Slightly Less Evil 2015 in Review

2015 in Review – a slightly less evil year

Rather than begin by looking back at 2015 let’s begin by looking ahead. First up I realized it is probably well beyond time to update my sexual bucket list. Not that the old one is anywhere near completed. Needs and wants change as well as our own personal realities. So the new version will go live in the New Year. Everyone in the vanilla world can quit smoking and lose weight; me I’m focusing on living and experiences…of course some of them may be of a slightly sexual nature but it seems increasingly that many are not. My own relationships and many of those around me are perhaps getting more complicated. With a daughter in her late teens and one in her early 20’s their lives are also albeit in a very different way starting to get complicated then factor in day to day life as well. Only time will tell what any of it really means.
We love those of you who read and perv us. The fact is the site has remained more or less static from a design and layout perspective for several years now. In the New Year that will change. The timeline still TBD. In the past year we’ve included photography on the site more and more. While not nearly where I’d like it did represent a small step forward which we’re on a path to continue. That said my writing phase here may be entering it’s twilight.   Stopping has entered my mind more than once; I’ve written my intended last post three times this year.  Rather than call it quits things will just take a more natural pace without concerns about frequency. if there is a funny story to tell or I make an ass of myself yet again you’ll still find it here. In between those tales will be pictures.
Personal – It’s the time of the year again when we all start looking back at what we’ve done and what we want to do. My year started out with some admissions and a pace that held lots of kinky, sexy, dirty promise but quickly faded as real life got in the way. So let’s tally the numbers…
The amount of events I made it to? 4 in two months. Then nothing. My last two kink encounters in my own city were at the mall and the theater. And by kinkster encounters and I literally mean an accidental bump into at the mall and attending a play with friend. Normally this would stress me out but it is what it is. I’ve accepted that when you spend over 200 nights a year away and with no regular or predictable pattern the ability to maintain any relationship is tough. Additionally the vanilla version of me got to support an LGBTQ charity for at risk teens on a few occasions as well. It is something I’m proud to be able to have done so openly.
Number of play partners – 1…uno…and no not one new one. Literally one. In roughly the 12 month period of calendar 2015 I have literally on scened with a single person (two if you count my Co Top of those scenes). Even for me a bit out of character. Right now any rant on non-monogamy would be the pot calling the kettle black. The only thing I have tied since late spring is my shoes, gym shorts, and a plant. Yet non monogamy and its place is an increasingly frequent and at times emotionally charged topic.
It’s a blurred line folks with a lot of revisionist history being applied by my primary partner at times. Let’s just ee’ve gotten to the point it’s like base ball. There was a pre steroid era and the steroid every thing after that as being different because how the game is played has changed.  Then again people really shouldn’t worry I am spectacular at turning lovers and play partners into friends. Ask the Pixie and my Favorite Sexy Little Brunette from years gone by.  More references available upon request of course.
So don’t take this the wrong way but I’ve reached a point where both of those things are OK. It’s not about being causal, NSA or pick up play. Are there some people I’d like to play with? No doubt. More honestly though there a few people I’d like to simply spend more time with, meet for coffee or dinner, have meaningful conversations that are real and personal far more often. I live a world surrounded by professional friends but chose to let very few in any segment close to me. Non professional friends are few and far between and very treasured.
On the relationship front some that seemed so promising faded due to tragedy and circumstance, my own life choices, and several other factors that lay at my feet and no one else’s. It bothers me that I am not always there, that I can’t be the friend who is accessible. Yet even with that subdued sadness others have grown in ways that would have never been imagined. In the end somehow the ones I have always depended on shift and change but still endure.
The Blogging community… Not all of this is bad news and in fact even though the beginning reads in a dire way over the course of the year there were many more days with Lord Raven and Alice than the previous three years combined. Our kids have gotten to meet each other and while they may not fully grasp the nature of our relationships they understand that for some reason our lives are intertwined. Our friendship far transcends this space.
Along the ways I got to spend a few evenings and a listless Saturday afternoons wondering around with Dom Signs who has perhaps the best sense of humor of anyone I know and the absolutely wonderful Molly. I rarely laugh as much as I do with them.
On a cold spring night I was lucky enough to get a few hours visiting with Stranded and Mrs. Stranded. Really guys freezing rain in mid April no fucking wonder you’re stranded! Additionally I have rain checks out there to spend some time with others for coffee or whatever early in the New Year. Something I’m very much looking forward to making good on.
The Blog
Outside Acclaim – While this site is largely the story of my own life, relationships, and the world around me as seen through a somewhat odd lens it is then mixed with a dark walk through Lord Raven’s mind and healthy splash of Alice’s words and body. It is nice that others have recognized our efforts. This years that includes being added to Stranded in Toronto’s 7 Ring for Seven Bloggers list. We’ve been fans of his for a while now.
Beck and Her Kinks –was also kind enough to add the site to her top 25 of the year which was very flattering. Given the variety of content and the frequency in which she posts leaves us both envious and filled with a few wicked desires. Not too much of course; just a healthy amount really…hey I’m mostly human after all.
For us and E Lust it was a bell weather year.  Watching Her Cum (listed below as the most read post for the year) was our first ever piece chosen as a top pick for E Lust. It was followed shortly after with “Discussing Consent, Culture and What We Do in Detail with Our Kids” as another Elust Top pick  and from there things just kept getting better for us with our first time as a Sinful Sunday round up pick for my Vintage prompt, A few months later Kinky Biker Mom picked the Undress Me, and the Gritty Woman chose Alice’s Corner Time Reflection picture.
And on the awards front last but certainly not least Cammies on the Floor and Kinky Bike Mom nominated us for the neat blogger award and in my usual fashion ignored the rules and played along in my own way.
Our Top Posts for the Year (by views not Published date)
1) Watching Her Come
2) Real Spankings Web Site Review
3) The Penis Project
4) Past the Edge – Forced Orgasms
5) The Sex I Like
6) Zero to Sex Pot in 150 Minutes
There were a few other things of note. Editorially speaking I chose to publoish and then leave a horrendously written piece on oral sex up.  It is a terrible read, conflicted and a host of other things. But it was accurate picutre of an over subscribed life and mixed set of experiences.
So in conclusion….2015 was a year where I was slightly less evil.  Though I’m sure there is a list of people who would disagree.  Most of which are running for president on the Republican ticket, then add in the French, a few Germans, a banker or two and a lawyer.  Oh and at one point most Brazilians I know and all of Argentina.   Ok so maybe I wasn’t slightly less evil.  And i don’t even own an air force, weponized drones, or ground troops.  Maybe just evil in a different way.


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  1. You owe me a rain check for the next time you’re in my neck of the woods. Hopefully when the skies are clear and sunny. I’m not a fan of the freezing rain either.

  2. Haven’t tied in awhile? A damn shame. Perhaps January will bring a change to that.
    I wish I could find contentment in calm, the way you seem to. I would like to have a more accepting nature of the way of things, I would be more at peace.
    Here’s to looking forward to the New Year.

    1. Hope you’re right about January. As for the contentment piece it took a lot of struggle to get and is far from a constant state.

  3. I Am A Reader. YOUR Writing, As Well As The Writers Who Replied To This Blog And Many Others In This Magic Field Are Very Very Good At What YOU Do!!! Thank You ALL! Can’t Wait For 2016!!

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