Chains in the Sunlight

Woman in a collar with an airbrushed chain across her breasts and torsoShe’s lying there make up smeared, heaving exhausted nearly desperate breaths, angry red welts on her ass and tits. He hair is tangled, matted, and beyond any sense of ever having been cared for …though an few hours earlier it looked like she stepped out of a photo shoot. The morning light is just starting break through the darkness of night slowly creeping ever so slightly through the window. Those first rays reflect off the thick 1 in chains that her kept her more or less in place, on the floor, unapologetically bound to a radiator. She can roll over, place herself on all fours and kneel. Now she is starting to kneel and the sun just a few moments higher in the day glistens off the metal around her hands, the links clank gently and she looks up at me with her repeatedly cum covered face and chest…apparently still not quite satisfied.
So this time around the Kink of the week topic is Chains. And when hear that word I think of one thing, thick one in lings in long heavy lengths. It means hot rough uncivilized fucking. Something primal, raw and exposed.   In fact I would have not even considered anything else had the description for the prompt not suggested the chains on or between clamps.
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