A Freak and His Leash

Leash Kink of the week

The first person I ever walked on a leash was a nearly nude young woman named Stacy.  Now if it had been done for play in private it would have been fun but not nearly as note worthy.
Instead imagine yourself in a dark club and out of the shadows comes a long black haired skeleton figure clad in a second skin of leather, no shirt, and a leash in his hand leading a barely legal, not exactly dressed young woman on to a stage with two hellish red lights barely breaking small parts of the blackness of the room.  The smell of lust, testorone, and violence filled the air.  Moments later all of that would be drown out by a shieking angry voice and our demonically distorted guitars. Cue the swords and baby doll decapitations.
Life is stranger than fiction and this was a case of my kinks still largely closeted or so i thought being played out very publicly.  Since no one would do this in private right? Yeah we all know better than that.
So this time around Kink of the week the topic is leashes. Before we get to it let me tell you that pre goth kids in the 90’s when leash wearing souless lost youth of America invaded suburban shopping malls and Korn’s ode to it that seeing a woman being led like this was so overtly sexual the only place other than stage I had ever seen such a thing was on South Street in Philadelphia in 87 and Hamilton Ontario later the same year.
Now with that bit of probably irrelevant personal history behind us let’s get to the topic in more recent history.
Leashes are a funny thing, a prevertable with out a doubt and it doesn’t take much effort to find sites littered with subbie men and women being led around on them.   Sometimes it associated with puppy play or something simiar. But it is just as easy to see it in a purely submissive image. I’ll admit that a woman attached to a leash will always get my attention.
Now the other part of the imagery i notice she is always compliant, with just enough arc in the shiny silver chain. Not straining against it, still wild and trying to break free.  There may be practical reasons for this but i can’t help but wonder why this is. Probably becuase the dreamy dom type and the perfect subbie would never challenge each others role and make them seem less than the fantasy story ideal.
Maybe there’s special instructions in the good guide to perfect submission that reads something like “Never pull on your leash, it is considered very poor formand the ultimate disrespect to some god like top.  Additionally no one wants to see you gagging like an over excited Labrador”
Oh right back on topic. Leashes don’t really figure into my own kink. In part because these days i don’t view collars as part of my own kinks. Of the play partners i have that are collared to another person I would not dare attach anything to it with out both parties explicit permission. There are those who wear collars for play. It’s easy enough to view them at a party or gathering but none of them have me in their rotation so that isn’t an opportunity.
Now i’m not saying no. It’s not that there isn’t an interest and i certianly find the idea of having a submissive near by (looking as wanton and well behaved as all the pictures) highly appealing. Because frankly that is a pretty hot thing as i think about it.  In fact i’m imagining a few people that way right this minute…mmmm.  Guess that answers that; time to update the bucket list.
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3 Replies to “A Freak and His Leash”

  1. As one who has been led on leash through crowds, the reason for the slack is pretty simple- it is very uncomfortable to have your neck suddenly yanked as he changes directions- so the slack gives you time to figure out where’s he’s going and follow along. Dogs have really tough necks compared to us, which is why they don’t seem to mind straining against them.

  2. I’ve always loved the imagery but didn’t think being on a lead would be something for me…how wrong I was! I also quickly learn a slack lead is a lot less painful than a taut lead!

  3. It is a real visual thing for me, something I have played about with in my photography but not something I have really felt a desire to do….however, I do think going to event wearing one might do it for me as it would still play into what I find hot about them which is the visual representation of our dynamic

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