70's, 60's, and Classic

There is a very similar posed faded picture of me that is nearly 3 decades old…somewhere. It was taken the last time this city left its mark on me and whose streets were just wondered again for the first time since those heady youthful days. Just out of frame in the original was a half dressed girl and a glass of tequila this time it was a wall of windows overlooking a spectacular sunrise and a coffee.

Given the period the old one was taken on a bad 110 camera after a long night out.  My style was not quite as refined (think J Crew circa 1987…jeans, loud shirt, boat shoes, emancipated body and longish blonde hair).  Now I’m a bit more bespoke and a lot of things have changed both there and with who I am.   But this is Sinful Sunday and the the prompt is vintage so I give you the…

I give you the 70’s muted tones, excess, and newly established social standards.

Malflic editied to a 70's color scheme

The 60’s faded lines and blurred colors…and memories

60 style picture of Mal

and the classic black and white. As timeless in the 50’s as it is today. Simple, clean elegant and leaving the rest to the imagination.

Classic b and w of Mal


Or click the lips to see all the other sexy sinners.

Sinful Sunday

21 Replies to “70's, 60's, and Classic”

  1. Damn it man you look fucking HOT. I LOVE the black and white sooooooo much. The light, the pose, the focus point of the image…. just, well yeah, fishnets!

  2. First of all, this shot (in all filters) is sexy as hell. (It’s the suit, and the casual confidence of your pose). Second of all, what an interesting commentary on men’s fashion. There may be a few slight variations in cut over the decades but you show any average person these photos with your edits and they would 100% believe they were taken in the era you describe for each.

  3. Your incredible series of vintage shots illustrates perfectly the reason many of us are easy, swooning marks for a man in well-cut cloth.
    And I suspect women through each of the decades past would also happily agree with me.

  4. Wow! It’s almost unthinkable that a single image can feel so different with just a simple edit. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same image; though you mention the 1950s that black-and-white image looks like it could be far older, and it’s that drastic use of filter that makes that final image perhaps my favorite.

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