Doxy Massager Review

Black Doxy Massasger Vibrating Wand
Has hell frozen over?  Good old Mal has decided to review a sex toy – in this case for the wand vibrator by Doxy Massager?  Well not so sure about hell freezing over because no one has called me to drive the Zamboni but it is true I’ve decided to do a toy review on a vibrator. In my typical fashion I’ve taken a different approach; it doesn’t mean better just different. I bought the damn thing with my own money. Who owns my soul is up for debate but my opinions are beholden to no one.  After all it is the year of the orgasm around here and it’s about damn time those stories start getting told. Now let’s  get this sex toy review buzzing and a woman or two (or more) writhing in pleasure and just maybe a little erotic pain too.

So why a Doxy Massager and not another wand vibrator?

Simple after years of use the Hitachi we had been enjoying died.  Toys aren’t what they once were in my primary relationship but the remaining mini wand we have never really got the job done. Plus with a huge forced O kink my toy bag felt a little incomplete.  In the past year or so a few friends that own Doxy Massagers were raving about them. The weight, the power etc. So add in other reviews on these wand it was time for something new. Besides Doxy Massager has a you tube channel with women reading recipes while one of their vibrators is humming away below screen. Brilliant marketing really, I’ve never been so interested in baking a cake.
All kidding aside our Hitachi did die after years of loyal service. I don’t know how many long forced orgasm scenes you’ve done by hand and mouth lately but as wonderful as they are sometimes you need a little something extra. Additionally being the year of the orgasm around here the lack of a good wand vibrator made the term the “repetitive use injury” come to mind.

So using the Doxy Massager non erotically as a body massager…

I know its sacrilege to not just fire it up and drive someone towards an orgasm but the Doxy despite its primary use these days has its roots in “old fashioned” vibrators allegedly meant for less erotically inclined adventures. Or so they say… Truth is i actually began using it on my calves and the soles of my feet on Saturday after a hard work out when i couldn’t find my muscle stick.   It helped, felt good. So i decided to introduce the new toy to her in a similar manner with a full body massage.
Recently it got put to use on her shoulder and traps.  All in all a good pleasurable massage experience was prided by the vibe but for deep tissue, stubborn muscle knots and the like it is a nice to have but no replacement for other specialty tools overly tight muscle seems to require..

Solo action…using the Doxy Massager for Masturbation

Her- “Quit watching me you fucking perv”  once that was settled and someone was left to their devices with their new device.  So after we go past that  she confessed that is has become a go to for her when “someone’s not around. Which is most of the time”:  And that it has with a change in pressure made it easier to edge herself abd build up towards toward a strong orgasm when needed.
Him-So I’ve never been a use a vibe on my cock kind of guy.  on the few occasions when someone put a vibe on the underside of my erection it was fine and not objectionable but not really something that worked for me beyond those passing moments. In the interest of science I decided to try the Doxy but went in to the adventure after 2 days of fairly rigorous sexual activity.  Actually it was surprising and frankly made me cum far harder than i ever expected let alone when not in a state of sexual over drive.

As a couple…

 So Toys are better when you share them with a friend.  We worked the Wand into our routine several times over a few weeks.  She likes it set low and with very little pressure to begin and only a moderate speed and pressure as it builds.  Unless she’s already been well fucked then start in the middle range and get right to the point.   Much like when we go out to dinner it seemed to work better if I let her “drive” the toy on the way to main course and then she let me “drive” it on the way back home.  Some of that may be communication gaps and differences in pressure angle and what have you.  In both cases the strong and rumbly vibrations were happily received and popular.

