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An OTK Spanking Story

A Table With Paddles laid out on it in preparation for a spankingYou’re standing there nervous and I’m already seated on a chair waiting for you. That is never a good thing but you already knew what was going to happen. The sight of me though made it a little more real. There is now doubt you are going to be getting an OTK spanking, pleading, begging and offers of anything else I want won’t change your fate. In fact it would only make things worse but sometimes you can’t help yourself. Your eyes fixate on the few paddles and that damn hair brush has been set out. Your eyes meet mine half pleading to get out of it and half wanting to get started.

I look back at you silently, watching you fidget. It is an absolutely delicious sight! You are going to be across my knee in no time at all, pinned into place and there will be no escape. It will be on your bare bottom. It always is. Whether or not it starts that way and with a hand or the hair brush are questions that race through your mind. Excitement and anticipation swims with nervousness as I hold your gaze. There is always that little something about these moments you love to dread.

“Are you ready for your spanking?” It’s not like there’s a choice.
You answer “yes sir” stepping closer, lowering your jeans and panties without being asked to and carefully position yourself across my knee. My hand rests on your back pinning you in place. In time you will struggle and squirm. Trying to behave and at the same time trying to make your bright red bottom hurt a little less. You will fail opn both counts as you’ll be held in place and spanked harder for those efforts.

The first smack lands, it was with brush…you my dear are going to have a very long night. You’re otk spanking this time is not for fun but to teach you a real lesson with a sore marked bottom as a reminder that will be with you for a few days afterwards.
Ahh the lovely games we play.

OTK Spanking and My Evolution on the Topic

Hopefully you enjoyed the little story above. I don’t write as much fiction as I use to and that little bit kind of makes me miss it. So the Kink of the WeekTwo OTK spanking paddles along with a leather strap and wooden spoon set out for a spanking Topic this time around is obviously OTK Spanking. There is something inherently domestic about OTK. Then again there is something domestic about a lot of spanking play isn’t there? As the topic suggests there are so many other things from potential age play to additional physical contact.

So I’ll take on the OTK position in general first. Traditionally I would only give an otk spanking to people that were girlfriends (or eventually my wife…often under “protest”), lovers, or others I had a long term (play) relationship with regardless of their state of dress or undress. It really stemmed from both my own interest in hard implement based play (there is a reason other than excess that so many paddles are in the collection) and also proximity/physical contact. It’s worth noting that causal and pick up lay was bigger for me once upon a time.

Still there is nothing like giving an otk spanking for that very reason, the feel of her across my knee. The moments I alluded to in the story where she willingly goes across…or not when she is pulled into place pinned down and either way gets a very red bottom. And while I’ve heard that the bottoms find enjoyment in the wiggling and grinding in some cases (ahem…Alice! Who you really have to watch for this behavior), the feeling of being held in place is what does it for others, the sensation of the Top’s strength and or arousal from it all.
Mal's Lap just waiting for a nughty girl to go across his knee for an OTK spankingSo there are a few more elements from this Spanko’s position that get worked in and that is the entire, pants and panties up/down etc. dynamic. Spanking videos seems to work in a format like a hit song the bottom goes OTK, then their pants come down or skirt goes up, then finally the culmination is their panties come down. (Sorry I know that is gender biased Male top who plays with female bottoms so forgive me but I’m sticking with what I know). So in part sure it could be a warm up and then an increase intensity with less protection. Oh it could be the “embarrassment” of being disrobed as the punishment goes on, but it could always be a dominance and submissive thing. Here’s one more to consider beyond those and pacing a scene (or punishment). The act of standing up and going back over the spankers knee may have an appeal in and of itself. The re-surrender, the ability to re position, and the reality that you’re not yet done in fact the spanking may just have gotten started. Just food for thought.

Now about the age play bit when it comes to otk spanking. As I mentioned earlier in the post OTK spanking has a particular domestic feel to it and that in and of itself can lead to an age play type feeling even if that’s not the intent. Once upon a time I had a bottom who liked otk spanking because they made her feel young and naughty and like a bad girl who should be spanked. It worked for her in a BIG way and no doubt she had some age things going on in her mind.  In another case a partner absolutely hated them for the same reason but it wasn’t part of her fantasy that worked she found they often tripped triggers and sent her in the wrong direction.

Then there’s Alice who if you sit still too long she’ll end up over my knee and be like “aren’t you going to spank me?  Oh come on I know you want to and I’ve been a very good bad girl?” Which leads me to my softened position on well the position.  Granted I’ve known Alice for quite a while but she is very much a spanking bottoms which takes me to the final section of this post…

OTK Spanking And This Aging Spanko in General

Mal Pulling the naughty Girl over his knee for a good old fashion OTK spankingWell this brings us to the final chapter on OTK. Look I think I’m 18 but more than double that in reality. And as I age how I play has become more about having a connection even a brief one than intensity and an OTK spanking seems to offer that to me and I’ll dare say a lot of other spanko’s. And like it or not it’s become clear that my ever more salt and less pepper hair has an appeal I could have never expected.  That said I get that I have more of a “daddy” appeal; like it or not. So I’ve accepted it both in kink and everyday life.

And the kink part of my life has slowed down. So out of the small handful of new people I’ve played with in the last few years all but one have made their way OTK; if not in the first scene then certainly shortly there after.  In part is is the physicality, the often flesh on flesh contact, and perhaps just maybe because of where I’ve stopped playing. Suddenly I have an urge to go to an event again…only time will tell if i do.


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    1. Have no fear she has been well punished for her sassy brazen behavior. And in some cases by not getting spanked and certainly not OTK.

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