Zero to Sex Pot in 150 Minutes

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Looks can be deceiving. It’s never safe to assume and yes not everyone is kinky, wild, and wanton…but that said I have a pretty good talent and track record for picking out the ones that are. In walks a fiery red head, porcelain skin, long athletic legs, womanly hips and a short sexy and flirty black dress. To say she was unexpected would be an understatement the plan was to meet her husband and several other business types for dinner. Instantly though when seeing her and then them together my radar went off.
First introductions are often awkward and timid. The banter and small talk was what one would expect from people you’d just met but as a few glasses of wine flowed things started to become perhaps a little more obvious. Though I already had my suspicions. “We spent the weekend with friends”, “oh it was just a social outing, kind of a get together”, “we’re have a few people we know taking us to a party Friday night”. Now all of this could be harmless. Right? They are things “normal” people do and say but as another saying goes where there’s smoke there’s fire. The wording was the same vague wording and abstract noncommittal details I use to describe what was done or where I’m heading when facts need to be omitted and the truth can’t be openly stated. Add in the constant attempts to not flirt, physical contact between them that seemed well familiar. Then stories about Bachelors parties, strip clubs and cruises started to flow from all of us…none of which are damning but all of theirs had just enough well-rehearsed versions and just enough missing details at key points to make one think. Mainly because I do the same thing.
So as the night wore down and it came time for me to disappear the farewells with in the larger group began. “You’re not coming with us?” she asked playfully and a mockingly pouty as the entire group was heading to the next part of the night. Admitting that I had other plans and would be disappearing into the night in a few minutes she playfully asked “oh off to see a woman I’d guess.” The reply; a smile and a nod. She leaned in “I knew it” she said with a giggle conspiratorially in my ear. I met her bright green eyes and then leaned back in myself…”just for the record we’re even; so did I”. She nodded at her husband who smiled as I left and added. “We come out your way for a few things most years. Maybe we can have coffee.”  I agreed that would be nice.
Could be baseball, or theater (well maybe not), sports or some hobby group who fucking knows but I suspect it’s not.
You really have to be careful, perhaps we’re all more obvious than we think and at any given moment you can go from Zero to Sex Pot without even trying.
The above is a true story with the regular conversation and awkward bits that go with that left out. None of us admitted what exactly we were into or even attempted to offer any details. It was not the time, place, or circumstance, where it would have been appropriate. Still it was obvious to the three of us but not seemingly so to the rest of the attendees that things were at times a little different. In truth I think the most telling thing we did was censor stories in a similar fashion and sense that the others were doing the same. We held back as to not cross a line and out ourselves as anything other than “normal”. As the saying goes “it takes one to know one.” From my view I could see us dodging the same questions, giving the same seemingly detailed but essentially empty answers. Not sure what my “tells” were as I consider myself a world class chameleon. There is one more piece even at first glance of her it felt like I had seen her somewhere before. I ran through my mind bloggers, and profiles from sites swinger and kink, I tried looking for or recalling tats or other identifying marks. Unable to actually place why but so strangely familiar.   I honestly expected to wake up with a friend invite to a social site of one kind or another the following morning.

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  1. Ahhh yes, I can usually sniff them out too… I did it at Camera Club, admittedly he was one of the few men not in his dotage but even so, I clocked him on the first night, finding out I was right was easy after that

  2. Jolynn and I always play a silent game of ‘Who’s Kinky’ when we are out. I usually will poke her in a not obvious way, or give her an eyebrow and she knows what I mean. Then we talk about it in the car and at the house. My collar is a big tell and I can also tell by people’s reactions on whether or not they are at least kink friendly.

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