Belting it Out

4 belts used for spanking naughty girls bare bottomsBetter late than never! However my timing in this case is intentional as I’ve opted to let the kink of the week topic pass before posting this. Admittedly moving the posting up a few days sooner than intended as to not keep someone …waiting longer than necessary. Though I bet it is so delicious to watch her wait.  However I digress.  That said Alice wrote our official KOTW Belt Spanking piece which was to a point inclusive of some of my play with her. This post will explore a little how belts tie into my own kinks and the history of some those elements she discussed with out naming names. Additionally I pandered to the theme visually with my Lady’s Choice Sinful Sunday entry. How could I not show off my favorite belts and a hot setting for play? After all it is “the year of the spanking” on my own kinky zodiac. So let’s begin…
I’m not really a dungeon kind of guy. Meaning most of the hottest spanking scenes for me are rooted in domestic every day settings. Yes I like you cuffed to a cross, or on a spanking bench but given a choice prefer you bent over a chair or table waiting. Butt presented to me to have my wicked way with while your hands are on the knees, grabbing your ankles or against the wall. Or mmm holding onto the door frame while  putting you through your paces. All with your bottom bared, waiting to be marked, anticipating the pain of each kiss of leather on your flesh. Your mind swimming with delicious wicked desires. Or those moments in the middle where you begin to wonder how much more can you take, how sore and marked is your normally smooth white bottom. You gasp, and tense, wince and howl, and finally surrender and accept it in what ever way works for us.  Sure any implement of torture could be used but if we’re playing (or punishing) you a belt seems to fit in as well as any implement.  and odds are I have one with in easy reach almost all the time.
In truth belt scenes come in many flavors for me. The first and easiest is as part of a bigger longer session. Where there is a warm up, other implements, and the belt is merely part of it. Typically a variable in intensity. Its used to simply change the type of impact. Almost as a respite in brutality the pace is slow and measured. The spanks are well placed, moderate to light in force and almost rhythmic in their delivery. Folded over and kept short to avoid wrap around it’s more of a mild sensation play. Despite the ability to be cruel it it playful or erotic, light hearted and as much about the banter and not letting you zone out. I want to keep you in the present, call it like a play by play, perhaps discuss your predicament with another or on looker. “Oh she just wants me to be quiet and spank her, so she can enjoy it…well that’s not going to happen is it?”
The second scene is harder but convective and drawn out affair. It starts long before the physical play will begin. A nod, a glance, a touch of the belt buckle and a smile, or a few whispered words of what’s going to happen later. The build up can occur at any time any where, it’s our secret but there is no doubt about what it means. I may remind you throughout the day or not. You may be given hints or instructions or just left to wonder. A way to play in public without anyone being in on it. It is our secret, nods a glances take on new meaning, an unspoken ritual, a secret. You blush or giggle, you tense or plead with your eyes, or if daring you taunt with your body, subtle and suggestive. Until…
Then there is the third way. “Guess you need the belt”, “does someone needs her bottom whipped”, “can you remind me what happens to girls who do x”, or simply “bring me the belt.” Sometimes i want you to simply comply, to submit to give me my way without question others i want the struggle, the protests and all that goes with it. The physicality of holding and baring you. Of whipping your bottom as you squirm and struggle, of marking you until you finally and willfully submit. Then and only then does your original punishment begin no matter how welted, bruised, and sore you already are. Even if it’s just play it takes on the feel of a punishment in every way.
A few other thoughts on the topic worth noting.
It is the ultimate pervertable, I can brutalized you with a belt and then take a reminder of it with me into the most conservative location and not raise an eyebrow. Additionally much like otk spanking play i am very selective with who gets played with with my own belt. There is an intimacy to it for me that isn’t automatic with other implements.the chance that when i wear it with a suit or jeans, when buckled or unbuckled it may be a reminder of you and our time. In essence i am carrying you and your surrender with me in plain sight.
There is the element of power in me taking it off to beat you with, i may send you to fetch a specific one for your spanking, and on very rare occasion i may ask you to remove the belt for me. To fold it over and present it to me so it can be used on you. In fairness this was something a play partner got off on. I came to like the power, the willingness, and the connection it creates between me and a very select few. Even hotter would be having her ask to remove it and describe why and the scene, sensations, or perhaps even punishment she needs.
I want her to savor the marks afterward…maybe for days; or more.  it’s very arousing to see both the desire and dread at the same time the next time the belt is going to be taken to her. I want her to see a random man wearing a similar item in his wardrobe on a train, walking down the street, or on TV and wonder if it’s ever been used to spank someone.   I like that there is the potential to be reminded of me everywhere and if her mind is allowed to wonder she can still feel my belts bite, the heat of her flesh, and maybe even a hint of longing in her crotch from what she’s allowed me to do to her…for years afterwards. Long after the marks have faded, and the pain is a savored distant memory perhaps, just maybe the fantasy of me and her in those hot and heated moments hasn’t.
And that my friends is why the belt can leave a lasting impressions.   I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head everyone I’ve played with after all this time, there are paddles whose partners list has long exceeded my memory but if I’ve used my belt i can tell you every woman who it has been used on…and if pressed and in the mood to share why and how cruelly.
This post could go on but hopefully that is enough to satisfy your pervy little minds for now.

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  1. You know what, I totally missed out the part about it being a reminder for both parties when it is worn out and about…. that just a touch of a hand on the belt buckle can mean so very much. That is hot, and I should have mentioned that in my piece. I guess the act of actually getting the belt took over my mind when I was writing.

  2. This was so deliciously hot, especially the part about waiting, the reminder…it’s what gets me hot (though I’ve never been spanked with a belt, hence why my post was about the anticipation, can’t really speak for the experience). I want this…at least, the idea gets me hot. And you paint such a sexy picture.

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