That's what Lovers are for

“Pleasssee Michael” she would utter with the cutest little voice and wide seductive smile, flipping her hair and tilting her head in a mock pleading motion. It was really kind of hot, it worked for me. Of course I would say no repeatedly, decline her every request multiple times before of course giving in.
She was too young, a beautiful woman but in many ways a kid nearly 20 years my junior. Then she asked “How many lovers do you keep?” Now this was not a person or place where my inclinations are known.
“I’m married” flowed effortlessly off my lips.  She batted her deep dark eyes, smiled even wider…such a beautiful mouth I was captivated and she damn well knew it.  . “You like women too much. Men like that always have lovers.” She had my number.
I shrugged “my lovers… are… well different.” A somewhat worried look crossed her face “Different? Men?” she asked like whatever strange appeal I had to her was quickly fading. I laughed and she blushed “No not men. They are just not lovers in the way that most people would think of.” the look on her face made it clear that again it was lost in translation.
“My lovers are special friends.   We do different things.”
She lit up like the sun “But that is what lovers are for.”

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