Forced orgasm scenes with the Doxy Massager –

At the Time of this review the wand had been used for several multiple orgasm sessions for her but nothing that would be classified as a forced orgasm or denial scene with in a BDSM context.  You know what that means?  when i use the wand that way it will get it’s own post and depending on the parter a picture of a “puddle of sub”

Doxy Massager Vibrator with Male hummingbird pleasure attachmentWith attachments…

 Her – Preferred it without.   Points for giving it a go but wand attachments have never been popular with her so no surprise.
Him -So first up yes the attachment pictured is not “body safe” and was acquired elsewhere solely for the purposes of this review.   That said when attached to the Doxy Massager was really great.   The only reason I even though to try it was I happened to be scrolling through tumblr one day and saw F/M scene with a similar attachment and the guy was all but completely shaking and begging to cum.   I chalked it up to good acting and a mindset I don’t have (shocking right that I’m not a bottom in any way, shape, or form).  Yet the images from that video stuck with me so I bought something similar.  The wand with a well lubed attachment was extremely pleasurable for me.  The orgasm it produced was far more powerful than the one with just the wand a few days earlier.


Vibe Settings – On the Hitachi Magic Wand there was three settings, off, low, and obliterate.  The Doxy Massager offers a far greater range of speed control. Add to that the ability to vary the pressure applied to you subject and the range is almost infinite. From slow and thuddy to vibrating so hard someone might need peeled of the ceiling.  With the good comes a little draw back and that is when playing alone or in a controlled or forced orgasm encounter the buttons and variables were great. Though when trying to do gymnastics maneuvers (or do other things like holding it against her clit while fucking)  Someone kept bumping the damn buttons and changing the speed at the worst times.  Not a insurmountable issue and funny user error in a way until you’ve wrecked her orgasm for the third time that night by accident.
Vibrator Head Shape – the Doxy Massager’s head shape is more oblong than our previous brand of wand allowing for more surface space across her key areas and also better placement and control.  the rounding of the tip also allowed me to play with the angle and pressure being applied
Really Quiet– It was amazingly quiet for what it is.  I don’t know if I my standard of that first noisy two C battery hard plastic vibrator is etched in my mind as the standard for loud but even soy the Doxy is quiet.   It’s not they toy that you’ll need to worry about waking up the negiuhbors but more likely the person you’re using it with/on..
Solid without being Heavy – I had a concern going in that the Doxy  Massager was going to feel like a framing hammer. Maybe it was from other reviews that talked about how it rumbled.  It certainly does rumble but in a very, very good way. Meaning heavy but that couldn’t have been more wrong.   Something about the concept of a deep strong vibrator caused that image in my over active imagination.
No so much a dislike but did require a slightly different approach to tying as part of a predicament bondage scene.  It was a quick tie in not a typical scene so this one will need more research.  Damn anyone want to play predicament bondage games with me and a wand?
Disclaimer – The links in the post are affiliate links.  If you use them and buy something I make a few bucks which in my usual fashion I will use to purchase more toys or rope or use to join porn (ok let’s be honest spanking) sites to review.  No one asked me to provide a review, there’s only me to blame for that call.  There is 46 years of empirical evidence that I pretty much don’t take direction well, do what I damn well please and have serious control issues.  So no one should be surprised.  As mentioned in the opening the Doxy Massager was procured with my own money. In this case the toy was purchased through Tantus who I/We have a variety of products from and may choose to review at some point.  After all it is the year of the Orgasm.  My experience with them (Tantus) and the other products was wonderful.  Plus anyone who throws in a make “Dildos not War” bumper sticker with a previous order appeals to my sense of humor and zeal for creating unique customer experiences.   Said sticker was subsequently was stolen from my desk by a favorite little lesbian. I have forgiven her; after all she REALLY likes dildos..  Recently We (at Malflic) have joined the Tantus affiliate program and may in the future review products they have provided. If and when that does happen, we’ll let you know.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go edit  Lil’s paper on why “Homo Normative and Purity based Sex Education has damaged America’s Sexual Self Esteem”.  And no I’m not kidding about the paper. That apple did not fall far from the tree.

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    1. We’ve not gotten close to that point (yet). But also haven’t pushed it either in part as to not ruin thing for her.

  1. Funny you post this today because I just asked on Twitter earlier about suggestions. I am getting a new toy for my birthday. Maybe the Doxy!

    1. She has really loved the Doxy which actually surprised me since moat new additions in recent years haven’t been overly popular.

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