Sit on My Face

Sit on my Face – Kink of the week

First off a little face sitting theme music…Praise the Lord…Fuck the rest!

The humor of the song above aside this is one I wrestle with. It would be a flat out lie to say I’ve never had a woman sit on my face, had a woman on top during a 69 stop, sit up, press down and cum. I’ve also give oral with out the reci[prication of a 69 with her on top, but I don’t consider it a kink of mine and the other thing is frankly I don’t see it as a submissive act on my part. Imagine that I started a post with a disclaimer…that’s never happened before.
Now my personal experience with it has been during good clean hot and dirty but otherwise basically vanilla sex, not in the context of a scene. Even if there was a DS dynamic it either wasn’t present at the time (yes, yes sometimes Tops are just people too) or I may have refused to let her cum and withdrew the stimulation, forced her to change position etc.
Now look I’m not blind and can see how it can be played as part of power exchange, how it could be super Domme and Male Subbie adapted and that’s all fine and well but simply doesn’t work for me. But that doesn’t mean I would mind if you wanted to use a crude euphemism go for a ride on occasion.
Now for the almost obligatory wondering off into the weeds. The great “is giving oral sex a submissive act” debate. The answer NO! Anything can be submissive or service oriented depending on the dynamic but just because I go down on a person…or they go down on me doesn’t make it a top and bottom situation. I like a great BJ, enjoy a woman who likes to suck cock and couldn’t tell you how many woman have got me off that way that it was not a kink based thing. Seriously I couldn’t tell you…I have no clue as to the number; not a brag just a fact. A few months back I was reading posts, threads and an assortment of other things and did my best not to enter the fray. But since the topic is more or less oral sex if not forced oral related it seemed only right to work it into this post.
Speaking only for myself there are women that I like giving oral to, I like how they feel, moan, taste, beg me to stop, beg me to keep going, how they cum when I do, and about a million other things. The key to it like so many things I enjoy is having a partner who enjoys it, gets off on the act and in this case genuinely derives please or a feeling of objectification being used by me from it.
Now I return you to the next oral sex themed song in my repertoire… After you click the Button
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and what is a post on oral sex of any type without a little Mickey Avalon.

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  1. I MUST write my post on this subject as I spent many years being very confused about this particular sex act, and only realised why that was when I finally discovered my submissive kink.

  2. Thank you for sharing the videos. I immediately thought of Lords of Acid, as I always do, when I hear face sitting. “Sit on my face” was what got me into the band’s other songs, and the lyrics always crack me up.

  3. For me it’s not a kink at all, it’s something that’s a bit of fun once in a while but it has no part of our D/s relationship.

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