Undress Me

UnDress Me - Mal in Gray suit and red tie ans asks his readers to undress him

Admittedly my existence is little more than a series of first world problems.  So it is late in the day, almost tomorrow really.  The pace has slowed and after far too long we are finally alone.

The week has been spent doing the bidding that funds all the other things.  Doormen, drivers, bell boys and countless others have been thanked and tipped even as I often pass on the increased level of service they are there to provide.  Choosing instead to close my own doors, carry my own bags, and depending on the place unpack and press my own garments.

So we’re alone and no matter what comes next I wait. Hoping you’ll relieve me of my jacket, remove my tie, make small talk as the shirt is unbuttoned and the cuff links are unfastened before making their way back to the valet on the dresser.

Never a moment, a glance, or a second thought. The world panders and caters to me; in most cases it could easily be done with out it.  Yet there in the dim light of a late evening the scent of flowers on your skin and the sweetness of wine on your lips it seems to be something I truly want; your attention, service, and affection.

So the above despite being written in a somewhat dramatic fashion nails something that caused me to think.   I’m not sure it is an actual kink but certainly is something I have always enjoyed and found connective. A partner that sometimes takes a few minutes minutes to care for me and connect in this way is something to be treasured.

It is simple, not necessarily sexual, and almost overly cliche.  Despite all that would you undress me?


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37 Replies to “Undress Me”

  1. It’s a ritual I have when Beastly comes home or we get to our room – I kneel and take his shoes off. It centres me and let’s him know I care for his comfort.
    Small thing but it’s important to me

  2. Marie Rebelle took the words from me. I have always had a weakness for a man in a well fitted suit. Perfectly dressed, crisp & clean. All of my senses would be receptive, heightened and I would be putty in his hands.

    1. I only wear cuff links in certian cities. Basically any major city in the States near the water, in Europe and the UK.

    1. Somehow i am not surprised, slightly relieved, and the feeling is mutual on this one. Hope all is well with you.

  3. I’m going to buck the trend a little here by saying I’m not a huge suit fan, don’t get me wrong they have their place but I prefer men out of them. So yea, I’d undress you 😉

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