2016 is the Year of the Orgasm

As the clock counts down on this year I thought somewhere between the last minute plans, mid night kisses and vows you’ll be making on how and what to improve I’d share the site’s theme for 2016 with you.  Hopefully you’ll get to start participating…even if it’s secretly somewhere during or after your New Year’s Eve party and plans come to an end.  For me and here the theme for 2016 will be the Year of the orgasm…Male and female.  Mine and others.
It came to me out of the blue.  I wanted a theme to write about and live in the coming year. Something that would be challenging, different, and could in a variety of ways include others other both literally and philosophically.  Then on a lazy Sunday afternoon after perving pics, reading, and accomplishing nothing in general it suddenly became clear.  The focus and theme should be something we’ve not spent nearly enough time talking about of late; orgasms…of all types, good, bad, forced and denied. Literally the all encompassing orgasmic talk masturbation, to oral, intercourse etc.
Of course cumming with others is also a lot of fun.  So my hope is there will be guest posts, others who choose to participate on their own sites along with great conversations, new products to try and of course experiences.
Definitely there will be pictures and maybe even some video and/or audio.  So welcome to the year of the Orgasm (content will be found here as it’s added). I’ve created a new page to consolidate all of mine (our author’s) and others posts tied to this theme and will be adding a snazzy new button to use on your site should you want to come along on the journey with us.   Let the yeah of the  Oh,mmmm,  Ohhhh. OOOOO (insert exclamation of ecstasy of choice)begin.


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