Corsets and Kink

The Chesty Blonde in a Corset
So are corsets a kink for me? Like all lingerie on a woman it is about intention and how it makes the other person feel but corsets do have a beauty all their own that other things lack.

My History with Corsets – Abridged

The Mini One
The first time she left me speechless it was an early fall Saturday morning. She was in a corset and skirt. She had come up to thank me for lending her significant other a little something and as I recall her words were “my ass is completely on fire”. I probably smiled and uttered a feeble and stunned you’re welcome while trying to not make a complete fool of myself and admiring her chest.  The corset certainly left an impression.
TCB In a coral Corset and Jeans
The Chesty Blonde and ME
Photography is not something The Chesty Blonde and I engaged in even in our kinkiest of times. Ironically the only pictures I’ve ever taken of her in any form of lingerie (excluding holiday PJ’s on Christmas morning) is the ones you see in this post. It was the culmination of months of negations, compromises and several panicked calls to me from the lingerie store. She wore the damn thing for maybe 15 minutes before discarding it for her usual attire and it was out of the house onto a second home within a week. Still I love the pics.
Temptations and Alice
There was a period in the early Alice and Raven relationships days when pictures of her in a corset were part of my regular diet. She was in her “Corset phase” and my phone and I certainly befitted from it. Since you don’t get to see it much on here and in case you are not aware Alice has quite the chest…epic in many ways which of course provided an epic amount of cleavage just begging for all sorts of evil attention.
My Favorite Sexy Little Brunette (a since past multi year relationship)
She had a body built for corsets and she knew it. They accentuated her already small waist and pushed her chest which all but stayed in place on its own (ok she was a 20 something at the time) into even more alluring positions. MFSLB was a lingerie kind of girl. Corsets were part of the routine just as much as stockings and g strings. From pretty and colorful to dark and brooding she would don her heels and simply strut and preen. You could always tell when she was wearing one. She exuded a special sexuality in them.
My Nasty Habit -Rocker Chicks
First off the “Nasty Habits” were Motley Crue’s backup singers for a time in the 80’s. Add a corset and you have several volumes of my exploits with similar looking corset clad versions of that look. Add leather pants, short skirts or skin tight torn jeans and you have it. Rinse and repeat for decades.
Defiling the Bride – One too many white Corsets
Once upon a time a very evil man had a raven haired beauty with light skin who favore4d white lingerie including corsets…lots and lots of them in fact. All in varying shades of white. It was that sadistic pricks mission in life to stain them with cum, her tears, smeared make up and whatever else he could every change he got.
…of course there are more including a few other bloggers who are etched into my mind (and fantasies) from corset based exploits, pictures, and encounters.

Corsets for Corsets Sake the Beauty Beyond the Bodies

Particular women aside I really do love the way a corset looks. For me a lot of kink is intention and while I know they are often used to portray Domme types on the net. Not being my kink or orientation yeah for them I guess it works…right? That portrayal aside I find them incredibly sexy and adaptable to every erotic situation for just hot sex to a woman bottoming in kink play, to a night out and turning heads at a club or party of any sort.
So with the intention piece cared for there is the sacrifice that one makes when wearing one, the restriction of movement but beyond that a beautiful corset would catch my eye even when not on a person. In a way so many of them are art in and of themselves.  Bonded, adorned, and highly detailed i can admire them but they are so much better on a person.

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  1. Great male viewpoint on corsets. I’ve only worn a corset twice – and it seems a shame but I can’t find many times to wear one. My sister, I think (and sadly I don’t know) dresses up far more than I.

  2. I completely agree about so many of them being art, there is something about the lines, the structure and the material combined that I adore and yes, they can really make an impression even when you only find out that they did after the fact!

  3. I think you’ve summed up what put me off wearing corsets out and about for a long time “they are often used to portray Domme types…”. Now I’m happy to wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and not care about sticking to stereotypes. Corsets are beautiful and need to be worn and admired!

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