Lady's Choice

4 leather belts laid out on an oak desk  where a naughty girl with soon be bent over it for belt spanking
Head upstairs to the old oak desk, you will bend over it with your bare bottom fully exposed and think about how this is going to feel before I rejoin you. There will be no warm up, no niceties, and no mercy as you get what is coming…which will leave you very sore and well marked.   You’ll see there are 4 belts laid out for your whipping. Pick 2; a brown and a black one…Lady’s choice. Now GO!
4 belts used for spanking laid out on a large oak desk
Well the Kink of the Week topic is belts and Alice is writing the official KOTW Post but I couldn’t let her have all the fun. Pictured are my 4 favorite (& hated by some) belts all of which are wonderfully cruel in their own way.

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Sinful Sunday

17 Replies to “Lady's Choice”

  1. Hmmm not sure this is my idea of a choice but I know only too well that it is a Dom’s idea of choice…. which is basically no choice at all and they end up winning. All very unfair and one sided if you ask me….
    And the braided one and the Black one with the brown on the inside.

  2. I’ve never been whipped by a belt but I have added one to my toy collection in case the opportunity should come up. Definitely a hot idea you’ve got there, giving lady’s choice 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  3. OMG, yes. This is a seriously hot anticipatory picture, and I bloody LOVE the build-up story that goes with it. This is basically my idea of a shivery-hot way to start a Sunday afternoon.

  4. Oh fuck, I love belts, even though the sound of Sir removing his from his jeans, and subsuquently doubling it up in his hands gives me butterflies.

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