heaving breaths a literal map; to be followed. Or not depending on the mood. Instead a few more spanks. A little more petting and her black lace thong was enthusiastically removed.
From there other delights worthy of their own post (which may be published shortly) began.
The Sexy Little Temptress had gotten and seemingly enjoyed her first OTK spanking from me. Next time I plan to “paint” her a little bit red, introduce a few implements, and of course keep that close body contact that we maintained throughout that seems to work so well for both of us.
We’ll need to discuss intensity and her reaction to how we played. What we did could be enjoyed a million more times at whatever intensity and I’d love every second of it. But variety is the spice of life and the thought of raising her skirt, manhandling her a little and everything else that can lead to might be swimming in my mind as well. And who knows maybe I have done the world a true service and added another Spanko to the ranks of kinksters out there. We’re a long way from a Crimson Moon party but one never knows what the future holds.

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  1. truly a exciting thing when you get one that has a first for them request. Sounds like she enjoyed it too and I would bet she will come crawling back for more.

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