The Kink Forever Basket – Part 2 of Gifting

If so interested you can read part 1 of the multi-part post on gifting.
I had never given any thought to gifting and its role in the community until Graydancer mentioned it more or less in passing at a GRUE several years back. The thoughts bounced around my head for years but i could never put pen to paper the way I’d hoped. A few months back during a conversation with Molly I mentioned having a kink forever basket. A fact that had never really been discussed with anyone mainly because well…I t had never been thought of as a topic because there is sure aren’t any deep dark secrets in there so with that in mind let’s start my walk down memory lane.
If you were to walk into my home office at first glance you would recognize it as an eclectic space from the mixture of art, books, and pictures not to mention the “Satan” themed street sign looming overhead. While edgy unless you look closer it’s mostly seemingly innocuous; what happens when a metal head D&D Sci Nerd grows up and gets a decent job. But upon closer inspection just below a shelf of books whose titles might cause your heart to beat a little faster because doesn’t everyone keep their kink books next to their data engineering manuals and legal reference books? But there it is an overstuffed  little wicker basket that seems to have nothing more that random unassociated bits and scraps…but there is a story behind all of them and in the course of writing this piece I realized not all of them were kinky or even about sex. But we’ll come back to that in a bit. First for the “good stuff” for the record the order is random.
The basked is a relatively recent addition(2-3 years ago); many of the older things lived elsewhere until the past few years. Little treasures tucked here, other treasures tucked there but in the course of sorting through those containers and often disposing of the majority of the contents the demure wicker basket finally found a purpose other than holding flash drives and pens.
N’s white lace thong. While the order of the rest of the items would be approximate and random. I know exactly when this one is from. In fact it was the first memento of an exploit I ever kept. A prank she planned backfired and led to some very hot resistance play, hard face fucking and a cum shot that covered from head to tits. In fairness that’s not really why I kept this now dry rotted piece of cloth and lace. In fact it lived in a wooden box with my coin and stamp collection until a few years ago (you already knew I was a geek right?)
From an Interlude with a Masochist a few buttons from the torn blouse she had tucked into my pocket as I left after that weekend “so I’d never forget her”. I suppose it worked because I never have.
The replacement of a picture lost to time (or scheming mothers and wives) – Steph played a big role in the early expressions of my kink and I have told the story countless times. She was the first girl (she was 18 at the time so girl seems fair) that I bound to a bed and took  pictures of…well I actually didn’t take the pictures I stood over her with a bull whip in hand that led to her crotch another friend did the picture taking and we had several others around to “help”. It was purely staged, not play and really about the pictures for some music I made in the late 80’s called what else but “Bondage Reigns”. Shakespeare it wasn’t bad hard rock would be apt but it gave me the ability to openly explore my kinks of the time not only in my private life but in music and on stage with willing and wicked young women. In its place is the crudely drawn concept for the picture we’d take.
A piece of a cheap leather cuff – just a torn piece of thin leather with metal flourishes. Now we’d look at it and laugh based on the quality and the fact someone who pulled even a little bit would kill it but at the time it represented something that was hot, and new and wild. A new form of restraint, a symbol that I could theoretically do whatever I wanted to her.
The spikes from Traci’s collar – she was my first kinky girlfriend and a few years after the fact the little punk rock princess sent me a memento of our time together the main large spikes off her home made collar.
M’s destroyed lace (note not M of the Cammies sisters… though I’d love to tear all kinds of things from both their beautiful bodies). It’s a scrap really, just shred of something that once upon a time was pretty, and sexy and oh so seductive…and then I destroyed it. Most guys go trophy hunting in one way or another. She was that for me and some of her lingerie didn’t make it out alive. Like the song goes “they move out to the suburbs. They have blond bland republican children and blonde bland republican lives” For the record from what I hear to this day she’s one of the happiest people in the world and I’m truly thrilled for her.
An odyssey and an 8 foot piece of Hemp – so I have this one piece of rope that was a gift. It was part of a set but something about the one piece was always different. Just the way it laid when tying, how if felt in my hand. Anyway… technically it’s nothing special really just an 8 foot piece of 8mm hemp that came from Twisted Monk. Frankly it’s old and worn and in terrible shape from being loved a little too much. The ends have been re whipped a few times and it’s like a security blanked to me. It transcends kink. It’s my stress ball or lucky token from the patron saint of bondage. Its home is in the basket but the truth is it can be found all around the house as I tie and untie the same few knots over and over and over.
Piece of other things that still matter. So it’s funny but I never really thought about what the basket represented. In fairness sure there are a lot of kink things in there but each of them ties me to a person that I experienced something significant or powerful with.
Eventually once Kinky Duck my latest memento has made her rounds she’ll end up there too.
Now let’s talk about what else I discovered in the course of writing this – the basket isn’t just about kink. At first it struck me as odd. I knew there were something’s in there that weren’t kinky, a few golf balls, a hotel key or two, a few pounds sterling, some euro’s, a bag full of Peso’s and 60 bucks Canadian from god knows when. Sure when you add in the blank customs forms I was a few stacks of Rubles, Drachma, and Lira away from being in a spy movie. But I travel sometimes on short notice so having a few bucks on hand for a taxi late at night is pretty normal. (All in it’s not a lot of money you might get a nice flogger depending on the exchange rate). It was the other things that had been put there that I never gave a second thought. Originally I had listed them out but decided to keep them to myself for a variety of reasons. None of them were salacious but all were tied to people who at one point or another in my life whether family or friend were significant. Without ever really thinking about it small bits and fragments of my life were tossed into a basked that no one else in the world would know why they were there but I sure as hell do. Of course along with the stories, adventures and feelings behind them.

4 Replies to “The Kink Forever Basket – Part 2 of Gifting”

  1. I’m so very curious about the stories behind the other odds and ends.
    I don’t have a basket, but now wish that I did. I do, however, has a huge “toy” chest at the end of my bed, and realistically it’s made up of more than just my husband – but not by much. I really haven’t been comfortable discussing kink or my fantasies (every time I did before him I was shamed by the person), so while I’ve always loved toys, the kink is mostly him.
    And thank you for that compliment, sexy! Have I told you that I’ve had a fantasy about you and Rebel just recently? You and I were traveling, and we met up with Rebel. That’s about all I can remember, sadly, but I know it was a fantasy based on how I felt upon waking and the fleeting thoughts I had.

    1. Now that sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe we’ll run into each other at an airport someday. And if we do happy to discuss the odds and ends in the basket.

  2. Now you have me wondering what else is in that basket. Knowing you it is items that most would overlook however hold a great deal of meaning. Think I need to collect all of mine as they are scattered at the moment

  3. though most my mementos of past conquests have been lost with my gypsy living I can understand having such a basket. There are things that would just be special to the one who possessed them, and junk to everyone else. I think it is very cool you have a treasured set of items to keep the memories alive.

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